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Realms of Valor

From the secret annals of Realms history come eleven never-before-published tales of valor, featuring the greatest heroes of that magical world - Drizzt Do'Urden, Arilyn Moonblade, Adon, Elminster of Shadowdale, Jander Sunstar, and many others - told by your favorite author's, including: R. A. Salvatore, Ed Greenwood, Douglas Niles, Troy Denning, Christie Golden, and others.

The Lord of Lowhill - Douglas Niles
Elminster at the Magefair - Ed Greenwood
One Last Drink - Christie Golden
The Bargain - Elaine Cunningham
Patronage - David Cook
A Virtue by Reflection - Scott Ciencin
King's Tear - Mark Anthony
The Family Business - James Lowder
Grandfather's Toys - Jean Rabe
The Curse of Tegea - Troy Denning
Dark Mirror - R. A. Salvatore
Afterword - Jeff Grubb
Realms of Valor is edited by James Lowder.


Realms of Infamy

From the secret annals of Realms history come these never-before-published tales of infamy, featuring the most nefarious villains of that magical world - Artemis Entreri, Manshoon of Zhentil Keep, Elaith Craulnober, Zulkir Szass Tam, and many others - told by your favorite authors, including: Ed Greenwood, R. A. Salvatore, Elaine Cunningham, Troy Denning, Christie Golden, and others.

So High A Price - Ed Greenwood
The More Things Change - Elaine Cunningham
The Meaning of Lore - Barb Hendee
Raven's Egg - Elaine Bergstrom
The Third Level - R. A. Salvatore
Blood Sport - Christie Golden
Gallows Day - David Cook
A Matter of Thorns - James M. Ward
Stolen Spells - Denise Vitola
The Greatest Hero Who Ever Died - J. Robert King
Twilight - Troy Denning
The Walls of Midnight - Mark Anthony
And Wringing of Hands - Jane Cooper Hong
Thieve's Honor - Mary H. Herbert
Laughter in the Flames - James Lowder
Vision - Roger E. Moore
Realms of Infamy is edited by James Lowder.


Realms of Magic

From the research files of the legendary Volo comes tales of all things magical in the Realms -- artifacts and auguries, wizards and weapons, heroes and hokum.

Prologue - Brian Thomsen
Guenhwyvar - R. A. Salvatore
Smoke Powder and Mirrors - Jeff Grubb
The Magic Thief - Mark Anthony
The Quiet Place - Christie Golden
The Eye of the Dragon - Ed Greenwood
Every Dog His Day - Dave Gross
The Common Spell - Kate Novak & Jeff Grubb
The First Moonwell - Douglas Niles
The Luck of Llewellyn the Loquacious - Allen C. Kupfer
Too Familiar - David Cook
Red Ambition - Jean Rabe
Thieves' Reward - Mary H. Herbert
Six of Swords - William C. Connors
The Wild Bunch - Tom Dupree
A Worm Too Soft - J. Robert King
Gunne Runner - Roger E. Moore
The Direct Approach - Elaine Cunningham
Epilogue - Brian Thomsen
Realms of Magic is edited by Brian Thomsen and J. Robert King.


Realms of the Underdark

Beneath the surface of Faerûn lies a whole different world. A world of drow, deep gnomes, and other denizens of the dark. A world of cities like Menzoberranzan and Skullport, of warriors and rogues like Drizzt Do'Urden and Liriel Baenre and numerous others. Leave the security of the surface world and seek out the darkness that likes below. Welcome to the Realms of the Underdark.

Preface: At the Publishing House - Brian Thomsen
The Fires of Narbondel - Mark Anthony
A Slow Day In Skullport - Ed Greenwood
Rite of Blood - Elaine Cunningham
Sea of Ghosts - Roger E. Moore
Volo Does Menzo - ?
Postscript: Back at the Publishing House - Brian M. Thomsen
Realms of the Underdark is edited by J. Robert King.


Realms of the Arcane

Candlekeep boasts one of the finest libraries in the Realms, where the privileged few may conduct their research. But what about its secret collections? Volumes and scrolls long forgotten or hidden from the inquiring eyes of browsers. Volumes dealing with matters that can only be described as arcane.

Prologue - Wes Nicholson
Wishing You Many More - David Cook
Secrets of Blood, Spirits of the Sea - Elaine Cunningham
Bread Storm Rising - Tom Dupree
Interlude - Wes Nicholson
When Even Sky Cities Fall - J. Robert King
The Grotto of Dreams - Mark Anthony
A Narrowed Gaze - Monte Cook
The Whispering Crown - Ed Greenwood
Interlude - Wes Nicholson
The Lady and the Shadow - Philip Athans
Shadows of the Past - Brian Thomsen
Tertius and the Artifact - Jeff Grubb
Epilogue - Wes Nicholson


Realms of Mystery

A murder victim is turned into a zombie, just long enough to cover up the circumstances of his own death...

