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Renamed the Thieves Series to The Rogue Series.
Added "The Crimson Gold" and "The Alabaster Staff" to the Rogue Series.
Several small updates to the descriptions of the Return of the Archwizards.
Added 2 scanned covers, thanks Zau.
Removed "Pride of the Lion" and "Neverwinter Nights". Both books were cancelled.
Updated timeline. Some info covered in the Sembia Series were added.
Added title tag. You can copy'n'paste the books' titles now.
Added several links to fan, author and artist pages.
Zauriel scanned some cover pictures, thank you.
Added the last 2 titles to The Erevis Cale Trilogy.
Teesa scanned some cover pictures, thank you.
Added The Scions of Arrabar Trilogy.
Added The Best of the Realms anthology series.
Made shortcuts between The Anthologies, The Threat from the Sea Trilogy and The Return of the Archwizards Trilogy. Thanks for the hint, zau.
Added the 3 new covers of the Starlight and Shadows trilogy. Thanks for the tip, zau.
Added last 2 titles of The Hunter's Blades Trilogy.
Added Elminster's Daughter to the Elminster Series.
Added authors and publishing dates to The War of the Spider Queen, thanks to Matthew LeClair.
Added The Erevis Cale Trilogy.
Added The Thieves Series.
Added the last 4 books to The War of the Spider Queen.
Added bio of Lynn Abbey, Richard Lee Byers, Monte Cook, Christie Golden, Dave Gross, Thomas M. Reid and Lisa Smedman.
Relaunch with new graphical design
Added Lord of Stormweather and Pride of the Lion to the Sembia Series.
Updated information and cover pictures of The Thousand Orcs, The Sorcerer, Sands of the Soul, Hand of Fire and Insurrection.
I was contacted by Murray J.D. Leeder, who is contributing a story to the upcoming Realms of Shadow anthology.
Added more author's pages: Lizz Baldwin, Jessica Beaven, Jess Lebow.
Added time frame to each novel with link to the timeline.
The third book of the Starlight & Shadows series finally has a name, Windwalker.
Added the third book of the Shandril Saga, Hand of Fire, and the second one in the War of the Spider Queen Series, Insurrection.
Update of the FR Timeline, thanks AJA.
Added new Salvatore Trilogy The Hunter's Blades.

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