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Added Shandril's Saga and War of the Spider Queen series.
Added The Jewel of Turmish.
Updated info on Heirs of Prophecy.
Updated descriptions of Black Wolf and Sea of Swords.
Added HTML 4.01 and CSS 2 validation.
Scanned 16 book covers and replaced the former (smaller) pictures.
Updated descriptions and pictures of Realms of Shadow and The Wizardwar.
The cover pictures were arranged in sub directories.
Added Carrie A. Bebris to the authors section, the link was lost somehow. Thanks to Mysterio for pointing this out.
Updated descriptions of Servant of the Shard, Beyond the High Road and Death of the Dragon.
New format for alternative descriptions.
Added Heirs of Prophecy and Sands of the Soul to the Sembia Series.
Added the picture of The Siege.
Added some smaller info about upcoming books of 2001.
Added Baldur's Gate II - Throne Of Bhaal.
Added the pictures of Murder in Tarsis and Fistandantilus Reborn.
Updated several pictures, which were aquired through the Web.
Added the pictures of Temple Hill and Black Wolf.
Updated several pictures, which were aquired through the Web.
Added the picture of Sea of Swords.
Updated some info in the Counselors & Kings and Elminster series.
Divided the Legacy of the Drow series, added the Paths of Darkness series.
Added The Sorcerer to the Archwizards.
Added Realms of Shadow to the Anthologies.
Changed the picture of The Floodgate.
Added upper menu frame to this site.
Updated the Links section.
Updated the What's new section with information about the beginning of this site.
Updated some authors' information and added some web-sites.
Updated miscellaneous data in all series.
Added a new author: Drew Karpyshyn.
Added Need help!
Updated miscellaneous data in the Druidhome, Empires, Icewind Dale, Moonshae, Netheril Trilogies, Cleric Quintet and Harpers Series, thanks Rick Cormier
Huge update of the FR Timeline, thanks AJA.
Renamed the Daughter of the Drow Series to Starlight and Shadows.
Added the second book to The Cities: Temple Hill.
Added the second book to Return of the Archwizards: The Siege.
Added the names of the stories to Realms of Mystery and Realms of the Deep.
Added 5 new authors: Steven Brown, Larry Hobbs, Thomas M. Reid, Steven E. Schend, Keith Francis Strohm.
Added details and pictures to the Authors section.
Added info about The Shattered Mask.

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