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Forgotten Realms chronology

All dates are in Dalereckoning, and year names are given where appropriate.

? to ?
  • The Days of Thunder: This is the time of the fabled Creator Races, when many gods came to the consciousness of mortals, and many races still hid in caves. No mention can be found of elves, dwarves, and other races in this time. Still, their absence on ancient cave paintings is hardly sufficient evidence to say that they did not exist in the Realms.
? to -24000
  • The Dawn Ages/The Time of Dragons: Dragons and giants rule Toril at this time; elves and dwarves settle in small but growing communities all over Faerûn. The dwarves overthrow the giants and start their empires. Toward the end of this time, the elves start doing the same against the dragon overlords of this era.
? to -14000
  • The First Epoch (Time of Beginnings) in Serôs (the Inner Sea). All the races currently living under the Sea of Fallen Stars take to the waters during this period, which only the whales have much knowledge of. This Epoch ends with the elven migration into Serôs, and their rise to power.
c. -25000
  • First mentions of Ironfang Keep on the Dragons' Sea appear in draconic legends.
c. -24000
  • The Sundering: Hundreds of High Magi gathered in the heartland of Faerûn at the Gathering Place. Ignoring the lesson learned from the destruction of Tintageer centuries earlier, the High Magi cast a spell designed to create a glorious elven homeland. As the Day of Birthing dawned, the spell reached its apex. Faerûn, the one land, is sundered apart by the unbridled force of the spell. As a result, hundred of cities are washed away, thousands of elves lie dead, and the face of Abeir-Toril is changed forever. The name Faerûn, no longer the one land, was given to the largest continent. Evermeet, Island of Elves, is created. The Tree of Souls is given to the elves.
-24000 to
  • The First Flowering: The elves reach their peak here, more than 15,000 years ago. The great elven civilizations of Faerûn include Aryvandaar, Illefarn, Ilythiir, Keltormir, Miyeritar, and Shantel Othreier. With the elves' success against the orcs and dragons and giants, the other races thrive in safety and begin the slow climb on civilization.
  • The elven forest community of Sharlarion survives the Sundering nearly complete. These fortunate elves increased their number and spread into the surrounding forest, hills, and lowlands.
  • Establishment of the first elvish settlements of Aryvandaar (Present Day: High Forest).
  • Establishment of the first elvish settlements of Shantel Othreier (Present Day: Green Fields).
  • Establishment of the first elvish settlements of Ilythiir (Present Day: Shaar & Forest of Amtar).
  • Establishment of the first elvish settlements of Syòrpiir (Present Day: Ankhwood and Chondalwood).
  • Establishment of the first elvish settlements of Illefarn (Present Day: Ardeep & Kryptgarden Forests and parts of the Dessarin valley).
  • Establishment of the elvish settlements of Orishaar (Present Day: Duskwood & the Shaar).
  • Establishment of the elvish settlements of Thearnytaar (Present Day: Thornwood).
  • Establishment of the elvish settlements of Eiellûr (Present Day: Winterwood).
c. -20000
  • First skirmishes between the Orishaar and Ilythiir elvish tribes begin, and continue off and on for seven millennia.
  • Evidence from carvings in some sea caves under the Inner Sea suggests that the merfolk, locathah, and sahuagin inhabit the deeps and have battled each other since this time.
  • Establishment of the first elvish settlements of Miyeritar (Present Day: High Moor, Misty Forest), by green and dark elves due to political differences with the gold elves of Aryvandaar.
  • Establishment of the great elvish settlements of Keltormir (Present Day: Forest of Tethyr which spanned all of Tethyr, Amn, Erlkazar, and Calimshan) by moon and green elves of Thearnytarr and elsewhere, seeking peace and simple lives away from the strife of the other elven realms.
  • The independent sylvan elf realms of Thearnytaar, Eiellûr, and Syòrpiir open discussions of unifying the elves of the Satyrwood (Present Day: Thornwood/Chondalwood).
-17100 to
  • The War of Three Leaves: The unification of the Satyrwood is thwarted by dark elven Ilythiiri spies and assassins, killing their leaders and framing opposing heirs, driving the three realms to a multifront war. Ilythiir's influence is not discovered for centuries.
c. -17000
  • Elves migrate from Thearnytaar, Eiellûr, and Syòrpiir to the Inner Sea over the next seven millenia.
c. -16900
  • Numerous elves abandon the surface realms of Eiellûr, and Syòrpiir during the War of Three Leaves to settle in the Selmal Basin of the Inner Sea. This begins the elven migrations into the Sea of Fallen Stars, which continue for seven millennia.
  • The elvish Vyshaan clan rises to power in Aryvandaar under Coronal Ivósaar Vyshann.
  • Aryvandaar's rulers begin attempts to diplomatically and peacefully annex Miyeritar into their realm and under their control.
c. -14000
  • Tribal barbarian clans of humans roam Keltormir, hiding and hunting in the great forests and avoiding the greater races of elves, giants, and dragons.
-14000 to
  • The Second Epoch (Time of the Elves) of Serôs (the Inner Sea). The Seconf Epoch officially begins with the building of the undersea capital of Aryselmalyr, and ends with forty years of war between the sea elves and other undersea races. It is also during this Epoch that the first land- dwellers began exploration of the waters (wizards of Netheril), the initial migrations of shalarin into the Inner Sea, and the trapping of the sahuagin behind the Sharksbane Wall.
  • Miyeritar becomes the center of elven Art and High Magic on Faerûn.
  • Skirmishing and trade interference starts between Aryvandaar and Miyeritar.
-12000 to
  • The Crown Wars: The Crown Wars of the Elves are fought during this period, pitting nearly four generations of elf against elf. The two greatest events of the Crown Wars that still have impact on the Realms are the Dark Disaster and the Descent of the Drow. The Dark Disaster utterly destroyed the forest realm of Miyeritar, leaving the blasted plains that are now the High Moors. Perhaps due to the savagery of the Crown Wars or other factors long lost to time, the Dark Elves became corrupt during this era, broke away from their brethren, and after much warfare and cruelty they descended beneath the planet's surface to become the Deep Elves, the drow.
c. -12000
  • The Crown Wars begin with the rise of the Vyshaantar Empire of Aryvandaar. After centuries of fruitless diplomacy, the impatient, grasping rulers of Aryvandaar attack Miyeritar and begins putting political pressure on Shantel Othreier to join them or suffer the same fate.
  • Miyeritar is militarily occupied and annexed by Aryvandaar, though a number of clans and strongholds resist and continue to fight. Many elves of Illefarn, despite its officially neutral stance, provide secret safehavens for Miyeritari refugees.
c. -11700
  • The dragon's war against the giants of Keltormir leads to the First Tethrift; a great burning of the forest that separated the Wyrmwood from the greater body of the forest. Tethir, the first recorded elven dragonslayer, slays two ancient red wyrms. A portion of Keltormir's woods are named for him.
c. -11450
  • The dragon's war against the giants of Keltormir leads to the First Tethrift; a great burning of southern Shantel Othreier that separated the soon-to-be-called the Wyrmwood from the greater body of the forest. Tethir, kin of Keltormir and the first recorded elven dragonslayer, single- handedly slays two ancient red wyrms of the Ridge and saves many elves. A portion of Keltormir's woods are named for him.
  • Tethir's stand earned the elves the respect of the dragons, who had previously dismissed them as ignorant, two-footed cattle.
  • Over time, humanity slowly builds in the clearings created by the dragon fires.
  • The Second Crown War flares up in answer to the aggressions of Aryvandaar. Ilythiir rises up and viciously strikes out at any who support the gold elves of the north. Its nearest neighbor of Orishaar, as a major trade partner with Aryvandaar, falls swiftly in a brutal surprise attack.
  • The Ilythiiri destroy Syòrpiir by fire, separating them from their allied neighbors and burning their homes to the ground.
  • Thearnytaar and Eiellûr band together and declare war on Ilythiir, decrying their use of fire and wanton destruction far more than the power plays of the northern elves. They fight a holding action, preventing the Ilythiiri from advancing north.
  • The Sable Wars: Thearnytaar and Eiellûr, with minimal allies from Keltormir and Shantel Orthreier, invade Ilythiir, intent on destroying or reforming the dark elves before more realms fall. More than half their forces are decimated by the corrupt magics of the dark elves.
  • Fall of Eiellûr as the Ilythiiri once again use fire to destroy their realm around them and isolate them from aid. They also were helped by traitor green elves, who thought their appeasement actions could help restore peace.
  • The start of the Crown Wars (and the Sable Wars and the Fall of Eiellûr) sees a sudden influx of elves entering the Inner Sea, forcing the elves out into the sea and away from the coastal waters. This ignites the first major conflicts with merfolk and sahuagin.
  • End of the First Crown War: Miyeritar conquered by Aryvandaar.
  • Thearnytaar falls to the savage and now-unrepentant dark elves, who use enslaved monsters and undead to occupy the thorn-and-bramble choked woods. Ilythiir now directly skirmishes with the major realm of Keltormir along its eastern and southern expanses.
  • With another major migration into the Sea of Fallen Stars after the fall of Thearnytaar, the sea elves expand militarily beyond the Selmal Basin and establish the undersea kingdoms and regions of Coranthys, Tor Meraliir, Ullythan Reef, and Ryeniir.
  • Rise of the Aryselmalyr Empire in the Sea of Fallen Stars. Coryselmal, the grandest of the sea elf cities of Selmalyr (an elven kingdom of the Selmal Basin), becomes the capital of the Aryselmalyr Empire over all the sea elf kingdoms in the Inner Sea.
c. -11000
  • Dwarves from the great stronghold of Bhaerynden establish the first holds of Deep Shanatar in the southern Underdark (Present Day: Alimir Mountains, Lake of Steam).
  • The illithid enclave of Oryndoll is settled by refugees from Glyth, a planet in Realmspace.
  • The Third Crown War erupts as accords finally fail between Shantel Othreier and Aryvandaar.
  • Battle of the Gods' Theatre: The Gods' Theater (Present Day: The Tunlands) on eastern Shantal Othreier is the site of one of the largest and costliest of all the Crown Wars' battles. Nearly 70,000 elves die at the hands of elven and orcish enemies, as an orc horde 100,000 strong falls upon the already-embattled elves. Aryvandaar wins the day, and occupies the northern half of Shantel Othreier.
  • Shantel Othreier is conquered by the Vyshaantar Empire of Aryvandaar after the mysterious death of Coronal Ynloeth. Guerilla fighting and rebel mages arise in parts of Miyeritar and the newly conquered territories.
  • The Dark Disaster: Miyeritar is engulfed in killing storms, which reduce this entire forest and realm into barren wastelands in three months. While no proof could ever be found, many believe the High Mages of Aryvandaar inflicted the Dark Disaster on Miyeritar.
  • Shock over the Dark Disaster established an uneasy four decades of peace, as nearly every elf of Faerûn shrank back in awe and horror from what havoc the Crown Wars wrought.
  • The elven realm of Ardeep is finally conquered by Aryvandaar. In the hundred years it takes the Vyshaan to bring this land under their hegemony, they slay two of its rulers, Ilitharath and his grandson Tarosspur.
c. -10450
  • The Fourth Crown War: Ilythiir's seething counter-attack to avenge Miyeritar sees their open use of the corrupt powers of Ghaunadar and other dark, evil gods for the first time.
  • The Keltormir elves, opposed on both sides by the Vyshaan of Aryvandaar and the dark elf clan Hune of Ilythiir, strategically withdraw from eastern Keltormir, holding their lines at Highland's Edge.
  • The Stone and Claw Campaigns: The withdrawal of Keltormir's forces to close and defend its own borders pitted the forces of Aryvandaar and Ilythiir against each other. They soon closed ranks and fought incessantly for two centuries. Battles raged across the giant-infested mountains and wemic-claimed plains north of Keltormir.
  • In opposition to the corrupt dark elves of Ilythiir and their continued destruction of the forested elven homelands by fire (an elven enemy of long-standing), over 1,000 priests and High Mages in neutral Illefarn and other free areas spend decades in fervent prayer for salvation by Corellon Larethian and the Seldarine gods.
  • Through enslaved dragons and other powers, the dark elves of Ilythiir engulf all of Shantal Othreier in flames, destroying over 70% of its trees over the course of 50 years.
  • Descent of the Drow: Corellon's magic, as directed through his priests and High Mages, transforms the dark elves, whether the corrupt Ilythiiri or others, into the drow. Whether by magic or by the weaknesses that banish them from the sunlit lans, all drow retreat within two month's passing into the Underdark.
  • Elves are summoned by the Seldarine to the site that becomes Elven Court one month after the Descent of the Drow, to settle differences and restore peace among the elves.
  • Aryvandaar's covert persecution of High Mages and priests begins, as they attempt to destroy or control any who might somehow force their descent as they did the drow. While not destroyed utterly, Illefarn and its colony in the Llewyrrwood is annexed by Arvynandaar as its nobility of priests and High Mages died under the persecution of the increasingly-crazed Coronal Giilvas Vyshaan. Many elves of both lands flee to the remnants of Shantel Othreier.
  • Sea-elven garrison towers are built among the Sharksteeth Mountains under the Inner Sea, with the help of Vodos the Great Builder.
  • Construction begins on the Sharksbane Wall (uniting the existing Tower Garrisons) by clergy of Deep Sashelas, Trishina, and Eadro.
  • Start of the First Serôs War. The burgeoning Inner Sea empire of sea elves allies with the merfolk against the sahaugin of eastern Serôs.
  • End of the First Serôs War. This war destroys the major sahaugin kingdom in "Sekolah's Trench" (the Trench of Lopok). Wars and skirmishes continue across the centuries to slow or stop the continuing construction of the Sharksbane Wall.
  • The Vyshantaar Empire's forces occupy all elven realms (save Keltormir) from the High Forest of Aryvandaar to the sweltering southern forests of Ilythiir. They begin the colonization and settlement of Evermeet.
  • A large force of Llewyrr elves escapes the oppressive mainland and resettle in isolation and safety among the mountains of the Moonshae Islands. Their new land becomes Synnoria, after the elfqueen who led the Llewyr to this island sanctuary.
c. -9600
  • Rise of the first drow civilizations in the Underdark beneath southern Faerûn. Their constant harassment of the Vyshantaar forces over the next five centuries help prevent their annexing Keltormir or any other lands.
  • The drow city of Guallidurth is founded.
  • The Fifth Crown War: The First Proclamation of Elven Court leads to the revolt of the nobles of Aryvandaar and the last Crown War begins. The Elven Court, the Seldarine priesthoods, and the long-hidden High Mages restore pockets of resistance and freedom across the entire Vyshantaar Empire, fragmenting the armies and nobles to limit their coordination.
c. -9000
  • The illithids dwelling in Oryndoll's outlying holdings clash with the Shanatar dwarves in a protracted conflict known to the dwarves as the Mindstalker Wars and to the mind flayers as the War of Cloven Thoughts.
  • The Fifth Crown War ends with the utter defeat of the Vyshaan and the dissolution of Aryvandaar. Much of the High Forest is abandoned for an age, leaving the forest open so the gods might restore its peace.
  • The Wandering Years of elven colonization begin. Many elves begin migrating back to Elven Court in its eastern forest. Illefarn and Keltormir are the sole remaining civilizations to emerge intact from the Crown Wars. The end of the Crown Wars brings the last of the great elven migrations into the Inner Sea.
  • Drow overwhelm the dwarves of Bhaerynden and take their fifth-city for their own.
-9000 to
  • The Rise of Civilization/The Founding Time: This era signals the rise of all the humanoid civilizations, as the many dragons and giants were long overthrown and the elven wars no longer loomed over everyone as a threat. The elven realms of Evereska and Evermeet grow by colonization along with other realms, from the human Unther or Coramshan to the dwarven realms of High Shanatar or Oghrann.
  • The 135-mile-long Sharksbane Wall, built to keep the sahuagin out of the waters of the Inner Sea, is completed in this year.
  • The five Tunnels of Iratis are completed by the end of this year.
  • An elven tale, "Inferno", tells of a great drought lasting two summers in this year. After an attack by a flight of red dragons on the center of the great elven forest of Keltormir, the dragon fire sparked a forest fire that raged out of control. This fire extinguished four entire clans of elves, eleven giant settlements, at least four green dragons, and thousands of miles of woodlands. The fires clear all the wooded area between the two great rivers (Present Day: the rivers Sulduskoon and Ith).
  • Founding of Rystall Wood and its First Rysar begins with its first crowned Coronal.
c. -8640
  • Dwarves are believed to live in great numbers in the eastern mountains of present-day Semphar.
  • Evereska is founded in secret by surviving clans of the former Shantel Othreier, Miyeritar, Orishaar, and Eiellûr as an elven safehaven in the woods east of Aryvandaar.
c. -8500
  • Dwarves migrate north from the Great Rift and enter the cavernous realms beneath the Sword Coast South.
  • Keltormir's Fall: Due to fire-sundered and otherwise ravaged homelands, Keltormir dissolves into three separate forests: The Wyrmwood, Darthiir Wood (Present Day: Forest of Mir), and the Forest of Tethir.
  • Aelinthaldaar is established as the capitol of Illefarn at the site of present-day Waterdeep.
  • End of the First Rysar of Rystall Wood. Year of Founding for Jhyrennstar. The Coronal is crowned and the First Rysar starts.
  • Founding of Siluvanede in the northwestern reaches of the High Forest.
  • Start of the Second Serôs War. The sea-elven empire uses locathah forces to rally the enemies' enslaved locathah against them, as well as merfolk and crabmen.
  • End of the Second Serôs War. The war destroys the Kuo-Toan Consortiums. All their caravan cities along the underwater Plains of Duna collapse, and their people are put to the slaughter, rendering the kua-toans nearly extinct in the Inner Sea up til the present day.
  • Founding of Uvaeren and its First Rysar begins with the crowning of its first Coronal.
  • Yrlaancel, the city of peace, is built within Rystall Wood.
  • The dwarven realm of Deep Shanatar is at its greatest expanse beneath southwestern Faerun (Present Day: Amn, Tethyr, Erlkazar, Calimshan, Alimir Peninsula). The empire is ruled from the Wyrmskull Throne in Alatorin's Brightaxe Hall. Within 150 years, trade is underway with surface elves.
  • Founding of Semberholme in the Elven Court.
  • All sahuagin settlements in the Inner Sea lying west of the Sharksbane Wall are destroyed by this time.
  • Full trade exists between the dwarves of Deep Shanatar and the elves of Darthiir, Tethir, and the dwindling remnants of Shantel Otheier.
c. -7800
  • The Great Arrival: A large force of djinn (known as the Djen) led by the djinni lord Calim arrive in the areas around present-day Calimport, along with a large force of servants and a few slaves, mostly humans and halflings. Within months of the arrival, the spires of Calimport rise above the plains and woodlands of southern Faerun. The Djen quickly clear and seize all the lands south and west of the Marching Mountains; the Calim empire has begun.
  • The Dragon Wars: Calimport falls before a flight of dragons. The djinni lord Calim begins a century-long campaign against the dragons of the Marching Mountains. By its end, every dragon in the mountains dies at the hands and magics of the Djen. The genies' magic rebuilds Calimport within a year of its initial destruction.
  • The reigning Dao Ataman of Imir of the Great Dismal Delve establishes a permanent two-way gate between his holdings on the Elemental Plane of Earth and a cavern complex beneath the site of present-day Kzelter.
c. -7700s
  • Rogue genies abandon the Empire of Calim and settle the lands and waters of the southwestern Inner Sea.
  • Rise of the Marid States. Rogue marids from the surface Calim Empire trespass in Selmalyr, sparking war with the elves. Within a year, marids and their jann spread into Serôs (the Inner Sea), allying with and sharing their power with the other aquatic races. The Marid States are in deep water beneath the Hmur Plateau, allowing them to claim territories out of reach of from direct elven retribution.
  • Start of the Second Rysar of Uvaeren.
  • The djinni lord Calim reaches an accord with the elves and dwarves and the borders of his empire halt at the southern banks of the River Agis and encompass all the lands south and east to the western slopes of the present-day Alimir Mountains. Calim continues warring with the giants and dragons of the Marching Mountains.
  • Ajhuu, a greater marid, breaks away and establishes a realm within Calim's lands while the noble djinni is away. On Calim's reutrn, the Steam Clashes begin between them. Creation of the Maridflow and Hajluar's Falls (present-day: Azure Falls) in the Alimir Mountains.
  • The Shattering: With this event, the Steam Clashes end and Ajhuu and his rebels are destroyed. The coastline between the mouth of the River of Ice and the southern tip of the Alimir range is forever changed, and the Spider Swamp comes into being.
  • The Second Rysar of Jhyrennstar begins under the Coronal Hoccar.
  • Founding of Sharrven in the southern reaches of the High Forest, due to overcrowding in Evereska and elitism of Siluvanedenn elves.
  • Llurth Dreier, City of Ooze, is founded by the drow under the Shaar.
  • Dwarves establish the realm of Sarphil.
  • The Second Rysar of Rystall Wood gives way to the Third Coronal.
  • Ilodhar falls under an orc horde this year.
  • The Third Rysar of Uvaeren begins after the sudden death of the Coronal while hunting. The new Coronal is more militarily disposed, and begins proactively attacking orcs and giants in the mountains.
  • Rise of the Dukars. This quasi-mystical order of monastic and military wizards arises from the efforts of its four founders in the small town of Nantar on the Lower Hmur Plateau. The orders are composed of only lorekeepers at this time.
  • The Mervae Alliance. The Dukars develop their powers and become peacekeepers across Serôs (the Inner Sea) with the alliances made with Aryselmalyr here, though unlike any other forces, they do not bid oaths of fealty to the sea-elven empire.
  • Coronal Kiyuigh dies on his 100th foray into the mountains. The Fourth Rysar of Uvaeren starts with the new Coronal, the blind Great Scholar Eltaor, who restores Uvaeren's reputation as a learned realm.
  • A horde of efreet called the Army of Fire, led by the great pasha Memnon, magically arrive near the location of its current namesake city. The efreet establish the short-lived realm of Memnonnar and found the settlements of Memnon, Myratma, and Shoonach.
  • The Third Rysar ends in Rystall Wood, and the Fouth Rysar starts at the crowning of Naevys Caersaelk, the first female Coronal of the realm of Arcorar.
c. -6500
  • A group of elves, mainly immigrants from Syorpiir, settle the great forest now known as the Chondalwood and name their home Nikerymath.
  • Coronal Hoccar dies, ending the Second Rysar of Jhyrennstar. The Third Rysar begins with his niece, the Coronal Haalija.
  • Founding of the dwarven House Axemarch in Shanatar.
  • The elves meet the dwarves of Sarphil on the battlefields of the Vast, and forge a tenuous alliance since the elves saved the dwarves from death at orc hands.
  • The Coronal Eltaor dies by palimpset. The Fifth Rysar sees the election of the young, vibrant Coronal Intevar.
  • Beginning of the age known to the elves of Tethir as the Era of Skyfire. Memnon and Calim bring their forces to bear against each other and battle until -6100DR.
  • The Fourth Rysar of Rystall Wood gives way to the Fifth Rysar under the Coronal Esyae, daughter of Naevys.
  • End of the Era of Skyfire: Battle of Teshyllal Fields. Calim and Memnon destroy each other, but the forces unleashed in that battle scar the landscape forever, creating the Calim Desert.
  • Fall of Calim's Rule: The last of the djinn are ousted by humans in alliance with the dwarves of Shanatar. The lands east of the Calim Desert and south of the Marching Mountains become the human nation of Coramshan.
  • The Fourth Rysar of Jhyrennstar begins.
  • King Adiir Velm of House Axemarch leads 5000 dwarves onto the plains of former Memnonnar and founds the realm of High Shanatar. Over the next few centuries they settle the lands now considered Tethyr.
c. -5800
  • The nation of Jhaamdath is founded with a few settlements north of the great forest Nikerymath.
  • Tales of Intevar's Librarium in Uvaeren spread throughout all elven lands, as this allegedly contains the collective knowledge of the elves.
  • Intevar's Librarium and some strongholds in Uvaeren are attacked by greedy elven wizards seeking knowledge of High Magic, to no avail. However, Intevar dies of a poisoned wound, ending the Fifth Rysar. The newest Coronal of the Sixth Rysar is his apprentice and wife, the Lady Mnuvae.
  • Elves found the city of Evereska.
  • Djen settle in Calimshan area.
c. -5600
  • The dwarves of Shanatar and the giants of the Giant's Plains break out in war. 25 years later, more than half the giant population of the Cloud Peaks are exterminated by the dwarves.
  • The dwarves of Shanatar build the Axe and the Star Bridges in present-day Amn.
  • Esyae dies in a High Magic ritual gone wrong, and her young brother Mhaenal becomes the Sixth Coronal of Rystall Wood.
c. -5400
  • Ambril's Bane. Dwarves kill human tomb robbers on the slopes of Mount Kellerak, including an heir to the throne of Coramshan. Three millennia of war between Coramshan and Shanatar ensues, with the elves allying with the dwarves.
c. -5350
  • Battle of Karlyn's Vale. The dwarves of Shanatar slaughter the last major giant tribes of the south. Later, a monstrous likeness of Karlyn, the warleader of the dwarves, is built over the course of two centuries to honor him.
  • The Murabir (warlord) Mir of Coramshan seizes much of High Shanatar while the dwarves are fighting the Giant Wars to the north.
c. -5300
  • Between this time and -2600 DR, the dwarven realms of Oghrann, Haunghdannar, Gharraghaur, Belsimer, Ammarindar, Delzoun, Ironstar, the Fallen Kingdom, and Dareth are founded as dwarves flee the constant warfare enveloping Shanatar.
  • The First Kingdom of Mir is founded in the lands west of the Darthiir Woods and south of the Wurlur (present-day: River Ith). For the next 300 years, Mir and Coramshan aggressively expand eastward and share the conquered territories until their defeat by the kingdom of Jhaamdath.
  • Beginning of the First Age of Calimshan (until -3200DR).
  • Oghrann established as the first colony from Shanatar; few dwarves remain in this realm, and most continue north.
  • From now until -4835, the Webfire Wars rage throughout the drow city of Llurth Dreier, pitting the faithful of the Spider Queen against the followers of Ghaunadaur.
c. -5000
  • Clash at Earthrift. Two elven princes are accidentally killed in a dwarven-instigated landslide, and the alliance between the elves of Keltormir and the dwarves of Shanatar falls apart.
  • Coramshan and Mir unite under Ukhar IV to form the Calimshan Empire, which claims all lands south of the Wurlur (present-day: River Ith) and west of the Iltkazar Mountains.
  • The Twelve Nights of Fire: The elven realm of Uvaeren is destroyed by a falling star whose impact opens a 100-mile-long and 30-mile-wide clearing in Cormanthor's treeline. The Coronal and nearly all of its noble houses die instantly or during the conflagration. Few Uvaeranni escape to the safety of deeper Arcorar, aside from those few dozen away from the realm during this disaster.
  • Rystall Wood becomes a separate forest and realm after the Twelve Nights of Fire clear away the mountain and hill trees that attached it to Arcorar. While an independant forest now, its Coronal still convenes often with the leaders of the Elven Court.
  • The dwarven realm of Haunghdannar is established this year by dwarves centered in the mountains east of present-day Leilon. It was the home of the only known seafarring dwarves.
  • The drow city of Sshamath, City of Dark Weavings, is founded.
  • Death of Coronal Mhaenal by monsters summoned into his bedchambers; the Sixth Rysar of Rystall Wood ends with the murder investigation lasting for 90 years.
c. -4900
  • Plague hits Calimport and Almraiven. Known as the Warrior's Plague, for the berserk rages and battle madness in those afflicted; most casualties among military forces.
  • The Fifth Rysar of Jhyrennstar convenes under the warrior Coronal Khilseith.
  • Three nobles are uncovered as the plotters who slew the aged Coronal Mhaenal; the actual caster of the monster summons is executed, and the others banished from Rystall Wood and Arcorar.
  • The Seventh Rysar of Rystall Wood finally begins with the rise of Coronal Injros.
  • Rise of the dwarven realm of Gharraghaur, centered on present-day Mirabar.
c. -4770
  • The Plague of Terror: mysteriously affecting only Calimport, this plague drives many mad from imagined spectral foes and other fears. As a result of the plague, the entire waterfront and other inner parts of the city burn as a few dockworkers imagine great sea monsters attacking the city.
c. -4700
  • Eaerlann rises among the ruins of Aryvandaar due to the efforts of young elven nobles from Sharrven. Their interests in restoring the elder realm while also allying with the dwarves of the North were matched in the interests of the Elders of Sharrven and Evereska to preventing the elves of Siluvanede from doing the same and repeating the same mistakes of the past.
  • Efreet invade Djen through a Gate, start of 100 years of war.
  • The stone fortress of Sonnmorndin is built as a naval base by the Sailors of the Mountainous Waves, the marines of Haunghdannar, on the island of Arauwurbarak (Present day: Ruathym).
c. -4542
  • End of the 100 years Djen-Efreeti war.
c. -4500
  • The Seven Citadels' War: Skirmishes break out between the elite forces of Siluvanede and the fledgling forces of Eaerlann (with support from Sharrven). These conflicts, which last for the next 200 years, are sometimes collectively referred to as the Sixth Crown War.
  • The elven tree city of Teuveamanthaar is founded as the capitol of Eaerlann at the present-day site of Tall Trees.
  • The surface dwarven realm of Besilmer is founded by Torhild Flametongue. The dwarves of Besilmer build the Halls of the Hunting Axe, the Hall of Four Ghosts, Hammer Hall, the building now known as the Stronghold of the Nine, the Stone Bridge, and are believed to have also built Southkrypt. Belsimer crumbles when Torhild is slain, and its people flee south to join the Fallen Kingdom.
  • The Dark Court Slaughter: Drow and duergar attack and destroy Elven Court and Sarphil beginning at the start of the year on Midwinter Night. Within days, Elven Court is in ruins and Sarphil is occupied by the drow and duergar. The Slaughter claims the lives of many clan leaders of Elven Court and both the Coronals of Rystall Wood and Jhyrennstar.
  • In the aftermath of the Dark Slaughter, the archer-guard Shevarash, in an anger-tinged prayer to Corellon, vows to become the Seldarine's hand against the drow to extract revenge for the loss of his family. The Black Archer never smiles again, as he sought to kill Lolth and all her followers.
  • The Eighth Rysar of Rystall Wood (the child wizardess Enajharas) and the Sixth Rysar of Jhyrennstar (the prophet of Labelas, the aged Oacenth) begin with somber coronations and the call-to-arms against the drow, their now-revealed enemy.
  • End of the Seven Citadels' War with the full forces of Sharrven brought to bear against the oft-victorious Siluvanedenn. The gold elf realm is humbled by superior magics and elven dragonriders; hereafter, Siluvanede remains exclusive, but it is a vassal realm of Eaerlann.
  • Three hunting clans and five fishing villages on the northwestern coast of Faerûn unite under a single leader. The humans call their community Illusk, naming themselves after the elven nation Illefarn, whom they attempt to emulate.
  • The impressionable Coronal Enajharas isolates Rystall Wood from all dealings with Arcorar, as her nobles say conspiracies against them whirl among the elves of Jhyrennstar.
  • Fall of Besilmer. Surviving dwarves flee south to form the dwarven realm of Dardath beneath the Horn Hills.
c. -4100
  • Rise of the dwarven realm of Ammarindar.
  • Shevarash the Black Archer dies, but undergoes Apotheosis to become the Night Hunter and Arrow Bringer. This green elf demigod of the Seldarine is still a hunter and vengeful destroyer of drow, but now hunts Lolth and Vhaeraun directly (though he no longer considers Eilistraee and her worshipers to be among his prey).
  • The Coronal Oacenth of Jhyrennstar falls ill; the Ruling Trials last from Midsummer to Harvestide; the three elfblades are forged. Coronal Kahvoerm Irithyl becomes the ruler of Semberholme, Jhyrennstar, and Elven Court, all of which are now the elven nation of Cormanthyr.
  • The birth of the city of Cormanthor begins here, with the Summoning of the Rule Tower.
  • The drow city of Menzoberranzan is founded by Menzoberra the Kinless.
c. -3900
  • Establishment of Delzoun, the Shield Kingdom of the dwarves.
  • Birth of Nether the Elder.
1 NY
  • Alliance of the fishing villages of Fenwick, Gers, Gilan, Gustaf, Moran, Nauseef, and Janick into Seventon. Soon renamed Netheril.
  • Beginning of the First Age.
  • The drow city of Ched Nasad is founded.
  • The elven realm of Eaerlann open dialogues with Netheril; humans begin to learn magic from the Eaerlanni elves during this decade.
  • Death of Nether the Elder.
  • Trade begins between humans of Netheril and the elves of Illefarn.
  • Fall of the dwarven realm of Oghrann.
  • Ships from Haunghdannar sent to the fortress of Sonnmorndin begin to disappear. All contact is lost with this outpost of the Sailors of the Mountainous Waves.
  • Word of a nation of "humanlike rock begins who dwelled in earthen mountains and hills" reached the ears of the Netherese.
  • The Duergaran city of Gracklstugh is founded.
  • Scout of Netherese, in search of the rock creatures in the west, intercept a Rengarth (nomadic human barbarians) hunting party and befriend them. From the Barren Mountains, south of the Cold Forest, arrive one of the largest orc hordes ever to hit the area. The alliance between the elves of Earlann and Illefarn and Netheril removes the orc threat.
c. -3650
  • Dwarven realm of Shanatar founded.
  • Fall of the dwarven realm of Gharraghaur.
  • War breaks out between the elven nations of Eaerlann, Mieyritar, and Illefarn. The humans, caught in the middle, are unable to trade with one for fear of retribution from the others.
  • The Nether Scrolls are uncovered by the Netherese in the ruins of Aryvandaar; the humans soon abandon the magic taught by the elves for greater power.
  • End of the First Age, Beginning of the Nether Age.
c. -3520
  • The elves of the North begin aiding in the escapes of gnomish slaves from their Netherese captors, helping them move south and east across the Realms.
  • Born Congenio Ioun (364NY - 1319NY), the first major arcanist of Netheril and the creator of the Ioun's stones.
  • Creation of Congenio's pebbles (Ioun Stones).
  • After 269 years of searching the Netherese discover and establish trade with the dwarven kingdom of Delzoun.
  • Start of the Ninth Rysar of Rystall Wood.
  • The Duergar King Horgar Steelshadow II proclaims the founding of Deepkingdom with Gracklstugh as its royal seat, claiming sovereignty over all gray dwarf enclaves north of the Sharnlands and west of the Buried Realms beneath Anauroch.
  • Fall of the dwarven realm of Haunghdannar. The sea is believed to have made all the dwarves of this nation mad and the realm dwindles and is abandoned. Their descendants are thought to be the Madbeards of today.
  • Hoyden is established by elves seeking to end the squabbling between the nations of Eaerlann, Mieyritar, and Illefarn.
  • Two of the Nether Scrolls are stolen during an excursion in the High Forest. The mages carrying the scrolls are slaughtered by a grove of treants. The Scrolls are never recovered.
  • War between the two remaining elven nations comes to an end. The 240 year war decimates their numbers thrice over.
  • In less than a tenday, the Sunset Plague claims the lives of almost everyone in Calimport, including more than half the ruling family. Calimport lies empty for nearly a century, as many are afraid of the plague.
  • The Abbey of the Moon burns in a forest fire. It becomes haunted by powerful apparitions who destroy all who enter.
  • Born Ioulaum (544NY - unknown) one of the greatest human archwizards of Toril.
  • The Numosi and Jhimari schools of the Dukars are destroyed by kraken out of the Trench of Lopok.
  • End of the First Age of Calimshan. Beginning of the Second Age (until -1900DR).
c. -3150
  • The enslaved gnomes of Netheril begin to construct a series portal known as the Trail of Mists to assist in their escape from their Netherese masters.
  • Ioulaum led a major battle with thousands spellcasters and warriors against the orcs in the Rampart Peaks. The orcs retreated and on the field lay 118000 corpses, 10000 of whom were orcs. Ioulaum, not satisfied, wanted to find where the orcs are stationed. After years of scouting, tracking and scrying the major habitats of orcs was found in the knolls surrounding the Canton River. With more than 50000 troops, Ioulaum began a war called "Excursion into Extinction" that lasted 16 months. He sacrificed 32000 troops, but killed 140000 orcs! The two mountains where the war was set become known as Bone Hill and Thunder Peak.
c. -3100
  • Human seafarers from the west, known today as the Illuskan or Northmen, name and settle the island of Ruathym.
  • Half of the Nether Scrolls is stolen by elves of Cormanthyr and secreted away by the High Mages of that realm. One of the thieves is the gnome elf-friend Rilmohx Sha'Quessir.
