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Added sample chapters for "Neversfall", "Crypt of the Moaning Diamond" and "The Spine of the World" reprint.
Added cover for "Ascendancy of the Last". Thanks, Random House.
Added cover for the reprint of "Sea of Swords".
Added large cover scan of "Stardeep".
Added two dozens more pictures from Random House.
Added a dozen more pictures from Random House.
The last novel in The Citadels series is called "Sentinelspire" and written by Mark Sehestedt.
Added cover images for "The Shield of Weeping Ghosts" and "Sentinelspire".
Renamed The Witchiron Blade series to Blades of Moonsea.
Added several large cover images, provided by Random House. Thanks to DragonReader for pointing this out.
Added cover image for the reprint of "The Spine of the World". Thanks, Christian.
Added large sample (chapters 1 to 5) of "Shadowbred".
Added 2006's Spin a Yarn story "Every Revel a Masterpiece".
Added first 4E series, The Witchiron Blade, with Richard Baker's novel "Swordmage".
Added 2001's Spin a Yarn story "Never a Warpig Born". Thanks, Alaundo.
Added sample chapter of "The Orc King".
Added larger cover scans of "Storm of the Dead" and "Shadowstorm".
Added larger section of cover images by Brom: War of the Spider Queen.
Added secret page for The Twilight War.
Added title of the third Citadel novel: "The Shield of Weeping Ghosts", written by James P. Davis..
Added cover of the reprint of "Lord of Stormweather".
Added cover image of "Realms of War".
Added secret page for Transitions.
Added large cover scan of the reprint of "The Halfling's Gem".
Added sample for "Swords of Dragonfire".
Updated descriptions of "The Best of the Realms": You can see which story was published in which anthology.
Added "The Sword never sleeps" as working title for the third book in The Knights of Myth Drannor trilogy.
Added pages for Wayne England, artist of "The Best of the Realms, book III", and Jeff Nentrup, artist of "The Gossamer Plain".
Added samples for "Storm of the Dead", "Shadowstorm" and "Wraith: A Short Story" for The Howling Delve.
Added cover image for "Obisidan Ridge". This is the second book in The Citadels series, written by Jess Lebow.
Added page for David Seidman, artist of The Citadels series.
Recreated all headings for better legibility.
Added cover images for "Neversfall", "Undead" and "Reclamation".
Added page for Greg Ruth, cover artist of The Haunted Lands.
Added secret page for The Citadels.
Added samples for "The Howling Delve" and "Twilight Falling".
Added large cover scans of "The Howling Delve" and "Road of the Patriarch".
Added cover scans of "Swords of Eveningstar"; and "Scream of Stone".
Added artist page for Matt Stewart.
Added sample chapters to "Elminster - Making of a Mage" and "Hand of Fire".
Added sample chapters of "The Best of the Realms, Book III" and "Scream of Stone".
Added link to Jess Lebow's homepage.
Added secret image of the reprint of "Black Wolf".
The last two titles of R. A. Salvatore's new trilogy Transitions were revealed: "The Pirate King" and "The Ghost King".
Added cover scans of "The Best of the Realms, Book III", "Streams of Silver" and "The Gossamer Plain".
Added sample chapter of "Shadowstorm".
Added cover image for "The Orc King".
Added final cover image for "The Silent Blade" and moved the mockup to the secret page.
Added story titles of "The Best of the Realms, Book III".
Added cover images of the reprint of "Heirs of Prophecy" and "Sands of the Soul".
Added cover images of "Stardeep" and "Crypt of the Moaning Diamond".
Added mockup image of "Neversfall".
Added story "That Time of the Tenday" to the Dungeons' samples.
Added smaple for "The Silent Blade".
Added cover scan of "Unclean".
Updated the Novel List in the download section.
Added cover image of "Storm of the Dead".
Added final cover image of the reprint of "Shadow's Witness". and moved the former one to the Sembia Secrets.
Added the missing two titles of The Empyrean Odyssey.
Added sample chapter of "The Gossamer Plain".
Added several missing descriptions and publishing dates.
Hot news, everyone! Added cover picture of "Shadowstorm".
Added the final 2 cover images of The Dungeons. Note: They are not real cover images but the artists' paintings.
Added cover scan for "The Depths of Madness".
Changed some data, several books got bumped up to November 2007.
Changed cover of "The Gossamer Plain", again.
Added secret images of "The Shadow Stone", "Realms of Mystery", "The Temptation of Elminster", "Elminster in Hell", "Thornhold", "Silverfall" and "The Silent Blade".
Added final/larger cover images of "The Best of the Realms, Book III", "The Howling Delve", "Swords of Dragonfire", "The Gossamer Plain" and "Scream of Stone".
Added secret images of "The Best of the Realms, Book III", "The Shattered Mask", "The Gossamer Plain" and "Scream of Stone".
Added "Stardeep" by Bruce R. Cordell as the missing third Dungeons novel.
Added sample chapters of "The Depths of Madness", "Unclean" and "Passage to Dawn".
Added several dates from Erevis Cale's adventures to the timeline. Thanks, Nik.
Rearranged secret images for the reprint of "Stormweather". Would someone be so kind as to confirm the order?
Added page for Wes Benscoter, artist of The Lady Penitent covers.
Added sample chapter of "Sacrifice of the Widow".
Added larger cover scans of "The Crystal Shard" and "Sacrifice of the Widow".
Added colored version of "Black Wolf".
Added larger section of cover images by Todd Lockwood: The Lost Gods.
Added larger section of cover images by Clyde Caldwell: The Avatar Series, The Druidhome Trilogy, The Finder's Stone Triloy, The Icewind Dale Trilogy and Other Titles.
Added R. A. Salvatore's new series Transitions with its already known novel "The Orc King".
Added title of Dungeons 4: Rosemary Jones' book is called "Crypt of the Moaning Diamond" and due in January 2008.
Added another secret image for "Sacrifice of the Widow". Which cover will be the final one?
Added author picture and homepage link for Bruce Cordell.
Changed ISBNs of upcoming novels to the new 13 digit format.

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