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Added cover image for "Dawnbringer". Thanks, Chris.
Added individual short stories of "Realms of the Dead".
Added blurbs of 2012's novels.
Added Bruce R. Cordell contribution to the worlds-spanning The Abyssal Plague. The second novel is called "The Sword of the Gods".
Added the final cover image of "Unbroken Chain" and moved the mock-up to its secret page. Thanks, Lukasz.
Added sample chapters of "Key of Stars", "Gauntlgrym", "Unbroken Chain" and "Elminster must die!".
Updated Elaine Cunningham's author photo.
Added Dawnbringer, a novel by Samantha Henderson.
Added Neverwinter, the trilogy for R. A. Salvatore's "Gauntlgrym".
Added The Sage of Shadowdale, the trilogy for Ed Greenwood's "Elminster must die!"
Added Christopher Rowe's novel "Sandstorm".
Added the final cover image for "Gauntlgrym" and moved the mock-up to its secret page.
Added the short stories "Another Name for Dawn" and "Speak of the Devil".
Added R. A. Salvatore's new novel, called "Gauntlgrym".
Added titles 2 and 3 of Richard Lee Byers's trilogy Brotherhood of the Griffon, called "Whisper of Venom" and "The Spectral Blaze".
Added cover images of "Whisper of Venom", "Hand of the Hunter" and "Gauntlgrym"
Paul S. Kemp resolved matters with WotC, so his Cycle of Night books are still on track.
Added cover images for "Key of Stars" and "Elminster must die!".

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