  • Ioulaum creates the first mythallar. A mythallar is established in Northreach.
  • Beginning of the Mythallar Era. (845 NY)
  • Ioulaum creates the Mantle of Ioulaum, the first magic item to use the mythallar.
  • Raising of the Mythal/Birth of Myth Nantar. Nantar, a small town on the slopes of the Hmer Plateau and long the center of Dukar culture, becomes Myth Nantar, City of Destinies, as the High Mages raise a mythal around the soon-growing city. This becomes the site for much magical research and lore. It is also the location of a new central academy for Dukars and other schools and towers in the city teach numerous other methods of magic brought by the former surface elves (and some hidden marids' magic). Any Dukars trained at Myth Nantar, for the first time, must vow oaths of fealty to the Empire and the Coronal at Coryselmal.
c. -3000
  • The dwarven realm of Ammarindar flourishes.
  • The Gate of Iron is built by dwarves to protect the region of present-day Durpar and Ulgarth from the Imaskari empire.
  • Tibold, in present-day Erlkazar, is founded as an outpost of the dwarves of High Shanatar to resist the Second Calimshan Empire's advances.
  • Trade relations open between the surface elves of Cormanthyr and the sea elves of Arselmalyr at Myth Nantar.
  • The Kuo-toan city of Sloopdilmonpolop, City of Pools, is founded.
  • Illuskan humans of Ruathym found the settlement of Illusk at the mouth of the River Mirar and displace local Ice Hunter tribes.
  • Ioulaum creates the first floating city - Ioulaum's Enclave.
  • The Ironstar Kingdom of dwarves begins this year under the lone Ironstar clan.
  • The incredibly ancient Coronal Kahvoerm dies upon placing his selu'taar upon the hilt of the Ruler's Blade. His fourth son attempts to take his place, but the Ruler's Blade rejects him and destroys the greedy elf in a gout of greenish flame. Sakrattars Irithyl, the youngest of the Coronal's great-grandsons, takes up the blade and is proclaimed Coronal by ancient blade-rite, as was Kahvoerm. So begins the Second Rysar of Cormanthyr.
  • There are now a total of 13 floating Netherese cities.
  • The Slaughter of Sharrven: The elven realm of Sharrven fragments and falls due to an inexplicable explosion of the monstrous population within the southern High Forest. Survivors flee to Eaerlann and Evereska, and the realm lies vacant but for a few settlements and outposts (though the southern forest retain the name "Sharrven" until the modern era). While proof is sorely lacking, the paranoid elves of Siluvanede quickly blame the power-hungry mages of Netheril, and vow to slay any Netherese wizard that strays into their western High Forest realm.
  • Dekanter, a Netherese miner, discovers a huge lode of gold, iron, mercury, silver and platinum. This mine provides Netheril with minerals for over 1000 years. Begin of the Silver Age.
c. -2650
  • The city of Bhaluin is founded by the Raurin Empire.
c. -2642
  • Height of Netheril, Dwarven Realm of Ammarindar founded.
c. -2639
  • Dwarven Realm of Dareth founded.
  • Mezro in Chult is founded by Ubtao.
c. -2600
  • Dareth, the dwarven "Ice Kingdom", is founded. Orloebar Snowbeard is crowned king.
  • The last known dwarves of Shanatar fall on the northern slopes of the Sulduskoon River.
  • Work begins on the Twisted Tower.
  • Ulutiu, an unknown entity, dies. His ice barge sinks and gives birth to the Great Glacier.
  • Year 0 of Ulutiun Calendar.
  • Despite repeated attacks and attempts to stop them, the drow complete the Twisted Tower this year and build up their presence here.
  • Death of Congenio Ioun.
  • The Spiderfires: Drow inflict their greatest damage upon the forests since the Twelve Nights of Fire by setting the southern Rystall Woods aflame with a swarm of spiders made out of arcane fire. After a long, dry summer, the woods burn easily. This clears more than 100 miles of forest south of the River Tesh, and severs the southern part of the woods around and to the west of the Twisted Tower from the greater Rystall Woods and widens the cleared lands between them and Cormanthor.
  • Empire of Raurin (Imaskari, Artificiers) destroyed. Exiles flee to the west, eventually settling on the shores of the Alambar Sea.
  • The Great Glacier continues to expand, covering the lands that will eventually be known as Vaasa & Damara.
  • An apprentice working for the phaerimm steals seven of the Nether Scrolls. The mageling is killed as he leaves the city, but the Scrolls are never recovered.
c. -2400
  • Calimshan garrisons eastern Iltkkazar in the vincinity of the Omlarandin Mountains, south of the Wurlur (present-day: River Ith).
  • The beholder hive of Zokir, the City of Orbs, is founded.
  • A work strike by the gnomes of Netheril is successful, and the gnomes are released from servitude to the Netherese. Most gnomes head immediately south, fleeing from Netheril.
  • The palace of the Bakkal of Calimport erupts in flames, ending that corrupt and vicious dynasty. The fires spread and destroy the western half of Calimport.
c. 2375
  • Netherese scouts explore the Sword Coast North region led by the arcanist Arthindol the Terraseer.
  • Terraseer, a mysterious oracle, found an ideal location for an outpost in the east that could provide water for caravans and scouts and call the town Old Owlbear Well.
c. -2300
  • The Earliest human-built boats sail the southern Alambar coasts as Raurinese refugees flee north and along the seacoasts. Easily attacked and sunk by sahaugin, boats are small and usable only for coastal fishing, not exploration. Raurinese refugees continue their expansions over land.
  • The Erehnir Reconstruction: After guild wars and other conflicts destroy much of Calimport, many areas are rebuilt in the religious and artistic manner they are known by to this day. The walls of at least two western sections of modern Calimport retain hints of murals that graced the walls when they were created during this decade.
  • A clan of dwarves from the Tortured Land are exiled to the Great Glacier. Four survive the trek to the Novularond and become the forebears of the Innugaakalikurit.
  • The Netherese arcanist Trebbe is killed when he attempts to enchant a magical crown and the spells go awry somehow. This crown becomes known later in history as the Crown of Horns.
  • End of the Silver Age. The Golden Age of Netheril begins. (1652 NY)
  • Birth of Jeriah Chronos, who laters becomes known as the Chronomancer.
  • Start of the Tenth Rysar of Rystall Wood.
  • Two Rystall elves, forbidden lovers long kept apart by their feuding noble families, secretly ask the Coronal for aid. He helps them stage their "deaths" and the two are transformed together to become the first baelnorn sworn to the Coronal and Cormanthor, rather than to a particular House. Forever apart in life, the Guardian Paramours become the most faithful defenders of the grounds of Castle Cormanthor.
  • The god Re founds Skuld and gives it the name "City of Shadows".
  • Mulhorand founded. Year 1 of Mulhorand Calendar.
  • The Chronomancer aids Illusk against orc hordes. He stands nearly alone against them and is grievously injured.
c. -2100
  • Survivors of the fall of Illusk travel north and west to what is now Icewind Dale, where their descendants become known as the Reghedmen.
  • Death of the Chronomancer from a war wound that never healed.
  • The god Enlil finds pearls on the west coast of the Alambar. He founds the city of Unthalass ("City of Gems").
  • A tremendous orc horde, led by giants and their ogre generals, completely razes the human civilization of Illusk.
  • Scimitars are introduced to Netheril. There is speculation that the scimitar was originally a drowish weapon.
  • Unther and Mulhorand clash at the River of Swords. The 1st Unther-Mulhorand War begins.
  • Re and Enlil agree that the River of Swords will be the eternal boundary between Unther and Mulhorand. There are occasional clashes, but never is there a major war between the two powers again.
  • Fighting a drow incursion into the western woods, Coronal Sakrattars sacrifices himself to create a blood dragon and destroy the massive horde of drow occupying the last ruins of Uvaeren and the Twisted Tower (though not the Tower itself). The Coronal's chosen blade-heir recieves and draws the Ruler's Blade without incident; Sinaht Irithyl becomes the third Coronal of Cormanthyr.
  • The armies of Calimshan destroy the Idol of Nomog-Geaya and its hobgoblin worshipers. Henceforth, this area is known as the Gorge of the Fallen Idol.
c. -1900
  • By this time, Calimshan rules as far north as the Snowflake Mountains and is composed of four separate kingdoms within its empire; Calimshan (the original lands of Coramshan and the Calim Empire), Mir, Tethyr, and Iltkazar. End of the Second Age and beginning of the Third Age.
  • From now until -1400DR, the Caltazar Hills, in present-day Tethyr, come under constant attack from the beholder nations of the Lake of Steam.
  • The building of Citadel Felbarr, the surface garrison to protect Delzoun against the orcs.
  • The Final Fall of Shanatar sees the dwarves seal their deep realms from any entrants, and all but disappear from southern Faerun.
  • Twenty-four scrolls of the remaining Nether Scrolls are stolen. The thieves, fearful of Netherese retribution, destroy the golden scrolls, pounding them into gold chunks.
  • Peak of Netherese civilization.
  • Records show that the dwarven realm of Ammarindar has its King's Seat at Splendarrmornn, the Shining Mountain.
  • In retribution for Calishite adventurers plundering her hoard and slaying one of her brood, Ylveraasahlisar the Rose Dragon destroys Calimshan's army, the Caleph's Court, the Bakkal Raor, and two-thirds of Calimport before she settles onto the throne and rules the heart of the empire. Much of Calimport Muzad (under-Calimport) comes into being with the wyrm's attack, as her demands for the city's immediate reconstruction forces builders to simply smooth out the rubble and begin again.
  • Occurring from now until -1350, the Deepbear Battles, a war between the duergar and a nation of quaggoths, marks the beginning of Deepkingdom's decline.
  • The Dragon's Wrath: A great fire levels all of central Calimport.
  • Dragonslayers led by Rafak el Cajaan sorely wound the Rose Dragon and drive her out of Calimport; while she escapes the humans, Ylvera dies under the jaws of their bronze dragon ally, Cadasalmpar. The Cajaan dynasty refounds human rule of the Calim empire.
c. -1720
  • Netherese explorers start to build and settle undersea cities on the Inner Sea continental shelf over the Plains of Duna within territory claimed by the sea elves and the merfolk. Netherese mages either keep Aryselmatyn forces at bay or enslave any Serôsians that enter their sphere of influence.
  • Netherese wizards arrive near the blasted ruins of Uvaeren, fleeing something; they die within two years after uncovering a hidden library cache and unwittingly setting loose some of its magical defenses.
  • The city of Tzindylspar is founded by dwarves of Delzoun and Netherese emigrants. Within a few years, a portal connects this gem-rich city with Calimshan of the Cajaan dynasty. Rubies from Tzindylspar quickly become the rage among the Calishite nobility, but few Southerners willingly visit the frigid northern city. Most houses dispatch halfling trade representatives to manage their affairs.
  • By this time, the once-widespread Cajaan dynasty of Calimshan is reduced to its last male heir.
  • The worship of a "great sun god" arises in Calimshan.
c. -1700s
  • Latest time at which the dwarves are thought to have discovered the means to forge steel.
  • Netherese begin to explore the Inner Sea and establish the three subsea colonies of Deep Netheril.
  • The Pasha of Calimport's third son becomes emir of Tethyr. His debauchery soon drives the elves of Tethir into conflict with the humans.
  • Rise of power of the Merynth dynasty of Arselmalyr under the warrior Essyl Merynth, nephew of the dying Coronal Tanrah Eshalniith.
  • "The Three Seaflame Battles": The aquatic elves of the Inner Sea march on the three cities of Deep Netheril. The enclaves are destroyed by the elven High Mages, creating the bays where Saerloon and Selgaunt stand today.
  • Sossalian ancestors of the Ulutiuns settle by the Lugalpgotak sea.
  • The fishing town of Zazesspur becomes a fortified city, with the emir's palace built at its center.
  • The eastern expanse of the Darthiir Wood, between the mountains and down the Almraiven Peninsula, is consumed by fire.
  • Start of the Third Serôs War. Coronal Essyl lashes out against minor koalinth and scrag raids to the north, and ignites the war by uniting the koalinth and merrow against a common foe.
  • The merrow kingdom of P'Karnis falls.
  • The ixitxachitl Imperium of Ilvanyv falls. In the same year, the long loyal merfolk of Thalorlyn on the Hmur plateau rebel against the oppressive violence of the Third Serôs War.
  • Yrlaphon established among the eastern woods, across the River Lis from Cormanthor.
  • Establishment of Thalorlyn as the independent First Kingdom of Hmur, and they claim Myth Nantar.
  • Nearly one-third of the merfolk of Serôs (the Inner Sea) are killed as the Aryselmalyr Empire puts down the rebellon at Thalorlyn.
  • Frontier Wars between the Calimshan Empire and the elves of Tethir last until -1300DR. It is during this time that the Calishites discover the method of making shortbows, from captured elven longbows.
  • Trade roads in today's Tethyr and Calimshan date from this period.
  • Agents of Coronal Essyl create the Emerald Eye of Kyron for the mad merfolk King Kyron.
  • The First Dukars' War. Within the scope of the Third Serôs War, the fifth Dukar Order of Nantari (those that vowed allegiance to Aryselmalyr), go to war against the other Orders.
  • The Merrow and koalinth of the Inner Sea band together into the Horde of the Bloodtide, only to be defeated again by the mad King Kyron of Thalorlyn. The rebel Republic of Tivaan rises among the merfolk to unite the Hmur Plateau against Aryselmalyr's mad ruler, once spies reveal that Coronal Essyl and King Kyron have allide with kraken to supplement their power.
  • Kyron and his loyalists are desposed and outcast from the Hmur Plateau, despite the mer- king's kraken ally and the powerful Emerald Eye.
  • End of the First Dukars' War with the destruction of the House of the Nantari Order in Myth Nantar. This loss sets back Essyl greatly, and twenty years of tense détente begin.
  • The Four Arcana of Humbar, the usually isolationist morkoth from the deep-waters of the Inner Sea, ally with Tivaan after numerous attacks from the Coronal's forces.
  • The First Shalarin Passing. The first "Wildtide Gate" opens and the shalarin arrive within Serôs (the Inner Sea). Immediately attacked by the magically attuned Emerald Eye and the madmen Kyron and Essyl, the shalarin lose more than 75% of their number. Tivaan, the Dukar Orders, and Humbar all rush to the aid of the shalarin and quickly gain powerful allies.
  • The mer-King Kyron dies at the hands of the Dukars, who take the Emerald Eye of Kyron into their custody. The merfolk traitors either return to Tivbaan or remain allied with the Coronal Essyl.
  • End of the Third Serôs War. War ends with the death of the Mad Coronal Essyl Merynth by his brother, the Grand Dukar Jholar of the Jhimari Order. Jholar abdicates the Coronal's throne in favor of his younger sister, the devout priestess Vaeqiis.
  • The Dukars again become an independent group of peacemakers not answerable to Aryselmalyr. The Nantari Order is dissolved, though the school at Myth Nantar is rebuilt as an academy where all four orders convene to keep a closer eye on the magic of Aryselmalyn elves.
  • Expansion of Unther and Mulhorand.
  • Shalarin survivors of the Third Serôs War settle Es'krin on the northeastern Hmur Plateau. Alliances with the Dukars and Humbar provide protection for the city-state until they can restore their own warrior caste.
  • Calimport falls with the death of Syl-Pasha Violir Cajaan IX, and beholders rule the ruined city of Calimport and its vassal empire. Qyraaptir the Bloodeye, a beholder mage of frightening power, claims the Pasha's Throne. Beholders now rule all major settlements throughout Calimshan and the Lake of Steam.
  • Ynamalik Nadim invades Tzindylspar with a small army of monsters and the the City of Rubies falls within a tenday. The Calishite prince claims the fallen city as his personal lair.
  • The Cajaan Vengeance: The outer districts of Calimport are set afire in an attempt to smoke out the occupying beholders during a siege of the city.
  • Qyraaptir the Bloodeye and his beholder forces fall or flee before the Drakhon priests and their allied human soldiers. Calimport is the first city freed of beholder domination, and Calimshan is free of beholder rulers within three years, thanks to the rule of the Drakhon pashas. The beholders retreat to their strongholds beneath the Alimir mountains or along the Lake of Steam.
c. -1400
  • The first crude ships cross the Inner Sea as Unther expands across and along the Alambar.
  • Start of the Eleventh Rysar of Rystall Wood. The Coronal Faahresc is a rabid drow-hating warrior who leads his people on numerous raids in the Underdark caverns and the Twisted Tower to the south.
  • Start of the Fourth Serôs War. The Hmur Plateau becomes overrun by a horde of koalinth and merrow, ending the peaceful merfolk Republic of Tivaan. A desperate mermaid steals the Emerald Eye of Kyron from the Dukars' Tower at Myth Nantar to drive the horde off the plateau, only to become corrupted by its power and lead the horde herself against her remaining people and the rest of Serôs.
  • End of the Fourth Serôs War. This war destroys the Second Kingdom of Kyron, setting back the koalinth population of the Inner Sea for decades. The Emerald Eye is recaptured, and the possessed mermaid is believed dead, buried in a collapsed reef on the Plains of Duna, which are hereafter called the Haunted Plains. The new merfolk community, under the auspices of the kindly Coronal Vaeqiis, is the kingdom of Thalvan, led by King Darmox.
  • Discovery of the Writings of Ulutiu, splintering of the tribes into the Nakulutiuns and the Iulutiuns.
  • Unified armies of Rystal Wood and Cormanthyr infiltrate and rout the majority of the drow forces around and under the lands of Rystall, Uvaeren's ruins, and the Old Skull, the granite crag within the hills that lie in the clearings among the three forests. However, they cannot penetrate the Twisted Tower, allowing many drow to escape.
  • The Fourth Rysar of Cormanthyr begins under the Coronal Miirphys Irithyl, who only draws the Ruler's Blade once to establish his reign; as a priest of Sehanine, he prefers his bow.
  • The current road from Zazesspur to Memnon is built by slave labor for moving troops to the frontier wars against the elves of Tethir.
  • A road is started from Zazesspur to the east, though it regressed to a dirt road 10 miles east until its completion in -1130DR.
  • Coronal Miirphys helps raise the Crescent Court, the temple of Sehanine in Cormanthyr.
c. -1290
  • The blue wyrm Maldraedior reigns as the suzerain of the blue dragons of Unther and Mulhorand.
  • The dwarf Melair strikes a rich vein of Mithril, thus beginning the mining of the Underhalls of Clan Melairkyn (present-day: Undermountain).
  • Aided by advances in weaponry (especially the shortbow and the chariot), the Calimshan Empire attacks the beholder nations of the Lake of Steam. The war rages up and down the Almraiven Peninsula, and ends in -1080DR with the beholder's defeat.
  • Unther battles against the elves of the Yuirwood and the dwarves of the Great Rift. Mulhorand, for the most part, ignores them.
  • End of the Golden Age of Netheril. Beginning of the Age of Discovery.
  • Ali yn Enar Samesaj, the future Great Vizar of Calimport, is born on the last day of Alturiak.
  • Numerous settlements and many more elven patrols fall before a trio of nycaloths rampaging through the Cormanthor forest. Rumors say jealous Netherese archwizards summoned and then sent the yugoloths into the Elven Woods merely to test what magics they had to array against Netheril.
  • After three months of cat-and-mouse games and a climactic battle within the streets of Cormanthyr, the elves subdue the Nycaloths. Coronal Miirphys, the High Magi, and a number of priests use High Magic to imprison the trio, who had become known as Khov'Anilessa (the "Trio Nefarious").
  • The nomadic Angulutiuns founded.
  • Ali el Samesaj saves the daughter of a Drakhon sultan from kidnapers, and he comes to the notice of Syl-Pasha Adjam Drakhon of Calimport, her grandfather. As a reward, he becomes a fixture in the sultan's court, and his unofficial court wizard.
  • The Villaflames: Fire destroys much of Calimport's waterfront before spreading westward into the pasha's villas.
c. -1150
  • After the Villaflames, the Drakhon dynasty takes control of the cleared areas of Calimport and restructures the areas to best suit their political allies and their own motivations. The massive stone docks and defenses that grace Armada Ward for centuries to come replace the dock areas destroyed.
  • Syl-Pasha Kamal el Drakhon commisions the building of el Qysanallojal (the Imperial Navy), and this allows Calimshan to begin controlling the coastal lands and waters of the Shining Sea. Originally built to speed troop movements against the beholder armies, the Qysanallojal swiftly expands Calimshan's political and trade influence.
  • The Battle of Samesaj Gate: The eastern garrison of Akkabel (present-day: Ithal Pass) is the scene of a great victory for Calimshan, as the besieged forces of Akkabel gain reinforcements from Calimport via a magical gate. They break the siege and inflict great losses on the beholders. The gate remains intact after the battle, but only its caster (the vizar Ali el Samesaj) knows that it is keyed to the full moon's light more than other magic. This great victory over the beholder forces sees Samesaj raised to the title of Grand Vizier at the right hand of Syl-Pasha Ruj el Drakhon.
  • The road from Zazesspur east to Akkabbel (site of present-day Ithal's Pass) is finally completed.
  • The last great wyrm of the Wyrmwood falls to the elves. The remaining younger dragons flee west into the Cloud Peaks or south towards the Small Teeth. Wyrmwood becomes Arundath, the "Quiet Forest" of the elves.
  • Illefarn fragments into the independent elven realms of Ardeep (Modern: Ardeep Forest), Iliyanbruen (Modern: Neverwinter Wood) and Rilithar (Modern: Westwood and Kryptgarden Forest) as their last Coronal Syglaeth Audark commands a Retreat to Evermeet. Aelinthaldaar, the capitol of Illefarn is razed by means of powerful High Magic. By year's end, humans barbarian tribes are using the site for its excellent deepwater harbor.
  • The Grand Vizier Samesaj creates his final resting place to the east of Calimport's city walls; the Khamarnari, the Tomb of Fire. Once its fiery marble walls rise from the earth, Samesaj enters through one wall, never to be seen again.
  • Belkram's Fall/The Shaft is discovered by the dwarves of Undermountain.
  • Annual trade begins at the future site of Waterdeep, between the ships from the South and Northern human tribes.
  • The Theurgist Adept Thayd rebels along with most of the wizards in Unther and Mulhorand.
  • Thayd and his conspirators are defeated. Thayd is executed, but prophesies that Unther and Mulhorand will never be great again.
  • End of the wars between Calimshan and the beholder nations of the Alimir Peninsula with the victory at Mintar. The Pasha's Throne at Calimport now rules from the Sword Coast to Mintar. The increased trade and influence sees Calimport nearly double in size (to nearly the size of present-day Waterdeep).
  • Calimshan's armies slowly eradicate all remaining beholder influence (beholder rulers or beholder cult-controlled cities) on the Arnaden surface lands (around the Lake of Steam) over the next twelve decades.
  • Opening of the Orcgate in southwestern Thay.
  • First battle of the Orcgate Wars in Thay. Orcs overrun many northern Unther/Mulhorand settlements, slaying thousands.
  • Battle of the Gods. Orc god Gruumsh kills Mulhorand deity Re: first known deicide.
  • Orcs in Thay defeated; many flee north and west.
  • Calishite forces occupy Velmhold, an ancient fortress and port city of Shanatar. They rename it Zazessovertan, or "fortress overlooking Zazesspur".
  • Set kills Osiris in power struggle to succeed Re.
  • From this time until -450DR, the Imperial Navy of Calimshan becomes a dominant force on the Shining Sea and the Lake of Steam.
  • Osiris ressurected by Isis, Horus-Re drives Set into the desert and becomes chief of the Mulhorand pantheon. Set worship is abolished, and the Tower of Set in Skuld is destroyed.
c. -1000
  • The war between factions of the drow and the dwarves causes the world's fire to flow into the Underdark and separate members of each race from Faerûn. These fragments become the ancestors of the dwarves and the Ancient Ones of Maztica.
  • Intermittant plagues over the next century ravage the populations of Shamedar and Calimport. The first plague, which strikes this year, kills nearly half of Calimport's slaves and forces the syl-pasha and his family to remain trapped in their palace for nearly two years until the disease subsides. The warlords and sorcerers of Jhaamdath's Twelve Cities of Swords are suspected of creating the plagues, but nothing is ever proven.
  • Lured by abundant caribou, an Iulutian faction moves to Angalpuk and becomes the first of the nomadic Angulutians.
  • The green dragon Venominhandar, called Venom for short, settles in the Emerald Vale of Cormanthor. Soon thereafter, the Vale becomes twisted and tangled by means of the green dragon's magic, rendering it fit only for the dragon.
  • Several Iulutian settlements unite to wage war on their Angulutian neighbors. Start of the Keryjek Wars (named for the mountain range in which most of the fighting occurred).
  • Ilgostrogue Sstar leads nearly a quarter of Delzoun's dwarves westward to re-found and restore the legendary delves and mines of lost Gharraghaur at the site of present-day Mirabar.
  • The dwarves of Clan Sstar abandon their dwellings in present-day Mirabar and forge on westward. Ilgostrogue dies when they reach the coast and his son and successor Beerkanstrogue founds the city of Ironmaster.
  • The Keryjek Wars end with a treaty between the Iulutian and Angulutians. The first koatulit is held, becoming a yearly event thereafter.
  • Attempt at relations between Iulutiuns and Innugaakalikurit. Beginning of a long and cordial relationship between the Innugaakalikurit and the Iulutians.
c. -900
  • Rise of Narfell and Raumathar.
  • Start of the Fourth Age of Calimshan.
c. -870
  • After some decades of increased travel and colonization, Calimshan opens full, regular trade with Chult and the Tashalar.
  • The elves begin their great exodus to the island of Evermeet, leaving their ruins for others to explore and inhabit.
  • A Dukar allegedly assassinates the sea-elf Coronal Lynsal, and his paranoid daughter, Vaeqiis (soon to be known as Vaeqiis the Dark) begins sanctions and crackdowns against the Dukar Orders and all mages.
c. -800
  • Netherese arcanists establish the Sargauth Enclave in Undermountain.
  • Start of the Twelfth Rysar of Rystall Wood.
  • Synnorha Durothil becomes a baelnorn to guard the Library of the Durothils, far beneath the petrified roots of its original villa.
  • Rise of the Purple Order of Pamas. A small band of forty Dukars abandon their normal colors and allegiances to form the Pamasi order, dedicated to a harassing war against the undersea empire of Aryselmalyr and its increasingly draconian tactics against wizardry. The two score Dukars seek to embarass Coronal Vaeqiis II and raise awareness of the problems among the common folk, not just the wizardry orders.
  • The Fifth Rysar of Cormanthyr convenes under the rule of Tannivh Irithyl.
  • The Night Wars begin between the drow and many surface powers of southern Faerun. The primary military foe of the drow is Calimshan.
  • From this date until -530DR, the garrisons and towns of eastern Tethyr and Iltkazar come under attack by drow forces.
  • The Second Shalarin Passing. Below the Hmur Plateau, the wildgate opens again and more shalarin emigrate to Serôs (the Inner Sea). Initially, many of the new shalarin come to Es'krin, though some move farther east and look for a home of their own.
  • Start of the Fifth Serôs War. Aryselmalyr's paranoid concerns about the second arrival of shalarin bring them to mobilize troops around Es'krin and the northern Hmur Plateau. Objections from other allied or neutral states are ignored or responded to with force, bringing war to Serôs again.
  • The Kraken Gambit. Coronal Vaeqiis II desperatedly allies with two kraken to shatter the Four Arcana of Humbar, the peaceful markoth magocracy. The few survivors of this offensive dive into deeper waters, away from Aryselmalyr's persecution.
  • End of the Fifth Serôs War. With the deaths of Vaeqiis and her two kraken allies (whom many suspect controlled her for quite some time, despite Vaeqiis' beliefs), the Fifth War ends. The many casualties are the Arcana of Humbar and the shalarin kingdom of Es'krin. Aryselmalyr's new ruler (approved by the four Grand Dukars as well as the sea elven nobility) is the Coronal Pravis Orlson, who restores the peace missed for over six centuries.
  • Year of the Great Flood of the Great Glacier. Hundreds of Ulutians drown when their villages are washed away.
c. -750s
  • Drow attacks on Cormanthyr and Rystal Wood begin again in earnest, but only as slash-and-run raids by drow seeking magic, slaves, or destruction. The impregnable Twisted Tower expands twice in the next decades.
  • Tulan el Akada yi Calimport creates the aranea, a lycanthropic arachnid race with the ability to disguise themselves as drow or giant spiders. Tulan's magical controls make the aranea the most effective soldiers in Calimshan's war against the drow.
  • Tulan el Akada's 40 most loyal aranea remain in Calimport and take up residence in hidden byways beneath the city and among caverns in the upper regions of the Underdark (former scouting posts of Shanatar). They begin fortifying the defenses of Calimport against the drow and making a home for themselves in the dark areas where few wish to tread.
  • Enlil decides to leave Toril, Gilgeam, son of Enlil, becomes King of Unther.
  • Year 1 in Untheric calendar.
  • Tulan el Akada releases over 100 aranea into the Forest of Mir both to propagate and to fight the drow that had taken up residence within.
  • Elves of Yrlaphon suffer drow attacks in winter, and the orc hordes of summer overwhelm them, causing the fall of the city.
  • The Srinshee dies, becoming a baelnorn.
c. -700
  • "Netheril Trilogy" ("Sword Play", "Dangerous Games", "Mortal Consequences")
  • The dwarven realm of Delzoun is at its height.
  • Rise of Vastar, the orcish kingdom in the Vast.
  • Something dark and evil takes up residence or is trapped in the ancient ruins of Ascore.
  • The dwarf Melair strikes a rich vein of Mithril, thus beginning the mining of the Underhalls of Clan Melairkyn.
-700/Year of Twelve Gods
  • The Vastar of the orcs in the Vast.
-699/Year of Moon Blades Clashing
-698/Year of Plentiful Herds
-697/Year of Furious Giants
  • Drow erupt from beneath the cities of Calimport, Manshaka, and Almraiven, establishing footholds in the cities as well as the outlying wilderness areas that they hold for several decades.
-696/Year of Great Rains
  • End of the Netherese Age of Discovery. Beginning of the Shadowed Age. (3163 NY)
  • Birth of Karsus, the Netherese human who later becomes known as the "child-who-would-be-a-god", "the Unmaker of the Weave", and "the ape who would fly" by the elves.
-695/Year of Kings Clashing
-694/Year of Embattled Ground
-693/Year of Keening Whales
-692/Year of the Shadowed Traveler
-691/Year of Stolen Fire
  • Attacks by the drow in Calimport destroy the Caleph's Palace with all the ruling family within it, bringing the Vihad dynasty to a close. The qayadin (general) of the sadimmin takes control as Syl-Pasha Akim el Ehjoliq.
-690/Year of Fragile Beginnings
  • The deep gnome community of Blingdenstone is founded in the Underdark region of the North.
-689/Year of Final Fates
-688/Year of Fettered Talons
-687/Year of Eternal Summer
-686/Year of Fireshadows
-685/Year of the Ill-Timed Truth
-684/Year of Exacted Oaths
-683/Year of Fleeting Courage
-682/Year of Humble Heroes
-681/Year of Nightmares
c. -680
  • Calimshan begins colonizing the coast of the Lake of Steam beyond the Alimir Peninsula. The original plans were to colonize the area as conquerers, but many are settled as places for refugees fleeing Calimshan proper and the irregular but terrifying Night Wars against the drow.
-680/Year of Creeping Thieves
-679/Year of Ebon Scrimshaw
-678/Year of Hot Springs
-677/Year of Fervent Glances
  • First drow incursions against the Melairkyn dwarves of Undermountain.
-676/Year of Frenzied Tempests
  • Dumathoin's temple is built on the Lost Level of Undermountain by the Melairkyn dwarves.
  • The Temples Plague flares up in Calimport, Almraiven, and the Tashalar cities. Infectious by touch, it is unwittingly spread by priests, giving it its name.
-675/Year of Cresting Waves
-674/Year of Dwarves Beseiged
  • Ioulaum perfects the spell Ioulaum's Longevity.
  • Karsus creates a mythallar and becomes an archwizard.
  • The enclave of Karsus is founded.
-673/Year of Hidden Wisdom
-672/Year of Giant Shoulders
-671/Year of Crawling Carrion
-670/Year of Unfurled Sails
  • With eastern Tethyr embroiled in strife and resistance, many human natives of Tethyr escape captivity between now and -370DR, and flee northwards.
-669/Year of Summer Frosts
-668/Year of Eagles Striking
-667/Year of Harrowing Legends
-666/Year of Hordling Armies
-665/Year of Crumbling Ruins
  • A powerful earthquake rocks the northwestern Nether Mountains, causing much of the lost city fo Tzindylspar to collapse. The City of Rubies vanishes into myth.
-664/Year of Turning Tides
  • The remaining Nether Scrolls are stolen en route to the Netherese city of Karsus. A witch-hunt begins, ending seven years later at the expense of 125 lives.
  • The Enslaving of Keltar: The drow nearly destroy this town over the course of a 37-hour battle, given their magical superiority and a globe of darkness that they use to surround the city. Calimport's army arrives after the drow conquer the city and have shipped more than 50% of the surviving population into the Underdark as slaves. While the Calishites free the town and force the drow back into the Underdark, over 3,000 Keltarns are never seen again.
-663/Year of Encroaching Weeds
-662/Year of Ravens
-661/Year of Heavy Fogs
-660/Year of the Guarding Icon
-659/Year of Slaying Arrows
-658/Year of Friends Rejoicing
-657/Year of Dancing Drakes
  • The search for the stolen Nether Scrolls ends.
-656/Year of Cool Breezes
-655/Year of Troubled Nights
-654/Year of Drifting Sands
-653/Year of Reverent Threnody
-652/Year of Joyful Colors
-651/Year of Stirred Hearts
-650/Year of Flames Rising
  • Due to drow attacks on Calimshan, the dwarves and humans around the Omlarandin Mountains and the Kuldin Peaks (the lands of Old Iltkazar) become independent of Calimshan's control.
-649/Year of Falling Copper
  • The Calishite army surrounds Calimport as wizards and priests set it magically aflame, the light and fires driving the drow that claimed more than 25% of the city onto the waiting spears of the sadimmin or deeper beneath the city. Once again, the syl-pasha is forced to destroy his capital to save his empire.
  • Large parts of Calimport are purposefully destroyed to bury the drow temples and partially subterranean villas, but some remain relatively intact though buried. Those same wizards who burned the city help rebuild it and seal off all areas between Calimport and the Underdark with stone and new buildings. Despite their diligence, the drow reopen those passages within a decade and reestablish their hold on Calimport Below, now nicely protected by the city above.
-648/Year of Tribes Reunited
  • The Demiplane of Shadow is discovered.
  • Shadow, the first arcanist to theorize the existence of demi-planes, publishes (with the help of Karsus) "Shadows: Palpable Cohesion of Formless Corporeality".
-647/Year of Craven Hungers
  • The Demiplane of Imprisonment is discovered.
-646/Year of False Hopes
-645/Year of Eternal Amber
-644/Year of Vacant Wharves
-643/Year of Melodious Minstrels
-642/Year of Requiem
  • Founding of Delzoun.
-641/Year of Mountain Snows
-640/Year of Flashing Daggers
-639/Year of Cruel Rocks
-638/Year of Nimble Fingers
-637/Year of Velvet Tongues
-636/Year of Unending Sorrow
-635/Year of Surrounding Darkness
-634/Year of Dwindling Darkness
-633/Year of Eleven Lords
-632/Year of Brazen Hetaera
-631/Year of Mirthful Gnomes
c. -630
  • The city of Kensten (present-day Bezantur) is founded by the Raumathar Empire as a southern outpost.
-630/Year of Orphaned Princes
  • The dwarven clans Battlehammer and Ironshield depart Delzoun and establish Mithral Hall, and Settlestone in the mountains east of the Lurkwood. Gandalug Battlehammer is crowned First King of Mithral Hall. The former hold of Gharraghaur known as Andalbruin is also settled by Clan Ironshield dwarves during this time.
-629/Year of Dreaded Comings
-628/Year of Empty Crowns
  • The dwarves of Clan Ironshield abandon the settlement of Andalbruin for the higher, more defensible Settlestone.
-627/Year of Blinding Lightning
-626/Year of Oaths Forsaken
  • A group of outcast Netherese wizards known as the Selskar Order build a school of wizardry in the ruins of Andalbruin.
-625/Year of Molten Fury
-624/Year of Bountiful Harvests
-623/Year of Clipped Wings
  • Narfell attempts invasion of Mulhorand and Unther by sea. The two southern nations defeat the Narfell fleet. Neither Narfell nor Raumathar attempts to invade the Old Empires again.