A silent ghost with a friendly grin greets those about to meet their doom...

The only clue to who's killing a party of adventurers is the letter 'H' written in the blood of one of the victims...

Speaking with the Dead - Elaine Cunningham
A Walk in the Snow - David Cook
The Rose Window - Monte Cook
The Club Rules - James Lowder
Thieves' Justice - Mary H. Herbert
Ekhar Lorrent: Gnome Detective - Steven Brown
The Devil and Tertius Wands - Jeff Grubb
H - Richard Lee Byers
Strange Bedfellows - Keith Francis Strohm
Whence the Song of Steel - J. Robert King
An Unusual Suspect - Brian Thomsen
Darkly, Through a Glass of Ale - Peter Archer
Lynaelle - Thomas M. Reid
Realms of Mystery is edited by Philip Athans.


Realms of the Deep

When armies of evil rise up from the seas around Faerun, no one is safe.

In a war that rages across every sea and onto every coast, there is more than one hero, more than one villain, and countless innocent victims. A young mage battles at the side of Khelben Arunsun to defend the city of Waterdeep from the invading forces. A merman struggles to fulfill his desperate mission to reach the Sea of Fallen Stars. And amid the horrors of war, a reef giant seeks to protect a fragile coral forest from destruction.

Set against the backdrop of the epic struggle of the Threat from the Sea series are thirteen all-new stories by such Forgotten Realms stars as Ed Greenwood, Elaine Cunningham, Mel Odom, Troy Denning, Lynn Abbey, and Clayton Emery.

Hard Choices - Lynn Abbey
Fire is Fire - Elaine Cunningham
Messenger to Serôs - Peter Archer
The Place Where Guards Snore at their Posts - Ed Greenwood
Lost Cause - Richard Lee Byers
Forged in Fire - Clayton Emery
One who Swims with Sekolah - Mel Odom
The Crystal Reef - Troy Denning
The Patrol - Larry Hobbs
The Star of Tethyr - Thomas M. Reid
Persana's Blade - Steven E. Schend
And the Dark Tide Rises - Keith Francis Strohm


Realms of Shadow

When Shade Enclave returns from thousands of years of exile in the Plane of Shadow, all of Faerûn is open to its dark designs.

When a tribe of kenku confront the archwizard who gave them magic but kept them as slaves, the skies rain death.

When a knight of Cormyr journeys to the ruins of Tilverton, he begins to understand the terrifying power of the archwizards.

When phaerimm roam the world, enslaving orc and human alike, the great powers of the world must depend on an ally as deadly as their enemy.

An anthology tied to the Realms-shaking Return of the Archwizards series featuring new stories by best-selling Forgotten Realms authors, including R. A. Salvatore, Troy Denning, Ed Greenwood, and Elaine Cunningham.

Trial by Ordeal - Lisa Smedman
Assassin's Shadow - Jess Lebow
Too long in the Dark - Paul S. Kemp
Darksword - Troy Denning
Liar's Game - Jessica Beaven
That Curious Sword - R. A. Salvatore
A little Knowledge - Elaine Cunningham
Astride the Wind - Philip Athans
The Fallen Lands - Murray J. D. Leeder
When Shadows Come Seeking a Throne - Ed Greenwood
King Shadow - Richard Lee Byers
The Shifting Sands - Peter Archer
Realms of Shadow is edited by Lizz Baldwin


Realms of the Dragons

Raging dragons threaten to destroy civilization on Faerûn, but that hasn't always been the case. There have been times when humans and dragons have worked together to preserve life and combat evil.

Of course, that doesn't happen very often. Most of the time, they just try to kill each other and steal as much treasure as they can in the process.

This collection of all new stories by Forgotten Realms creator Ed Greenwood; New York Times best-selling authors Elaine Cunningham, Richard Baker, Lisa Smedman, and R. A. Salvatore; The Year of Rogue Dragons author Richard Lee Byers; and many more, bring the myriad sides of the dragons of Faerûn to life.

The Year of Rogue Dragons has only just begun, but the history of that powerful race of enchanted creatures is long, frightening, and beautiful indeed.

