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Added the Book list, ordered by dates.
Added Elminster in Hell and Neverwinter Nights.
Added the author Steve Winter.
Updated the Forgotten Realms Web Ring.
Added the third book in the Counselor's & Kings Trilogy: The Wizardwar.
Updated the pictures in the Counselor's & Kings Trilogy
Added the fifth book in the Songs and Swords series: The Dream Spheres.
Added Return of the Archwizards series.
Added two novels to the Songs and Swords series.
Added a novel to the Counselors & Kings series.
Renamed the Return of the Drow Series to Legacy of the Drow.
Moved The Servant of the Shard to above mentioned series.
Revised Sembia.
Moved Beyond the High Road to the Cormyr Saga.
Design completely revised, now with floating headings.
Added the The Cities.
I received a mail from Paul S. Kemp, who send me the cover picture of his new book.
Added two new entries to the Other titles.
Added some small pictures in the Diamond Saga, the Harper Series and the Threat from the Sea Trilogy.
Added some small pictures.
Major update done.
5 new series: The Baldur's Gate Series, The Cormyr Saga, Counselors & Kings, Sembia and Songs and Swords.
4 new authors: Lisa Smedman, Voronica Whitney-Robinson, Richard Lee Byers and Paul Kemp.
Several small bugs fixed. Updated some descriptions.
Image Gallery completely revised.
Design update, now with frames and style sheets.

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