-622/Year of the Drowning Darkness
-621/Year of the Blessed Rulers
-620/Year of Noble Souls
  • After more than 60 years of negotiations, Calimshan's syl-pasha strikes some confidential trade agreements with the Matron mother of Guallidurth, the closest drow city, in exchange for the withdrawal of her forces from beneath Calimport and the other Calishite cities. The withdrawal takes another 90 years, as not all forces answer to the Matron Mother of Guallidurth, and a House rebellion within that city also adds fuel to the Night Wars.
-619/Year of Bright Water
-618/Year of Mired Wagons
-617/Year of Black Teardrops
-616/Year of Newfound Spells
-615/Year of Billowing Dust
-614/Year of Maleficient Counsel
-613/Year of Stampeding Hordes
-612/Year of Sudden Mourning
  • The Coronal's seventh son, Eltargrim, is born in Semberholme.
  • Duathamper is relocated underground to protect it from airborne foes, in particular the green dragon Venom.
-611/Year of Power Usurped
-610/Year of Reluctant Passion
-609/Year of Six Cats
-608/Year of Turned Knives
-607/Year of No Wars
-606/Year of Valor
-605/Year of Lingering Nightfall
-604/Year of Jade
-603/Year of Held Breaths
-602/Year of Joys Ephemeral
-601/Year of Humble Beginnings
-600/Year of Moonlit Unicorns
-599/Year of Hasty Messengers
  • The Spiders Plague strikes Calimshan; those affected are covered with sores filled with spider's eggs, and the victims are then consumed by the hatching spiders.
-598/Year of Quiet Thunder
  • Innugaakalikurit and Frost Giants argue over a great catapult. The dwarven thieves are enslaved by the giants; their descendants remain that way today.
-597/Year of Frequent Betrayals
-596/Year of Dancing Ladies
-595/Year of the Clever Ettin
-594/Year of Valiant Blades
-593/Year of Summoned Heroes
-592/Year of Deep Questions
-591/Year of Echoing Prayers
-590/Year of Masking Shadows
-589/Year of Neverending Storms
-588/Year of Smiling Infants
-587/Year of Homecoming
-586/Year of Grand Offerings
-585/Year of the Rumbling Earth
  • The troll warlord Harska Thaug gathers a horde of trolls and orcs and leads it south from the Spine of the World to assault the elven realm of Rilithar. The horde lays waste to all in its path and attacks the Tower of the Star, the school of wizardry constructed by the Selskar Order. They summon the slaad lord Bazim-Gorag, "the Firebringer", who decimates the horde causing it to flee back north to the Spine of the World.
-584/Year of Pyramids
  • Harska Thaug gathers another horde which overruns and pillages the Tower of the Star, bringing an end to the Selskar Order.
-583/Year of Lingering Mists
-582/Year of Glittering Coins
  • The horde of Harska Thaug assaults the elven realm of Rilithar on the eastern slopes of the Sword Mountains. The elves give battle and shatter the horde but not before their largest settlements are overrun and laid waste. The elves of Rilithar begin to rebuild, their strength greatly weakened.
-581/Year of Toil Unending
-580/Year of Melodies
-579/Year of Jewels Glittering
-578/Year of Haste
-577/Year of Neverending Carnage
-576/Year of Licentious Behavior
-575/Year of Spectacular Art
-574/Year of Hanged Martyrs
-573/Year of Full Depths
-572/Year of Fateful Handshakes
-571/Year of Meager Portions
-570/Year of Raised Cups
-569/Year of Silken Sabres
-568/Year of Iron Golems
-567/Year of the High Harvest
-566/Year of Greed Regretted
-565/Year of Dweomers
-564/Year of Fearful Looks
-563/Year of Earnest Gallantry
-562/Year of Dust
-561/Year of Unknown Fates
-560/Year of Dreams Attained
-559/Year of Hidden Passions
-558/Year of Fading Tides
-557/Year of Life's Bounty
-556/Year of Small Gifts
-555/Year of Furtive Magics
-554/Year of Dwindling Light
-553/Year of Plentiful Wine
-552/Year of Voices Resounding
-551/Year of Kindred Spirits
-550/Year of Glistening Dust
-549/Year of Clammy Tentacles
-548/Year of Venemous Scribes
-547/Year of Toppled Trees
-546/Year of Erstwhile Travelers
-545/Year of Deep Waters
-544/Year of Leaping Fish
-543/Year of Merry Jesters
-542/Year of Peaceful Dawns
-541/Year of Benevolent Lords
-540/Year of Stallions
-539/Year of Harkened Mounts
-538/Year of Twilight Celebrations
-537/Year of Lights Lurking
-536/Year of Mirrored Spirits
-535/Year of Glistening Dew
-534/Year of Long Strides
-533/Year of Runes Abundant
-532/Year of Flowing Gold
-531/Year of Deeds Undreamed
-530/Year of Meager Means
  • The Night Wars draw to a close in Calimshan, and the drow never again gain more than a remote toehold in the surface lands. In all, more than 75,000 humans and other beings are captured and enslaved by the drow during these conflicts. More than 150,000 others die fighting the dark elves, though nearly as many drow and duergar die during the wars as well.
-529/Year of Imps Amuck
-528/Year of Wailing
-527/Year of Hideous Troops
-526/Year of Returning Wonders
-525/Year of Golden Chains
-524/Year of Felled Timber
  • Belkram's Fall/The Shaft is discovered in Undermountain by the drow of House Tanor'Thal.
-523/Year of Calling Wonders
-522/Year of Vengeful Scions
-521/Year of Untethered Yokes
-520/Year of Vast Diversions
-519/Year of Lasting Hate
-518/Year of Defenses Forsaken
-517/Year of Foiled Pursuits
-516/Year of Winds Westward
-515/Year of Masks Divine
-514/Year of Remembered Friendships
-513/Year of Great Misunderstandings
-512/Year of Freedom Granted
-511/Year of Dangerous Icicles
-510/Year of Stirring Beauty
-509/Year of Harrowing Confrontations
-508/Year of Rattling Chains
-507/Year of Frozen Breaths
-506/Year of Deafening Thunder
-505/Year of Burnings
-504/Year of Whispering Winds
-503/Year of Taut Cloths
-502/Year of Nothingness
-501/Year of Light Laughter
c. -500
  • The magical Blades of Dragon's Tongue are stolen by the Prophet of Tiamat, Ochir Naal.
  • Citadel Sundbarr is built at the present-day site of Sundabar by dwarves of Delzoun.
-500/Year of Running Unicorns
-499/Year of Misplaced Trust
-498/Year of Bloodied Tears
-497/Year of Shining Beacons
-496/Year of Hidden Ways
-495/Year of Rising Fears
-494/Year of Glowing Rainndrops
-493/Year of Deadly Cost
-492/Year of Broken Spirit
-491/Year of Flowering Mint
-490/Year of Three Griffons
-489/Year of Endless Song
-488/Year of Impossible Tasks
-487/Year of Free Will
-486/Year of Ringing Music
-485/Year of Masks
-484/Year of Driving Rain
-483/Year of Closed Gates
-482/Year of Warring Clans
-481/Year of Wilting Vines
-480/Year of Tested Faiths
-479/Year of Enchanted Voyages
-478/Year of Lost Children
-477/Year of Legacy
-476/Year of Tirades
-475/Year of Glowing Embers
  • The phaerimm discover the nation of Netheril and begin plotting its downfall.
-474/Year of Everlasting Slime
  • The port of Cimbar is founded by Unther.
-473/Year of Renewed Faith
-472/Year of Wizard's Woe
-471/Year of Scorned Prophets
  • Alea Dahast is born.
  • Sudryl Aeravansel is born.
-470/Year of Perdition's Flames
  • "Trial by Ordeal" (Realms of Shadow Story I)
  • The Shadow Wars of Cormanthyr and Rystall Wood against the Twisted Tower begin.
-469/Year of Imparted Riches
-468/Year of Grace
-467/Year of Emerald Groves
-466/Year of Clashing Swords
-465/Year of Lasting Myth
-464/Year of Merry Wives
-463/Year of Parting Waters
-462/Year of Arcane Prisms
-461/Year of Bold Pioneers
  • The phaerimm begin to cast the magic drain spells that create Anauroch by draining all the life out of their areas of effect.
-460/Year of Silver Warhammers
-459/Year of Sparkling Spires
-458/Year of Sea Monsters
-457/Year of Hostile Badgers
-456/Year of Rough Hands
-455/Year of Rebellious Streets
-454/Year of Pounding Drums
-453/Year of Fiends Rising
-452/Year of Gathered Shields
-451/Year of Graceful Surrender
c. -450
  • Around this time a Keltaran agricultural slave named Ankar leads an uprising and an army of escaped slaves to the safety of the Purple Hills.
  • Large-scale Netherese migration into the Savage Frontier begins, as the effects of lifedrain dweomers cast by the phaerimm become apparent.
-450/Year of Dwarves' Descent
-449/Year of Dawning Magic
-448/Year of Lost Souls
-447/Year of Queries
-446/Year of Treasured Moments
  • Calimshan's dominance of the Lake of Steam and the Shining Sea comes to an end with the near total destruction of the Calishite Armada in Calimport's harbor. The resulting fires destroy over 70% of the city once winds carry sparks and flames to the wooden domes of many buildings.
-445/Year of Heroic Vindication
-444/Year of Favors Withheld
-443/Year of Clamoring
-442/Year of Kings Arising
-441/Year of Paths Unwalked
-440/Year of Scarecrows
-439/Year of Chilling Laughter
-438/Year of Dripping Daggers
-437/Year of Forgotten Passages
-436/Year of Joyous Tears
-435/Year of Passion's Fire
-434/Year of Snowy Beards
-433/Year of Words Regretted
-432/Year of Dryads Calling
-431/Year of Crowded Walks
-430/Year of Choking Cords
-429/Year of Fluttering Wings
-428/Year of Broken Vows
-427/Year of Breaking Storms
-426/Year of Drying Wells
-425/Year of Ancestral Voices
  • Illusk is re-founded as a magocracy by Netherese settlers. The ruling group of arcanists names itself the Grand Cabal, and names Fynran "the Flamelord" as its High Arcanist, and ruler of Illusk.
-424/Year of Bold Faces
-423/Year of Forsaken Love
-422/Year of Four Shadows
-421/Year of Mortal Consequences
-420/Year of Manacles
-419/Year of Yellow Musk
-418/Year of Cowardly Choices
-417/Year of Harbor's Lights
-416/Year of Howling Gibbets
-415/Year of the Lost Way
-414/Year of the Saint's Perdition
-413/Year of Seasons Unsettled
-412/Year of Weary Kings
-411/Year of Crimson Marpenoth
-410/Year of the Silver Cestus
-409/Year of Sailing Winds
-408/Year of Sleeping Dragons
  • Karsus discovers heavy magic. In one of his first experiments with heavy magic, Karsus nearly causes his enclave to fall. He removes the heavy magic he created, pushing it over the side of the enclave.
  • The heavy magic falls to the ground, where it slays the renegade arcanist Wulgreth, turning him into a lich when the heavy magic absorbs his life energies.
-407/Year of Captive Pride
-406/Year of the Insurrection
-405/Year of Lost Chances
-404/Year of Lashing Whips
-403/Year of the Lich's Tears
-402/Year of the Zardazil
-401/Year of Kyrie Arcanaon
c. -400
-400/Year of the Gilded Sky
  • By this time, only a few elven outposts remain on the Dragon's Neck Peninsula.
  • Gorandal Agayous becomes prelate of the temple of Corellon in Semberholme.
  • The domain of the green wyrm Venom, the Tangled Vale, reaches its greatest extent.
-399/Year of Risen Myths
-398/Year of Phantoms
-397/Year of Falling Stones
-396/Year of Twilit Leaves
-395/Year of Ashen Faces
  • Laranla (Queen) Fildaerae "the Night Flame", ruler of Ardeep, is slain in orc raids. She is succeeded by her grand-niece Imdalace.
-394/Year of Clouded Vision
-393/Year of Burning Winds
-392/Year of Lanterns
-391/Year of Squalid Scarecrows
-390/Year of Enchanters
  • "The Lady and the Shadow" (Realms of the Arcane Story IX)
  • The juvenile black dragon Zarlandris settles in Glaun Bog at the behest of its' master, the green wyrm Venom.
-389/Year of Steelsong
-388/Year of Glad Roses
-387/Year of Shattered Walls (NOTE: Cult of the Dragon gives the name of this year as the Year of Ebon Husks)
  • The fortress of Zazessovertan falls to Tethyrian forces shortly before Zazesspur falls.
  • Zazesspur is sacked and burnt by a surprise attack of barbarians from the Dragon's Neck Peninsula and the Purple Hills, marking the first known collaboration among the native Tethyrians against their oppressors.
  • Traditional beginning of Tethyr's First Age.
  • A group of young green elves discovers a group of aquatic elves exploring the shallows of the River Veire. This leads to the sea elves coming to Semberholme.
  • The elves of Semberholme discover an enclave of forest gnomes just west of the Pool of Yeven.
-386/Year of Smoking Snow
-385/Year of Medyoxes
-384/Year of True Gages
-383/Year of Riven Tankards
-382/Year of Angered Ankhegs
-381/Year of Fallen Goats
-380/Year of Broken Gates
-379/Year of Dancing Idols
  • Hobgoblins unite under the rulership of their first king. The realm of Holorarar is born.
-378/Year of Ebon Hawks
  • The pasha of Calimport orders a wall built across the Dragon's Neck Peninsula. After nearly four years of constant attacks by barbarians and Tethir elves, the construction is abandoned.
-377/Year of Storm Currents
-376/Year of Sanctuary
-375/Year of Clutching Dusk
  • The first major plague in Faerûn's history strikes the southern Shining Coast, killing over 30% of the population of Coramshan's cities in a five-year epidemic. The Empire Plague spells the end of Calimshan's control of the Calishar Emirates and the Lake of Steam colonies.
  • The Axash dynasty of Calimshan ends due to the plague, and those who survive cannot stop the rise of Syl-Pasha Akkab el Evyrtaan, cousin to the now-dead Khalid elAxash. The first order of the new syl-pasha is to put Calimport to the torch to minimize the threat of the plague. The fires, for the first time in centuries, refuse to burn and thus the new syl-pasha is forced to abandon the city for the next five years.
-374/Year of Shattering
  • With the city all but abandoned due to the plague they framed on nearby Jhaamdath, priests of Talona attempt to conquer Calimport and plunder its riches to build a temple to their goddess of poisons. Many of those who remain in Calimport are rogues, escaped slaves, and necromancers. For a time, the capital becomes the Rogues' City.
-373/Year of Whispering Stones
  • The Basilica of Night, Shar's impressive seat of power in Calimport, remains one of the few places in the city that is not fully controlled by Talona. Skirmishes around the temple grow more and more violent. In Eleint of this year, the Basilica finally falls to Talona's forces, but Shar's priests collapse the temple on their foes. The bulk of the temple's wealth and reliquaries are moved into their new home within an ancient temple in the Undercity, soon to be called the Temple of Old Night.
-372/Year of Owls' Watching
  • The fortress of Ascal's Horn is completed by the elves of Eaerlann.
-371/Year of Bruins
  • The arcanist Ioulaum transforms himself into a lich.
c. -370s
  • Work begins on Citadel Adbar, since the Narrow Sea's destruction leaves Delzoun's eastern front exposed.
-370/Year of Rent Armor
  • The Empire Plague finally ends early this year. By the end of Hammer, Syl-Pasha Akkab el Evyrtaan reenters Calimport and initiates a bloodbath that destroys all those who remain in the city as traitors or plague carriers. Many folk, including the clergy of Talona that ruled the city, survive by fleeing into the Undercity.
-369/Year of Falling Gold
-368/Year of Simulacra
-367/Year of Flaming Manes
-366/Year of Arumae
-365/Year of Seven Tines
-364/Year of Creaking Corbels
-363/Year of Paladin's Puissance
-362/Year of Defilers
-361/Year of Mageserpents
-360/Year of Autumnfire
-359/Year of Boiling Moats
  • The dwarven nation of Delzoun is attacked by balor and tanar'ri. The dwarves begin fighting a ceaseless battle that lasts night and day for 120 years.
  • The warrior Anoitus helps defend the dwarves of Delzoun.
-358/Year of Shuddering Mythals
-357/Year of Sycophants
-356/Year of Stale Ale
-355/Year of Lost Regalia
-354/Year of Many Maws
  • The first recorded clash between sharn and phaerimm occurs this year.
  • The arcanist Melathlar flees Netheril and travels to Illusk. Fearing further phaerimm assaults, he sacrifices his life to power mighty Art that raises a great stone tower, walls and powerful spell wards around this fledgling settlement.
-353/Year of Enchanted Parchment
-352/Year of Delights Unending
-351/Year of Dark Roads
c. -350
  • Netherese migration to Illusk reaches its peak as settlers from such towns as Unity, Harborage, and Westwendt Village travel west to escape the depredations of the phaerimm and other dangers.
-350/Year of Craven Words
-349/Year of Bold Poachers
  • A Netherese/Halruaan wizard by the name of Saldrinar of the Seven Spells, thought to be the creator of Saldrinar's Slow Gem, uses a pre-set sequence of seven spells (so that the casting of one sets off the next) to destroy Kisonraathiisar, the topaz dragon ruler of Westgate, and win himself the throne as the city's first human king.
  • The death of the Wyrmking Kisonraathiisar marks the beginning of a gradual southward migration of black dragons across the Lake of Dragons. The progeny of Thauglorimorgorus the Black Doom seek their own domains outside the lands claimed by the King of the Forest Country, in time giving name to the Dragon Coast among humankind.
-348/Year of Moon Madness
-347/Year of Shivered Staves
-346/Year of Rhymes
-345/Year of Good Courage
  • The Terraseer appears in the enclave of Karsus and warns that the goddess Mystryl is about to face her greatest challenge - one that will change the way the Netherese view magic for all time.
-344/Year of Rolling Crowns
-343/Year of Chilled Marrow
-342/Year of Soverign Truth
  • The arcanist Shenandra develops a counter spell to the phaerimm's life drain and magic drain spells. Her spell negates the effect caused by the phaerimm's spells.
  • Shadelorn discovers a method to make a more powerful mythallar.
  • The Crown of Horns perverts Shadelorn's improved mythallar so that it absorbs all magical items, memorizable spells, and continuous spell effects within a 20-mile radius. The result is that all arcanists that had extended their life through magical means are reduced to ash, Shenandra is killed before her spell can be passed on, Shadowtop Borough's mythallar is destroyed, and the enclave crashes into the Jannick River.
-341/Year of Weeping Minstrels
  • Lady Arilain, the archwizard of Opus, discovers through her divination magic that Karsus is about to cast his Karsus' Avatar spell. She warns the other wizards of Opus, and then goes to confront Karsus. She is never seen again.
-340/Year of Desire and Despair
-339 to 720
  • Cormanthor's Prime/The Glory of Myth Drannor: After the fall of Netheril, magic and the Weave had become corrupted. Elves found themselves in competition for territory with many more fecund races, and troubles dogged the Tel'Quessir at all turns, but the great empire of Cormanthyr grew out of this age. Rather than stand alone, the elves chose to join with the good races against the orcs and other dangers, leading to the greatest era of cooperation among the races ever seen on Toril. This era sees the opening of Cormanthyr to the other races and the rise of Myth Drannor.
-339/Year of the Sundered Webs
  • "Dangerous Games"
  • "Too Long in the Dark" (Realms of Shadow Story III)
  • Ioulaum disappears.
  • Karsus casts the twelfth-level spell Karsus Avatar and all magic ceases for a time, returning much changed.
  • The Fall of Netheril; all enclaves fall to earth and are destroyed. (3520 NY)
  • Mystryl is destroyed, but is replaced by Mystra, the new goddess of magic, who forever strips 10th level and greater magic from humanity.
  • Anauria, Asram, and Hlondath (the survivor states) arise out of the rubble of Netheril, saved by Mystra.
  • Serôs (the lands under the waves of the Inner Sea) suffers numerous blows during this year, as the wild magic (due to the death of Mystryl and the Fall of Netheril) creates a whirlpool from the surface down to the mythal at Myth Nantar, destroying many buildings and dragging surface ships to watery graves. The Netherese enclaves of Mhalloth and Sakkors crash into the Inner Sea, coming to rest from forty to 300 feet beneath the sea's surface.
  • The Fall of Netheril is felt even in Calimport, as the temporary sundering of the weave causes the collapse of a number of minarets and palaces whose only supports were those of magic. In the few moments when magic does not exist on Toril, more than 7,000 in the city die in the destruction.
-338/Year of Guttering Torches
  • Netherese refugees from Northreach are led west to safety by dwarves of Delzoun through the underground tunnels known as the Low Road.
-337/Year of Broken Charges
-336/Year of Dark Sunset
-335/Year of Seven Spirits
  • The arcanist Maerin of Illusk commissions Immar Fardelver and many other artisans of Delzoun to begin construction of the great subterranean city of Gauntlgrym in the Crags, east of Illusk.
-334/Year of Three Seas' Rage
  • Dwarves of Delzoun build a small keep known as Besendar's Blockhouse at the site of present-day Everlund.
-333/Year of Humbling Havens
  • The elves of Eaerlann allow some Netherese to settle in Ascalhorn, provided they relearn elven magic and abandon their abusive powers of the past centuries. To practice any Netherese magics in the city is a great crime, and is punishable by banishment or death.
  • Human survivors of the fall of Netheril are given refuge by the dwarves of Citadel Sundbarr for a time and this temporary settlement becomes known as Sundabar to its human inhabitants.
-332/Year of Burnished Books
-331/Year of Shadows Fleeting
  • The elven armies of Cormanthyr and Rystal Wood finally break the greater defenses of the Twisted Tower and destroy all remaining drow slavers within the tower. The Tower is left in the hands of good dark elf allies, and it becomes a great temple to Eilistraee within a century.
  • The Soldier's Blade is lost during this great battle, captured by the drow in their slaying of Lord Orym Hawksong during the fall of the Twisted Tower. The blade and the body of Lord Orym are taken down into the Underdark as spoils of war by the fleeing drow.
-330/Year of Empty Quests
  • The Netherese warrior Bey of Runlatha is slain by the nalfeshnee Zukothoth on the western border of Delzoun. His fellow survivors of the fall of Netheril fragment into loosely allied tribal groups, precursors of the Uthgardt tribes of the modern era, and revert back to a primitive way of life.
-329/Year of Icefire
-328/Year of Drowned Hopes
-327/Year of Opened Graves
-326/Year of Scorched Skulls
  • The lich Wulgreth destroys a city built near Karsus's stony dead form in retribution.
c. -325
  • Netherese wanderers found the settlement of Hartsvale in the Ice Mountains, east of the Coldwood.
-325/Year of Crown Hatred
-324/Year of Windriver's Loss
-323/Year of Unseen Doom
-322/Year of Plunging Hooves
-321/Year of Hollow Hills
  • Gauntlgrym is completed by the dwarves of Delzoun in this year and the arcanist Maerin of Illusk welcomes humans from Illusk, Netherese refugees from Northreach and Sundabar who have made the long trek west, and dwarves of Clan Goldspire of Delzoun, to live in the city.
-320/Year of Netted Dreams
-319/Year of Rock Roses
-318/Year of Crying Wolves
-317/Year of Vampiric Glee
-316/Year of Drifting Death
-315/Year of Vengeance
  • After a number of raids and a short siege, Zazesspur falls once again to the barbarians. It is rebuilt as a Tethyrian fortified town, and named Fort Karlag.
-314/Year of Four Princes
-313/Year of Humility
-312/Year of Jade Roses
-311/Year of Patient Traps
c. -310s
  • In gratitude for their aid in the Shadow Wars, the Coronal allows the settlement of some reformed, surface-acclimated drow into some remote lands of Cormanthyr to the east of Cormanthor.
-310/Year of Glassharks
-309/Year of Many Anchors
-308/Year of Proud Vixens
-307/Year of Illuminated Vellums
  • Tethyrian clans, under the rule of Warlord Karlag, conquer the Calishite garrison at Myratma, which they rename Artrimmar.
  • King Saldrinar vanishes suddenly, leaving the throne of Westgate to his only apprentice, Mather, known posthumously as "Wyrmshroud".
-306/Year of Wan Shades
-305/Year of Bold Bladesmen
-304/Year of Erupting Crypts
-303/Year of Dusky Dwarves
-302/Year of Heirs Adrift
-301/Year of Wafting Sorrows
  • Mather Wyrmshroud dies defending Westgate from the concerted attacks of three black dragons from the lands of the Forest Kingdom. Glaurauth, a warrior who is Mather's closest friend and the captain of the city guard, succeeds the fallen wizard-king. Known as "the Great", Glaurauth becomes monarch of Westgate at a time when the city is still the northernmost human settlement in the western Inner Sea lands.
c. -300
  • Westgate ruled by King Glaurauth.
-300/Year of Cold Anger
-299/Year of Heartsblood
-298/Year of Nine Watchers
  • The city of Karse is founded by Netherese refugees.
-297/Year of Scrying Orbs
  • Thieves who manage to loot most of the royal treasury steal King Glaurauth's regalia, the Crown and Scepter of Saldrinar. The king's wizards pursue the thieves inland from their anchorage at what is now Procampur, but the wealth of Westgate's monarch is eventually lost in Elvenblood Pass, located north of the Vast, when a horde of orcs falls on Glaurauth's agents.
-296/Year of Factols
-295/Year of Harsh Words
-294/Year of Sundry Violence
  • The Coronal Luszoch rises to power in Aryselmalyr, and makes veiled threats to all allied and subject powers during his forst tour of the empire. While no one acts outwardly, all forces prepare for war but wait for the belligerent coronal to make the wrong move.
-293/Year of Tyrant Hawks
  • The Warlord Karlag falls at the battle for the garrison-town of Calimaronn. Another clan chieftain, Mong Ithal, leads the clans to victory. Calimaronn, as well as the river it fords, is named Ithmong, after Ithal.
-292/Year of Envenomed Nectar
-291/Year of the Setting Suns
  • Netherese citizens fleeing conflicts between the Survivor States begin to filter into Cormanthyr.
  • King Glaurauth of Westgate dies of heartstop. As his three offspring all died before reaching their tenth year, the aged monarch leaves his throne in turn to his successor as captain of the city guard, Thorndaer of the Golden Helm.
-290/Year of Fiery Slumber
  • The fall of Netheril.
-289/Year of Spiteful Stones
-288/Year of Eight Lightnings
  • At Ithmong, Calimshan accedes independence to the lands of Tethyr and its people. The chiefs of Tethyr's clans create a ruling Council of Clans.
-287/Year of Hard Currency
  • The city of Karse falls victim to the begrudging followers who believe the god Karsus is a sham.
-286/Year of Foul Awakenings
  • Westgate falls during the course of a single night to a small army of elite mercenaries who emerge from catacombs beneath the city. By morning's light, King Thorndaer and his entire family are dead, and King Orlak rules over the oldest port in the western Inner Sea region. Until the end of his reign, the Night King holds court only after the sun has set, is never seen during daylight hours, and always keeps his entire face (except his eyes) shrouded with a black-and-white-hatched porcelain mask, leading many to suspect (correctly) that the long-lived monarch of Westgate is a vampire.
  • The inhabitants of Karse war amongst themselves leading to the destruction and abandonment of the city. The lich arcanist Wulgreth of Netheril takes up residence in the ruined city.
-285/Year of Early Graves
-284/Year of Lost Faith
-283/Year of Shattered Portals
-282/Year of the Vampire's Cloak
-281/Year of Silvered Thoughts
-280/Year of the Impudent Kin
-279/Year of Gems Aflame
-278/Year of the Ruling Sceptre
  • Tethyr's Council of Clans falls apart due to the greed of younger chiefs and the passing of the warlords who freed the land from Calimshan. The clans fall into infighting for the next 60 years.
-277/Year of the Winking Eye
-276/Year of Overflowing Casks
  • Jhaamdath begins construction on the largest navy yet seen on the Inner Sea.
-275/Year of the Grinning Pack
-274/Year of the Purring Pard
-273/Year of the Dancing Faun
-272/Year of Songstones
  • Citadel Adbar is completed this year.
-271/Year of the Auburn Beauty
-270/Year of the Winter Wolf
-269/Year of Mournful Moments
-268/Year of the Sunbright
-267/Year of Crumbling Caverns
-266/Year of Hastening Heralds
-265/Year of Burgeoning Victory
-264/Year of Scriveners
-263/Year of Midwives
-262/Year of the Broken Promise
-261/Year of the Lost Princess
-260/Year of Hunting Hounds
-259/Year of the Pyre
-258/Year of Many Moons
-257/Year of the Stricken
-256/Year of Able Warriors
-255/Year of Furious Waves
  • Jhaamdath, a long-time rival of Calimshan, falls to a tidal wave summoned by the elven High Mages of Nikerymath. The resulting cataclysm inundates Jhaamdath, forming what is now known as the Vilhon Reach.
  • Fall of Aryselmalyr. Coronal Esahl Vesahliir and more than 40,000 sea elves and other aquatic sentients die instantly when the Esahlbane Monolith shatters Coryselmal.
  • Start of the Sixth Serôs War. After the destruction of Coryselmal and the end of the Aryselmalyr Empire, all the once subject powers of the Inner Sea vie for control of Serôs.
-254/Year of Quartered Foes
-253/Year of Whirlwinds
-252/Year of Vindication
-251/Year of Black Apples
c. -250
  • Emigration of settlers across the Inner Sea from ruined Jhaamdath to what will become Thesk, Impiltur, and the Vast.
  • Calimshan, under Syl-Pasha Faud yn Orun el Evyrtaan, reclaims some small areas and towns among the Arnaden lands of the Lake of Steam, now that Jhaamdath's control on these lands has fallen along with its primary cities.
-250/Year of Imprisonments
-249/Year of Silver Wings
  • General Halflar and his men storm Venom's lair and kill the green wyrm. Unfortunately, they also find out that Venom is not one dragon, but two. The entire force is killed when the second dragon attacks them.
-248/Year of Last Songs
-247/Year of the Striking Lance
-246/Year of Much Cheer
-245/Year of Entombed Blades
-244/Year of Fleeting Fancy
-243/Year of the Rack
-242/Year of the Game
-241/Year of the Sand Shroud
-240/Year of Enslaved Swords
  • End of the Elf Purges. After fifteen years, the worst of the backlash against the sea elves of the Inner Sea dies down. Those who survived the attacks from koalinth, merfolk, and locathah zealots, and the newly returned (and far more evil) morkoth do so by use of magic (including High magic) and some Dukar protection.
-239/Year of Whispered Lore
-238/Year of Fortunes Fair
  • Start of the Second Dukars' War. After seventeen years of constant skirmishes amid the powers of the central sea (and a resurgance of the sahaugin presense due to lack of order at the Pillars of the Trident), the Dukar Orders of Jhimari and Numos take proactive steps toward maintaining the peace by attempting to found a Dukar kingdom centered on Myth Nantar: Nantarum.
-237/Year of Windragons
-236/Year of Unfriendly Ports
-235/Year of Laughing Crystal
-234/Year of Wizard's Doom
-233/Year of Destinies Foretold
-232/Year of Forsaken Goblets
-231/Year of the Ringed Moon
  • Three entire clans of elves fleeing Serôs (the Inner Sea) to save their lives and those of their children migrate to lake Sember within the elven nation of Cormanthyr.
-230/Year of Loss
  • Calimshan attacks Tethyr, seizing Ithmong and Myratma. Able workers (more than a third of the population) of both these towns are enslaved and brought to Calimport to work on the new Pasha's Palace. The 1,480 warriors among the 5,500 new slaves are all sentenced to the new Djen Arena, where many of them fight to the death against monsters and each other for the amusement of the masses.
-229/Year of the Myrmidon Maid
-228/Year of the Unknown Paraph
-227/Year of Rangers Lost
  • Calimport increases in population and area to its largest size ever, its true citizens numbering more than 75,000. For the next eight centuries, Calimport remains the largest and most frequented port on Faerûn's shores.
  • Shyael Ildacer is born.
-226/Year of the Shallows
-225/Year of the Golden Staff
-224/Year of Forked Tongues
-223/Year of Burning Briars
  • The Sixth Rysar of Cormanthor begins with the realm's greatest warrior Eltargrim taking up the Ruler's Blade and taking his first steps toward magic (and High Magic).
-222/Year of the Dessicated Corpse
-221/Year of Shambling Shadows
  • Chief Clovis Ithal of Tethyr dies at the Ithmong Slaughter. His son Darrom rallied the Tethyrians and led them into the city.
  • King Darrom of Tethyr marries the half-elven Saraala of Clan Tarseth.
  • End of the Second Dukars' War/End of Nantarum. Under mysterious circumstances, the powerful undersea city-state of Nantarum loses the war for the Hmur Plateau while under siege by the merfolk forces of "King" Ristan. Forces at the siege noted only a strange humming rising from the mythal and numerous discharges of magical energy lighting the night-darkened sea. When the besiegers swam into the city, they found the only person left alive; the sea elf Dukar Yupal Narlis, his mind destroyed. His thirty Dukar followers and "nobility" stood along the avenue leading to the Council Academy of the Dukars, alll transformed into coral statues with looks of contrition on their faces.
-219/Year of the Sallow Orb
-218/Year of Dread
-217/Year of Sumbril
-216/Year of Bloodied Orphreys
-215 to 750
  • The Third Epoch (Time of the Merfolk) of Serôs (the Inner Sea). This Epoch covers the rise and fall of the merfolk empire of Hmur, as well as the rise of the sahuagin empire of Aleaxtis.
-215/Year of the Oracle
  • End of the Sixth Serôs War. The new powers of Serôs are shalarin As'arem, the morkoth Theocracy of the Deep Ones, and the merfolk Kingdom of Hmurrath. The rise of Hmurrath signals the start of the Third Epoch.
-214/Year of the Vengeful Mitre
-213/Year of the Great Bell
-212/Year of High Thrones
  • At the Battle of the Purple Marches, Myratma falls to the Tethyrians, forcing the second Calishite surrender of Tethyr.
  • Darrom (-237 to -183), son of Clovis, founds the Ithal dynasty, and becomes the first King of Tethyr. Year 0 in Tethyreckoning.
  • Awakening of the beast Ulfoq in the Great Glacier. The beast devours dozens of Nakulutians before returning to its Crevasse. It has not been seen since.
-211/Year of Bound Branches
-210/Year of Holy Hands
  • Anauria gains its independence from the other two Netheril survivor states.
-209/Year of Valiant Striving
-208/Year of Shattered Havens
-207/Year of Tolling
-206/Year of Elfsorrows
  • Jassin Aunglor, a moon elf warrior, sneaks into Venom's lair and attacks the green wyrm. Venom's lair collapses in the conflict, burying Venom, Jassin, and Jassin's moonblade beneath tons of rock.
  • Mistale Audark, wife of the late General Halflar, requests that she and the remainder of the Audark Clan be transformed into baelnorn to protect the Vale of Lost Voices.
  • The Crown Prince of Tethyr, Darrom Ithal II, dies of a fever.
-205/Year of Good Hunting
  • Chapter 2 of "Cormyr: A Novel"
  • Lord of Scepters Illiphar Nelnueve of House Amaratharr is granted rule of the colony forests of the Forest Country (Cormyr) upon his besting of Thauglorimorgorus the Black Doom in a dragons' duel of honor.
  • Orc hordes engulf Rystall Wood throughout the year, with the worst hordes arriving in winter.
  • Anauria's success as an independant city-state convinces Hlondath and Asram to abandon memories of Netheril.
-204/Year of
-203/Year of the Obsidian Crypt
-202/Year of the Purchased Princess
-201/Year of
c. -200
  • Records indicate that Tethyrian royal family rules in Tethyr.
  • Candlekeep founded; calendar of Harptos began.
  • The humans who are to become the first of the Dalesmen cross the Dragon Reach to the southern reaches of Cormanthor.
  • Halruaa is settled by fleeing Netherese wizards.
  • Start of the Fifth Age of Calimshan.
-200/Year of Stonerising (NOTE: The name of this year is also given as the Year of Clouds)
  • The completion of Ithalyr, the first royal palace of Tethyr, on the seashore cliffs of the Purple Hills.
  • Coronal Eltargrim declares Semberholme and its environs as an elven sanctuary and refuge.
  • Syl-Pasha Kalil el Evyrtaan dies from thousands of viper bites, a magical trap laid by some of his closest advisors. Vizar Asraf el Majizar rules over the start of the Fifth Age of Calimshan, and Calimport becomes a more organized city with structured trade and skilled-workers' guilds.
