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Added some details to The Rogues.
Added descriptions to War of the Spider Queen.
I finally came around and added the rescan of Insurrection. Merry christmas, zau.
Added link to Thomas M. Reid's webpage.
Splitted "What's new" section into different files.
Rescan of "Dissolution"'s cover. Thanks, zau.
Changed some cover pictures to larger versions aquired through the internet.
Added Kameron M. Franklin to the author's section. He will be writing "Maiden of Pain".
Sebastian Zippler sent me the scanned covers of Realms of Magic, Realms of the Underdark, Realms of the Arcane, Elminster in Hell, The Veiled Dragon, Stormlight and Dissolution. Thank you.
Added cover pictures for "Extinction", "The Rage" and the hardcover edition of "Homeland".
Added book info and descriptions to the mentioned novels.
Don Bassingthwaite sent me the cover picture for his upcoming novel "The Yellow Silk". Thanks, Don.
I received a mail from Don Bassingthwaite. He gave me some info on his upcoming novel "The Yellow Silk". Thanks, Don.
Added secret images for the Baldur's Gate Series, The Cities, The Cormyr Saga, Lost Empires, Other Titles, Song and Swords and The Threat from the Sea Trilogy.
Added "Realms of the Dragons" to the Anthologies.
Added the series The Year of Rogue Dragons and House of Serpents.
Added "Queen of the Depths" and "Maiden of Pain" to The Priests Series.
Added descriptions to The Rogue Series.
Added description for "The Lone Drow".
Added secret images for The Best of the Realms and The Scions of Arrabar Trilogy.
Added the final 4 cover pictures of the Sembia Series. Thanks, zau.
Added some author info.
Added the newly scanned picture for "All Shadows Fled". Thanks, zau.
Added Brom's homepage to the Artist's pages.
Edward sent me another part of his new novel: Excerpt - The Alleys of Messemprar. Thank you.
You can get a glimpse of Edward Bolme's "The Alabaster Staff": Excerpt - Coin Flip. A big "Thank You" goes to the author...
Added new section "Secret" images.
Added the newly scanned pictures for "The Thousand Orcs", "Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor", "Insurrection" and "Condemnation". Thanks, Wulfgar.
Added The Last Mythal, an upcoming trilogy by Richard Baker.
Added the newly scanned cover picture for "The Shattered Mask". Thanks, zau.
Added cover picture for "Crimson Gold".
Added gallery picture for the reprint of "Crucible: The Trial of Cyric the Mad".
Added some book info.
Added cover pictures for "The Best of the Realms, Book I", "The Black Bouquet" and "The Sapphire Crescent".
Added gallery picture for the reprint of "Prince of Lies".
Added cover picture for "The Lone Drow".
Finally: Conversion to XHTML 1.0 Strict.
I was contacted by Edward Bolme, who contributed bio data about himself. Thank you.
Checked WotC's book timeline and did some small adjustments in my version.
Added The Priests Series.
Added author Bruce R. Cordell.
Added description to "Lord of Stormweather", "Windwalker" and several books of The Rogues Series.
Checked some release dates of 2003.
Conversion to XHTML 1.0 Transitional.
Added homepages of Lynn Abbey, Edward Bolme, Monte Cook, Christie Golden, Paul Kidd, Victor Milan and Jean Rabe.
Removed contact info of Lisa Smedman.
Added some descriptions.
Added site navigation. As of now Opera 7 seems to be the only browser to support this feature.
Rescan of the covers of The Avatar Series and the Shadow of the Avatar Trilogy. Thanks, zau.
Paul S. Kemp has got a new e-mail address.
Added the newly scanned cover pictures for the Songs and Swords Series. Thanks, zau.
Added the cover pictures for the reprint of The Avatar Series to the gallery.
Added cover art for "Condemnation".
Added cover picture for "The Alabaster Staff".
Added story dates of "Realms of Shadow" to the timeline.
Checked WotC's release dates for the first part of 2003.
Added Edward Bolme as author of "The Alabaster Staff".
Added the cover picture to "Twilight Falling".
Added "The Yellow Silk" to The Rogues Series.
Added the author Don Bassingthwaite and the link to his homepage.

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