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Added "Unbroken Chain" by Jaleigh Johnson.
Added cover image of "Circle of Skulls".
Added the missing cover images of the reprint of The Cleric Quintet and moved "The Fallen Fortress" to the secret images.
Added samples for "The Fall of Highwatch" and all reprints of The Cleric Quintet.
Updated production numbers and ISBNs of 2010's novels.
Paul S. Kemp is no longer working for WotC, so his upcoming Cycle of Night books were moved to the Canceled Titles.
Added "Elminster Must Die!" to the Elminster series.
Updated Elaine Cunningham's bio. Thanks, Elaine.
Added cover image of "Godborn", the first novel of Cycle of Night.
Added sample chapter of "City of Torment".
Added cover images of "Avenger", "The Captive Flame", "The God Catcher" and "Wrath of the Blue Lady".
Added sample chapter of "The Ghost King".
Added 2008's "Spin a Yarn" short story.
Added large cover scan of "The Pirate King".
Added cover image of "Realms of the Dead".
Added cover scans of "Sea of Swords", "City of the Dead" and "The Crystal Mountain".
Added sample chapter of "The Crystal Mountain".
Added cover scans of "The Sword never sleeps" and "The Restless Shore".
Added sample chapters of "In Sylvan Shadows" and "Night Masks".
Added companion stories of "The Restless Shore" and "Downshadow".
Added the final trade paperback cover for "Night Masks" and moved the mock-up to its secret page.
Updated the downloadable novel list.
Added cover scans for "Downshadow" and the reprint of "The Spine of the World"
Added larger section images of The Citadels, The Legend of Drizzt, The Elminster series, The Haunted Lands, The Knights of Myth Drannor and Transitions.
Added cover image of "The Fall of Highwatch".
Added larger section of "The Fanged Crown" and "The Restless Shore", painted by Erik Gist.
Added sample chapter of "The Restless Shore".
Added cover images for "City of Torment" and "The Ghost King".
Added "Twilight Falling" as complete PDF.
Added Richard Lee Byers's new trilogy The Brotherhood of the Griffon with its first novel "The Captive Flame".
The third and last novel of Bruce R. Cordell's trilogy Abolethic Sovereignty is called "Key of Stars".
Added sample chapter of "Unholy".
Added "Serpentsong", a companion story to Unholy.
Duane O. Myers is the artist of the trade paperback edition of The Cleric Quintet.
The cover artist of The Wilds is Erik Gist.
Added several info and descriptions of upcoming novels.
Added large cover scans of "Unholy" and "The Silent Blade".
Added timeline info for all newer publications. Thanks, Zakiel.
Added cover images of "The Crystal Mountain" and "The Edge of Chaos".
Added "The God Catcher" by Erin Evans and "Circle of Skulls" by James P. Davis to the Ed Greenwood presents Waterdeep series.
Added author page for Erin Evans.
Added sample chapter of "Corsair".
Added large cover scan of "The Fanged Crown".
Added Paul S. Kemp's new trilogy The Cycle of Night. Its novels are called "Godborn", "Godbound" and "Godslayer".
Added "Fall of Highwatch" and "Cry of the Ghost Wolves" to the Chosen of Nendawen trilogy written by Mark Sehestedt.
Added "Wrath of the Blue Lady" to The Wilds. The novel is written by Mel Odom.
Added sample chapters of "Plague of Spells" and "The Fanged Crown".
Added cover image of "Shores of Dusk", the never released novel by Mark Anthony. Thanks, Pierre.
Added new cover versions of the Trade Paperback releases of "Canticle" and In Sylvan Shadows. The old ones were moved to their secret page.
Added cover scans of "Plague of Spells", "Swordmage" and "Shadowrealm".

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