-199/Year of Flowing Fire
-198/Year of the Beast
-197/Year of Talons Twelve
-196/Year of Gilded Draperies
-195/Year of the Chirugeons
-194/Year of Torment
-193/Year of the Hawkstaff
-192/Year of Tourneys
-191/Year of Dark Villany
-190/Year of Three Heirs
-189/Year of Stunned Serpents
  • Shyllisyrr Ithal, elven wife of Corin Ithal (uncle of King Darrom Ithal of Tethyr) dies of a snake bite. Beginning of six years of escalating unrest between Tethyr's elves and humans.
-188/Year of Wrongful Martyrs
  • Despite a good heart and a business sense that nearly doubled the trade coming to Calimshan, Syl-Pasha Malik yn Asraf el Majizar dies under assassins' knives on the third day of this year.
  • The Throne Wars: The assassination of Syl-Pasha Malik begins more than two years of conflict that ranges from trade wars to military campaigns against cities. Fourteen different Calephs claim the throne of Calimport (and symbolically Calimshan) by years end, none of whom hold the post for more than 62 days.
  • Seven different series of fires (known collectively as the Throne Fires) engulf eastern and southern Calimport in this year, set by rival factions fighting for the throne.
-187/Year of Gilded Burials
  • 28 more rulers claim the Caleph's Throne in Calimport. By Midwinter, all true unity among the cities of Calimshan has shattered. All areas of the empire stand individually, many claiming to be the true heart of the empire and hoping to grab more land and control for themselves.
  • The Throne Wars end with the rise to power of the once-meek wizard vizar Tasyn el Tarshaj yi Manshaka. The Tarshaj dynasty (four brothers and their families, of whom Tasyn was the elder) simultaneously conquer the cities of Manshaka, Memnon, Calimport, and Almraiven, thus unifying the Pasha's Lands for the first time in nearly two years. Syl-Pasha Tasyn's first chores are to rebuild the capital and reconquer the rest of Calimshan.
-186/Year of the Quiet Horde
-185/Year of Unburdening
-184/Year of the Abandoned Heart
-183/Year of Larks
  • King Darrom of Tethyr is assassinated on orders of Amir I, head of Clan Tarseth.
  • Silvam (-209 to -118), 2nd son of Darrom, is King of Tethyr.
-182/Year of Sleeping Giants
  • Calimshan, in its attempts to reconquer its old territories around the Lake of Steam and the Shaar, discover that the old threat of the beholders has risen again. Beholders and their cultists control the majority of territory east of Ankhapur and are now pushing their forces west in retaliation against the Calishite invasions.
-181/Year of Rivers Rising
-180/Year of Tragedies
  • Amir Tarseth's role in the assassination of King Darrom is uncovered by his sons, Amir II and Ra'id II. The two sons slay their father to restore the family's honor.
  • Laummas the Liegelord becomes a lich.
-179/Year of the Huntress
-178/Year of the Cold Quarrel
-177/Year of Leaping Wolves
-176/Year of Travel
-175/Year of Shifting Sands
-174/Year of the Bestiary
-173/Year of Hale Heroes
  • Varytha Ithal, missing daughter of Corin Ithal of Tethyr, returns to Tethyr to warn of a coming goblin horde.
  • The Perry Accords are signed by Tethyr and Calimshan. Their architect, Florian Perry, becomes the first Count of Tethyr.
-172/Year of Sickles
  • Florian Perry, the First Ambassador of Tethyr, travels to Calimport to negotiate a long- lasting peace between the two countries.
  • The Moonrise elves settle Ssrenshen, under Moonrise Crag.
-171/Year of the Ogres' Rage
c. -170
  • The Eshowe begin a 300-year war with the Tabaxi of Chult.
-170/Year of Many Eyes
  • Zahyra Bardson-Ithal becomes the first Court Vizera of Tethyr. She creates the magical Shield of Silvam.
  • Beginning of the Eye Tyrant Wars: Calimshan allies with Tethyr and Iltkazar to fight the risen beholder powers of the Lake of Steam, which have pushed back Calishite aggressors and are now advancing into eastern Tethyr. Almraiven falls to beholders within the first three months of the year, and Suldophor follows by Greengrass. Though a longer struggle, the beholders control the Spider Swamp and the southern Forest of Mir by the end of Kythorn. This prevents much transfer of troops from western Calimshan save directly into beholder-controlled strongholds.
-169/Year of the Well Women
  • Rumor's of Ioulaum's continued existence begin circulating when an arcanist, Tabra, claims to have been an apprentice of Ioulaum.
-168/Year of Furrowed Brows
-167/Year of Sudden Kinship
  • The Storming of the Qatarn Hills: In the first five days of Uktar, King Silvam of Tethyr leads the Fourth Army to victory over nine beholders and thrice their own army's forces. The beholders occupy Volothamp and Schamedar by year's end, though their entrenchment within eastern Calimshan overextends their reach, and they lose control of Ankhapur, one of their largest surface strongholds.
-166/Year of Seven Loves Lost
  • The human realms declare victory in the Eye Tyrant Wars, though alliances remain to pursue renegade beholders for the next few years among all their lands (Calimshan, Tethyr, and Iltkazar).
  • Birth of Baerauble Etharr, the first Lord High Mage of Cormyr (-166 to 429DR).
-165/Year of the Abandoned Hope
-164/Year of Passing Dreams
-163/Year of the Yarting
-162/Year of Boneblight
-161/Year of the Emerald Mage
  • The alliance of Calimshan, Tethyr, and Iltkazar forged during the Eye Tyrant Wars dissolves by this year.
-160/Year of the Stone Giant
  • A cairn (undead stone giant) called Dodkong or "King of Death" begins wandering the western Realms.
-159/Year of the Burning River
-158/Year of the Deathdolor
-157/Year of Many Harvests
-156/Year of the Flickering Sun
-155/Year of Revealed Chants
-154/Year of Bloody Hazard
-153/Year of the Starry Shroud
  • Proeskampalar (present-day Procampur), is founded by dwarves and quickly becomes an important trading partner of Westgate.
-152/Year of Wildwine
-151/Year of Roving Bands
c. -150
  • The great conflagration. Narfell and Raumathar are destroyed in one final battle. Monsters and minor powers summoned in the last battle invade the South after the battle ends.
-150/Year of Recompense
  • The syl-pasha of Calimshan grants the lands west of the Forest of Mir and north of the river Memnon to Tethyr, moving Tethyr's southern border to its present-day boundaries. While many in Tethyr believe this a reward for their aid in the Eye Tyrant Wars, it is really a political move to depower Calishite nobles amassing power against the syl-pasha.
-149/Year of Adamantite Ore
-148/Year of the Black Marble
  • The God Kings final battle. An alliance of the Summoned is defeated and they are sent back to their home planes.
-147/Year of the Candlemaker
-146/Year of Cresting Floods
-145/Year of Depths Unknown
-144/Year of the Copper Kettle
-143/Year of Bright Lamplight
-142/Year of Beauty Drowned
-141/Year of Ancient Coins
-140/Year of Blind Justice
-139/Year of Burnt Ambitions
-138/Year of Damsels Dancing
-137/Year of Blooded Sunsets
  • The Chultian city of Mezro is sacked.
  • A company of paladins from the Vilhon Reach in service to the Morninglord overthrows the Night King of Westgate. Following the vampire's destruction, the group's commander, Dawnknight Gen Soleilon, is crowned king of Westgate in the undead monarch's stead. The Radiant King rules wisely for many years, rebuilding Westgate's fortunes and establishing the Soleilon dynasty. The paladin-king's most notable accomplishment is the erection of the city's first stone walls and the construction of an extensive sewer system.
  • Unbeknownst to the general populace, Westgate's deepest catacombs remain home to at least a dozen vampires created by their former monarch. The undead legacies of Orlak war amongst themselves for nearly a year before a new Night King is chosen to rule Westgate's underworld. From this day forward, the Argraal of Orlak and the Fangs of the Night King are held by the preeminent vampire "descended" from the original Night King. Any vampire that slays the Night King assumes the bloody chalice, the dagger hilt with twin poniard blades, and the title in turn. On those rare occasions when the Night King is not slain by a rival vampire, all of Orlak's existing "descendants" war amongst themselves for the title until a single candidate reigns supreme (a feat most commonly achieved by killing all potential rivals and then creating a new group of servitor vampires).
-136/Year of the Ruling Spectre
-135/Year of Old Beginnings
  • The Raumathari city of Kensten is rebuilt by Mulhorand. Official founding of the modern city of Bezantur.
  • Other cities are soon built on the coastal areas of the Wizard's Reach as Mulhorand and Unther once again expand northward.
  • The Shaking Plague strikes several cities in Calimshan.
-134/Year of the Scorpion
-133/Year of Silent Screams
  • Great sea-storms erupt along the Sword Coast this spring. On Midsummer's Night, a great wave engulfs the city of Velen, killing half its population.
-132/Year of Dragons Diving
-131/Year of Favor
-130/Year of Fleeting Pleasures
-129/Year of Gleaming Shards
-128/Year of Hallowed Hills
-127/Year of Shackles
-126/Year of Rainbows Weeping
-125/Year of Banished Wisdom
-124/Year of Lessons Learned
-123/Year of Rich Rewards
-122/Year of Unleashed Sorrow
-121/Year of Ample Rewards
-120/Year of Confusion
-119/Year of Close Scrutiny
-118/Year of Elven Delights
  • Nishan (-179 to -98), 2nd son of Silvam, King of Tethyr.
-117/Year of Endless Bounty
-116/Year of Lost Messengers
-115/Year of Strident Bards
-114/Year of Making Merry
-113/Year of Ill Tidings
-112/Year of Tortured Dreams
-111/Year of Terrible Anger
  • The Orc Marches: The entire North erupts as great orc hordes stream south from the Spine of the World and the Ice Mountains to lay waste to all in their path. Illusk and Gauntlgrym fall to this onslaught, and Delzoun is devastated by countless orc assaults. Most of Illusk's population manages to escape by sea or by magic and is spared. The elves of Iliyanbruen, Rilithar, Siluvanede and Eaerlann unite to shatter the strength of the orcs and halt their rampage south into the High Forest and Dessarin Valley.
-110/Year of Shadowed Glances
  • Akkabar el Shoon is born in Myratma.
  • Ualair the Silent is born.
-109/Year of Pixies Playing Foul
-108/Year of Wands
  • Start of the Seventh Serôs War. The morkoth theocracy of the Deep One attack Es'rath and Hmurrath on two fronts. They free the Emerald Eye of Kyron, using it with astonishing effectiveness.
  • Illusk is swiftly rebuilt in this year as it attracts many humans displaced by the Orc Marches. Its ruling magocracy, the Grand Cabal, returns to power.
-107/Year of Tapestries
-106/Year of the Valorous Kobolds
  • House Tanor'Thal creates the waterfall in the Shaft of Undermountain.
  • End of the Seventh Serôs War. The war ends with the surprising appearance of long-hidden triton forces from the deeper trenches of the sea. Breaking the back of the morkoth Theocracy and sending the morkoth fleeing back into the depths, the tritons help maintain the balance among the shalarin and the morkoth on the floor of Serôs.
-105/Year of the Bloody Goad
  • Drow of House Tanor'Thal uncover a lost temple to Lolth in Undermountain.
-104/Year of the Star Stallion
  • The Emerald Eye of Kyron, after some study, is secretly sealed within the black coral walls of Vynagyr, under the Inner Sea.
  • Besendar's Blockhouse is abandoned by dwarves of Delzoun in the face of countless orc raids.
-103/Year of the Taint
-102/Year of the Spiked Gauntlet
-101/Year of the Flame Noose
c. -100
  • Fall of Delzoun to encroaching phaerimm and other dangers; only scattered surface Citadels survive.
  • For the next hundred years, the Illuskans of Ruathym colonise the Gull Rocks, Gundarlun, Mintarn, the northern Moonshae Isles, the Purple Rocks, the Teeth, Tuern (aka Uttersea), Umukek, the Wave Rocks, and the Whalebones. In time these Illuskan seafarers become known as the Northmen.
-100/Year of the Black Unicorn
  • Delzoun falls to encroaching phaerimm and humanoid raids although Citadel Adbar and Citadel Felbarr survive. Citadel Sundbarr defends itself by harnessing the might of the great Everfire volcanic rift, but orcs and other monsters plunder the surface portions of the city slaying its inhabitants or causing them to flee.
-99/Year of Silver Sharks
  • Court Vizera Zahyra Bardson-Ithal of Tethyr dies. Her successor to Court Vizera is Princess Rhynda.
-98/Year of Hearts Pledged
  • Garynor (-159 to -75), 1st son of Nishan, King of Tethyr.
-97/Year of Amulets
  • Lady Symrustar Auglamyr is born.
-96/Year of Eyes Afire
-95/Year of Wan Shadows
-94/Year of Many Bats
  • The 16-year old Akkabar el Shoon arrives in Tethyr and becomes a pupil of the Vizera Princess Rhynda on his reputation as a prodigy in Art.
-93/Year of Forgotten Smiles
-92/Year of Honor Broken
-91/Year of Old Crowns
  • Ithmong is besieged for a month by a combined force of goblins and ogres.
  • A temple of Labelas Enoreth is founded in Semberholme.
  • The Moonshadows are established as a frontier scouting/fighting force by the army of Cormanthyr.
  • King Gen dies in his sleep, leaving the throne of Westgate to his eldest child and only son. The reign of King Lemere I, known as the Merchant King for his unceasing efforts to promote trade, is notable for the rapid increase in commercial activity between Westgate and southern realms such as Tethyr and Calimshan.
-90/Year of the Moonlit Mare
-89/Year of Battered Blades
-88/Year of Hostile Hails
  • Akkabar el Shoon leaves the tutelage of Princess Rhynda of Tethyr and begins his movement among Calishite society and business, selling his powerful magical abilities to the highest bidders. Within four months, Akkabar is a near-permanent fixture within Calimport society and his political savvy is only outmatched by his magic.
-87/Year of Dashed Dreams
  • Tarkhadale, an early northern Dale allied with Asram and Hlondath, falls to an orc horde.
-86/Year of Goodfields
  • By this time, a large enclave of pirates dominated the seacoasts of Tethyr, operating out of the ruins of Velen and the northwestern part of the peninsula.
  • In response to the pirate threat, Tethyr re-occupies the fortress of Zazessovertan.
  • The moon elves of clan Tsornyl establish the settlement of Tsornyl.
-85/Year of Smoke and Lightning
-84/Year of Sloth
-83/Year of Bitter Fruit
  • By this time, waves and storms have washed away the seacoast around Ithalyr (the Tethyrian Royal Palace), turning it into an island accessible only by stone bridges.
-82/Year of Witches
  • An Illuskan tribe known as the Rus, led by their chieftain Yvengi, stumbles across a portal in the Whalebones which takes them to the land of Rashemen, far to the east. They join with the native Rashemi population and within seven years lead a successful revolt against the tyrannical rule of the demon Eltab, with the unlooked for aid of the Witches of Rashemen.
-81/Year of Untaken Paths
-80/Year of Tempered Blades
-79/Year of Scarce Steel
-78/Year of the Gleaming
  • Akkabar el Shoon marries the fifth daughter of the Syl-Pasha of Calimshan on Midsummer. As a wedding gift, Akkabar becomes the Syl-Vizar (and ruler) of Memnon.
-77/Year of Flaming Stones
  • By Midwinter, the deaths of nearly all members of the royal family of Calimshan places Akkabar el Shoon on the Caleph's Throne, as he had planned.
-76/Year of Lasting Scars
-75/Year of Leather Shields (NOTE: Lands of Intrigue gives the name of this year as Year of the Fallen Guards)
  • Chapter 4 of "Cormyr: A Novel"
  • The nation of Rashemen is officially founded.
  • King Garynor Ithal of Tethyr dies suddenly.
  • Rhynda (-159 to -45), twin sister of Garynor, becomes Regent Princess of Tethyr. She arranges a marriage between the daughter of Syl-Pasha Akkabar el Shoon of Calimshan and her own son, the future King Nishan II to ensure the stability of both realms despite objecting nobles on both sides.
  • The realm of Teshar is founded in the cleared lands between Rystall Wood and Cormanthor.
-74/Year of Splendor
  • Marsember is founded for the first time, and Westgate cedes its status as the northernmost port in the western Inner Sea region. Trade across the Neck and into the Lake of Dragons begins to slowly increase.
  • Late in the year, King Lemere I of Westgate dies of a wasting disease carried into the city by trade emissaries from the newly founded port of Marsember. The throne of Westgate passes to his only child, Crown Prince Lemere II. Within a year, the newly crowned monarch concludes a whirlwind courtship of Lady Lharida of Tethyr, the eldest child of Rhynnel Ithal, the head of Clan Ithal.
-73/Year of Swift Courtships
-72/Year of Enchanted Hearts
-71/Year of Lurking Shadows
-70/Year of Burnished Bronze
-69/Year of No Regrets
  • The Third Shalarin Passing. For once, the shalarin arrive to a peaceful Serôs, and quickly establish two more shalarin kingdoms within thirty years: Es'daan and Es'purr.
  • Founding of the Timesong Calendar in the lands of Serôs.
  • An Illuskan tribe of Ruathym travels through a portal to the Council Hills in the Eastern Shaar. Over time, they mingle and join with Nar refugees who have also used a portal to flee the fall of fabled Shandaular, capital of Ashanath in the lands west of Rashemen. This joined people eventually establish the realm of Dambrath in the Shining South.
-68/Year of Discordant Destinies
  • The Dawnmaid, the newly built flagship of the Westgate royal navy, is scuttled in the harbor by merrow from the aquatic kingdom of Khuur. King Lemere II and much of his court either drown or fall prey to the sea ogres' talons, as the attack is launched during royal ball held aboard the ship to commemorate its christening.
  • The crown of Westgate passes to the only son of King Lemere II, the four-year-old Crown Prince Ryndarth. The Boy King survives the tumultuous early years of his reign thanks to the wise regency of his mother, Queen Regent Lharida Ithal-Soleilon.
-67/Year of Festivals
-66/Year of Hunger
-65/Year of Monstrous Appetites
-64/Year of Gleaming Frost
  • Nishan II (-79 to -6), 2nd grandnephew of Garynor, King of Tethyr.
  • The elven realm of Rystall Wood falls in its Twelfth Rysar to giants and orcs. The survivors either remain in Yrlaancel or migrate to Cormanthyr.
-63/Year of Quicksilver
-62/Year of Strong Winds
-61/Year of Thwarted Gambits
-60/Year of Vain Questing
-59/Year of Whims
-58/Year of the Smiling Prophet
-57/Year of False Sentiments
-56/Year of Neglected Tasks
-55/Year of Traitorous Thoughts
  • Queen Regent Lharida of Westgate consumes a virulent poison concealed within her supper during a state dinner with representatives from Tethyr's royal court and dies immediately. Her only son, King Ryndarth I, takes up the mantle of leadership. Much of the Boy King's reign is consumed with his fruitless hunt for his mother's killer or killers. Diplomatic relations with Tethyr collapse during his reign, although mercantile activity between the two realms continues to flourish.
-54/Year of Tomes
  • The pirates of Velen establish themselves in the isles of the Nelanther.
  • The gold elf clan of Aluianti, tired of political strife in Cormanthor, settle in the village of Aluianti.
-53/Year of Happy Children
-52/Year of the Choking Spores
  • The Flower Plague spreads through several of Calimshan's cities.
  • First permanent farms in the Waterdeep area.
-51/Year of the Cluttered Desk
-50/Year of the Phandar
  • Tavaray is founded at the mouth of the River Delimbiyr by Northmen settlers. This is the first permanent Northmen settlement in the North since ancient Illusk, and leads to the establishment of a series of coastal settlements during the next several decades.
-49/Year of the Irreverent Jest
-48/Year of the Emblazoned Dirk
-47/Year of the Angry Centaur
-46/Year of Pranks and Mischief
  • Birth of Endeir "The Falcon" Falconhand, a retainer of the Rayburton family and ancestor of Florin Falconhand (-46 to 44DR).
-45/Year of the Raging Brook
  • Mulhorand attacks Rashemen through the Gorge of Gauros, and is repulsed.
-44/Year of Giant's Rage
  • King Nishan II of Tethyr launches a major attack against the pirates of the Nelanther. The pirates are defeated at the Channel Battle.
  • The first Black Alaric, founder of the Nelanther pirates, dies in battle.
-43/Year of the Open Sphere
-42/Year of the Shattered Goblet
-41/Year of the Sphinx's Riddles
-40/Year of the Forge's Eldritch Sparks
-39/Year of the Fraudulent Truth
-38/Year of the Insidious Smile
-37/Year of Patriots
  • The first recorded settlement of Alaghon.
  • Clan Karlag of Tethyr makes peace with the elves after 50 years of skirmishes, feuds, and royal disfavor.
-36/Year of the Abyssal Choir
-35/Year of the Biting Shards
-34/Year of the Maedar
-33/Year of the Harpist's Delight (NOTE: Cormanthyr: Empire of Elves gives the name of this year as the Year of Slowing Sands)
  • Talona fights the goddess Kipyutto and kills her. During the conflict, each goddess unleashes a series of virulent plagues upon Asram, hoping to draw power from the peoples' prayers.
  • Asram falls victim to the plagues, from which there are no survivors.
-32/Year of the Grinning Skull
-31/Year of the Crimson Embrace
c. -30
  • Ochir Naal, the Prophet of Tiamat, is killed.
-30/Year of the Dying Fear
-29/Year of the Corpulent Mount
  • Starmantle is founded, beginning a mercantile rivalry with Westgate that lasts for centuries. Despite the efforts of the rulers of both cities to crush their trade adversaries, the ensuing competition actually makes both ports wealthier by increasing the overall volume of trade passing through the Dragon Coast region.
-28/Year of the Laconic Prince
-27/Year of the Masquerade
  • King Ryndarth I of Westgate dies suddenly, as his heart stops one night while he is asleep. His eldest son, Crown Prince Ryndarth II, is apparently crowned king and rules Westgate unchallenged for nearly a year. Before the year ends, however, an army of Mulan mercenaries, led by Great Lord Ashtukzu of Unther, deposes King Ryndarth II. The Untheric noble reveals that his predecessor was actually a doppleganger who had secretly slain both King Ryndarth I and the Crown Prince and then assumed the identity of the latter. Best known for initiating the tradition of Masquerade Balls in Westgate, the doppleganger monarch is known posthumously as the Masque King.
  • As monarch, King Ashtukzu I ignores Gilgeam's orders to make Westgate a vassal state swearing fealty to Unther's god-king, choosing instead to preserve the city-state's traditional independence. Despite Ashtukzu's rebellion against Gilgeam's planned westward extension of Unther's influence, the first king of the Mulan dynasty is instrumental in improving Westgate's trading ties with ports on the eastern Inner Sea.
-26/Year of the Five Mountains
-25/Year of Lost Librams
  • Expansionist policies grip Tethyr's eastern clans.
-24/Year of the Drenched Robe
-23/Year of the Commander's Tent
  • The clans Rivarrow, Ithal, and Bardson unite to clear the eastern end of Tethyr of ogres. They divide the newly-gained territory between them.
-22/Year of the Broached Gates
-21/Year of Sorrow and Pain
  • Braerindra becomes the Watchnorn of Castle Cormanthor.
-20/Year of Peace
-19/Year of Mazes
-18/Year of Honor's Price
-17/Year of Eldath's Heart
-16/Year of the Poisoned Pens
  • The Plague of Scholars strikes cities across southern Faerun, as far north as Baldur's Gate; lethargy and and heavy sleep leads to coma and death, as some unknown agency poisons vast amounts of ink and quills used by scribes, scholars, and business folk.
c. -15
  • Illusk begins to expand southward and eastward, seeking to build a grand empire to rival lost Netheril.
-15/Year of the Embrace
-14/Year of the Cloaker
-13/Year of the Bard's Challenge
-12/Year of Laughing Lovers
  • Illusk openly battles with the elves of Iliyanbruen for the first time as the elves of that realm seek to halt that realm's expansion southward.
-11/Year of Frightening Turmoil
-10/Year of Burning Glades
  • The use of fire by Illuskani forces south of the River Mirar, to scour the forests clear of green and moon elf settlements rouses the elves of Iliyanbruen. Led by Lord Halueth Never, the elves defeat the forces of Illusk at the Battle of Bloody Oaks. The conflict between Illusk and Iliyanbruen is reduced to ceaseless skirmishing and minor clashes.
-9/Year of Fell Traitors
  • Clan Fyrson of Tethyr goes outlaw and joins the pirates of the Nelanther.
  • The Circle of Flames, a wizard's cabal, forms in the city of Cormanthor. The group consists mainly of retired or current Akh'Faer wizards and their apprentices.
-8/Year of Wraths
  • Great Lord Thunn, nephew of King Ashtukzu I, arrives in Westgate from Unther on a trade mission from Unthalass. Within a tenday of his arrival, Thunn's uncle dies suddenly, several hours after naming Thunn as his heir to the throne. King Thunn's reign is marked by incessant civil strife as Westgate's populace fiercely resists the usurper king's efforts to impose the authority of Gilgeam on this distant port city.
-7/Year of Open Eyes
-6/Year of Scarlet Scourges
  • During Tethyrian King Nishal II's birthday celebrations, Ithalyr falls under seige by pirates and the outlawed Clan Fyrson. More than two-thirds of the pirate fleet is sunk, but Ithalyr burns and most of the nobility are slain.
  • End of the Ithal Dynasty in Tethyr and beginning of the Shoon Dynasty (the Shoon Traitorum).
-5/Year of Feuds
  • Amahl I (-60 to -2), Calishite brother of Queen Arhymeria Ithal, becomes King of Tethyr. He establishes a new court and palace within the walls of Fort Karlag, which was soon given its original name of Zazesspur.
-4/Year of Pacts
  • The elves of Iliyanbruen and the humans of Illusk make peace and declare that the River Mirar is to be the boundary between the two realms.
-3/Year of Ruins
  • King Amahl I of Tethyr dies from poisoning at a banquet.
  • Amahl II (-37 to 15), nephew of Amahl I, King of Tethyr. Amahl II immediately sets about scourging the Ithal lands, as Clan Ithal was dangerous to the new regime for its' once-close blood ties to the fallen Ithal Dynasty.
-2/Year of Gruesome Streams
  • After 18 months of war, Ithmong is sacked and burnt by Shoon forces. Nearly all of Clan Ithal is killed as traitors.
  • King Amahl II of Tethyr swears fealty to Syl-Pasha Shoon of Calimshan at Greengrass upon his victory, marking the true start of the Shoon Imperium with Akkabar's rule over both Calimshan and Tethyr.
-1/Year of Shattered Relics
  • Zazessovertan's garrison is withdrawn by King Amahl II of Tethyr, leaving it abandoned.
  • The ruins of Ithmong's walls and buildings are moved south piece by piece to build a new capital at Shoonach. Former Clan Ithal supporters are enslaved and made to haul stone ten miles south to the new city for the next ten years.
  • Akkabar the Younger, eldest grandson of the syl-pasha of Calimshan, dies in a tavern brawl in Memnon that is later revealed to be a revenge assassination by vengeful Tethyrian clansmen. As the father of King Amahl II of Tethyr and the proclaimed heir of Syl-Pasha Shoon, his death brings much suffering to Tethyr.
0/Year of the Rising Flame
  • The treants of Semberholme complete their migration to the south of Lake Sember.
1/Year of Sunrise
  • The Standing Stone is raised by the elves of Cormanthyr and the Dalesmen, starting the Dalereckoning Calender.
  • Empire of Shoon (Iltkazar) in Calimshan.
2/Year of the Smiling Hag
3/Year of the Faded Flower
  • Rise of the sahuagin empire of Aleaxtis. The sea devils emerge from a century of war with the merrow of the Alamber to claim more than half of that sea as their own.
4/Year of the Slaked Blade
  • Ioulaum is reportedly slain in a spellbattle with a cabal of alhoon (illithiliches).
  • Ashtukzu II, son of King Ashtukzu I and a Turami noblewoman, besieges Westgate with a force of mercenaries from Alaghôn. The inhabitants of Westgate rise up in open rebellion, and King Thunn is drowned in the small river that drains into Westgate's harbor and forever after bears his name.
  • Laranla Imdalace of Ardeep disappears and rulership of Ardeep passes to her kinswoman Embrae Aloevan.
5/Year of the Clutched Emerald
  • The syl-pasha establishes gates between various sites in Calimport and his new imperial capital rising at Shoonach.
6/Year of Firestars
  • Chapter 6 of "Cormyr: A Novel"
  • Ondeth Obarskyr and his family settle in the forest of Cormyr.
7/Year of the Vampires' Sun
8/Year of Spellspheres
9/Year of the Falling Wall
c. 10
  • The city of Suzail is founded.
10/Year of Dreams
  • The Netheril region is renamed Anauroch after the greatest of its two survivor states.
11/Year of the Mellifluent Sphinx
12/Year of Wistful Looks
  • Rise of the Triton Protectorate of Vuuvax beneath the waters of the Inner Sea.
13/Year of the Sweet Songs
14/Year of the Unknown Beloved
15/Year of Glittering Glory
  • Amahl III (-14 to 50), son of Amahl II, becomes Emperor of the Shoon Empire.
  • The syl-pasha of Calimshan moves his court and much of the empire's power to Shoonach. As Calimport remains the primary port for his empire even though it is no longer the capital, Syl-Pasha Akkabar Shoon establishes a tightly controlled puppet dynasty on the Caleph's Throne.
16/Year of Distant Thunder
17/Year of Crashing Glee
18/Year of the Lasting Wonders
19/Year of the Blessed Beast
1 SM/Year of Fallen Fury
  • The human Calendar of Harptos adopts the elven holiday of Cinnaelos 'Cor ("The Day of Corellon's Peace") and renames it Shieldmeet, celebrating it every four years since.
  • Iljak grows into a major trade city. Few villages remain outside a 50-mile radius of the expanding city.
21/Year of Lamenting
22/Year of the Empty Fist
23/Year of Falling Arrows
24/Year of the Evasive Hare
25/Year of Many Runes
  • Church of Deneir founded.
1 CR/Year of Opening Doors
  • Chapter 10 of "Cormyr: A Novel"
  • The human realm of Cormyr is founded by Obarskyr family; the Elder Kings begin their reign. 1 CR (Cormyrean Reckoning).
  • Faerlthann (? to 55), 1st King of Cormyr.
27/Year of Shadowed Blades
  • The syl-pasha of Calimshan dies under mysterious circumstances while enchanting magical items in his chambers deep beneath the Imperial Mount of Shoonach. King Amahl III succeeds his great-great-grandfather as ruler of Calimshan and Tethyr. After establishing another puppet regime on Tethyr's throne, Amahl III crowns himself Qysar ("emperor") Amahl Shoon III of the Shoon Imperium.
  • Rahman (4 to 63), son-in-law of Emperor Amahl III, becomes King of Tethyr.
  • End of the Shoon Dynasty in Tethyr; beginning of the Cormal Dynasty (Shoon Traitorum).
28/Year of the Barren Fields
29/Year of the Carved Cliffs
30/Year of the Crushed Monument
31/Year of the Garrulous Gargoyle
32/Year of Errant Arrows
33/Year of Slowing Sands
34/Year of Purloined Power
  • The Melairkyn clan of Undermountain is decimated by a drow onslaught; dwarven rulership ends with death of King Melair IV (buried in the Lost Level).
35/Year of Scaled Lightning
36/Year of Consuming Ice
37/Year of Dark Venom
  • King Ashtukzu II of Westgate is slain by assassins, although their employer is never discovered. The royal line of succession is thrown into dispute as the stepson and illegitimate half-brother of Ashtukzu II battle for the crown of Westgate. After three months of civil war, both men are slain on the very same night, mere hours after the arrival of a trade envoy from Unther, Great Lord Hurnmul. Fearing that Hurnmul seeks once again to impose Gilgeam's will on the city, Westgate's senior nobles blame Gilgeam's agents for the king's assassination and for fomenting the chaos that ensued. After a week of battles in the streets between the trade envoy's "bodyguards" and the nobles' private militias, Great Lord Hurnmul and his troops are driven from the city. Within the hour, the late king's seneschal, Kergaard Twinblade is crowned as king of Westgate. King Kergaard is universally acknowledged as a weak king, wholly beholden to the nobility. His reign marks the beginning of a period of decline for Westgate as royal authority slowly unravels.
38/Year of Verdant Pain
39/Year of Proud Flame
40/Year of the Gaunt Wolf
41/Year of the Branded Lady
42/Year of the Charging Calvalry
43/Year of Frostbrands
44/Year of the Vow Manifest
  • The Night of Ringing Shields celebrates the creation of the three Demonbane Shields by Anachtyr's clergy in the Alimir mountains.
45/Year of the Torpid Arms
46/Year of the Hidden Fortress
47/Year of the Crystal Orb
48/Year of the Bloodied Pikes
49/Year of the Deadly Joust
c. 50
  • The Vilhon Reach grows. By this time, Hlondeth establishes itself as both a port city and a major landmark along the Tunway. The cities of Mussum, Samra, and Arrabar spring up along the southeastern shores of the Vilhon. Daroush, Torl, and Asple are established on the northwestern shore.
50/Year of the Barbed Wind
  • Qysar Amahl Shoon III dies and is succeeded by Qysar Shoon I.
51/Year of the Red Pearls
52/Year of the Thundering Horde
  • The first permanent farms are established in the Waterdeep area by locally settling tribes.
53/Year of the Desert Kingdoms
  • Sundryl Aeravansel leaves the city of Cormanthor and never returns. The reason for this is some grudge that Sundryl held with the Coronal and Sundryl's attachment to the eastern woods.
54/Year of the Forlorn Prince
55/Year of the Caustic Blood
56/Year of the Laughing Nightmare
57/Year of Lamplit Nights
58/Year of the Dazzling Dolphins
59/Year of the Tangled Threads
60/Year of the Pirate's Lost Eye
61/Year of the Branded Mage
  • Qysar Shoon I decrees the establishment of the Wizard's Consortiums of all the cities of his realm, to which attendance is mandatory for all wizards. Those who resist are slain, and soon Shoon I knows of nearly every mage within his domain, which allows him better control over such forces.
62/Year of the Lonely Daughters
63/Year of the Winsome Trio
  • Leodom I (35 to 97), 5th son of Rahman, King of Tethyr.
64/Year of the Boisterous Orc
  • Settlement of the Twilit Land, the coastal area between present-day Neverwinter and Waterdeep begins in this year by the Northmen.
65/Year of the Foaming Wave
66/Year of the Spellbound Heir
67/Year of the Redolent Innkeeper
68/Year of the Echoing Chasm
  • Saeval Ammath is born into House Ammath, and numerous portents indicate he will become the Archmage of the House later in life.
  • Drow raiding Mount Melairbode establish the prison adjoining the Lost Level of Undermountain.
69/Year of the Lit Pathway
70/Year of the Mournful Dance
71/Year of the Entwined Sculpture
72/Year of the Climber's Rest
73/Year of Wise Council
74/Year of the Fearful Mercinary
75/Year of Clinging Death
  • Plague racks the civilized Realms (Empires of the Sands, Vilhon Reach). More than 50% of the total population of the Vilhon are killed in as little as 10 years.
  • More than half of Westgate's inhabitants fall victim to the deadly plague spread by sailors from the Vilhon Reach, including King Kergaard, who dies without an heir. Hygaarth Croam, an itinerant priest of Ilmater, is instrumental in organizing the city's priesthoods to combat the epidemic. By the first frost, the plague has run its course and Westgate's surviving populace demands that the humble Hygaarth assume the mantle of kingship, thus establishing the Croam dynasty. Seeing the duties of rulership as another trial to be borne in the name of the god of suffering, Hygaarth rules ably for two decades until his death in the Year of the Mournful Harp.
  • Qysar Shoon I of the Shoon Imperium dies and is succeeded by his third son, Qysar Shoon II.
  • Alaundo the Seer arrives in Candlekeep.
  • Moander the Darkbringer hurls his forces and the "creeping evil" against the elven city of Tsornyl, blighting much of the surrounding woods. The magic of Moander twists all life, both follower and victim alike, into corrupt monsters, including deepspawn and shambling mounds. While the evil could not be destroyed, High Magic severed the creeping evil from Moander and imprisoned the corruption at Tsornyl (soon to be called the Darkwatch). This weakened the Darkbringer's presence in Toril, though it cost the lives of thirty-two elves, including two High Mages, to sever and bind the power.
  • The elven realm of Rilithar is finally abandoned by its moon and wood elf inhabitants due to the encroachment of human settlers and unceasing orc and troll raids from the Sword Mountains and Dessarin Valley.
76/Year of Windsong
c. 77
  • By this time, the dwarves are exterminated from all but three levels of Undermountain.
