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Added upcoming novels for 1999: The Threat from the Sea Trilogy and some Other titles.
Added several small Harpers pictures, thanks, Tom Dale.
Added pictures to the Mystery and Nobles series, Other titles and Pools Trilogy.
Added authors Lynn Abbey and Robert S. Meyer
Updated descriptions of the Anthologies, Lost Gods Trilogy, The Nobles
Added authors Monte Cook and Wes Nicholson
Several (not visible) HTML errors corrected
10 new pictures, see The Daughter of the Drow, The Nobles and The Pools Trilogy.
Several new pictures, see The Empires Trilogy, The Lost God Trilogy and The Harpers.
Counter established.
The pictures on the starting page are now supplied with a description.
Finally the Web Page is on-line again...
Updated descriptions of the Avatar Series and the Daughter of the Drow Trilogy.
Webring picture updated.
Added some little cover pictures.
Checked TSR's Product list, added some release dates.
Added: Cormyr's Tales
Added: The Lost Gods, Double Diamond Triangle Saga.
Updated: Ordered book lists, authors and their new books.
Timeline updated, thanks AJA.
Added What's new page.
Checked TSR's catalogue for 1998, be warned: Books may not come out at the date given.
Added: The Adventures, The Elminster series, Lost Empires.
Added some: Anthologies, Harpers, Other titles.
First printing date added.
Evermeet: Island of the Elves added.
2 new pictures: Elminster - The Making of a Mage, Siege of Darkness.
gallery thumbnail picture size decreased.
Author section added.
Harper descriptions updated.
Cormyr: A Novel added.
6 new pictures (Cleric Quintet, Return of the Drow, Twilight Giants) added.

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