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Added secret page for The Twilight Giants Trilogy.
Added Adam Rex as an artist.
Added descriptions to Realms of the Dragons, Forsaken House and The Ruby Guardian.
Added The Legend of Drizzt as new series.
Added larger cover versions of "Lady of Poison", "Mistress of the Night", "Viper's Kiss" and "Resurrection".
There it is, the missing cover picture of "Farthest Reach". Thanks, Brad.
Added rescans of Cale's cover pictures. Thanks, zau.
Murray Leeder contacted me and sent me some bio and a new mail address.
Added cover pictures for "City of Splendors: A Novel of Waterdeep" and the reprint of "Streams of Silver".
Added cover pictures for "The Best of the Realms, Book II", "The Emerald Sceptre" and "Realms of the Dragons II".
Added cover pictures for the reprint of The Twilight Giants Trilogy.
Added secret page for The Elminster Series.
Added "The Best of the Realms, Book II".
Moved "City of Splendors: A Novel of Waterdeep" to The Cities.
Added several data about upcoming titles.
Added short story titels of "Realms of the Dragons".
Added large scan of "Realms of the Dragons". Thanks, zau.
Added secret image for the Anthologies.
6 new cover scans, including some anthologies and The Threat from the Sea Trilogy. Thanks, zau.
Don Bassingthwaite was announced as co-author for "Mistress of the Night".
The title of Elaine Cunningham's & Ed Greenwood's novel has been revealed: City of Splendors: A Novel of Waterdeep.
There they are, the covers for The Rite, Viper's Kiss and Resurrection.
WotC revealed the novels of 2005's first trimester. There are some known titles but also some reprints: Silverfall, The Rite, Spellfire, The Crystal Shard, Viper's Kiss, Crown of Fire, Resurrection and Hand of Fire. Thanks to zau for pointing this out.
Added the titles of the upcoming Watercourse novels.
Added 6 cover scans of the Double Diamond Triangle Saga. Thanks, Wotan.
Added descriptions of "Dawn of Night" and "The Lone Drow".
Added author info for Paul S. Kemp.
Added the newly announced Watercourse Trilogy by Philip Athans.
Added the scanned version of "Dawn of Night". Thanks, Wulfgar.
Added larger versions of "Mistress of the Night" and "The Ruby Guardian".
Added secret images for The Priests and "The Ruby Guardian".
Added larger versions of the new Moonshae covers, same for "The Two Swords".
Added secret images for "Darkwalker on Moonshae".
Rescan of "Condemnation". Thanks, zau.
Added "The Ruby Guardian" cover to artist Duane O. Myers.
There it is, the cover picture for "Realms of the Dragons".
Added cover picture for the reprint of "Darkwalker on Moonshae", note the typo on it. ;)
Added cover pictures for "Mistress of the Night", "The Two Swords", "The Ruby Guardian" and the reprints of The Moonshae Trilogy and Sojourn.
Thanks to George Krashos there was a huge update to the timeline.
Finally added "Bladesinger" as book one of The Fighters series.
Added "Realms of the Dragons 2" as the tenth Anthology.
Added descriptions to The Elminster Series, The Last Mythal, The Priests, The Scions of Arrabar Trilogy and War of the Spider Queen.
Kameron M. Franklin contacted me because of a change in his e-mail address.
Added the scanned versions of the Starlight & Shadows covers and the cover of "The Rage". Thanks, zau.
Added secret page for The Year of Rogue Dragons.
Added descriptions to "Windwalker" and "The Rage".
Added The Wizards series with its 3rd title "Bloodwalk".
Added "Ghostwalker" as 4th book to The Fighters.
Added Erik Scott de Bie and James P. Davis to the Author's section.
Added Viper's Kiss and Vanity's Brood to the House of Serpents trilogy.
Added descriptions to Yellow Silk and Extinction.
Have you ever wondered who's who on the War of the Spider Queen covers? Well, worry no more.
Added some larger cover versions.
Added a secret image to "The Erevis Cale Trilogy".
Added some time frames.
Added The Fighters series with the books "Master of Chains" and "Son of Thunder". Please note that SOT is only a working title.
There has been a change of authors. Mel Odom is no longer writing "Resurrection", Paul S. Kemp is.
Added cover pictures for "Dawn of Night", "Forsaken House" and "Lady of Poison".
Added cover pictures for "Elminster's Daughter" and "Annihilation".
Added hardcover picture for "Exile" to the Gallery.
Added secret image for "Spellfire".
Added new section: Cover gallery, ordered by artist.
Added cover picture for "Best of the Realms, Book 1". Thanks, zau.
Added several artists to the Artists' pages.
Reversed sorting order in list of publishing dates.
Added large cover version of "The Lone Drow". Thanks, Chris.

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