77/Year of the Quivering Mountains
78/Year of the Closing Darkness
79/Year of the Whispering Woods
80/Year of the Mordant Blight
81/Year of the Vampiric Touch
82/Year of the Preordained Youth
83/Year of the Satyr's Adulation
84/Year of the Monotonous Speech
85/Year of the Orb Obsidious
86/Year of the Eyeless Wraith
87/Year of the Hoar Frost
  • Braerindra dies, becoming a baelnorn to protect Castle Cormanthor. She is known henceforth as the Watchnorn of Castle Cormanthor.
  • The settlement of Eigersstor (Modern: Neverwinter) is founded by the Northmen.
88/Year of the Flood
89/Year of the Faithful Oracle
90/Year of the Moor Birds
91/Year of the Scabbard Peace
92/Year of the Vanished Tattoo
93/Year of the Quiet Valley
94/Year of the Multitudes
95/Year of the Reluctant Hero
  • Uthgar, a Ruathym Northman, leads a reaver fleet against Illusk and succeeds in sacking this city. The Grand Cabal take refuge in the Host Tower of the Arcane. Most are soon brought low however by the furious beserker assaults of Uthgar's men, who ignore heavy losses to put them all to the sword. Others flee to magical safeholds or seal themselves in impenetrable chambers. The roused citizens of Illusk do succeed however in burning the raiders' ships, and the weakened reavers are eventually driven from the city by enraged citizen mobs.
96/Year of the Mournful Harp
  • The warrior Stefan Blackspear proclaims himself Highlord of Illusk, and takes control of the leaderless city. Fearful that the members of the Grand Cabal may return to challenge his tenuous authority, Highlord Blackspear decrees that all wizards are exiled from Illusk and that it is forbidden for any citizen of Illusk to approach or enter the "evil" Host Tower of the Arcane. Following generations shun this tower as it is believed to be haunted and inhabited by fell and terrible creatures, some of whom include former members of the Grand Cabal who embraced lichdom.
97/Year of Flickering Nyths
  • Hazam (64 to 113), 3rd son (adoptive; wife's son) of Leodom I, King of Tethyr.
98/Year of Revealed Grimoires
99/Year of the Dragonstar
c. 100
  • The nomad human followers of Uthgar begin to join with other nomad humans groups descended from the Netherese that followed the Bey of Runlatha and scattered across the North after his death.
100/Year of the Greybeards
  • The city of Athkatla is founded.
  • Year 0 in Amnreckoning (little used except in official documents)
101/Year of the Smiling Moon
  • Josidiah Starym is born to the gold elven House Starym of Myth Drannor, to his gold elf father and moon elf mother. He has his father's features and golden hair, but has his mother's uncanny sapphire-blue eyes, a strange combination for a noble gold elf child.
102/Year of the Ormage
103/Year of the White Hound
104/Year of the Preying Griffon
105/Year of the Tattooed Mistress
106/Year of the Adamantine Spiral
  • Rhiiman "The Glorious" (? to 131), King of Cormyr.
107/Year of the Fledglings
  • Qysar Shoon II dies and is succeeded by his first grandnephew, Qysar Shoon III. Hazamir el Aktorral, Syl-Pasha of Calimshan, is made riqysar (regent-emperor). Aktorral moves some of the Imperial Court back to Calimport and the surroundings he trusts rather than live in Shoonach.
108/The Year of the Mortified Monk (NOTE: FR10 Old Empires gives the name of this Year as the Year of the Flood)
  • First great flood of the River Alamber nearly destroys Unthalass.
109/Year of the False Ghost
110/Year of the Quirt
111/Year of Fallen Guards
  • The kingdom of Anauria falls to an orc invasion, though it ensures the mutual destruction of the horde, and orc numbers are reduced for centuries in this area. (NOTE: The Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting mistakenly gives this date as c. 200 DR)
112/Year of the Tusk
  • Cormyrean cartographers create the first recognized map of Cormyr, Cormanthor, and the Dalelands.
  • Height of the Western Kingdoms (Asram, Anauria and Hlondeth).
113/Year of the Belching Boggle
  • Leodom II (85 to 136), 1st son of Hazam, King of Tethyr.
114/Year of the Jagged Leaves
115/Year of the Morning Glory
116/Year of the Mortal Promise
117/Year of the Swinging Pendulum
118/Year of the Monkey
119/Year of the Mountain's Fire
120/Year of the Remembered Pain
121/Year of the Embroidered Button
122/Year of the Mourning Armsmen
123/Year of the Icy Axe
  • With the death of el Aktorral this year, all governmental control of Calimshan and the Imperium moves to Shoonach until the fall of the Imperium. Calimport becomes merely the largest port, and its northern quarters become more and more deserted. During the next centuries, the walls around the port wards rise higher than ever to defend against intruders as more rogues take residence in the nearly empty upper city. Calimport Below also becomes larger and more populous during the Imperium, as neglect sees the collapse of many buildings and the rise in monstrous populations down below is a direct result of fewer garrisons in the Old City (as upper Calimport becomes known for 300 years).
  • Uthgar dies from wounds received in battle with Gurt, Lord of the Pale Giants, at the present-day site of Morgur's Mound. His nomad human followers call themselves the Uthgardt in his honor and form tribes based on the beast spirits he was said to have tamed in his lifetime.
124/Year of the Biting Frost
125/Year of the Ironwood
  • The city of Ormath is established on the Shining Plains.
  • Hlondeth's population soars as a trade road - the Pikeman's Folly - is built between the two cities.
126/Year of the Cinnamon Haze
127/Year of the Defiant Stone
  • The settlement of Grath's Hold (Modern: Port Llast) is founded by Grath Erlkar, a Northman raider and explorer.
128/Year of the Addled Arcanist
129/Year of the Mummy's Amulet
c. 130
  • The Eshowe of Chult unleash Eshowdow the Shadow Giant.
130/Year of the Dwarven Twins
131/Year of the Cockatrice's Stare
  • The Silver Swordpoint, a mercinary company led by the warrior Flaerivus Grevauldyn, is chartered in Athkatla.
132/Year of Thirteen Prides Lost
  • Dempster Turmish declares himself Mayor of Alaghon. He sends his mercenaries against his rivals. A brief, bloody civil war erupts in Alaghon, and Dempster emerges as undisputed leader.
  • The official founding of Turmish.
  • The mages of the Circle of Flames begin to record the Scrolls Ardentym this year.
133/Year of the Arduous Journey
  • The Barony of the Steeping Falls is founded by Artor Morlin "the Baron of Blood", an outlaw hailing from the lands of the Shoon.
134/Year of the Impassable Chasm
135/Year of the Halfling's Dale
  • Arrabar's military forces wipe out the city of Mimph.
136/Year of the Stalking Beholders
  • Yusuf (109 to 136), 10th son of Leodom II, King of Tethyr.
  • King Leodom III (117 to 175, original name Ali), 17th son of Leodom II, King of Tethyr.
  • Shornthal Imynster becomes Magister (reigned 136-148DR).
137/Year of the King's Destiny
  • On the twelfth day of Flamerule, the army of Iljak engages the forces of Mussum along the Sandshore. The battle rages for a fortnight until early Eleasius, when Samran forces sack the city of Iljak and attack its forces on the unprotected left flank. Iljak surrenders, and the twin forces of Mussum and Samra enslave the survivors.
  • King Dalious Croam, after two short years on the throne of Westgate, sets sail for the eastern reaches of the Sea of Fallen Stars on an extended trade mission. The heirless king appoints a member of the city's nobility as Croamarkh, a title that means "Voice of Croam", to govern in his stead during his planned lengthy absence.
  • The Errant King, as King Dalious comes to be known, never returns to Westgate, although the nobility maintains the fiction that Westgate's absent monarch continues to wander the Realms long after he most certainly would have died of old age. For over a century, under the aegis of the absent Croam Dynasty, Westgate is governed by a series of Croamarkhs selected from the ranks of the nobility.
  • The warrior Flaerivus Grevauldyn rescues a priestess of Mystra from an orc raiding band. She begins to teach him the rudiments of magic.
138/Year of Sparks Flying
139/Year of the Resolute Courtesans
  • By this time, the deforestation of the Chondalwood is in full swing. The city of Shamph is established along the Emerald Corridor, a road stretching from Shamph to Arrabar.
140/Year of the Executioner
141/Year of the Impenetrable Mystery
  • The warrior-mage Flaerivus Grevauldyn defeats Thaerdimor, the self-styled Mage-King of Daerimathlor, in spell-battle.
  • Highlord Narandos, ruler of Illusk, sponsors a group of settlers who seek to reclaim the lost city of Gauntlgrym. By the year's end these settlers have established themselves within the uppermost level of the subterranean city, and cleared it of orcs and other foul creatures.
142/Year of the Prowling Naga
  • Citadel Adbar is built by King Adbarruns of the dwarves.
  • Qysar Amahl Shoon IV is killed by his brother Amahl of the Nine Whirlwinds, who sweeps him off the Royal Mount at Shoonach with a gust of wind spell.
143/Year of the Smiling Princess
  • Lumberjacks in the Chondalwood are halted by a large force of elves. Lord Anthony Illistine creates an alliance of the free cities of the region.
144/Year of the Fear and Flame
  • Battle of Elven Tears. The alliance of free cities in Chondath attacks the elves. Ariel-Than, an elven city, is burned to the ground, and more than 2,000 elves die in the war. The survivors reportedly flee deeper into the wood to the city of Rucien-Xan, a mythical elven home.
  • Six months after the Battle of Elven Tears, Lord Anthony Illistine is named governor of Chondath, and the city-states are finally united under one leader.
145/Year of the Pirates' Port
  • Dempster Turmish continues his campaign to conquer the Vilhon area. Hlondeth is besieged. Alaghonian forces are unable to mount an effective siege without closing off access to the Vilhon, and after six months Dempster ends the siege.
  • Lady Ahskahala Durothil is born at Semberholme to Lady Uschymna and Lord Phaendar Durothil of Myth Drannor.
146/Year of the Risen Towers
  • Lord Dempster attempts a second siege of Hlondeth, but is again defeated, this time by the city's high walls and a powerful barrage of magic.
  • Avavae Irithyl is born, the first child of House Irithyl in centuries. Unfortunately, her mother dies giving birth, leaving tiny Aravae and the Coronal, her great-uncle, as the sole heirs of Irithyl. From birth, Aravae has a personal guard of three armathors whose sole purpose is to protect the child who will be the Coronal's heir.
  • Elembar is founded by settlers from Tavaray.
  • Uth Myrmoran, an exiled lord of Tavaray, erects the Uthtower and forms the realm of the same name.
147/Year of the Iron Colossus
148/The Year of Blue Ice
  • Drow construct the original Crystal Labyrinth in Undermountain as a training area for their young.
  • Shornthal Imynster falls in battle; the warrior-mage Flaerivus Grevauldyn becomes Magister (reigned 151-154DR).
149/Year of the Dwarf
  • Dwarves of Ammarindar led by Iirikos Stoneshoulder build a stone bridge across the River Shining at the site of present-day Loudwater.
c. 150
  • An unknown dwarfhold in the Lost Peaks comes to a sudden end.
150/Year of the Lost Library
  • Lord Dempster rebuilds his army for a third attempt at Hlondeth, but dies in his sleep before it is ready. His wife, Florentine, becomes ruler and immediately calls off the attack.
151/Year of the Kraken
152/Year of the Severed Hand
  • Illusk falls to the Severed Hand orc horde, its strength weakened by the attempt to colonise Gauntlygrym. The orcs take up residence in the ruins and establish a settlement of sorts known as Argrock, after their leader. Many citizens of Illusk flee south, swelling the populations of Grath's Hold and Eigersstor.
153/Year of the Moving Ground
  • The humans of Gauntlgrym come under concerted assault by illithids and their lycanthrope thrall armies after they delve too deeply into the underground levels of that city. A few escape into the Savage North and are taken in by the wandering Gray Wolf Uthgardt tribe, who save them from orc raiders.
154/Year of the Jealous Hag
  • Lady Florentine of Turmish is assassinated, setting off endless rounds of political maneuvering by various merchant houses. This 100-year gap in leadership becomes known as the Calmwaters, and the region flourishes.
  • The Magister Flaerivus Grevauldyn is killed by rival mages. Malanthus Stormstaern, "The Dark-Eyed Storm", becomes Magister (reigns 154 to 177).
155/Year of the Mellifluous Heaps
156/Year of the Imaginary Foe
157/Year of the Resounding Call
158/Year of the Imploring Widow
159/Year of the Lost Profit
160/Year of the Smirking Knaves
  • Port Llast comes into common usage as the name for the swiftly growing settlement of Grath's Hold. The city becomes home to thousands of miners and explorers eager to find the mineral wealth of the Savage North.
161/Year of the Hangman's Noose
162/Year of the Great Dwarven Gate
163/Year of the Screeching Vole
  • Last reported use of the Ring of Winter in Cormyr.
  • Founding of Altumbel by the Unther Empire.
  • Founding of Elmwood on the southern coast of the Moonsea, as a small waystation for ship traffic to and from the River Lis.
  • Founding of the city of Crimmor, in Amn.
164/Year of the Fallen Temple
165/Year of the Smoking Brazier
  • Rise of the Triton Protectorate of Pumana beneath the Inner Sea.
166/Year of the Reremouse
167/Year of the Deep Wellspring
168/Year of Scattered Stars
  • Halaster's Hold, the wizard's tower and fortified ramparts, is built to the north and west of the farms in the Waterdeep area.
  • Ornoth is crowned king of Uthtower.
169/Year of the Weary Warrior
170/Year of the Bloodties
171/Year of Unkind Weapons
  • The elves of Cormanthyr complete a two-year-long siege and running battle to destroy the sole surviving temple of Moander in the northern forest (at the site of modern Yulash). The elves raze the temple after slaying all of Moander's priests. The Coronal and sixteen of Cormanthyr's High Mages cast the binding High Magic that banishes the Jawed God from the Realms until it is freed by a nonborn child.
  • From this time foward, Moander remains a lurking evil trapped beneath the ruins of his final temple.
  • First of Halaster's Hunts against the drow in the Underhalls. These incursions by the Mad Mage continue until 308 DR.
172/Year of the Great Debate
173/Year of Screaming Sharn
174/Year of the Windswept Plains
175/Year of the Black Boats
  • Leodom IV (149 to 187, original name Kasim), 4th nephew of Leodom III, King of Tethyr.
  • Port Llast is assailed and sacked by the orcs of the Severed Hand who devastate the surrounding countryside and bring fire to the nearby woodlands. Much of its population travels south to Eigersstor and safety.
176/Year of the Wyrmclaws
177/Year of the Troublesome Vixen
  • The Magister Malanthus Stormstaern is killed by a "falling star". His oldest friend and onetime apprentice Dorgon "Stonecloak" Heamiiolothtar becomes Magister (reigns 177 to 241).
  • The elves of Iliyanbruen sally forth from their capitol Sharandar and destroy the orcs of the Severed Hand and Argrock at the cost of much of their strength. Within three years, this elven realm is no more as many of its moon elf inhabitants travel west to Evermeet or south to Ardeep. Isolated wood elf settlements remain in the depths of the Neverwinter Woods.
178/Year of the Jealous Spouse
179/Year of the Engraved Locket
180/Year of Leaning Pillars
181/Year of the Sinking Islands
182/Year of the Quenched Stirges
183/Year of the Murmuring Dead
  • Athalantar is founded by Uthgrael Aumar "The Stag King".
184/Year of the Leucrotta
185/Year of the Golden Elephant
186/Year of Vestigal Wings
  • Moriann, King of Cormyr (? to 198).
187/Year of the Twisted Tree
  • Tasiiva Cormal (124 to 193), wife of Leodom IV, Widow Regent of Tethyr.
188/Year of Dissolute Drow
  • King Uthgrael Aumar (? to 216) marries Syndrel Hornweather (? to 216).
189/Year of the Cowled Defender
190/Year of the Apparition
191/Year of the Broken Lands
  • The archmage Iniarv creates the Twinned Crown of Yarlith, companion to the Twinned Crown of Uthtower.
  • The realm of Yarlith is formed north of Uthtower to prevent dynastic squabbling between the twin sons of Ornoth and their supporters. They are crowned King Uth III of Uthtower and King Ornoth II of Yarlith respectively.
192/Year of the Magnificent Equine
  • Elthryn Aumar (192 to 224), the father of Elminster, is born to Uthgrael and Syndrel Aumar.
193/Year of the Raised Brow
  • Hazam II (178 to 209), 2nd son of Leodom IV, King of Tethyr.
194/Year of Coiling Smoke
  • The Shadowdale temple of Eilistraee and its good dark elves are slaughtered by a new infestation of drow from below; the temple is restored as the Twisted Tower military garrison.
  • Completion of the Fountain of the Qysars in Calimport.
195/Year of the Yeti
196/Year of Yearning Elves
197/Year of the Unseeing Priest
198/Year of the Almond Eyes
  • Tharyann "The Elder", King of Cormyr (? to 231)
199/Year of the Cold Enchanter
  • Hlondath instigates the Crown Against the Scepter Wars, intent on raiding Cormanthyr for magic. The skirmishes happen once every three years or so, and are more annoying than damaging, but they bleed away forces that could fight the drow of the Twisted Tower.
c. 200
  • Anauria noted as being destroyed by goblins.
  • Settlers from Elembar, Athalantar, Uthtower and Yarlith establish a series of frontier holds known as the Mlembryn lands in the region straddling both banks of the River Dessarin and stretching from eastern Yarlith to the western edge of the High Forest.
200/Year of Leaping Flames
  • The Rogue Fires engulf all of northern and western Calimport as opposing underworld factions fight for control of the city.
201/Year of the Student
202/Year of the Fanged Gauntlet
  • Tribes of "barbarians" from the south invade southern Unther and Mulhorand.
203/Year of Scattered Sands
204/Year of the Avarice
205/Year of the Greengrass
  • Mulhorand and Unther chase defeated barbarians back to their base settlement and exterminate them. A dying shaman prophesies that their empires shall soon crumble.
  • Illusk is re-founded by settlers from Uthtower, Yarlith and the Mlembryn lands led by Taman Steeldrake. A cousin of King Uth III and King Ornoth II of Uthtower and Yarlith respectively, Taman names himself Grand Prince and ruler of the city.
206/Year of the Regal Doppleganger
207/Year of the Majestic Mace
  • Fall of the dwarven realm of Ironstar. The near-final remnants of the clan are slaughtered on the Stone Bridge. The rest flee south and join with the Fallen Kingdom (Kingdom of Man).
208/Year of Riven Realms
209/Year of the Dying Eye
  • Tebalan Pahuk (158 to 211), Court Vizier and Tethyrian loyalist, Regent of Tethyr.
210/Year of the Steelfall
  • Elthryn Aumar marries Amrythale Goldsheaf, a forester's daughter.
211/Year of Spoiled Splendors
  • Drow assaults force the last dwarves of Clan Melairkyn to seal themselves within the Lost Level of Undermountain.
  • Moshafi Telerus (172 to 217), Court Vizier and Shoon loyalist, Regent of Tethyr.
  • Four tribes of barbarians fleeing the legions of Unther and Mulhorand settle in Dambrath and become known as the Arkaiun.
212/Year of Awakening Magic
  • "Elminster: Making of a Mage" begins.
  • Elminster, son of Prince Elthryn and Amrythale Goldsheaf, is born in Heldon.
  • The port of Murann is created in Amn.
213/Year of the Waking Wraith
214/Year of Lost Voices
215/Year of the Shadowsnare
216/Year of the Battle Horns
  • The known Northlands erupt in battle as many orc bands vie for supremacy; countless thousands of goblinkin perish.
  • King Uthgrael of Athalantar "The Stag King" dies; his sons, the "Warring Princes", begin open battle for the throne.
217/Year of the Giant Skulls
  • Cauln Aumar (191 to 217) of Athalantar is slain by a Calishite wizard in the employ of his brother Elthaun.
  • Matamid Korrunhel (180 to 251), Court Vizier and Shoon Loyalist, Regent of Tethyr.
218/Year of Dancing Lights
  • Will o' Wisps are seen in profusion all over Faerûn this year; some sages believe this marks an invasion of the strange beings, perhaps through a Gate from another plane.
  • Belaur Aumar (189 to 240), 1st son of Uthgrael, King of Athalantar. He organizes the Magelords.
219/Year of Old Danger
  • Birth of the great mage Mentor Wintercloak.
220/Year of the Sword Violets
  • Coronal Eltargrim opens the forest of Cormanthor to N'Tel'Quess, primarily druids, great wizards, and demi-human craftsmen who can add to the glory of Cormanthyr.
221/Year of the Melting Manscorpion
222/Year of the Ghosthunt
223/Year of Dark Dreams
  • Emyr (208 to 229), 8th son of Hazam II, King of Tethyr.
  • The city of Trademeet is established as the caravan mustering point for Tethyr and Amn.
  • Ilhundyl, the Mad Mage, is exiled from the Calishite city of Volothamp for his monstrous experiments and his inability to control creatures he summoned from the Abyss.
224/Year of the Flaming Forests
  • In the winter that opens this year, many forest fires rage across the Northlands.
  • Battle of Bloodrivers: At the site of present-day Yartar, the orc-chieftain Gluthtor emerges victorious and spends the year uniting the orcs under his command.
  • Elthryn and Amrythale Aumar killed by the archmage Undarl. The Lion Sword is broken.
  • Several Tethyrian garrisons in the Tejarn Hills are destroyed by Ilhundyl the Mad Mage.
225/Year of Shattered Skulls
  • Gluthtor's great orc horde is turned back by the elves of the Sword Coast lands, at the cost of much of their strength, in the battles of Five Falcons (east of the Stone Bridge), and Hungry Arrows (southeast of present-day Everlund). The rise of archery among orcs is said to date from these slaughters, wherein the surviving orcs saw a few thousand elven archers slay hundreds of thousands of goblinkin.
226/Year of the Empty Turret
  • Despite the lack of major wars, disease and widespread lawlessness take many fighting-men to their graves all over Faerûn this year.
227/Year of the Raised Banner
  • Three small realms are founded this year. They are the halfling realm of Meiritin in what is now eastern Amn; the human realm of Shavinar north of present-day Baldur's Gate; and Tathtar at the western end of the Vilhon Reach. All have since vanished.
  • The dwarves of the Alaoreaum fight an epic battle with the red dragon Stormcrossing. The dwarves win, but the humans are alerted to their presence in the mountains.
228/Year of the Loremasters
  • Several sages publish important histories of human magical achievements in the summer of this year, winning widespread fame.
  • At this time, Elminster is an outlaw in the Horn Hills, on the borders of Athalantar.
229/Year of the Black Flame
  • A cabal of wizards calling themselves "The Black Flame" forms in Unther and destroys several armies sent by local rulers to slay them. They leave a legacy of powerful spells that later form much of the arsenal of the Red Wizards of Thay.
  • During this year, Elminster, using the name Eladar the Dark, is active as a thief in Hastarl, capital of Athalantar.
  • King Emyr of Tethyr dies without issue; end of the Cormal Dynasty and beginning of the Korrunhel Dynasty.
  • Matamid Korrunhel (180 to 251), Former Vizier and Regent, King of Tethyr.
  • Plague hits the cities of Keltar, Volothamp, and Manshaka. Named the Ashes Plague for the skin tone of those infected.
  • The Magelords of Athalantar are defeated in spellbattle by Dorgon "Stonecloak" Heamiiolothtar, the Magister of Mystra.
230/Year of the Wailing Dryads
  • Trees are felled all over the human-held lands of Faerûn this year, and many roads begun, cutting into the heart of once impassable woodlands.
  • The Tathtar Wars: The fledgling realm of Tathtar in the Vilhon begins to expand into eastern Tethyr. Beginning of nearly ten years of warfare between the realms.
  • Dalagar "Longwalker" becomes king of Andlath (a vanished realm that flourished on what is now the Shining Plains), and begins construction of a trade road linking the Sword Coast lands with the Vilhon Reach.
231/Year of the Mist Dragon
  • Boldovor "The Mad" (? to 242), King of Cormyr.
  • A gigantic dragon of this rare species appears in the lands around the Sea of Fallen Stars in the spring of this year, challenging and slaying any dragon it can find.
  • Ilhundyl the Mad Mage conquers Meiritin's largest settlement and declares himself ruler of the Calishar Emirates. Mild unrest farther south near Shoonach delays a military response from the Shoon Empire.
  • Emperor Shoon IV unleashes the Death Parade (a horde of skeletons and zombies) on rebels in Ithmong.
232/Year of the Leaping Centaur
  • In Andlath, centaur herds break free of human slavery there, shattering that realm into small, besieged territories and outposts.
  • The underground city of Dolblunde is built in this year, north and east of Waterdeep, by several gnome and deep-gnome clans led by Olbrent Handstone.
233/Year of Much Ale
  • A rich barley harvest this year makes beer plentiful and good in the lands around the Sea of Fallen Stars.
  • As a member of the Brave Blades adventuring band, "Elmara" (Elminster) is busy exploring old ruins, dungeons, and subterranean holds in the lands north and west of Athalantar.
  • The Brave Blades plunder the Floating Tower of the archwizard Ondil of the Many Spells.
234/Year of Bloodflowers
  • A red-leafed wildflower, called the "Bloodflower" for its hue and prevalence on open plains that often become battlefields, seems to grow everywhere this year - until an alchemist in Calimshan discovers a magical use for its petals. In the decade that follows, the bloodflower is harvested so thoroughly that it disappears from Faerûn.
235/Year of Drawn Knives
  • Intrigue, wars of succession, and assassinations are rife all across Faerûn; it is a time of defiance, violence, and short tempers.
  • Elmara (Elminster) is studying and adventuring with the sorceress Myrjala Dark-Eyes.
236/Year of Plaque Clouds
  • A mage in Mulhorand devises a spell that creates clouds of poisonous gas that last several days. The wizard is slain by fearful neighbours and rival wizards, but not before someone steals at least one of the spells involved.
  • Elmara (Elminster) continues to study and adventure with Myrjala, traveling widely in Faerûn.
237/Year of the Disappearing Dragons
  • Ansryn Tehvyae, a crazed hermit-mage who dwells in Tsharoon (a land since swallowed by the Quoya Desert) develops a new spell that teleports unwitting and unwilling dragons from place to place, from afar. At the end of Year, Tehvyae is identified by the wisest, most furious surviving dragons, and destroyed.
  • Elmara's magic grows to outstrip Myrjala's; they decide to part and Elminster reveals his true gender to his teacher.
238/Year of Many Mushrooms
  • Damp, cloudy weather and widespread rotting diseases promote wild growth of mushrooms all across northern Faerûn.
  • Elminster goes mage-hunting across Faerûn, trying to defeat evil mages and gain their powers.
  • Myrjala and Elminster destroy Ilhundyl the Mad Mage of the Calishar. They reveal their love for each other, and decide to dwell and work together.
  • Dalagar "Longwalker", King of Andlath, completes his road linking Athkatla to Ormath.
239/Year of the Wandering Leucrotta
  • A sudden increase in the numbers of leucrotta drives many of these nasty creatures to roam across the North, each seeking its own territory.
  • Elminster and Myrjala work together, building their powers for a planned assault on Athalantar.
240/Year of the Chosen
  • Elminster achieves his destiny and shatters the rule of the magelords, slaying King Beluar and the malaugrym Undarl. El then crowns the outlaw Helm Stoneblade king of Athalantar. Myrjala reveals herself as the goddess Mystra; Elminster becomes one of Mystra's Chosen, and is sent to Cormanthor.
  • Peace treaties signed between Tathar and Tethyr end nearly ten years of war between the two realms.
241/Year of the Hippogriff's Folly
  • "Elminster: Making of a Mage" ends.
  • "Elminster in Myth Drannor" begins.
  • The Lord-Speaker Ildilyntra Starym of the Starym Clan attacks the Coronal Eltargrim. This act causes the fall in power of the Starym Clan in Myth Drannor. Ildilyntra dies when she transforms herself into a blood dragon to attack the Coronal.
  • In late autumn, the former and sole-surviving Prince of Athalantar, Elminster Aumar, enters the city of Cormanthor both to serve Mystra's will and return the kiira (lore-gem) of House Alastrarra. He becomes both the first human to walk the city, and the first ever human Armathor.
  • The Magister Dorgon "Stonecloak" dies in spellbattle with the mage Sirdan Aulauger of Shussel. Nelorth "Firefists" Broamshoulder becomes Magister (reigns 241 to 242).
242/Year of the Hunting Horn
  • The Srinshee, once a baelnorn, is reborn as an elfmaid. This is rumored to have been done at the behest of the human goddess Mystra.
  • The Magister Nelorth "Firefists" dies in spellbattle with his third challenger for the office. The arrogant mage Weldrarn Orblin becomes Magister (reigns early 242).
  • Weldrarn dies in spellbattle with Tsanbrin Auleroevler, after a tower falls on him. Tsanbrin becomes Magister (reigns 242 to 244).
  • Iltharl, King of Cormyr (? to 245).
243/Year of the Sad Orm
244/Year of the Elfsands
  • Evereska's existence is uncovered by N'Tel'Quess for the first time, though the secret is kept for centuries by the human tribes of the Greycloak Hills.
  • Brymmyn Thorl becomes Magister (reigned 244-246DR).
245/Year of the Dun Dragon
246/Year of the Sepulchre
  • The Magister Brymmyn Thorl is killed in spellbattle with Corthas Mulheer. Corthas briefly becomes Magister before being killed in turn by the crazed mage Galeerie Mulurkrath. Galeerie becomes Magister (reigns 246 to 249).
247/Year of the Moaning Maiden
248/Year of Tumbletowns
249/Year of the Crystal Casket
  • The Magister Galeerie Mulurkrath is hit over the head with a shovel and killed. Talana Brakuularn of Shoonach, founder of the first MageFairs, is awarded the office of Magister (reigns 249 to 256).
c. 250
  • Halaster Blackcloak makes Undermountain his domain.
  • The gold elves of Siluvanede begin a retreat to Evermeet in the face of increasing human settlement of the regions bordering the High Forest. Within two hundred years this realm is no more as the last of its citizens raise a mythal that places them and their city of Adofhaer in stasis, causing it to leave the bounds of Faerun.
250/Year of the Storm Crown
251/Year of Strange Seedlings
  • Xandar (224 to 260), 3rd son of Matamid, King of Tethyr.
252/Year of the Bloody Spider
253/Year of Somber Smiles
  • "Guenhwyvar" (Realms of Magic Story II)
  • The panther Guenhwyvar is transformed into a unique figurine of wondrous power by Andres Beltgarden, a human settler of Cormanthyr. The figurine is granted to the young bladesinger Josidiah Starym.
  • The dwarves of Thornhammer Hold and the humans of the Mlembryn lands unite to destroy a troll army at the site of present-day Calling Horns.
254/Year of the Ghost Horse
255/Year of the Magethunder
256/Year of the Thousand Snows
  • The Magister Talana Brakuularn is killed at the second ever MageFair. After a dozen or so mages attending the Fair were killed by rivals, the mage Eirl Rauthantannar, the "Whisperer in Shadows", becomes Magister (reigns 256 to 276).
257/Year of the Speaking Mountain
  • The eruption of Mount Ugruth indirectly leads to the fall of the Croam dynasty in Westgate and the end of the rule of the Croamarkhs. The volcano blackens the skies above Hlondeth with ash for months, leading the various churches of the city-state to conclude that the gods are displeased. The fall of House Gestin in nearby Chondath leads to the abrogation of a treaty between the city-state of Hlondeth and the pirates of the Inner Sea that grants the latter group safe harbor. Before the arrival of winter, a vast fleet of pirates descends on Westgate, determined to seize it as their new home and replace their base in Hlondeth.
  • The arrival of the pirates in Westgate leads in short order to the death of the reigning Croamarkh and much of the city's nobility. Thus began the reign of the Pirate Kings in Westgate, a period in which no less than 77 pirate lords rule the city in rapid succession. Some of the pirate lords reign no more than a few hours, and the longest-serving pirate king lasts only a little more than five years. During this period, Westgate's role as a trading hub declines precipitously, and much of the city falls into disrepair.
258/Year of the War Wyvern
259/Year of the Magedirge
260/Year of Sunless Stones
  • Chondath establishes the frontier towns of Timindar and Orbech. The Grand Druid of the Gulthmere issues several warnings to Chondath regarding the continued cutting of the Chondalwood, but is ignored.
  • A gold and silver rush in the Deepwing Mountains begins. Lachom is founded, and is swiftly controlled by Chondath.
  • Vajra (244 to 310), sole heir of Xandar, Queen of Tethyr (married Karazir Tiiraklar).
261/Year of Soaring Stars
  • "Elminster in Myth Drannor" ends.
  • Laying of the Mythal at Myth Drannor. Myth Drannor created for all races. Cormanthor change its name to Myth Drannor (The City of Might, Bards, Song, Beauty, Crowns, Love).
  • Lady Symrustar Auglamyr is re-born as a Chosen of Mystra, the first of the elves to have this honor.
  • Elven and human mages devise spells needed to sail the skies in this year, and new skyships are seen in Faerûn - the first such craft outside of Halruua since the fall of Netheril.
  • A group of elven generals allied with human rangers and druids found the Harpers. Lady Steel (an elven noble named Dathlue Mistwinter) agrees to head the organization.
262/Year of Pages Perilous
  • While numerous members of many elven clans quit Myth Drannor rather than share it with the N'Tel'Quess, only minor families and the five major Houses of Bharaclaiev, Hyshaanth, Rhaevaern, Starym, and Tellynnan abandon the city for other purely elven settlements in Cormanthyr and elsewhere (though a limited number of each clan remain in the city). Only the Starym were a senior clan, and in respect of that, their lands were left to be vacant for 300 years; if not claimed by the clan again, the manors and holdings would return to the Coronal.
263/Year of the Worn Pages
264/Year of the Vanishing Cat
265/Year of the Masterful Plan
266/Year of the Black Buck
  • Starting in early spring, a number of murders in the eastern quarter of Myth Drannor turn many immigrants against each other. The eight victims (all humans) died of various poisons (to which all elves are immune). By the year's end, armathors apprehend a bigoted servant elf of House Ammath, who confesses to the crimes. (Secretly, the servant spied for House Symbeam, political enemies of the Ammath, and this gambit paid off well in social and political damage to their rivals, though the Coronal never found the family guilty of any wrongdoing.)
267/Year of Bane's Shadow
  • Battle of Fallen Trees. The Chondathian logging towns of Timindar and Orbech are destroyed by elves attacking from within the Chondalwood.
  • The Crushed Helm Massacre. Chondath forces are led into a trap inside the Chondalwood. Of 10,000 men, only about 200 survive and escape the elves and wood giants.
268/Year of Cruel Storms
  • The duergar exhaust the mithral mines of Undermountain.
269/Year of the Wild Roses
270/Year of the Unheeded Warning
  • Chondath troops begin massing at the southern border of Turmish. The squabbling merchant houses unite behind the rule of Alesam Mischwin. The two forces reach a stalemate, and Chondath retreats.
271/Year of the Port Stormed
272/Year of the Weeping Kingdom
  • The sovereigns of Uthtower and Yarlith both die peacefully in their sleep and are succeeded by their respective heirs.
273/Year of the Delighted Dwarves
  • The first migration of dwarves arrives at Myth Drannor in three small clans from Ammarindar and Citadel Felbarr.
274/Year of the Vested Vigil
275/Year of the Wrath Sword
  • Queen Gantharla, King of Cormyr (to 289).
  • Halaster discovers the Lost Level of Undermountain.
276/Year of the Burnished Blade
  • The forges of the dwarven clans Snowsbattle and Honedaxe produce three great gifts in gratitude for their new homes in Myth Drannor; the Beljuriled Belt of Battle for the Coronal; the Shield of Briars for the Arms-Major, and the Heralds' Horn for the Spell-Major of the Akh'Faer (which would become better known later by its primary wielder's name as The Harking Horn of Ishildé).
  • The Magister Eirl Rauthantannar, nearing the end of his days, transforms himself into Greentree Haven, an enchanted grove in the wilderlands of the Sword Coast North. The blustering mage Ergrith "Kingslayer" Klavulgrun becomes Magister (reigns 276 to 278).
277/Year of Broken Flame (NOTE: Cormanthyr: Empire of Elves gives the name of this Year as the Year of the Whispering)
  • Discovery of a gold deposit in the Aphrunn Mountains creates the city of Aelor almost overnight.
  • The green elf warrior Tenyajn Haell is made a general in the Cormanthyran army, taking charge of the training of its ranks.
278/Year of the Fallen Banner
  • The population of the Vilhon soars; many mercenaries are hired this year.
  • The Magister Ergrith "Kingslayer" is killed in spellbattle by the sorceress Adriyana "Leaf in the Wind" Voudsarr. Ardiyana becomes Magister (reigns 278 to 292).
