Forgotten Realms: The Library

The Avatar Series


The gods walk the Realms.

Banished from the heavens, they now roam the world, from Tantras to far-off Waterdeep, seeking to regain their full powers.
Malevolent Bane, power-hungry Mystra, and Helm, guardian of the heavens, all know the lost Tablets of Fate are the key.

Possessing a mysterious amulet, four heroes, desperate to escape the dark elements of their past, find themselves drawn into this high-level power struggle, sought after by the fallen deities and their minions.

But time is running out for the heroes - and the Realms. Caught in the crossfire, nature itself revolts: strange, deadly creatures stalk the land, and even magic becomes unpredictable. The heroes must find the sage Elminster, the only mortal who may know the secrets of the tables.

And the search begins in Shadowdale.



Elminster has been murdered.

Now, Midnight and Adon, who saved the Dales from the evil god Bane in the Battle of Shadowdale, have been sentenced to death for the murder. But chaos has taken hold of nature and magic since the gods were exiled from the Planes, and the heroes are the only ones who know the location of the first Tablet of Fate, which can save the Realms from the fallen gods.

Even as the heroes escape, Bane and his ally, Myrkul, God of Death, set in motion a plot to capture Midnight and her allies and the steal the Tablets of Fate for themselves. The heroes face deadly assassins, nightmarish creatures, and violent storms on their way across the Dales, but the worst threat of all is unexpected - one of Midnight's friends has joined Bane and the forces of Zhentil Keep.



Who'll be the new gods?

The God of strife is dead, destroyed in his attack on Tantras, and Midnight and her allies have recovered the first Tablet of Fate - on of a pair of artifacts that will return the gods to their former glory and save the Realms from the fallen deities' wrath.

To complete their quest, though, the heroes must travel across the world to Waterdeep, the City of Splendours, and even pass into the Realm of the Dead. But both Cyric and Myrkul, God of Death, want the Tablets of Fate for their own dark ends, and they will stop at nothing to capture Midnight - even if it means the destruction of the Realms.


Prince of Lies

Schemes of a Mad God

For all his power as God of Strife and Lord of the Dead, Cyric cannot achieve that which he desires most - revenge on the goddess of Magic. To this end, he searches in vain for the soul of Kelemvor Lyonsbane. Once Cyric's friend and the goddess Midnight's lover, in the time when all three roamed the world as mortals, Kelemvor remains hidden from Cyric by those who would see the mad god overthrown. But Cyric will risk all to find his quiet nemesis, even the destruction of the Realm of the Dead.


Crucible: The Trial of Cyric the Mad


One of the youngest and most powerful gods of the Toril pantheon.


Who ascended to godhead in the Avatar Trilogy.


Now a victim of his own sinister machinations.

He has gone insane. His destructive actions have caused concern in the highest levels of the deities. It is time for the older gods to intervene and bring this upstart back into line for the good of all Toril.

It is time for the trial of Cyric.


The evil Cyric, one of the youngest and most powerful gods in the FORGOTTEN REALMS pantheon, has gone mad. His destructive actions have forced the older gods to intervene and try to bring this insane upstart back into line for the good of all Toril.


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