Soulbound - Paul S. Kemp
First Flight - Edward Bolme
Gorlist's Dragon - Elaine Cunningham
The Keeper of Secrets - Ed Greenwood
The Topaz Dragon - Jess Lebow
Wickless in the Nether - R. A. Salvatore
Serpestrillvyth - Richard Baker
Waylaid - Thomas M. Reid
Standard Delving Procedure - Lisa Smedman
An Icy Heart - Voronica Whitney-Robinson
Penitential Rites - Keith Francis Strohm
How sharper than a serpent' tooth - Dave Gross
Beer with a fat dragon - Don Bassingthwaite
The prisonor of hulburg - Richard Lee Byers

This anthology features all-new stories by R. A. Salvatore, Ed Greenwood, Elaine Cunningham, and the authors of the R. A. Salvatore's War of the Spider Queen series. It fleshes out many of the details from the current Year of Rogue Dragons trilogy by Richard Lee Byers and includes a short story by Byers. The artwork on the cover is part of a four-panel Matt Stawicki piece that can be seen as a whole when matched with the covers from the Rogue Dragons trilogy.


Realms of the Dragons 2

Realms rise and fall, human lives tick by like seconds on a clock, and the dragons watch from on high. But when the mighty wyrms lose their minds, when they succumb to their basest, most violent impulses, time stands still.

And that just happens to be the moment you should be running the fastest.

From the far corners of Faerûn, from the skies above and the pits below, from the imaginations of the next generation of fantasy masters, come tales of dragons good and evil.

This collection features all new stories by Forgotten Realms newcomers including Maiden of Pain author Kameron M. Franklin, Murray J. D. Leeder, Erik Scott de Bie, James P. Davis, and many more.

Faerie Ire - Erin Tettensor
The Woman Who Drew Dragons - Rosemary Jones
The Hunting Game - Erik Scott de Bie
The Road Home - Harley Stroh
How Burlmarr Saved the Unseen Protector - Kameron M. Franklin
A Tall Tale - J. L. Collins
The Book Dragon - Jim Pitrat
Freedom's Promise - Ed Gentry
Possessions - James P. Davis
Queen of the Mountain - Jaleigh Johnson
The Strength of the Jester - Murray J.D. Leeder

This anthology features a range of stories by authors new to the Forgotten Realms setting writing about dragons. It fleshes out many details from Richard Lee Byers's Year of Rogue Dragons trilogy and features art work by award winning artist Matt Stawicki.


Realms of the Elves

Tears so White - Ed Greenwood
The Bladesinger's Lesson - Richard Baker
Comrades at Odds - R. A. Salvatore
The Greater Treasure - Erik Scott de Bie
Necessary Sacrifices - Lisa Smedman
The Staff of Valmaxian - Philip Athans
Traitors - Richard Lee Byers

The history of Faerûn is written in the flowing script of the Tel'Quessir.

The story of the elves of Faerûn stretches from the dawn of history to the battle for the future of a world in constant upheaval.


Realms of War

Continuum - Paul S. Kemp
Weasel's Run - Lisa Smedman
The Last Paladin of Ilmater - Susan Morris
Black Arrow - Bruce R. Cordell
Too Many Princes - Ed Greenwood
The Siege of Zerith Hold - Jess Lebow
Mercy's Reward - Mark Sehestedt
Redemption - Elaine Cunningham
Changing Tides - Mel Odom
Chase the Dark - Jaleigh Johnson
Bones and Stones - R. A. Salvatore
Second Chance - Richard Lee Byers

War stories from the battlefields of Faerûn!

The millennia-old history of Faerûn is punctuated by wars both local and world-spanning. This anthology of all new stories are set against the backdrop of a dozen of those conflicts. From forest elf assassins to jungle-dwelling halflings, from the mighty Seven Sisters to primitive goblins, warriors in every form struggle for their place in the Forgotten Realms world.


Realms of the Dead

Pieces - Richard Lee Byers
Soul Steel - Lisa Smedman
The Resurrection Agent - Erin M. Evans
Wandering Stones - Bruce R. Cordell
The Bone Bird - Jaleigh Johnson
Feast of the Moon - Christopher Rowe
A Prayer for Brother Robert - Philip Athans
The King in Copper - Richard Baker
Dusty Bones - Rosemary Jones
The Many Murders of Manshoon - Ed Greenwood
A Body in a Bay - Erik Scott de Bie
Iruladoon - R. A. Salvatore

Every creature of Faerun has its dark mirror in the undead -- from the ghosts of ancient warriors to the rune-scribed skeletons of dragons. And in a world with as rich and bloody a history as the Forgotten Realms, they are legion -- outshining the living in variety and number. Here are a dozen of the most terrifying tales of the haunted Realms.


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