279/Year of Smiling Nyth
280/Year of the Secreted Phylactery
281/Year of the Weeping Flail
  • Thornhammer Hold is abandoned by the dwarves due to increasing orc attacks and the effects of a virulent plague.
282/Year of the Watchful Hermit
  • The Aelor gold mines run dry.
283/Year of the Skillful Tailor
284/Year of Fallen Flagons
  • A great halfling migration hundreds strong arrives at Myth Drannor from Meiritin and Tethyr via the first open gates set up to bring folk to the city.
  • The city of Aelor is reduced to a ghost-town.
  • The mines of Undermountain are abandoned by the duergar.
285/Year of Wasted Pride
  • The slave-nation of Nimpeth is founded and becomes the first Vilhon city-state to withstand the armies of Chondath.
286/Year of the Jolly Mongrels
  • As most social clubs in Myth Drannor are privately owned and often held exclusive memberships, the halflings of the city surprise all by opening taverns to everyone, the first and most storied of which is the Treant's Treat, located in a warren beneath a great, petrified tree. Within a decade, even elven taverns, inns, and halls are lessening their strictures on patrons (though some places still discriminate by trade, wealth, or other prejudices). By 307 DR, only a few elite sites in the Kerradunath district restrict themselves to established elven club members.
287/Year of the Warped Narthex
288/Year of the Xorn's Dreaming
289/Year of the Waking Dreams
  • Roderin "the Bastard", King of Cormyr (? to 317).
290/Year of Full Cribs
  • This year marks the greatest number of births in Cormanthyr's history. While only half were elven babies, there are more full-blooded elves born in this lone year than in the previous decade. The Coronal deems this a sign of the realm's health and the righteousness of his quest for unity among all the races.
  • Death of Arkhenthus the Mage-Devourer, an ancient white wyrm, by the swords of six flying elves and humans. This marks the first Cormanthyran dragonhunt involving N'Tel'Quess.
291/Year of the Vintner's Dagger
292/Year of Frostfires
  • Gnomes walk the sylvan glades of Myth Drannor for the first time since escaped gnome slaves passed through Cormanthor in Netheril's time.
  • The Magister Adriyana, sickened by the magical devestation of her beloved woodlands, pleads with Mystra to be removed from office. She is transformed into the magical artifact Adriyana's Garter.
  • Aloevan, Laranla of Ardeep, embraces the service of both Mystra and Sehanine and is made Chosen.
293/Year of Hounds
  • Tathtar is overrun by an orc horde led by the chieftain Thaurgarl "Greatmaw" and falls. Only Lower Tathtar survives the collapse.
  • Nasana Melnuthquel, princess of Procalith (a now-vanished city in the Tashalar), becomes Magister (reigns 293 to 297).
294/Year of the Yak Men
295/Year of the Wrathful Revenant
296/Year of the Two Riders
297/Year of the Wailing Mothers
  • The Magister Nasana Melnuthquel dies of heartstop. Her corpse is set afire by Sabral Faryre, a minor courtier, who proclaims himself Magister. Sabral then kills the King of Procalith and declares himself ruler.
298/Year of the Scarred Wagon
  • Sabral Fayre, Magister and King of Procalith, is found dead on his throne, a huge harpoon driven through his torso. The Halruuan expatriate Malkith "The Smiling Cat" Undree becomes Magister (reigns 298 to 302).
299/Year of the Vassan Knot
c. 300
  • Tyr enters the Realms.
  • Asram and Hlondath recorded as having been destroyed by the desert.
  • Ilgostrogue Sstar leaves Citadel Adbar with 35,000 dwarves, of which 12,000 survive to found the settlement of Ironmaster.
  • The arching stone bridge in Loudwater is built by the dwarf Iirikos Stoneshoulder for the elves of Earlann.
  • During this time, the name of Neverwinter comes into common usage for the settlement of Eigersstor as traders begin to realize the benefits of its year-round ice-free harbor.
300/Year of the Late Sun
  • A bardic college called the Academia Vilhonus is founded, and starts the Turmish custom of painting dots on the foreheads of learned men.
  • The theocracy of Minsorran, the "Lands of Balance", consecrates its lands.
301/Year of the Argent Cape
302/Year of the Deep Bay
  • The Magister Malkith Undree is killed by an exploding scepter. Oldo Tappard, a crafter of animated toys and golems, recieves the office of Magister (reigned 302 - 316DR).
  • Tavaray is abandoned as the surrounding marsh rapidly expands.
303/Year of the Crimson Tiara
304/Year of the Questing Raven
305/Year of the Barrows
306/Year of the Fanged Horde
  • The Karsus Overwash is renamed the Winding Water.
  • The settlements of Illusk and Neverwinter are assailed in turn by the Thousand Fangs orc horde which is eventually blunted and scattered by a mercenary army led by Grauth Mharabbath, "the Knight of Many Battles".
307/Year of Sundered Sails
  • The Seven, Halaster's apprentices, abandon Halaster's Hold and enter the dark ways of Undermountain. The tower and surface holdings fall into decay and ruin. All settlers avoid this walled "cursed" enclosure.
  • After decades of debate, the elves allow N'Tel'Quess to join the Akh'Velahrn after training in the Cormanthyran methods of battle. More than 400 humans and 100 dwarves eagerly join up.
308/Year of Promise
  • The Crown Against the Scepter Wars end as Cormanthyr makes it clear the Hlondathans are to cease or be destroyed by the elves. Until this year, little loss of life occured during the war, though the Hlondathans were sorely outmatched in weapons and skills.
  • Aloevan of Ardeep descends into madness and death as the silver fire of Mystra consumes her. She is succeeded by Ruardh Lightshiver as Laranlor of Ardeep.
309/Year of the Cascade
  • Halaster establishes his complete rule over the Underhalls of Undermountain.
c. 310
  • Chondath organizes the practice of each Vilhon realm sending troops every four years to Southsands, to engage in a mock war.
310/Year of the Amber Hulk
  • End of the Korrunhel Dynasty; beginning of the Tiiraklar Dynasty.
  • Karaj (267 to 315), son of Vajra, King of Tethyr.
311/Year of the Lupine Embrace
312/Year of the Aurum Bramble
313/Year of Regretful Births
314/Year of the Stammering Apprentice
315/Year of the Carnivorose
  • Karaj II (290 to 345), son of Karaj I, King of Tethyr.
316/Year of the Vibrant Land
  • The Magister Oldo Tappard dies of a wasting disease. The sorceress Iolaeden "Firedragon" Stonehallow becomes Magister (reigns 316 to 318).
317/Year of the Riven Shield
  • Thargreve "The Lesser", King of Cormyr (? to 334).
318/Year of the Hero's Lament
  • The Magister Iolaeden "Flamedragon" is killed in spellbattle by the mage Loaradden Derviir. Loaradden becomes Magister (reigns 319 to 321).
319/Year of the Unforgotten Fire
  • Fire engulfs all Calishite cities and towns, as Qysar Shoon VII sets the sewers aflame to root out criminal elements.
  • Start of the Eighth Serôs War under the Inner Sea.
320/Year of the Bright Plumage
  • The cities of Nleeth and Amah are founded as training centers for warriors competing in the Vilhon games.
321/Year of the Blessed Sleep
  • The realm of Valashar is added into the Shoon Empire. Ruled by the mad king Ashar Tornamn, Valashar spent the next fifteen years expanding northwards towards the High Moor. This expansion brought it into conflict with King Azoun I of Cormyr, who crushed Valashar's armies in 336DR.
  • Valashar begins a series of border skirmishes with the halfling realm of Meiritin.
  • It becomes general knowledge in Cormanthyr that the Vale of Lost Voices is protected by baelnorn. Treasure seekers stop visiting the tombs there as often.
  • End of the Eighth Serôs War. This war destroys the ixitxachitl kingdom of Paolan Reef off Impiltur's southern and Thesk's western shores. The reef continues to exist as a geographic point, but is no longer a political border.
  • Fallen from Mystra's grace, the Magister Loaradden Derviir is swiftly killed by the mage Onsilur Maerdrathom of Shiertalar. Onsilur becomes Magister (reigns 321 to 326).
322/Year of Seven Scales
323/Year of the Miscast Shadow
324/Year of Freedom's Friends
  • The Harpers at Twilight are formed in secret deep in Elven Court woods by Dathlue Mistwinter, the Lady Steel, whose family crest (a silver harp between the horns of a crescent moon, encircled by stars on a black field) becomes the badge of the Harpers. Among the early members were elf, human, and half-elf warriors, rangers, druids, thieves, and mages (including Ruehar Oakstaff, Ioelena Audark, Lyari Pholont "the Shadesilk", and Elminster).
325/Year of the Silken Whisper
326/The Year of Secret Slaughters
  • The cities of Ormath and Lheshayl meet on the Field of Tears over a land dispute. The two sides battle for more than a week before the Tenpaw wemic tribe drives both sides from the field.
  • Halaster Blackcloak discovers the Crystal Labyrinth of Undermountain, and begins to change it to his own ends.
  • After being trapped inside an elven kiira by the mage Ansel Burwyth, the Magister Onsilur Maerdrathom goes insane and loses the office of the Magister. Gelthin Hornreach becomes Magister (reigns 326 to 337).
327/Year of the Sullen Grimalken
328/Year of the Ermine Cloak
329/Year of the Closed Scroll
  • Hlondath's grain fields are consumed by the expansion of Anauroch, and the city-state is abandoned, its folk migrating east beyond the Moonsea or south into the Dales and beyond. Once Hlondath itself is overrun by the desert, Anauroch ceases its spread, much to the relief of those in Cormanthyr. Hlondath's people flee east to the Moonsea or south to the Dales and beyond.
330/Year of Roused Giants
  • Arun Maerdrym is born, the first half-elf among the senior noble houses of Myth Drannor; to the surprise of many elves, he is accepted by the patriarch and allowed to retain his name and position in the family and clan.
331/Year of the Cold Clashes
  • Elminster leaves Myth Drannor for the first time in seventy years at Mystra's insistence.
  • The orcs of Vastar launch an unexpected attack on eastern Cormanthyr late in this year, and occupy some of the lands east of the Old Elven Court for the next few years. The orcs spend the next years both solidifying their forces here and exploring the ruins of the ancient elven temple-city.
  • Kelvhan Olortynnal is born in Cormanthyr.
332/Year of the Crashing Steeple
333/Year of the Drawstring
334/Year of the Humbled Fiend
335/Year of Seven Stones
  • Ashar's March: Lord Ashar Tornamn, acting without orders from the Shoonite Emperor or the king of Tethyr, moves his armies north, reaching the High Moor by late summer. He claims the Sword Coast from the Moor to Shoonach for the Shoon Empire.
  • King Azoun I of Cormyr find trade routes to the west blocked by Shoonite troops demanding tariffs for "passing through the empire's lands'. Azoun orders the creation of the sword Ilbratha, "Mistress of Battles".
  • Aquatic elves begin to appear in a temple of Deep Sashelas in Myth Drannor and the Old Elven Court.
  • The Darkwoods Massacre: The fourth major foray by akh'velahrn forces against the invading orcs occurs within the Darkwoods east of the Old Elven Court's ruins in high summer. The battle is lost as the orcs surround over half of the allied forces and decimate them in their sleep; as the human guards were also among the slain, no explanation is apparent for their negligence. In all, more than 1,000 soldiers die that night, although only 100 of them are elves.
  • Captain Fflar of Myth Drannor comes to Semberholme for the next eight years.
c. 336
  • First reliable mention of the artifact known as the "Crown of the Mountain", then wielded by the mage Larbrand in the Tashalar.
336/Year of the Whipped Cur
  • Cormyr defeats the army of Valashar on the Fields of the Dead, then advances into Amn, Valashar, and Tethyr.
337/Year of the Chosen's Blade
  • The Magister Gelthin Hornreach is killed by the veteran warrior mage-for-hire Hortil Droone. Droone becomes Magister (reigns 337 to 345).
338/Year of the Envenomed Bolt
339/Year of the Vanished Foe
  • Human and elvish forces rout the orcs in eastern Cormanthyr. Instrumental in the battles is the human warrior Velar. Velar and his human (and some elven) allies resettle the land around the coastal forest. This area soon becomes known as Velarsdale.
340/Year of the Uncrossed Bridge
341/Year of the Black Wing
342/Year of the Cantobele Stalking
  • Fall of Athalantar to an orc horde from the High Moor. The dwarves of Dardath array for battle and destroy the remaining orcs with the unlooked for aid of the elves of Ardeep. The last Council of Illefarn is called and the green elves of that realm decide to retreat to Evermeet in the face of continuing conflicts with the orcs and the ever-growing presence of humans in the area. Moon elven Ardeep and dwarven Dardath strike an accord beneath Mt. Illefarn, and begin discussing a possible alliance with the humans. Their union is later known as Illefarn, to the confusion of historians.
343/Year of Fraying Blinds
344/Year of the Loom
  • Construction of the House of Stone by the dwarves of Dardath led by Turgo Ironfist begins in this year.
345/Year of Flying Daggers
  • End of the Tiiraklar Dynasty, beginning of the Tornamn Dynasty.
  • Kallos (324 to 380), 3rd nephew of Karaj II, King of Tethyr and Tethyrian loyalist.
  • The Magister Hortil Droone is killed in spellbattle with the sorceress Phambra "The Laughing Doom" Chalyphar. Mystra transforms Hortil into the Crown of the Undying Flame, a royal crown of Westgate, and Phambra becomes Magister (reigns for six months in 345).
  • The Magister Phambra is killed in spellbattle with Arghorst "The Tall" Talandor. Arghorst becomes Magister (reigns 345 to 404).
346/Year of Blushing Stars
  • Seven senior and junior akh-velarhn officers (five gold, two moon elven) are exiled from Myth Drannor and Cormanthyr after their court-martials reveal that they subjected their non-elven soldiers to barbarous treatment while under their commands, whether in training or under patrol conditions. The blame for the Darkwoods Massacre falls on their shoulders, due to biased troop placements, failures to maintain communications or deliver orders among encamped forces, and a willing sacrifice of non-elven troops in favor of elven ones.
  • Penitent over his failure to detect bigotry among his troops (especially his second-in-command), major Pirphal Faerondaryl offers his resignation to the Coronal, which is refused, as Eltargrim bids him to solve the problem rather than avoid it. Major Pirphal commissions the first three baneblades as weapons for his new lieutenants (one each: halfling, dwarf, and human); the blades are dwarven forged, the hilts elven-crafted, and finally enchanted by the human mage Demron.
  • Saeval Ammath returns from an excursion into the western mountains, and immediately sequesters himself in a House Ammath tower holding outside the mythal. While many find this curious, none suspect that he has found and claimed a dragon's egg.
347/Year of the Sage's Fervor
348/Year of the Dagger
  • Northkeep, the first human settlement in the Moonsea North, is founded.
  • A group of outlaws, fleeing the justice of Mulhorand, settle in and found Ulgarth.
  • Saeval Ammath hatches his foundling red dragon egg. Due to the many enchantments he placed on the egg, the dragon's shape is more similar to a blue dragon, though its tone is still red. Saeval names the hatchling Garnetallisar.
349/Year of the Toad
c. 350
  • Shoonish warriors battle on the Fields of the Dead.
  • Citadel Adbar built by King Adbarruns of Delzoun.
351/Year of the Dancing Deer
  • Yrlaancel grows with an influx of refugees and becomes Ondathel, Eldath's City of Peace.
352/Year of the Dancing Piper
  • The Great Fire of Alaghon.
353/Year of the Gold Band
354/Year of the Fleeting Pains
355/Year of the Mourning Horns
  • Shoon VII slaughters the unicorn herds of Shilmista to create his Book of Shoon.
  • The aged Grauth Mharabbath falls in battle defending the settled farms around Deepwater Harbor from barbarian raiders. He is entombed within Undermountain by his battle companions and grateful local humans.
356/Year of the Errant Kings
357/Year of the Pendulum
358/Year of the Battle Talons
  • Emperor Shoon VII fights the blue dragon, Iryklathagra "Sharpfangs", on the plains of Valashar. The dragon flees but Shoon VII loses his Staff of Shoon to the dragon.
  • Demron completes the first three Baneblades of Demron, and they are presented to their wielders amid great ceremony.
  • Saeval's dragon Garnet becomes known to the folk of Myth Drannor, as he takes to flying with the wizard astride his back. Despite much uproar, Garnet proves himself trustworthy and humble before the Coronal and others. Saeval's enchantments give this unique dragon a lawful good nature. The Coronal grants his trust by providing a means for the dragon and his master to live within the mythal, despite its normal defenses against chromatic dragons.
359/Year of the Awakened Witch
c. 360
  • House of Stone built by Turgo Ironfist.
360/Year of the Dusty Shelf
361/Year of the Fearless King
362/Year of the Greedy Altruist
  • Anglond, King of Cormyr (? to 379).
363/Year of the Opal Key
364/Year of the Selfless Knave
365/Year of the Swift Sword
366/Year of Molten Anvils
  • Construction of the House of Stone completed this year.
367/Year of Shying Eyes
  • Phlan is founded.
368/Year of the Bitter Smile
369/Year of the Maiden's Fancy
370/Year of Sleeping Daggers
371/Year of Emerald Eyes
372/Year of the Elder
373/Year of the Pacifist
374/Year of the Thoughful Man
  • The House of Silvanus is established on the isle of Ilighon.
375/Year of the Woeful Resurrection
376/Year of the Leaping Hare
377/Year of the Ghoul
378/Year of Autumn Drums
379/Year of Seven Stars
  • Azoun I (? to 393), King of Cormyr.
  • A septet of notable mages of Cormanthyr form an alliance and build the first school of wizardry open to all the races of Myth Drannor whose teachers were not exclusively elves. This group soon becomes known outside the city as the Seven Wizards of Myth Drannor.
c. 380s
  • Chondathan traders help establish the cities of Chondathan and Chancelgaunt (present-day: Saerloon and Selgaunt).
380/Year of the Guarded Stance
  • Nishan (345 to 383), 2nd son of Karaj II, King of Tethyr and Tethyr loyalist.
381/Year of the Broken Chalice
382/Year of Steel Roses
383/Year of the Quelzarn
  • Herakul (353 to 386), brother of Nishan, King of Tethyr and traitor/kinslayer.
  • Tales first spread throughout Westgate of a sea serpent haunting the harbor and sewers. The quelzarn, as the eel-like beast is known, becomes a nigh-legendary denizen of Westgate's underworld and the favorite subject of bard's tales.
384/Year of Dreaming Dragons
  • Silverymoon Ford built as a rope-and-wood bridge over the shallows at the bend in the River Rauvin.
385/Year of the Lady's Gaze
386/Year of Dawn Moons
  • Priam (369 to 450), son of Nishan, King of Tethyr. A Tethyrian loyalist who secretly aided King Silvyr's return. His sole granddaughter later married Strohm I.
  • Arun Maerdrym, called the Half-Elven among Myth Drannan nobles, joins the Harpers at Twilight.
387/Year of the River Candles
388/Year of the Simoom
  • The city-state of Al-Anwahr is founded in the heart of what is now known as the Haunted Lands of Zakhara, by emigrants.
389/Year of the Wooded Altar
  • Crown Prince Azoun I of Cormyr battles and kills Dima, the Djinni-Lord of the Chondalwood on a trade mission to the Vilhon Reach.
  • The sword Ilbratha, "Mistress of Battles" is lost in a shipwreck off the coast of Cormyr.
390/Year of the Half-Moon
  • Myth Lharast established as a "purer" temple city, with worship dedicated solely to Selune rather than the orthodox theocracy of Minsorran.
  • First Selunite worship in Waterdeep.
  • The Srinshee goes into deep mourning for a decade, as her first paramour (and apprentice) in centuries dies in a hunting mishap. Hereafter, the young-appearing Srinsheee never appears clad in any color brighter than midnight blue, black being predominant. While she and others suspect that one of the noble Houses had a hand in poisoning the bear and driving it into a killing frenzy, no proof ever surfaced and the matter was dropped.
391/Year of the Azure Cockatrice
392/Year of the Firstborn
393/Year of the Dying Bard
394/Year of the Herald's Tale
395/Year of the Narrow Escape
396/Year of the Purring Tiger
397/Year of the Swallowing Mists
398/Year of the Warning Ghost (NOTE: Cormanthyr: Empire of Elves gives the name of this Year as the Year of the Nightsun)
  • The Night Dragon's Attack: Five black and two green dragons assault the mythal directly over Myth Drannor, testing its defenses against them. Lieutenant Itham, as commander of the dragonriders, brings their full compliment of six good dragons and 100 hippogrifs against them. While all the evil dragons were destroyed, they also killed one bronze dragon, half the hippogriffs and their riders, and four dragonriders, including Itham. The baneblade Morvian and the command of the Wing and Horn fall to lady Ahskahala Durothil.
399/Year of the Frayed Rope
c. 400
  • The city of Escalaunt is founded by Unther.
400/Year of the Blue Shield
  • Northkeep sank beneath the waves by a horde of over 40,000 humanoids and dragons. The city of Phlan is leveled.
  • Chondath aids the cities of Chondathian (Saerloon) and Chauncelgaunt (Selgaunt) against orc and goblin hordes. After the hordes are driven off, Chondath keeps soldiers in the two cities.
401/Year of the Serous Fist
402/Year of the Banished Bard
403/Year of the Black Dagger
  • Silverymoon Ford becomes a permanent stone bridge with carvings of unicorns along its length.
  • Fall of the Barony of the Steeping Falls. The site of Morlin Castle is avoided by all nearby inhabitants in the region due to tales of terrible beasts, undead and other evil creatures said to lurk in the ruins.
404/Year of Withered Flowers
  • Last recorded expedition to seek a time gate.
  • The Magister Arghorst "The Tall" is killed in duel with Anaslas "Doomwing" Raldimmar, one of his pupils. Anaslas becomes Magister (reigns 404 to 407).
405/Year of the Blinding Locusts
406/Year of the Catoblepas
  • Galaghard I (? to 416), King of Cormyr.
407/Year of the Ebony Cudgel
  • The Magister Anaslas "Doomwing" is killed by the sorceress Eleedra Nathchant. Eleedra becomes Magister (reigns 407 to 409).
408/Year of the Goblin King
409/Year of High Eyes
  • The Magister Eleedra Nathchant is killed by the mage-for-hire Eldrus Wands. Wands becomes Magister (reigns 409 to 516).
410/Year of the Sun Crystal
411/Year of the Wavering Shadow
412/Year of the Burning Blazes
413/Year of the Beholder's Grin
414/Year of Omen Stars
  • On Higharvestide in Myth Drannor, Arielimnda, a human ranger, fellow Harper, and wife of Arun Maerdrym, delivers a human son. Since he is human, the boy is not allowed to bear the Maerdrym name. Arun follows an ancient elven custom and does not name the boy, allowing him the freedom to earn a name (and perhaps a place in the clan) later. The boy becomes simply known as "Arun's Son". His green elf friends call him "Bhin", meaning "young human" in elvish.
  • Ecaeris Aunglor is born.
415/Year of the Fiend's Kiss
416/Year of the Striped Moon
417/Year of the Brilliant Plan
418/Year of the Eagle's Flight
419/Year of the Hale Blacksmith
  • The small realm of Emberden is established on the banks of the Dessarin south of the Evermoors and its founder Arthangh, son of Mierra, becomes its self-styled High King.
420/Year of the Last Breath
421/Year of the Peerless Foe
422/Year of the Murderous Mire
423/Year ofthe Velvet Night
424/Year of the Ambitious Sycophant
425/Year of the Argent Shafts
426/Year of the Black Dawn
  • Arun's human son joins students of the Seven Wizards of Myth Drannor as a pupil of Mentor Wintercloak. At age 12, he remains unnamed, though he has a number of nicknames some elves give him: Biit ("garbage", used by commoner elves) or Zenar ("Less than half", as a nobles' double insult against himself and his half-breed father). His few green elf friends can him Bhin, a word for "young human".
  • The shadow dragon Aurgloroasa is born to Shhuusshuru in the Far Hills .
427/Year of Violet Fungi
  • Duar (? to 449), King of Cormyr.
428/Year of the One's Tears
429/Year of the Cat's Eye
  • King Duar of Cormyr defeats an orcish army near the King's Forest.
  • Mulsantir Illistine, a Chondathan mercenary lord distantly related to the royal family of Chondath, overthrows the last of the Pirate Kings of Westgate. Mulsantir's expedition is backed by a consortium of merchants in the city of Chauncelgaunt (later Selgaunt) seeking to improve prospects for trade with lands to the south and west.
  • Mulsantir besieges the city during the winter months, and wizards in his employ freeze Westgate's harbor solid with ice. When spring arrives and harbor finally unfreezes, the pirates, greatly reduced in number, flee the centuries-old port, and Mulsantir claims the throne of Westgate. As king, the newly crowned monarch restores Westgate's role as the preeminent port of the western Inner Sea. He does not accede to the commands of the merchants of Chauncelgaunt, but he does grant them very favorable trading terms.
  • One unintended consequence of Mulsantir's successful siege is that the surviving pirates need a new port to call home. Within a matter of months, King Duar of Cormyr loses the city of Suzail to Magrath the Minotaur, the most prominent of the surviving pirate lords.
430/Year of the Floating Rock
431/Year of the Hearth
432/Year of the Sea Princess
433/Year of the Rebellious Youth
434/Year of the Stallion Triumphant
435/Year of Willing Sacrifice
436/Year of Steelscreaming
437/Year of Silver Holly
  • By this time, all the rivers and lakes in Anauroch have dried up, leaving an ever-expanding desert.
438/Year of the Bitter Root
439/Year of the Child's Tear
440/Year of the Festering Heart
441/Year of the Haggling Merchant
442/Year of the Relic's Vigil
  • Ithlom Dhaunart pens the book "To Serve Fair Fortune", a narrative of his adventures. It is sold as popular entertainment in the Vilhon Reach area henceforth.
  • The Swarming: Huge numbers of kobolds emerge from subterranean tunnels in the region of the Evermoors and migrate south. They are attacked and destroyed by a number of swooping dragons who gorge themselves in a feeding frenzy that results in at least one fatal dragon duel.
  • The lands of Emberden are abandoned as a result of the Swarming and dragon assaults. The realm's people take river south and eventually settle in the farmlands around Deepwater Harbor. Their leader Arthangh dies of wounds sustained in fighting off kobold raiders and is interred in Undermountain.
443/Year of the Thousand Enemies
444/Year of the Infamous Wizard
445/Year of the Beardless Dwarf
446/Year of the Unblinking Eye
447/Year of the Awakening Treant
  • The Moonsilver Inn is built at the northern end of Silverymoon Ford.
448/Year of the Haughty Fiend
449/Year of Killing Ice
  • Silvyr, rightful heir to the throne of Tethyr, raises an army and marches on Ithmong, capturing it. He takes the crown offered by the abdicating King Priam, and restores the rightful monarchy of Tethyr.
  • The son of Arun finishes his tutelage under Mentor Wintercloak and leaves Myth Drannor to learn of the world and teach it of the ways and magics of the City of Song. Secretly, he also plans on proving his worth to his father's clan and becoming one of the first Harpers outside of Cormanthyr and the eastern lands. He takes the only name he has been balled of which he is proud: Arun's Son. He vows to claim his place among the Maerdrym once he has earned a true name.
c. 450s
  • Shoon empire collapses in what is now Calimshan.
  • Many corrupt wizards and officials from the Shoon Empire flee to the Inner Sea lands, settling everywhere. Many of their ships are sunk by vengeful folk, resulting in hoards of treasure sinking into the Inner Sea.
450/Year of the Solitary Fist
  • King Silvyr of Tethyr invades Shoonach. After a ten-day of skirmishing and destruction, a reluctant truce is called. King Silvyr and Emperor Amahl VII meet in single combat in an area, where King Silvyr is slain by the Emperor's foul treachery. Amahl VII is killed by Silvyr's son, Strohm.
  • The Great Fires of Shoonach rage as the imperial family is killed.
  • Tornamm Dynasty ends; beginning of the Strohm dynasty (end of the Shoon Traitorum).
  • Strohm I (275 to 662), 1st elf son of Silvyr, King of Tethyr.
451/Year of Unleashed Fears
452/Year of the Rolling Heads
  • Myntharan the Magus, one of the many courtiers fleeing the collapse of the Shoon Empire for the Inner Sea region, arrives in Westgate, at the time ruled by King Mulsantir Illistine II. Before year's end, the Magus King is firmly ensconced on Westgate's throne, and his unfortunate predecessor's skull is affixed to the end of the Maguscepter. In the decades that follow, King Myntharan assembles the largest army ever seen along the Dragon Coast in his bid to form the realm of Mynth with Westgate as its capitol. At its greatest extent, Mynth encompassed the Dragon Coast from Starmantle to Teziir, skirting the northern edge of the Gulthmere Forest and the Lake of the Long Arm.
453/Year of the Lady's Palace
454/Year of the Glorious Windfall
455/Year of the Dryad's Dowry
456/Year of the Swift Heart
457/Year of the Unfurled Flag
458/Year of the Beast's Redemption
459/Year of the Blooded Dagger
  • Settlements at Silverymoon Ford, the bridge over the river Rauvin, grow into Silver Village as a logging camp is built around the inn and bridge.
460/Year of the Scorching Suns
  • The wyrm Hoondarrh, the Red Rage of Mintarn, is born in the eastern Sword Coast North.
  • The Western Emirate of Amin becomes the country of Amn under King Esmel Torlath (also known as Serrus the Great), an ex-Shoonite general and native of the area. Amn exists as three major city-states west of Lake Esmel.
  • Major droughts bake southern Faerûn and cause many forest and brush fires along the Sword Coast.
  • Demron of Myth Drannor is commissioned for another Baneblade, though this one is for the Spell-Major to replace the lost ary'faern'kerym elfblade lost a decade ago by Zaos Durothil in battle with the red wyrm Edallisufanzar.
461/Year of the Lissome Apprentice
462/Year of the Empty Helm
  • Within two centuries of the Opening of Myth Drannor, objecting nobles and crowded conditions force the Coronal to end both the building of new homes and settlements within the city limits and curb the N'Tel'Quess migration and allay the fears of his capital's Elder Houses.
  • Demron completes Faervian, the fourth Baneblade and the only one for the Akh'Faer.
463/Year of the Burning Sands
464/Year of True Names
  • While wandering across Anauroch, Arun's Son saves a trio of Evereskan elves from a phaerimm ambush nearly at the cost of his own life. Retrieved from death by Mystra, he becomes her Chosen, "As he whom magic, duty, and honor defines". As the Nameless Chosen, he becomes the first human ever to stay among Evereska's glades.
465/Year of the Dawn Blades
466/Year of the Burnt Spear
  • Deadly disease brought to Great Glacier by Treasure Hunters from Sossal. Hundreds of Angulutians and caribou succumb to the sickness.
467/Year of Four Winds
468/Year of the Bared Sword
469/Year of the Dusty Library
470/Year of the Merciful Shadow
471/Year of the Sundered Tower
472/Year of Full Cellars
  • A bountiful harvest year across the Realms. The halflings of Myth Drannor claim this year's ales were hearty enough to warrant a visit from their goddess Arvoreen in the warrens of Brewers' Havens!
  • Ulbaerag Bloodhand and his people conquer the settled humans of Deepwater Harbor, uniting them as one. Irrigation of the farms starts and extensive building begins around the harbor area.
  • A plague wipes out the city of Mussum. More than 75% of the population are killed, and the plague lurks in the ruins to this day.
473/Year of the Crowned Knave
474/Year of the Goblin Battles
475/Year of the Maiden's Tears
476/Year of the Raging Hunter
477/Year of the Owlbear
478/Year of the Coarse Wool
479/Year of Forestsfrost
  • Prince Imnel Torlath of Amn and his armies clear the ogre-held passes through the Small Teeth, reopening trade between Murann and Crimmor. The major battle-sight, once called Imnel's Scar, is now the town if Imnescar.
  • The realm of Teshar falls.
480/Year of the Winter Sphinx
  • King Myntharan of Westgate's attempted conquest of the entire Dragon Coast region comes to a sudden end along the eastern shore of the Lake of the Long Arm in the Battle of the Winter Sphinx. The Magus King is slain and his army defeated by a disparate array of forces assembled under the command of Lyonarth, a white-furred androsphinx from Nathlekh, City of Cats. Lyonarth claims Myntharan's crown, although the Maguscepter is not recovered, and the androsphinx rules Westgate wisely for many years thereafter.
481/Year of the Eversharp Axe
482/Year of the Blighted Vine
  • Delthuntle and Laothkund break free of Unther.
483/Year of the Soaring Galleon
484/Year of the Lawless Hunt
485/Year of the Arcane Image
486/Year of the Bleeding Altar
487/Year of Hidden Relics
488/Year of the Empty Hall
489/Year of the Foaming Tankard
490/Year of the Crone's Council
491/Year of Faltering Fires
  • Unnatural heavy precipitation falls all year long.
  • Cortryn is founded by Tethyrian and Calishite immigrants and a powerful noble family of Calimshan to restore the Shoon Empire's lost glory. Cortryn absorbs and consolidates the bulk of the former realms of Valashar and Meiritin while extending its northern border up through the Troll Mountains. Eshpurta is founded as Cortryn's northernmost city and fishing center.
492/Year of Azure Darkness
493/Year of the Ecstatic Priest
  • The drow abandon Undermountain due to the depredations of Halaster.
494/Year of the Ghost Ship
495/Year of the Listening Ear
496/Year of the Ravaging Dragon
497/Year of the Spear
498/Year of the Unstrung Bow
499/Year of the Wager
500/Year of the Flame Tongue
  • Citadel Amnur is completed and garrisoned this year.
  • Josidiah Starym mounts a campaign to recover the lost Soldier's Blade of Cormanthyr after nearly 800 years; he does this as way to prove to Coronal Eltargrim that the heir of House Starym is noble enough to marry his niece and heir. The opening gambit of this search sees a temporary fall of the garrisoned drow at the Twisted Tower, since that was where the Soldier's Blade was lost to Cormanthyr. Josidah and his troupe of bladesingers and akh-faern venture into the Underdark beneath the Tower, vowing to return in a century with the lost treasures.
501/Year of the Lost Bird
502/Year of the Crawling Vine
503/Year of the Galloping Gorgon
  • Fishermen and fur traders begin to settle within Silver Village.
  • Seven halfling scouts of the akh'velahrn destroy a large encampment of Moander's faithful near the ruins of his temple and his entombed remains. This septet becomes heroes of Myth Drannor, their deeds celebrated for much of the winter among their kin. Two of the seven also become the first halfling armathors of Myth Drannor at the bidding of Coronal Eltargrim.
504/Year of the Eclipsed Heart
  • Teth and Nethra declare independence.
  • Unther begins long campaign against North Coast cities.
505/Year of the Humble Knight
506/Year of the Opaque Eye
507/Year of the Rotting Pox
508/Year of the Stony Terror
509/Year of the Thunder Lizard
510/Year of the Unwavering Glare
511/Year of the Fortress Scoured
  • Most of the lands of Elembar fall to an orc horde this year, which is in turn destroyed when it attempts to sack the House of Stone. Elembar's capital, Delimbiyran, and the lands around it, survive the onslaught.
512/Year of the Wyvernfall
  • Orc Hordes rampage out of Vastar and other strongholds, engulfing many lands in war.
  • Turmish is invaded by a huge orc horde from the Orsraun Mountains.
  • The Coronal's Court receives the first of many visitations by spelljamming elves of the Imperial Elven Navy at Shadusk and Green Monachs' Glade northeast of the city.
  • Otaehryn Hawksong is born.
  • Esmeltaran is completed and established as the new capital for the kingdom of Amn during the second year of the reign of King Imnel, grandson of Esmel.
513/Year of the Blood Price
514/Year of the Elk
  • The aged Bellabar Huntinghorn leads many halflings of Mieritin north to join others of their race, so as to escape persecution at the hands of the Duke of Cortryn, ruler of the lands east of Amn.
515/Year of the Frivolous Exchange
  • Settlers from Ascalhorn found the settlement of Everlund and re-furbish the remnants of the dwarven keep known as Besendar's Blockhouse. Over time, the settlement thrives as human traders and elf merchants of Eaerlann bring prosperity to the town.
516/Year of the Haunting Hawk
  • The Magister Eldrus Wands dies of natural causes in the winter snows near present-day Hill's Edge. The archmage Thardon Ilvynner accepts the office of Magister (reigns 516 to 522).
  • Halflings of the area around the River Delimbiyr and humans from Delimbiyran establish the settlement of Secomber at the location of ruined Hastarl, once capital of Athalantar. The halflings send out a call to their remaining brethren in Mieritin to come north and join them.
517/Year of the Oaken Glade
  • Mount Andrus erupts in the Orsrauns; little damage is done to Turmish, but the orcs of the mountain are further decimated.
518/Year of the Pendulous Tongues
519/Year of the Phoenix
  • Sammkol Thistlestar, one of the two halfling armathors, is found dead on Gondim's Ride. While there is no wounds on him, later examinations find that his heart and lungs and other internal organs are missing. A culprit is swiftly found - a visiting necromancer from Cormyr - and an overzealous armathor slays him immediately without a trial. (The armathor is later well paid by House Selorn for keeping their part in the magical assassination of Sammkol quiet).
520/Year of the Quiver
521/Year of the Sea's Beauty
522/Year of the Unmasked Traitor
  • The druids of the Gulthmere send a delegation to Alaghon to halt logging. The druids are ignored.
  • The Magister Thardon Ilvynner is killed by the Shiertalan mage Morglord Iltriune. Morglord becomes Magister (reigns 522 to 577).
523/Year of Trials Arcane
  • Meiritin is abandoned due to abuses and enslavement at the hands of the Duke of Cortryn.
  • Founding of Phalorm, one of many realms referred to as the Fallen Kingdom over time.
  • Younger moon elven members of the Starym clam return from Earlann, Illefarn, and elsewhere to Myth Drannor. Their arrival restores House Starym as a social power in the city and the new arrivals usurp the House lordship, as its heir Josidiah Starym is absent on a quest. As a test of their renewed loyalty to the Coronal and as a stalling maneuver to prevent Josidiah's loss of status, the Coronal demands that the current lord Starym draw his family's moonblade, long held in trust and undrawn since it forging, to attest the loyalty and worthiness of the clan and its lord.
  • Lord Illitran Starym undergoes a Cleansing march, a three-month-long trek out into the deepest woods of Cormanthor intended to purify his spirit and ready him for the responsibilities of wielding a moonblade. Unknown to all, Illitran's trek takes him to the ruins of Moander's temple in the northern forest. There, he forges a pact with the imprisoned god of corruption and gains the power to cancel the moonblade's retributive powers against undeserving wielders and corrupt it to a sword designed to slay humans and half-elves. Upon his return, he easily draws the blade, "proving his and his family's loyalty to Myth Drannor".
  • Second confirmed sighting of the artifact known as the "Crown of the Mountain", in the Underdark near Chessenta.
  • The Vastan city-state of Proeskampalar is re-named Procampur.
  • The elves of Ardeep and the dwarves of Dardath invite the humans and gnomes of the region, as well as displaced halflings from Mieritin to the Council of Axe and Arrow at the Laughing Hollow. Phalorm, the Realm of Three Crowns, is established. A minor moon elf branch of the Starym clan and other xenophobic elves abandon Ardeep for Myth Drannor in disgust.
524/Year of the Arcane Cabal
525/Year of the Cracked Bell
  • Hachaam Selorn is born.
526/Year of the Besieged Keep
527/Year of the Tatters
  • Hlondeth is invaded through its sewers and attacked by kobolds. The city falls, except for the walls of House Extaminos. The kobolds are repulsed by Extaminos' serpents.
  • Growing bored of his duties and of grasping, petty human mages, the Magister Morglord asks Mystras for release from his office. She agrees, and Morglord is transformed into a sentient gate. The mage Tsjancy Yildree accepts the office of Magister (reigns 528 to 531).
528/Year of the Burning Sky
  • The Howltusk orc horde marches on Phalorm from the Trollmoors and is met by scouts of the armies of Phalorm in the hills south of the ruined Halls of the Hunting Axe. The orc horde pursues the mounted warriors of Phalorm and is cunningly led to the House of Stone where it is utterly destroyed by the defenders of that fortress. The human King Javilarhh "the Dark" Snowsword is slain whilst leading the force that draws the orc horde to its doom.
529/Year of the Evening Tree
530/Year of the Gluttonous Otyugh
531/Year of the Lily
  • The Magister Tsjancy Yildree is killed in spellbattle with the mage Urboltar Highymhelver. Urboltar becomes Magister (reigns 531 to 537).
532/Year of the Perceptive Judge
533/Year of the Shattered Manacles
534/Year of the Spitting Viper
535/Year of the Upright Man
  • Milvarn founded with the settlement of Milvarune by Aubayreer the Mage-King.
536/Year of the Laughing Lich
  • Hlontar, the realm of Alokkair the Wizard-King, is forged out of remnants of Teshar and the Netherese survivor states.
537/Year of the Basilisk
  • The now-mad Magister Urboltar Highymhelver is killed by the mage Tyvbolt Arsurath. Tyvbolt becomes Magister (reigns 537 to 544).
538/Year of the Amethyst Axe
  • Bryntarth I (? to 581), King of Cormyr.
539/Year of the Borrowed Crown
  • Tellshyll the Aged becomes the first known wizard to live in Silverymoon.
540/Year of the Colorful Costume
541/Year of the Etched Chevron
542/Year of the Grasping Claw
543/Year of the Lyre
544/Year of the Killing Rose
  • After besting a pair of red dragons and a treacherous assisstant, the Magister Tyvbolt Arsurath is killed by the mage Annath Sunfall. Annath becomes Magister (reigns 544 to 576).
545/Year of the Pernicon
  • Reinhar, a great warchief, rises to lead the Arkaiuns of Dambrath. The Arkaiuns invade the realm of Luiren, conquering the halfling inhabitants.
546/Year of the Rusted Sabre
547/Year of the Simpering Courtier
548/Year of the Eloene Bride
549/Year of the Unstoppable Ogre
550/Year of the Zealous
551/Year of the Barren Chamber
  • Estagund is conquered by Reinhar I, warchief of the Arkaiuns of Dambrath.
552/Year of the Dead
553/Year of the Gnashing Tooth
554/Year of Waving Wheat
  • Purskul is founded as an Amnian granary clearinghouse and caravan stop.
555/Year of Dances Perilous
  • Ondathel's High Mages recreate their city once again as Myth Ondath upon raising a mythal.
  • Ecmane Truesilver is born in Suzail and his parents arrive in Myth Drannor by the year's end.
556/Year of the Green Man
557/Year of the Melding
  • An army of hobgoblins marches north from the forests south of the Serpent Hills and devastates the dwarven Duchy of Hunnabar centred on the underground city of Kanaglym near present-day Dragonspear Castle. Gathering its strength, Phalorm marches two armies south and destoys the hobgoblins at the twin battles of Notched Axes and Blunted Fangs. The elven King Ruardh Lightshiver is slain whilst leading Phalorm's armies.
558/Year of the Mithral Eagle
  • Amn begins external trading.
559/Year of the Scarlet Dagger
560/Year of the Unknown Truth
561/Year of the Three Setting Suns
  • The Guild of Naturalists (the "Beast-Tamers") forms in Myth Drannor and builds its hall within two years.
562/Year of the Waking Feyr
563/Year of the Sable Basilisk
564/Year of the Brandished Axe
565/Year of the Encrusted Pendant
566/Year of the Ghasts
567/Year of the Martyr
568/Year of the Pernicious Hauberk
  • The armies of Phalorm march north and west out of the kingdom to aid the realm of Yarlith, which is under attack from an orc horde led by frost giant named Horthgar. The warriors of Phalorm arrive unexpectedly on the battlefield and lead Yarlith's sorely pressed foresters to a great victory at the battle of Silent Arrows. The elven King Ellatharion of Phalorm pledges his kingdom's aid if Yarlith should ever be attacked again.
569/Year of Tumbled Bones
  • Fall of Hlontar and the disappearance and presumed death of Alokkair the Wizard-King.
  • Ecmane Truesilver becomes an apprentice of Deynriir the Silver Sorcerer. Unknown to to him at the time, Ecmane also secretly becomes an acolyte of Windsong Tower under his moonelven tutor.
c. 570
  • First mention of Olothontor, the Minstrel Wyrm, in trail-lore books of the North.
570/Year of Bright Fangs
  • Iymrith "The Dragon of Statues" is first mentioned in an adventurer's journals.
  • The young blue dragon Olothontor attacks traders encamped in the present-day Rat Hills.
571/Year of the Scholar
572/Year of Writhing Darkness
  • The orcish realm of Vastar falls into chaos with the death of Ologh the Overking at the claws of the black wyrm Iyrauroth.
  • Zoar Moonflower is born in Semberholme.
  • The Runemistress, Shyressa, becomes a vampire.
573/Year of the Sable Spider
574/Year of the Gored Griffon
  • Once Vastar destabilized, orcish populations began to rise in northeastern Cormanthyr. In preparation, Pirphal commissioned Demron for a fifth magical blade to serve as the Baneblade for the Arms-Major of the Akh'Velahrn. In this year Dragathil is finished.
  • Silver Village grows to become Silverymoon and is one of the few thriving trading posts in the North; Bynan "Two-Axes" Oakfeller becomes the first mayor.
575/Year of the Breaching Bulette
  • Keczulla, a mining town, is founded by the Keczull family during the height of local gold fever.
  • Thennaris Trollbann discovers the secrets of the "Pyramid of Magar's Hill".
576/Year of the Sunless Passage
  • The Magister Annath Sunfall, disillusioned with the failures of his experiments, renounces Mystra and all magic. He is stripped of the office of Magister. The half-elven sage Alvaerele "The Silent Chosen" Tasundrym becomes Magister (reigns 576 to 592).
  • King Thorodil of Impiltur orders the "Great Muster", a huge military inventory and cataloging of the realm.
  • The Red Pony and Golden Eagle Uthgardt tribes vanish into the Underdark after discovering a passage beneath the One Stone ancestor mound.
577/Year of the Alabaster Mounds
578/Year of the Floating Fish
579/Year of the Cultured Rake
  • The dwarven King of Phalorm, Torghatar blood of Bharaun, falls to duergar assassins whilst on his way to answer a false call for aid in the vicinity of present-day Ironford.
580/Year of Loose Coins
  • Ecamane Truesilver becomes one of the first humans to learn of the Quess'Ar'Teranthvar and gain knowledge from it. After ten months of meditation with the artifact, Ecamane leaves Windsong Tower, his hair prematurely white due to the magics and wisdom he gained from the transformed Nether Scrolls.
  • The Orc-King Grimmerfang claims the throne of Vastar after defeating his rivals, and ends the wars among the orcs for a time.
581/Year of the Harried Harpies
  • After a hunting accident, the mayor's post of Silverymoon is turned over to Bynan "Son-Axe" Oakfeller, ranger and son of the first mayor.
582/Year of the Deep Wound
  • The magical blade Ilbratha appears in the hands of Tarag, a merrow chieftan who uses it to carve the two Axe Kingdoms of Khuur and Nmaulk.
583/Year of the Furled Sail
584/Year of the Juggernaut
585/Year of the Ogling Beholder
586/Year of the Night's Dying
587/Year of Radiant Rods
  • Mayor Bynan's younger sister, Tara, leaves Silverymoon to travel the North and becomes a ranger.
588/Year of Dragons Dawning
  • Ecamane Truesilver leaves Myth Drannor with comrades and pupils of his own to restore proper studies of magic to the Savage North and redeem the ill deeds of the Netherese archwizards of the past.
589/Year of the Splintered Oak
590/Year of the Turning Leaf
  • Arms-Major Pirphal dies with most of his patrol in the western forest, victims of the black dragon Mrinabnahor. Dragathil is lost to the elves for the next four centuries, as the wyrm steals it away for its mountain hoard west of the Dragon Sea.
  • Myth Glaurach is established as a wizardly mythal is raised over the Eaerlanni city of Glaurachyndaar by elven and human wizards from Ascalhorn, Eaerlann, Evereska, Silverymoon and Myth Drannor.
591/Year of Silver Streams
  • Oakengrove Abbey, a human stronghold dedicated to Silvanus, is founded roughly 70 miles west of the Standing Stone.
  • Cassius Durind, a popular, level-headed farmer, becomes Mayor of Silverymoon upon the retiring of Bynan "Son-Axe".
592/Year of the Supreme Duelist
  • Growing weary of being Magister, Alvaerle Tasundrym is made a Chosen by Mystra. Ozgor "The Black Scourge" Hyelvel accepts the office of Magister (reigns 592 to 601).
  • Troll forces from the Troll Hills attack the south-western borders of Phalorm in force this year and do great damage before they are scattered and slain at the battle of Burning Leaves. The dwarves of the Duchy of Hunnabar are too few to retain their holdings in the area around present-day Dragonspear Castle and over the next decade relocate to the Duchy of Dardath to the north.
593/Year of the Yellow Locus
594/Year of the Couched Spear
c. 595
  • Jander Sunstar began traveling the Realms.
595/Year of the Coven
596/Year of the Flightless Eagle
597/Year of the Hungry Anelace
598/Year of the Pauper
599/Year of the Scourged Fool
c. 600
  • Bunko Battlehammer leads 13,000 dwarves to Mithril mines.
  • Clan Ironshield leaves Andalbruin and founds the city of Settlestone.
  • At this time, little remains of the dwarven realm of Delzoun.
  • Open sea travel becomes common in the Inner Sea with the development of better ships to sail farther from the coasts. Trade lanes established within twenty-five years.
600/Year of Fire and Frost
  • The red dragon Hoondarrh attacks and slays all of the members of an expedition into the Spine of the World, thereby gaining himself the magical gem known as the Ongild.
  • Minsorran's four cities are mysteriously abandoned after being snowbound by a freak midwinter blizzard.
601/Year of the Desolate Warrior
  • The Magister Ozgor "The Black Scourge" is killed in spellbattle with the adventurer-mage Velgorn Kataclath. Velgorn becomes Magister (reigns 601 to 607).
602/Year of the Glimmering Sea
603/Year of Frigid Ghosts
  • The red dragon Hoondarrh slays the white dragon Naroun the Great White Ghost in a battle high above the peaks north of the Cold Coast.
604/Year of the Immured Imp
  • Mayor Durind of Silverymoon is found beheaded under mysterious circumstances. Torus, a rich cattle-and-sheep merchant with much local influence, buys the mayorship.
  • An orc horde marches down the Unicorn Run from the depths of the High Forest and lays siege to Secomber. Gathering its forces swiftly, the armies of Phalorm converge on that settlement and beat back the orcs with great loss. The elven King Ellatharion of Phalorm and a contingent of elves and halflings pursue the retreating orcs into the High Forest and are never seen again.
605/Year of Many Serpents
  • More than twelve mysterious deaths occur in Silverymoon or in the forests around it, including the burning of the Oakfeller estate and the deaths of Bynan, his wife, and four children.
606/Year of the Kindly Lich
  • Tara "Two-Blades" Oakfeller returns to Silverymoon to discover her family dead. She reveals the culprit is Mayor Torus, who was killing off any financial or political rivals by sacrificing them to dark gods. Tara kills "the Butcher Mayor" and is elected mayor herself.
607/Year of the Crystal Vambrace
  • Weary of the strife and destruction that accompanied his years in office, the Magister Velgorn Kataclath petitions Mystra for release. She agrees, and he is transformed into the artifact known as the "Haunted Flagon".
  • Velomar "The Roaring Mage" Dauntcastle becomes Magister (reigns 607 to 612).
608/Year of Failed Daggers
609/Year of Old Bones
610/Year of the Spellfire
  • Dwarves conquer the lands of the Vast, overcoming Grimmerfang and his orcs, and they found the Realm of Glimmering Swords.
611/Year of the Normiir
  • Draxius (? to 643), King of Cormyr.
  • Amlaruil Moonflower is born on Evermeet.
  • Low cobblestone defensive walls are erected along the northern trail leading to Silverymoon, replacing a section of the wooded palisades.
  • The rampaging Everhorde erupts from the Spine of the World and engulfs the North. Illusk is one of the first settlements to fall to this huge orc army and is left in total ruin save for the Host Tower of the Arcane whose magical defences render it impervious to physical harm.The horde then assaults the realm of Yarlith. The armies of Phalorm march north but are too late to prevent Yarlith's fall. They do succeed however in raising the siege of the independent trading city of Neverwinter, thanks to the aid of Palarandusk the Sun Dragon, and for the next year, in pitched battle after pitched battle, the warriors of Phalorm with the aid of other communities of the North strive desperately to defeat this huge army of orcs.
612/Year of the Jester's Smile
  • The armies of Phalorm and other allied settlements of the North led by the Helmite priest Helbrace, shatter the Everhorde at the Battle of Firetears, south of Triboar, at the cost of much of their strength and the life of the elven King Lathlaeril "Leafspear". The warriors of Phalorm spend the next two years hunting down the surviving orc bands that roam the area.
  • The Magister Velomar Dauntcastle dies in a trap, stabbed through by over sixty sword- thrusts. The Moonshaen sorceress Irithra Dawntanthra accepts the office of Magister (reigns 612 to 641).
613/Year of the Glaring Eye
614/Year of the Shattered Scepter
  • Hlondeth finally becomes independent of Chondath.
  • Nessmara, a lamia noble skilled in the Art who dwells amidst the ruined city of Illimar in the Gulthmere Woods, recovers the broken fragments of the Maguscepter. Once reassembled, the sentient scepter twists its mistress's desires towards its own ends: ruling the city of Westgate.
  • Eleasias: A great orc chieftain, Grunnig "the Red", unites the nomadic orc bands of the vast grasslands known as the Fields of the Dead, south of Phalorm and marches them north. With most of its warriors away to the north, Phalorm empties its garrisons and fortresses and sends an army south to give battle under the dwarven King Oskilar, son of Fauril. The savage fighting around present-day Dragonspear Castle, known as the battle of Sodden Fields, sees Phalorm emerge victorious, though her battle strength is sorely damaged.
  • Uktar: In the waning days of this year, northern-eastern Phalorm is invaded by the Horde of the Wastes, a great orc army originating in the High Moor and southern Greypeak Mountains. King Oskilar is slain whilst leading a desperate rearguard action to gain time for the armies of the realm, Dolblunde is sacked and pillaged and the House of Stone is besieged.
  • Nightal: The armies of Phalorm move south to succor the kingdom. The orc horde moves north, leaving some of its strength behind to maintain the siege of the House of Stone. The horde splits into two, with one army moving up the west bank of the Dessarin and the other marching up the east bank toward the Stone Bridge. South of present-day Westbridge, the armies of Phalorm meet the westerly force of orcs and give battle. Just as Phalorm's warriors seem to be gaining the upper hand, the eastern orc army charges into their flank and rear after crossing the Dessarin at the Stone Bridge. Phalorm's army is routed and flees west seeking to rally at Iniarv's Tower, a fortress of the allied, seacoast realm of Uthtower.
615/Year of the Lamia's Kiss
  • Hammer: The armies of Phalorm are defeated once more at Iniarv's Tower by the Horde of the Wastes, as the battle rouses the ancient lich from crypts deep beneath the fortress. The lich attacks both the orcs and the armies of Phalorm in his fury, and the fortress is reduced to ruins. The warriors of Phalorm seek refuge within the seacoast realm of Uthtower, hotly pursued by the orcish horde. Alarmed at the horde within their lands, the ruler of Uthtower beseeches the Iniarv to save the realm. With cruel humour, he unleashes great magics that cause the seas to rise up and flood the surrounding lands, bringing the realm to an end and devastating the armies of both Phalorm and the Horde of the Wastes. The remaining orcs flee into the Sword Mountains and the area becomes a large swamp known as the Mere of Dead Men.
  • Alturiak: The remnants of the horde laying siege to the House of Stone perish in a last, futile assault on that fortress.
  • Mirtul: The realm of Phalorm falls apart as the elves, sickened by the endless warring, abandon the alliance and take ship to Evermeet. Ardeep remains an elven realm in name only. The dwarves of Phalorm, their numbers greatly reduced, retreat to isolated holds deep beneath the Horn Hills or travel east to Ammarindar. The humans take council with the remaining gnomes and halflings in the region, and clear Phalorm's borders of orc raiding parties.
  • The Winter Sphinx of Westgate falls to prey to the charms of Nessmara, who has assumed the guise of a gynosphinx using the powers of the Maguscepter. Within a fortnight, Westgate has its first queen in nearly two centuries.
616/Year of the Ensorcelled Kings
  • The remnants of the realm of Phalorm are re-founded as Delimbiyran, the Kingdom of Man.
  • The adult shadow dragon Aurgloroasa establishes her lair within the Thunder Peaks.
  • A visiting wizard from the north, who identifies himself only as the Handweaver, is one of many individuals granted a public audience with the monarchs of Westgate on Midsummer's Day at the annual Commoner's Court. Despite numerous wards protecting the monarchs, the Handweaver's spells shatter Queen Nessmara's charms, revealing her true nature to all. The ensuing combat pits the aged androsphinx king of Westgate against the lamia noble, resulting in both of their deaths.
  • The death of the Winter Sphinx and his unmasked mate throws Westgate into chaos, disrupting trade and undermining the profits of the city's merchants accustomed to over a century of relative stability. Most expect the Handweaver to proclaim himself the city's next king, but the wizard, who many suspect to be an avatar or proxy of Azuth, demonstrates no such intentions. After several months of instability, a group of prominent merchants approaches the Handweaver regarding the empty throne. The sorcerer declines their offer, suggesting his most senior apprentice might be more suitable. Before the year's end, Farnath Ilistar has been crowned king of Westgate, and his mentor, the Handweaver, has vanished from the city.
617/Year of the Needless Slaughter
618/Year of the Seige Tower
619/Year of Orcsfall
  • An orc horde pours into western Cormanthyr and the Dales, threatening to overrun Semberholme and the southern Dales. The ballad "Battlestars at Tilver's Gap" tells the tale of the destruction of the orcs from Thunder Peaks by the combined Dalesmen militia and elven armies.
  • After a dozen years as mayor of Silverymoon, Tara dies from a fever. The town elects the popular wizard and sage Donal "the Wise Bear" Ethen as mayor.
c. 620s
  • The Sword Heralds of Cormyr begin their activities about this time, creating many extradimensional hideaways during the next century and beyond.
620/Year of the Mountain Crypt
621/Year of Nineteen Swords
  • Chief Umggok of the Granitefang tribe establishes a small but permanent orc settlement at the foothills in the Moonwood.
622/Year of Soaring Shadows
  • Donal "The Wise Bear" steps down as mayor of Silverymoon to return to his studies and the building of a public library. His suggestion of an elven comrade to replace him sees the election of Mayor Paulorin Felinaun, later known as the "Elf Mayor".
623/Year of Nightsilver
624/Year of the Journey Home
625/Year of the Torrents
626/Year of the Eagle and Falcon
  • The settlement of Mirabar is founded by the aged, wanderer Prince Ereskas of Amn, who fled the intrigues of his homeland over twenty years previously. Building upon the remnants of the long destroyed Iron Tower, the capital of the dwarven realm of Gharraghaur, Ereskas soon attracts many settlers from the Kingdom of Man and the cities of Silverymoon.
627/Year of the Bloodcrystals
  • Ecmane Truesilver and his nine apprentices arrive in Silverymoon. Claiming five goddesses (Eldath, Mielikki, Lurue, Mystra, and Sehanine) drew them here, the mages create a school of magic patterned on elven teachings.
628/Year of the Kobold Hordes
  • In Silverymoon, Mayor Artus Natek, a rich fish merchant, is elected after Paulorin "Elf Mayor" elects to travel west to Evermeet. Ecamane and his apprentices help rout a Granitefang attack against Silverymoon; this marks the first orc attack with no casualties suffered by town natives.
  • The Far Horns Forest shrinks to about its current location in modern Faerûn.
629/Year of the Empty Hearth
  • Chapter 18 of "Cormyr: A Novel"
  • The Silver Lady's Library, named after Mielikki, is established adjacent to Ecmane's manse; Ecmane donates his collection of rare tomes from Myth Drannor to the library.
630/Year of the Winking Jester
631/Year of the Lone Lark
  • The Granitefang orcs attack Silverymoon from both north and south sides, fighting across the bridge and actually entering the city, but they are repelled by the militia and the mages. Due to constant troubles with the orcs, Mayor Artus Natek passes the mantle of leadership to his army commander, Warlord Kieth.
  • Warlord Kieth is appointed leader of Silverymoon in response to constant troubles with orcs.
  • The crumbling ruins of Uthtower and its catacombs are seized by the old black wyrm Chardansearavitriol "Ebondeath". Ebondeath uses the ruins as a base to extend his rule over the Mere of Dead Men.
632/Year of Burning Skies
  • The Ice Queen's Winter descends on Myth Ondath starting in Eleint. The seige army of the Ice Queen is led by the lich Vrandak the Burnished, and the army is accompanied by magical winter storms that last out the year.
633/Year of Chasms
  • Myth Ondath is destroyed, mythal and all, by the Ice Queen's use of the artifact known as the Gatekeeper's Crystal.
  • After toiling for years, Demron completes Keryvian, the Arms-Major's Foebane and the greatest of the Baneblades. Demron succumbs to exhaustion due to his work on the blade, dying two days after the final magics are set into the sword. In honor of his work for the city of Myth Drannor and his magecraft, House Ammath and numerous other contributors fund a temple to Demron's patron god Azuth, which is built on and around Demron's Tower over the next four years. Once complete, Demron's remains are the first interred in the temple's crypts.
  • The Storm Prophet Tothur displays the Chanting Chain, a spellbook holy to Talos, in the Great Bazaar of the Master of Gargoyles in western Shaar.
634/Year of the Darkspawn
  • Warlord Kieth leads the fledgling army of Silverymoon and a cadre of mages to victory over the Granitefang orcs in the Battle of Brokenfang.
635/Year of the Soldier's Forfeit
636/Year of the Luminous Tabard
637/Year of the Silver Sun
  • Silverymoon elects Ecmane Truesilver as its first High Mage to rule the city; stone walls are constructed around the city's perimeter.
638/Year of the Menial Phrases
639/Year of Ire's Immolation
640/Year of the Fanged Beast
  • First mining and trading encampments at Zhentil Keep.
  • The cities of Ormath and Lheshayl come under constant attack from saber-toothed tigers until the beasts are driven off.
  • The archmage Tallrunner Tigris, later known as Tulrun, is born.
  • The Sword Heralds of Cormyr create an extra-dimensional labyrinth for the amusement of the jaded young nobles of House Auantiver and stock it with all manner of monstrous creatures.
641/Year of the Necropolis
  • The adventurer-mage Dathchaunt Sandrach becomes Magister (reigns 641 to 657) after accidentally slaying Irithra.
642/Year of the Sifting Sands
  • Nytholops takes the throne as Mage-King of Milvarn.
  • Sundryl Aeravansel dies.
  • Bellodar III, crowned king of Old Impiltur (? to 922).
643/Year of the Nesting Harpy
  • The wizard Nezram leaves his tower on the shores of Azulduth, the Lake of Salt.
644/Year of the Gleaming Gates
645/Year of the Costly Gift
  • The wizard Maskyr gains Maskyr's Vale from the dwarven King Tuir "Stonebeard" by plucking out his right eye as the cost of gaining the vale. Humans soon begin making their first permanent settlements in the Vast.
646/Year of the Tormented Souls
647/Year of the Wayward Heart
648/Year of the Dancing Daggers
  • Death of Baron Hurst Amadin in an orc attack on his High Castle west of Semberholme.
649/Year of the Bloody Crown
  • The dwarven Realm of Glimmering Swords falls to the orcs in the Battle of Deepfires. A number of dwarven clans flee under the earth, while other craftsmen and noncombatants migrate to Myth Drannor. Humans remain and fight the orcs to retain their new homes.
c. 650
  • The noted mage Rathdaen roams the Realms.
650/Year of the Falling Tower
  • Travelers frequently pass between Ascalhorn and Silverymoon, and trade opens with the dwarves.
651/Year of the Waning Sun
  • The Fourth Shalarin Passing.
652/Year of the Viper
  • Zaor Moonflower becomes one of the youngest officers of the Akh'Velahr in Cormanthyr.
653/Year of the Killing Blow
  • Start of the Ninth Serôs War under the Inner Sea.
654/Year of the Coveted Briars
  • Many druids' enclaves, both human and elven, are established this year throughout both Cormanthyr and the Realms at large.
  • Battle of the Haunted Plains. After their defeat here, more than 80% of all merrow in the Inner Sea flee or are driven south, behind the Sharksbane Wall. The remainder survive within the Hmer Plateau or among the ruins on the Haunted Plains.
655/Year of the Volanth
  • Three years of war destroys the two Axe Kingdoms along the coastal waters of the Dragon Coast and Sembia. The Axe Kingdoms of Khuur and Nmalk are the last pretenses of "civilized" merrow in Serôs (the Inner Sea).
656/Year of the Peaceful Seas
  • The Circle of Flames completes the Scrolls Ardentym this year. Akh'Faer scholars and strategists receive six incomplete fragments of the Scrolls, but only the Circle and the Srinshee have complete copies of them.
  • End of the Ninth Serôs War. Dure to merrow invading their territory and adding to their enemies' populations, sahaugin send massive raiding parties storming over the Sharksbane Wall. All this serves as retribution for the other races invading Aleaxtis, and that continues the Ninth War for another year.
657/Year of the Nine Stars
  • The Magister Dathchaunt Sandrach dies in a violent summer storm while experimenting with a ball lightning spell. Jhesiyra Kestellharp, an ex-apprentice of Halaster Blackcloak, accepts the office of Magister (reigns 658 to 667).
658/Year of the Dangerous Game
  • Rathdaen, a Cormyrean mage and Realms-wide explorer of note, arrives in Myth Drannor after a decades-long absence. While never a native, he is close friends with many practitioners of the Art in the City of Song, and remains as a guest for years at a time.
  • A gate is secretly established between the Hall of the Naturalists in Myth Drannor and the Underhalls of Mount Melairbode (Undermountain).
  • During this time, it becomes fashionable among the adventuresome scions of Cormyr's noble houses to run the gauntlet of beasts dwelling in the Sword Herald- created Auantiver Labyrinth.
659/Year of the Hunting Ghosts (NOTE: This Year is also known as the Year of Mages' Dawning)
  • Over two-score wizards from Myth Drannor and other parts of the Realms migrate to Silverymoon and begin establishing that city as a sister to the City of Songs and a center of learning.
  • Tallrunner Tigris travels to Silverymoon and High Mage Ecamane Truesilver arranges for him to be apprenticed to the Seven Wizards in far off Myth Drannor. The elves of Myth Drannor name him Tulrun.
c. 660
  • The archmage Maskyr gains his vale from Tuir Stonebeard, King of the dwarves of the Vast.
660/Year of the Morning Horn
  • Due to the death and destruction of the just-ended Ninth Serôs War, the Laws of Battle are drafted by the merfolk, shalarin and Dukars to avoid that kind of genocidal violance from ever fouling the waters of Serôs again.
661/Year of the Bloody Tusk
  • Height of Myth Drannor.
  • The Coronal Eltargrim of Myth Drannor, at dawn on the last day of Midsummer festivals, passes on to Aravandor, leaving only the Ar'Cor'Kerym, his Ruler's Blade, hovering in mid-air atop the Rule Tower. Aravae Irithyl, his niece and heir, proclaims a city-wide period of Mourning for the next five years. Thus ends the Sixth Rysar of Cormanthyr after 866 years.
  • Ogres from the Cloud Peaks and Small Teeth sack the towns of Imnescar and Trademeet, and nearly lay seige to Esmeltarann until stopped by the army of General Rashturl.
662/Year of the People's Mourning
  • Strohm II (520 to 735), 2nd halfelf grandson of Strohm I, King of Tethyr.
  • The mage Rathdaen dies peacefully in his sleep, to the sorrow of many of Myth Drannor's inhabitants. He leaves the Tome of Rathdaen to his apprentice, a foolish braggart by the name of Narsel, who fears attacks by jealous rivals trying to steal his master's legacy and immediately leaves for parts west.
  • The heirs of the Cormyrean houses of Bleth, Crownsilver, and Truesilver die in the monster-filled interdimensional Auantiver Labyrinth.
663/Year of the Baleful Song
  • Pyraan the Grim and Peridar Snowbrows secede from the faculty of the Incanistaeum, reducing the "Seven Wizards" of Myth Drannor to five.
664/Year of the Falling Petals
  • The Heir's Passing: Aravae Irithyl, the heir of the Coronal of Cormanthyr, and all of her personal guard are found dead under mysterious circumstances the morning after Cinnaelos'Cor. The Srinshee and the High Court Mages insist on maintaining the Mourning Days and add the funeral of Aravae to the solemn times while staving off a succession war among the noble Houses of Cormanthyr.
  • Everlund continues to grow as a rough trading settlement until elves severely slow development by formally and forcibly claiming surrounding lands and keeping them 'wild'.
665/Year of Ashen Tears
  • Due to political pressure amid his family, Taeral Olortynaal discontinues his long association with the Incanistaeum of Myth Drannor.
  • The wizard Narsel is slain in the sky above Ironmaster by the mage Sapphail who claims the Tome of Rathdaen from Narsel's charred corpse.
666/Year of Stern Judgement
  • The Claiming Chaos: The end of the Mourning Days demands an immediate decision on the succession of the Coronal. A claiming Ceremony is convened to determine the next Coronal of Myth Drannor and Cormanthyr. After 40 elves and the Rule Tower itself are destroyed, the Srinshee steps in, easily swinging the elfblade free of its perch. As it is brandished before her, the golden light of the blade crystallizes around her in a massive diamond-shaped energy field that engulfs and restores the Rule Tower. Finally, with a whirl of magic, the Srinshee, the magical field, and the weapon all disappear.
667/Year of the Austere Cerimonies
  • By early summer, the Council of Twelve now rules over Myth Drannor, crafting a new form of representative government. The city is without a Coronal for the first time in it's existence.
  • After the disappearance of Jhesiyra Kestellharp, the office of Magister passes to the mage Nerren Prentiyuel (reigns 667 to 669).
668/Year of the Telling Tome
  • Wizards begin mysteriously disappearing this year from Myth Drannor and all of Cormanthyr. The only clue is that all the visible gates throughout the city crackle ominously and flash blue lightning within their boundaries. (In truth, Halaster Blackcloak of Undermountain is abducting wizards at random and banishing them to the Underhalls.)
  • The mad Halaster of Undermountain begins abducting wizards at random from the environs of Myth Drannor and banishing them to the Underhalls of Undermountain.
669/Year of the Brutal Beast
  • Abarat the Alabaster, an elf archmage with a reputation for plane-walking, resigns as head of the Six Tyryl Towers wizards' school and announces plans to build a tower north of the city and Cormanthor in the western reaches of the Beast Marches (soon to be called Thar).
  • The Magister Nerren Prentiyuel is slain, along with his five attackers, in a spellduel. The office of Magister passes to the moon elf Filverel Donnathlascen (reigns 669 to 694).
c. 670
  • The monument to the dwarven hero Karlyn of House Kuldelver becomes known as the Wailing Dwarf.
670/Year of Many Floods
  • Entering the Vault of Ages for the first time in years due to an outbreak of drow within the northwestern forests, the Spell-Major Paeris Haladar finds it empty, the greatest and oldest treasures of Cormanthyr all gone!
  • Drow infest the northern forests, seeking to build a stronghold over the ruins of Moander's temple. The Akh'Velahr clears all the drow out within 20 months.
671/Year of the Shrouded Slayer
  • Travelers become frequent between Ascalhorn and Silverymoon, and trade opens up with the dwarves of the North.
  • Twenty months after building an ivory tower north of Cormanthor, the moon elf wizard Abarat contacts former associates for aid against a besieging army of monsters. Though some arrive within hours of receiving the magical message, they discover that both Abarat and the monsters are all missing, as are any external signs of anything amiss. Abarat was never found or heard from again, but his unfinished tower of pure ivory, thereafter known as Abarat's Folly, still stands as a monument of elf wizardry and as a beacon to adventurers seeking gates to the planes that many claim to have seen inside.
672/Year of the Angry Caverns
  • Many dwarf settlers of Myth Drannor, most of them refugee clans from the fallen Realm of the Glittering Swords, leave the city and move north to the southern shores of the Dragon Sea. They reopen the westernmost mines of Sarphil, known as the Lost Ways, which honeycomb a lengthy escarpment (known as the Scarp) that looms over the eastern reaches of Tailings Bay.
673/Year of the Covenant
  • The fledgling town of Hillsafar, named in honor of the dwarf clan of the same name, is founded by elves, half-elves, and humans on the western shore of Tailings Bay to trade with the dwarves of the Scarp. Some found this settlement to both keep drow out of the area and maintain some vigilance over Moander's Crypt. Within a few decades, the town's name is corrupted and shortened to Hillsfar.
  • Many of Myth Drannor's less-established craftsmen migrate to the new city in search of new opportunities.
  • The Covenant, an alliance of mages founded to enforce a peace between Delimbiyran and other small realms of the North, is formed. The Covenant seeks to build the collective power and prosperity of the Northlands against the future confrontation with the orcs and their kin.
674/Year of the Nomad
  • Soldier's Blade, but the Akh'Faer's Artblade, retrieved from a deep dragon's lair far beneath the Storm Horn Mountains. Unfortunately, his reward is personal heartbreak as he realizes that all he worked for is gone with the passings of both the Coronal and Aravae.
  • Josidiah does not take up his rightful place as Lord-Speaker of House Starym, but he does (by right of the elf-blade he restores to Myth Drannor) take over the leadership of the Akh'Faer and thus rise to a seat on the Council of Twelve. Josidiah refuses to discuss it, but many notice that he no longer walks with his magnificent cat Guenhwyvar, and some whisper he had to trade the cat's figurine of power for the blade. Of his 12 original comrades, only one survived: Onas Ulondarr, an elf bladesinger of House Ulondarr. Returning to the city married to Maira Shieldark, a human wizardess of Arabel, they bring with them four adult half-elf children (three women, one man; all rangers): Alupiira, Vaeala, Shaeia, and Rahsil.
675/Year of the Bloodfeud
  • The scandalous House Ulondarr, by openly accepting half-elves among the direct succession, suffers censure and much grief (and not a few attacks by mercenaries and assassins) from the other Houses of Myth Drannor. The attacks and social intrigues last for the next 50 years.
676/Year of the Gruesome Grimoires
  • Taeral Olortynaal returns to the Incanistaeum and to the "Seven Wizards", though they are still only five in number. Later this year, in a politically motivated spell battle among some noble elves and humans, gold elf students accidentally kill Taeral and two human students. These elves are never charged with the crimes, as they frame the only non-elf left, and the innocent Arlesn of Arabel is forever banished from Myth Drannor for a crime he didn't commit.
677/Year of the Resonant Silence
  • Hym Kraaven, senior among the "Seven Wizards", uncovers the truth about Taeral's death and is swiftly killed in "an out-of-control tavern brawl" by agents and friends of the now-rogue and obviously power-mad magelings of House Faerondarl.
678/Year of the Poignant Poniard
  • Lord Councilor Kharis Maerdrym and his hunting party, which included several humans of note, mysteriously disappear off the coast of Delthuntle during a Grand Hunt of a near-legendary greater quelzarn. Agents of Unther are suspected in the attack (as are some of Lord Maerdrym's usual political foes).
679/Year of the Scarlet Sash
  • Unther forced to recognize independence of the North Coast Cities. Unther never recovers from this long, costly, and bloody campaign.
  • End of the second Untheric empire.
  • Hillsafar is nearly destroyed by an army of deepspawn-bred monsters emerging from the tangled, treacherous Beast Marches to the west. The Akh'Velahr reinforcements of Cormanthyr succeed in dispersing the beasts by the first snowfall of winter. A small garrison of troops remain stationed in Hillsafar for the protection of the northern forests and villages until Myth Drannor's Fall.
680/Year of the Long March (NOTE: This Year is also known as the Year of the Storm Skeleton)
  • Many Chondathian mercenaries return home from the North Coast Campaign. Chondath begins to concentrate its efforts on fledgling Sembia.
  • Many human and dwarf stonemasons migrate from Myth Drannor to Hillsafar to aid that fledgling city in constructing its first encircling defensive wall.
  • After more than a decade, wizards of the Guild of Naturalists piece together the clues and realize that Halaster Blackcloak has been abducting wizards all throughout Cormanthyr in retaliation for their plundering of his monsters in Undermountain. The guild mounts a rescue expedition into the dungeon, which never returns, and they quietly end their sorties to Undermountain. Attempts to dispels or destroy the gate connecting their hall with Undermountain meet with failure.
681/Year of the Zombie Lords
  • Nezram's tower destroyed by the green dragon Chathuulandroth. Nezram's children are scattered or slain.
  • During the festival of Greengrass, Achveult Tattercloak, a student of the Seven Wizards of Myth Drannor, and his consort, Tlanchass, depart from the Sixstars intersection in a most spectacular fashion. The latter, who had long maintained the guise of a beautiful human female, revealed her true form by transforming into a gold dragon, and the pair then go off to the south and west.
682/Year of the Howling
  • The Masked and Mentor Wintercloak effectively disband the "Seven Wizards" by leaving Myth Drannor with their last four students, all gnomes. Their departure, when one of Mentor's properties (an old stone tower) abruptly uprooted itself and flew up into the sky, heading north by northwest, was surprisingly open. The Incanistaeum now lies solely in the hands of Sakaala of the Seven Rings.
686/Year of the Tainted Troll
  • The young but already learned mage Nezras arrives in Myth Drannor where he joins the Six Tyryl Towers to learn more of magic. The grand-nephew of Nezram the World-Walker, Nezras seeks knowledge that will restore his uncle's Unique Mageries tome to his keeping.
684/Year of the Sundered Crypt
  • Dwarves of the clan Tarynstone are found digging deep tunnels under Myth Drannor despite the long-held prohibition against such actions. Furthermore, some elf Houses are outraged that the dwarves' tunneling in restricted areas collapsed some nigh-forgotten deep crypts of the elder or long-gone Houses. Clan Tarynstone and its 350 dwarves, despite a cry within the Ruling Council for death sentences and an equally loud cry for acquittal, are exiled from Myth Drannor and Cormanthyr. The clan emigrates west into the Thunder Peaks.
685/Year of the Wraithwinds
  • Two among the eight senior officers and one junior officer spilt off from the other armathors of Myth Drannor to join the resigning High Court Mage and Councilor Shyael Ildacer to pursue a new course as the "followers of the Srinshee's dream", the Eternal Srinnala.
686/Year of the Unshriven
  • Nezras the Scholar weds the elf wizardess Raejiisa Sicafei after both graduate from their studies at the Six Tyryl Towers of Myth Drannor.
687/Year of the Wandering Sylph
688/Year of the Zephyr
689/Year of the Eager Executioner
  • The displaced Archmage Paeris Haladar attempts to slay Josidiah Starym with spells, vowing vengeance for his loss of status. Josidiah survives four assassination attempts but is nearly slain in an Honor Duel called to settle the feud. When Paeris seizes the fallen Artblade, he is found unworthy of its power and responsibility. Forever after, dead magic zone surrounds and permeates Paeris Haladar, making him a pariah to all within Cormanthyr. Josidiah reclaims the elfblade and returns to his post as Spell-Major with honor.
  • Matron Aunrae becomes Matron Mother of ruling House Nasadra in Ched Nasad. Her power in the city is nigh absolute.
690/Year of the Clashing Blades
  • Sakaala of the Seven Rings disbands and dismantles the Incanistaeum, the school of wizardry run by the Seven Wizards of Myth Drannor. She and her three remaining apprentice-students (two elves, one half-elf) leave for parts unknown after growing wings from their backs and taking flight. At last sighting, they are headed to the northwest.
691/Year of the Stricken Sun
692/Year of Crawling Crags
  • Tulrun discovers the ruins of the Abbey of the Moon, and disappears from Faerûn.
  • The Tejarn Purchase: Tethyr, due to financial troubles, sells the lands between the headwaters of the Sulduskoon and the Tejarn Hills to King Brinnaq of Amn.
693/Year of the Engimatic Smile
694/Year of the Ominous Oracle
  • High Mage Truesilver and twenty-one other wizards cast mighty protections and enchantments on the walls of Silverymoon.
  • The elven Magister Filverel Donnathlascen is killed in a spellduel with the gold elf Larongar "Firehands" Veverell. Veverell becomes Magister (reigns 694 to 699).
  • The first divinations and portents of doom arrive via Darcassan, the diviner of Windsong Tower. He tells the Elders of Windsong Tower of the signs, but they keep the knowledge from the public to prevent a panic. Given the climate of distrust and factionalism, this news is also kept secret from the Council, as it is uncertain where the threat to Myth Drannor's security lies.
  • The Circle of Flames and the wizards of Windsong Tower begin spiriting magical items and tomes (including the Scrolls Ardentym and the Keryfaertel) safety. Many end up in Ascalhorn and Silverymoon in the trusted hands of colleagues there (in the cases of wizards not moving there themselves), though some wizards take off with their secrets for parts unknown over the next twelve years.
695/Year of the Fanciful Feasts
696/Year of the Great Escape
697/Year of the Triton's Horn
  • Worshippers of Shar riot throughout the Sword Coast as the machinations of Lalondra, the Dark Mother, sweep away the power of the Sharran clergy overnight. King Davyd of the Kingdom of Man dies without a legitimate heir in the tumult. Kingdoms such as Calandor, Scathril and Loravatha are formed in the wake of the fall of the Kingdom of Man by nobles who once swore fealty to Delimbiyran. The majority of them lay claim to the empty throne of the Kingdom of Man but are not strong enough to seize power.
698/Year of the Voracious Vole
  • The gnome city of Dolblunde is finally abandoned this year after a bloody assault by priests and followers of Urdlen sees much of the small population massacred.
699/Year of Rampaging Raaserpents
  • The Magister Larongar "Firehands" is killed in a trap set by the beholder mage Quaervaxthanus. The beholder becomes Magister (reigns 699 to 705).
  • King Amarkos II of Impiltur and a host of mounted archers slay the great red wyrm Malagarthaul "Flaming Claws". To comemmorate the slaying, royal mages craft the blade Malagar, "the Burnfang".
700/Year of the Slain Raven
  • The forests of Moondale, founded shortly after the raising of the Standing Stone, are completely cleared by this date even though no living tree was ever felled by its people.
701/Year of the White Jonquil
702/Year of the Clutching Death
  • Orc raiders from the High Forest inflict great loss on the splinter 'kingdoms' of Delimbiyran, sweeping many of them away in fire and slaughter. The orcs are eventually defeated by the humans of Calandor, previously one of the strongest noble houses of the Kingdom of Man.
703/Year of the Shambling Ice
704/Year of the Emerald Citadel
  • The Ildacer clan, due to the internal machinations of the Ruling Council and other factions (specifically Lord Venali Starym and the Guild of Wizards, Conjurers and Enchanters), loses much of its holdings, monies, and social status in Myth Drannor. While the Ildacers lose all their estates, they move into and maintain four inns and taverns within the city. With the loss of Riirose, the Eternal Srinnala moves their base of operations into some old abandoned mages' towers north of the city, which are owned by another member.
705/Year of Watchful Eyes
  • Ecamane's final apprentice miscasts a find familiar spell and mixes his form with that of a cat. Ederan Nharimlur now has light gold fur covering his skin and the green eyes of a cat.
  • The beholder Magister Quaervaxthanus is slain by the human Almer Galarthund. Almer becomes Magister (reigns 705 to 709), but is horribly maimed in the battle.
  • The mages of the Covenant begin to secretly manipulate and influence the Uthgardt tribes of the North by means of their Art. By season's end, the tribes stand united against the goblinkin of the Savage Frontier.
706/Year of the Realmsrage
707/Year of Portents Perilous
708/Year of Bound Evils
  • High Mages and three battalions of Akh'Faer mages battle a resurgence of evil beasts and cultists of the fallen god Moander near the site of his fallen temple. While the cult is dispersed, numerous "lost spells" of Moander's clergy are recovered from the ruins by the elder priests and restored to use.
  • Three nycaloths escape their dimensional pocket prison that floated invisibly high above Cormanthyr. Their freedom depended on a "red dragon that never held malice or greed in its heart [flying] over the Coronal's throne". As Saeval Ammath and his adopted dragon-mount Garnet flew above Myth Drannor, they weakened the dimensional prison enough for the nycaloths to escape.
709/Year of the Earnest Oaths
  • The three nycaloths and their summoned yugoloth allies spend 29 months drawing together their forces amid the mountains and hills north of the Dragon Sea. In all, their army consists of orcs, ogres, bugbears, hobgoblins, gnolls, flinds, trolls, and an ever-growing assortment of lesser yugoloths.
  • Start of the Tenth Serôs War. This is the start of more than seven separate civil wars that tear apart the nations under the Inner Sea, putting nearly all the other races against each other, with conflicts spanning merman vs. merman vs. shalarin vs. sea elf.
  • The Night of Twelve Magisters: Cloning himself a dozen times, the ambitious archmage Zunroun Ilber of Calimport attacks the Magister Almer Galarthund on the 4th of Eleasias. Almer dies in the attack, leaving all nine surviving clones to become Magister. The clones quickly go insane and slay each other. The original Zunroun, having survived the chaos, is killed by his apprentice, Illinge Hardraw. Illinge is killed in turn by the local archmage Belmer of the Six Thunders, who dies soon after under the hands of his own apprentice, Turnrock Draether. After the night's chaos, Turnrock emerges as Magister (reigns 709 to 762).
710/Year of the Toppled Throne
  • Drow attacks in Cormyr claim the lives of three noble families of the realm. While believed dead, most of the nobles survive as slaves in the Underdark.
  • Full summoning of the Army of Darkness begins north of the Dragon's Sea, and they march by year's end.
  • A gate to the Abyss opens above the palace of Westgate, and a large host of tiefling warriors flee through it, hotly pursued by a small company of tanar'ri. Much of the royal palace is destroyed in the resulting conflagration, and King Thartryn Ilistar I perishes under mysterious circumstances during the blaze. Although eventually the fiends are banished back to the Abyss and the gate closed, the bulk of the tiefling army survives the battle, in far better shape than the city's own forces. Within a fortnight, the leader of the tieflings, Iyachtu Xvim, seizes the throne of Westgate and the surviving scions of the royal house of Ilistar are driven into exile. Once the throne is his, the Fiend King imposes his draconian rule over the entire city, a reign of tyranny in keeping with his claim to be the Son of Bane.
711/Year of the Despairing Elves
  • Late in the autumn of this year, the Army of Darkness overruns the mining and trading encampments on the western Moonsea (the site that will become Zhentil Keep). By early winter, the first incursions into Cormanthor have begun.
  • The Weeping War begins on the Feast of the Moon with the Northern Massacres campaign as the Army of Darkness engages many elf patrols and destroys many elf villages and clan enclaves.
712/Year of the Lost Lance (NOTE: This Year is called the Year of the Moon's Tears in the Pool of Radiance computer game)
  • The Nameless Chosen is transported to Silverymoon Pass by the Silversgate Portal in Myth Drannor whilst fighting the mezzoloth host of Cvor and is sorely wounded. He is saved only by the aid of Ecamane Truesilver and other wizard allies from the Gem of the North who destroy the remaining mezzoloths and transport the Nameless Chosen to Silverymoon for healing.
  • Beginning of the nycaloth-led assault on Myth Drannor, the Woods of Cormanthyr, and the Lands of the Dragonreach by the Army of Darkness. The Weeping War continues throughout the year, resulting in the deaths of many heroes and the collective Harpers at Twilight, including the Lady Dathlue Mistwinter. There are four major campaigns this year, and Myth Drannor nearly falls prey to the Army of Darkness. The Nameless Chosen is near-mortally wounded at Silversgate, and the Chosen Elminster is lost among the planes for a time.
  • High Mage Truesilver dies, but names as his successor Aglanthol the Red, his great-nephew and head apprentice; High Mage Aglanthol adopts the Staff of Silverymoon as his symbol of rulership.
713/Year of the Firedrake
  • The Monarch Mordent, an elven man-o-war, crashes into the Army of Darkness outside of Myth Drannor. The site of the crash becomes known as Monarch's Fall Glade.
  • The Weeping War rages on, though the allies manage to eliminate Malimshaer and Gaulguth, two of the three nycaloths leading the Army of Darkness. While three major campaigns rocked the forest for much of the year, there is a tense peace from Greengrass to Midsummer's Night. During this time, many Myth Drannan natives emigrate either to sister cities outside of Cormanthor or to Semberholme and Tangled Vale settlements; After more than 200 years, the Twisted Tower falls once again to the dark elves, marking the refounding of the Lands Under Shadow in western Cormanthor.
714/Year of Doom
  • Fall of Myth Drannor. The final campaigns of the elves and allies against the Army of Darkness see the reestablishment of Elven Court as a seat of elven power in Cormanthyr while Myth Drannor falls under siege by the Army of Darkness. With the slaughter of the army and cavalry, little can be done against the Siege of Shadow, which descends on Myth Drannor on the 21st day of Kythorn.
  • Battle of Burnt Ridge. Many of the city's mages fall here.
  • Lady Steel dies fighting the city's attackers; her contingencies trigger a massive explosion that slays many evil beings.
  • Druth Daern hides during the final battle and later emerges to ransack the ruins.
  • In Silverymoon, the group of allied warriors and mages known as the Seven of Silver open a gateway to Myth Drannor to aid in its defense, but they succeed only in allowing twelve elves and humans to escape. The Seven of Silver are immortalized by the bard's song "Seven Silvers Falling", sung by those wishing to commemorate a noble sacrifice.
  • The Banes' Duel: The climax of the war was the duel between the two final opposing army leaders. The Banes' Duel between the forces of Aulmpiter the nycaloth and Captain Fflar lasts for two whole days, and ends with the pair facing off in mortal combat on the 15th day of Flamerule. While neither body is ever identified, the magical blast that engulfs them robs both armies of their commanders.
  • The Siege lasts until the Final Flight in Flamerule, as the now-direction-less hordes of the Army of Darkness simply swarm over Myth Drannor's last defenders by savagery and sheer weight of numbers. Only 200 elves allies out of the 3000 who remained to defend the City of Song escaped to tell of the city's passing, among them, Zaor Moonflower. Among the casualties were Josidiah Starym, who nobly sacrificed himself with the destruction of the Artblade. His remains were never recovered.
  • The city of Delimbiyran and much of the southern Delimbiyr are devastated by a huge explosion caused by the magical backlash unleashed when the Warrior's Gate, in far off Myth Drannor, is destroyed at the Battle of Two Gates' Fall. Many of the surviving splinter 'kingdoms' of the Kingdom of Man go into decline.
  • The Nameless Chosen wakes from his healing slumber in Silverymoon and is introduced to High Mage Aglanthol as Khelben Arunsun.
c. 715
  • The civil wars of the Inner Sea flare again with the interjection of Myth Drannan refugees into the sea elven population. These migrations saw a sudden backlash of concern that the elves were trying to restore the 1,000-years'-fallen Aryselmalyr empire.
  • The Uthgardt hunt down and slay no less than a score orcish chieftains in the next five years preventing the formation of an orc horde.
715/Year of the Hungry Jaws
  • The elves of Cormanthor spend this summer and the next hunting down and killing the remnants of the Army of Darkness, until the woods are cleansed. This work takes all the magic they have, and most of their best warrior blood.
716/Year of Reaching Regret
717/Year of the Druid's Wrath
  • The young boy Rhyester, blind from birth, sees the dawn on the first day of Ches and has his sight for the first time in his life. By year's end, he and other folk faithful to Lathander have constructed a crude temple to the god of the dawn in Silverymoon.
  • Turmish is routed by the druids of the Emerald Enclave. The druids establish themselves in Ilighon, the Chondalwood, and the Winterwood.
  • End of the Dukars. The Dukars have remained outside the Hmurran civil wars aside from protecting bystanders and innocents and upholding the Laws of Battle. During this year, of which few facts are known, the Dukars slowly withdraw from all political sectors of Serôs. By year's end, the Dukars vanish, and their schools either disappear or remain mute behind massive, impenetrable shields of magic.
c. 718
  • Founding of the elven settlements of Lake Sember and Tangled Trees as areas to begin training their young in the arts of war.
718/Year of the Painful Price
719/Year of the Lost Lord
  • High Mage Aglanthol dies at the hands of rogue tanar'ri brought to Silverymoon by a reckless wizard wishing to open a portal to the ruins of Myth Drannor; his successor is the noble Ederan Nharimlur, named High Mage Catseye after his most common nickname.
  • Lurskas becomes Milvarn's new Mage-King.
c. 720s
720 to 1358
  • The Age of Humanity: With the elven and dwarven empires in decline, this era marks a dramatic increase in human expansion on Toril. The High God Ao opens Realmspace to races from other worlds. With these immigrants, came their faith in new gods. This era started and concluded on two prominant events involving the Faerûnian pantheon of gods, The Dawn Cataclysm and The Time of Troubles.
720/Year of the Dawn Rose
  • Gathering of the gods at the Dancing Place.
  • Refounding of the Harpers at the request of some elves from Elven Court. In attendance are all 15 of the Harpers at Twilight who survived the previous decade, including Lady Alais Dree, Elminster Aumar, Khelben Arunsun (once the Nameless Chosen), and Meil "Darkhunter" Araeln.
  • The sylvan community of Elventree is founded as a site for the elves of Elven Court to continue interaction with their allied races (since Elven Court now is prohibited to the presence of non-elves) and as a trading site.
  • Myth Lharast is overrun by evil lycanthrope hordes; the city is blasted out of existence by "lightning bolts from the moon".
  • With the Dukars absent, sahaugin rading parties slaughter the remaining sea elf and merfolk guardians and look to destroy as much of Myth Nantar as possible, though they soon abandon the city due to the uncomfortable nature (for them) of the mythal.
721/Year of the Hungry Pool
722/Year of the Last Hunt
723/Year of the Underdark Afire
724/Year of the Prisoner Unfettered
  • Turmish wizards attack Ilighon and are killed.
c. 725
  • Reinhar IX "The Foolish" reigns in Dambrath.
725/Year of the Shorn Beard
726/Year of the Dowager Lady
  • The blue dragon Olothontor destroys the adventuring company known as Glaerikim's Band after it attempts to lure him with song and ambush him.
727/Year of the Purloined Throne
  • Rise of Keryvyr. Unnoticed during the Tenth War, sea elves clear and resettle a portion of the cliffs above the haunted Plains (the Bay of Yhaunn off Sembia). Within twenty-five years, the settlement grows into a string of cities and outposts spanning the western cliffs.
728/Year of the Sleeping Princess
  • High Mage Ederan marries the elven princess Elenaril, one of the few escapees from fallen Myth Drannor.
729/Year of the Twisted Horn
  • The Black Lion, Sky Pony, Red Tiger and Thunderbeast Uthgardt tribes destroy the Twisted Horn orc horde as it masses at the headwaters of the Surbrin.
720/Year of the Jovial Mage
731/Year of the Visions
  • 2nd Great flood of the River Alamber devastates Unthalass.
  • Gilgeam orders a small group of his scribes to create a permanent archive of his triumphs in the Citadel of Black Ash.
  • The Ring of Eyes, a group of beholders and beholder-cultists originally from the Lake of Steam, destroys the ruling house of Cortryn and conquers its territories. The elves of Shilmista fight the Ring constantly from this year until the Ring's end in 757.
  • King Strohm II repulses the invading armies of Lower Tathtar, and the fallen duchy of Elestam is officially recognized as part of Tethyr.
732/Year of the Proud Father
733/Year of the Sad Refrains
734/Year of the Splendid Stag
  • Due to overcrowding, the walls of Silverymoon are moved outward to almost twice the size of the city at that time (and almost the walls' current location). The space behind the walls is used for garrisons and grazing lands for the cattle of the city. The walls of the Old City are left partially standing for people to use as partial foundations and support for new buildings.
  • On the eve of Greengrass, the reign of the Fiend King comes to an abrupt end following the sudden appearance of the Handweaver in the throne room of Westgate. The legendary wizard and the king claiming to be the Son of Bane battle from dusk to dawn, laying waste to a great swath of the port city, as sheets of brilliant green flame race through entire city blocks. The Handweaver never emerges from the wreckage their battle has wrought, but, although his body is never found, few believe the sorcerer truly dead. King Xvim emerges from the ruins of his palace bearing horrifying wounds and proclaiming a magnificent victory. However, the Fiend King's continued claim to Westgate's throne is proven hollow when he and his most loyal troops are forced to flee in the face of a host of mercenaries, who had been assembled outside the city walls while the conflict unfolded the night before. Led by Farnath Ilistar II, a great-great-grandson of King Farnath Ilistar I descended from King Belhendar's younger half-brother, the army marches into Westgate in the face of token resistance. Farnath II is proclaimed king by acclamation of the populace, refounding the Ilistar dynasty in the process.
  • Raulbaera "the Maiden King", a descendant of Ulbaerag Bloodhand, claims the lands near present-day Amphail and establishes a settlement there which she names Rowan Hold.
735/Year of the Prophet's Child
  • Strohm III (715 to 769), Strohm II's human great-great-great-grandson, King of Tethyr.
  • Ilbratha becomes the heir sword for the mer-kingdom of Eadraal. Rise of the merfolk kingdom of Eadraal. Selana the Peacemaker brings some merfolk back into harmony with Serôs as she founds Eadraal on the city of Voalidru just off the plateau. The rise of Eadraal does not end the war, as Eardraal exists for the next fifteen years as but one city, an idea of peace among all races and merfolk, and a line of noble merfolk whose drive to restore peace rises above all the chaos of war.
736/Year of the Gleeful Noise
c. 737
  • King Strohm III of Tethyr battles the remnants of Tathtar's fading might.
737/Year of the Purple Worm (NOTE: This Year is also known as the Year of the Winded Herald)
738/Year of the Gliding Man
739/Year of the Staggered Minotaur
740/Year of the Netherese Lai
  • Galaghard II (? to 751), King of Cormyr.
741/Year of the Shandon Eyes
742/Year of the Wavering Voice
743/Year of the Snowy Addax
744/Year of the Jeweled Aerie
745/Year of the Proud Menhir
746/Year of the Somber Dancers
747/Year of Stagnate Water
  • Flostren's Hold built at the site of present-day Zhentil Keep.
  • High Mage Ederan and High Mistress Elenaril of Silverymoon are blessed with their second and third children, a boy (Ederan the Younger) and girl (Lynnasha) who share the fur and cat eyes of their father.
748/Year of the Coin
  • Flostren's Hold is bought out by a consortium of Sembian merchants who are later known as the Twelve Lords.
749/Year of the Glass Eye
750 to 1369
  • The Fourth Epoch (Time of Tempering) of Serôs (the Inner Sea): This era ends with the Twelfth Serôs War, and is marked by the prophetic three great Forgers of Destiny; the rise to power of the tritons, the gods thrown into the sea during the Godswar, and the coming of Iakhovas.
750/Year of the Dying Dwarf
  • First walls of Flostren's Hold are built and Elephstron becomes Lord of the Keep.
  • End of the Tenth Serôs War. This war destroys the last warring remnants of Hmurrath, though other casualties include an ixitxachitl baron's plan to take over the plateau. Eadraal, having absorbed all of fallen Hmurrath's territory, is now the largest nation to survive into the Fourth Epoch, followed by Keryvyr and its sea elf allies to the west and the north.
  • By this time, construction is completed on the great temple-complex of Tyr in Phlan.
751/Year of Good Tidings
  • Zhentar comes to Flostren's Hold and becomes a Lord.
  • Cathtyr becomes the first Queen of Dambrath.
752/Year of High Treachery
  • Zhentar kills all of the Twelve Lords of Flostren's Hold who are opposed to him.
  • Thieves steal Aubayreer's Workbook from the royal libraries of Milvarune.
753/Year of Strife
  • Flostren's Hold renamed Zhentil Keep; the Dark Shrine, temple to Bane, is built. Zhentar and Lord Elephston kill each other in a duel.
  • The Goblin Wars: Mirabar is overrun and plundered by goblin hordes that stream south out of the Valley of Khedrun. Their numbers are thinned by the savage ferocity of the Uthgardt tribes who battle them day and night for the better part of a season before the goblins are eventually annihilated by the whelmed humans of the Dessarin Valley at the twin Battles of Muddied Shields and Five Arrows.
754/Year of Mid-Summer's Dreams
  • Zhentil Keep starts a program of expansion, erecting new walls and the first bridge across the Tesh.
755/Year of the Enigma
  • Construction of Castle Spulzeer begins. Keczulla becomes a ghost town after its mines play out.
756/Year of the Leaning Post
  • The first fisherfolk settle in Milvarn and the area that will later become Aglarond (mainly colonists from Chessenta). Velprintalar, Corth, and Indal's Arm are built.
757/Year of Lost Wayfarers
  • A Chessentan mage, Tashara of the Seven Skulls, slays the five beholders of the Ring of Eyes and scatters their human lackeys. She then wanders north to the Tunland, where she is slain by Azuth.
758/Year of the Scorched Sea
759/Year of the Missing Blade
760/Year of Drifting Stars (NOTE: this Year is also known as the Year of the Majesty)
  • The goddess Mystra, in the guise of the half-elven sorceress Elue Shundar, marries Dornal Silverhand, a nobleman and former Harper who lived near Neverwinter.
  • Amn conquers the former land of Cortryn, bringing its borders almost to their current state.
761/Year of Laughter
  • Anastra Sylune Silverhand (Sylune) is born.
762/Year of the Snow Sword
  • Endue Alustriel Silverhand (Alustriel) is born.
  • The Magister Turnrock Draether is killed by the Mulhorandi battle-mage Cauldyn Darthus Salanger. Salanger's reign as Magister lasted little more than a month before he was killed by Turnrock's vengeful apprentices. The office of Magister then passed to Veldrin "Bluehands" Daerivyn (reigns 762 to 797), the most dominant and effective mage of Faerun at the time.
763/Year of the Sharp Edge
  • Ambara Dove Silverhand (Dove) is born.
764/Year of Mistmaidens
  • Ethena Astorma Silverhand (Storm) is born.
765/Year of the Cowl (NOTE: Dragon Annual #1 gives this as the Year of Dawn Blades)
  • Anamanue Laeral Silverhand (Laeral) is born.
  • Construction begins on the High Mages' Keep of Silverymoon, completed 16 months later.
766/Year of Yearning (NOTE: Dragon Annual #1 gives this as Year of the Burnt Spear)
  • Alassra Shentrantra Silverhand (The Simbul) is born.
  • Construction complete on the High Mages' Keep of Silverymoon.
  • The Brothers of the Black Hand, a cadre of Bane-worshipping evil wizards exiled from Ascalhorn, steal powerful magical items from Silverymoon, including High Mage Ederan's Staff of Silverymoon, the chain mail Glove of Taarnahm the Vigilant, and Tasmia's Necklace. Their safehouse in Ascalhorn proves the Black Hand's undoing as it falls to wizardry and baatezu manipulations, and the Hand's slayers confiscate the stolen items.
767/Year of the Awakening Wyrm
  • "The Temptation of Elminster" ends.
  • Elminster comes to Silverhand Tower and cares for Dove, Laeral and Storm of the Seven Sisters.
  • Eresseae Qilue Silverhand (Qilue) is born.
768/Year of the Prying Gods
  • A disguised Mystra brings Sylune and Alustriel to the holding of Bluetower where they are raised by the Harper Thamator the Old.
769/Year of the Torm Cloak
  • Strohm IV (745 to 802), 3rd son of Strohm III, King of Tethyr.
770/Year of the Diamond Sword
771/Year of the Stalking Knight
  • Ederan the Younger, a ranger dedicated to Mielikki, disappears in the Lurkwood.
  • Rise of Naramyr. The depths of the Dragonmere off Cormyr becomes the new home of the sea elf kingdom of Naramyr, a former barony of Aryselmalyr. Sea elves resettle here after being denied permission to form colonies on the Hmur Plateau by Eadraal. Their best protection is the Haunted Plains, which keeps all but the koalinth and other monsters from their border. Alliances with Keryvyr also help.
772/Year of the Giggling Ogre
  • The Harper Hauliyr, "the Old Witch", takes Sylune to his isolated steading near present-day Everlund to rear her and train her in magic.
773/Year of the Aurumvorax
  • Rhyester dies of natural causes and is laid to rest in the crypt beneath the Lathander's Dawn temple in Silverymoon. Within a year, the temple is renamed Rhyester's Matins.
774/Year of the Scowling Duchess
775/Year of the Bloody Stone
  • The new walls of Zhentil Keep are finished.
  • The Uthgardt alliance defeats an ogre-led army of orcs and goblins that emerges from the Evermoors. The warriors of the Elk tribe fall almost to a man in a suicidal defence of Flintrock that leaves their proud tribe on the verge of extinction, and in time causes them to become little better than bandits.
776/Year of the Crystal Ball
777/Year of the Fortified Mind
778/Year of Awaiting Webs
779/Year of the Crying Sphinx
  • Folk begin emigrating from Ascalhorn due to the abuses of the town's archwizards.
c. 780
  • Jahorga, a realm that lay between the Nagawater, Nagaflow, and the Great Road, is captured by the High Temptress Endreira of Loviatar and turned into the pirates-realm of Endrara.
780/Year of the Broken Crossbow
781/Year of the Elven Fortress
782/Year of the Gentle Hand
783/Year of the Lizard King
784/Year of the Shattered Tome
  • High Mage Ederan dies of old age after a long and peaceful reign; his daughter, Amaara "Goldentresses" Nharimlur, rises to the station of High Lady Mage and becomes Silverymoon's first female ruler.
785/Year of the Manitcore Rampant
786/Year of the Moaning Gorge
  • The Battle of Moaning Gorge: The Paladin-Princes Essys, Araln, and Nord of Impiltur foil the invasion plans of the demon lord Ndulu, but at the cost of two of the three Demonbane Shields.
787/Year of the Rotting Orchard
788/Year of the True Believer
789/Year of the Flourishing Forests
790/Year of Bend Sinister
791/Year of the Sister's Battles
792/Year of the Crimson Thorn
793/Year of the Furious Horse
794/Year of the Grimacing Elf
795/Year of the Firehawk
  • Castle Spulzeer is finally completed south of the Tethir Road in the Purchase Lands.
796/Year of Gray Mists
  • Merrydale becomes Daggerdale following vampiric infestation.
  • Lower Tathtar and its capitol city, Dajaan, finally vanish when a plague devastates the surviving populace.
797/Year of the Hearthstone
  • Dornal Silverhand is slain by orcs and becomes the Watcher of Mystra.
  • The Magister Veldrin "Bluehands" lapses into insanity after developing a spell to link his mind with three other archmages and falls prey to a pack of wolves. The office of Magister passes to one of the mages he sought to spy upon, Kurtal of Sreve (reigns 797 to 886).
  • The Uthgardt's role as a human bulwark against the humanoids of the North begins to place increasing pressure on the manpower of the tribes. Within five winters they have returned to their nomadic ways and war on all who traverse their lands: orcs, goblins and humans, whether Uthgardt or not.
798/Year of the Holy Aspergill
799/Year of the Laughing Gull
c. 800
  • Sammaster First-Speaker, founder of the Cult of the Dragon, is born, though the location and exact date of his birth are lost to time.
800/Year of the Black Fist
  • Rise in the power of Bane in the Realms.
  • Drow influence in the now-Ashaba valley at its height.
  • Thentia is established on the Moonsea by three noble families.
  • Sealing of Myth Nantar. Mysteriously, the shields around the Academy of the Dukars expand slowly over the years since Myth Nantar's fall to sahaugin. Now, all areas where the mythal touches are made impenetrable by all matter and magic save corals, sea stars, and fish. For the next 500 years, folk will swim near Myth Nantar less and less frequently, given the haunting singing that seems to emanate from the mythal when touched. Folklore arises noting that the city is cursed, as are the Dukars, until they perform some penance for all the races of Serôs.
801/Year of the Star Rose
  • High Lady Amaara of Silverymoon announces her betrothal to Tilimarin Forestheart, a half- elf guard captain. Three days before the wedding, Tilimarin is murdered by a green dragon in the Moonwoods. Amaara slew the dragon with wrathful magics, and stripes of its emerald hide still adorn the borders of a tapestry that hangs in Alustriel's throne room to the present day. Called the "Weeping Lady", the tapestry depicts High Mage Amaara weeping over her fallen lover.
802/Year of the Patchworked Peace
  • Strohm V (787 to 832), 2nd nephew and sole heir of Strohm IV, King of Tethyr.
803/Year of the Reaching Hand
  • The paladin Mellethos, the "Old Lion of Tyr", gives the blade Ellendrin to King Nord of Impiltur.
804/Year of the Spreading Scourge
805/Year of the Unsung Bard
806/Year of the Warrior's Rest
  • The realm of Stornanter is established this year and its ruler is Laeral the Witch-Queen of the North. Realising the importance and strategic location of ruined Illusk, Laeral sees to the rebuilding and resettling of this city. After personally exploring the Host Tower of the Arcane and encountering the lich survivors of the Grand Cabal, Laeral erects magical barriers around the structure to bar entry into it.
807/Year of the Bearded Maiden
808/Year of the Crescent Moon
809/Year of the Boastful Noble
810/Year of the Dark Mystery
811/Year of Many Tears
  • Tulrun returns to Faerun after wandering the planes in beast shape. Driven to despair by the fall of the City of Songs and the loss of many friends, he becomes a marauding beast that wanders the North.
  • The Crown of the Mountain is noted as being in the Nelanther, in the posession of a priest of Talos.
812/Year of the Gem Dragons
  • Illusk is largely rebuilt by this year and construction begins on its defensive walls. Trade from the mines of Mirabar soon brings great prosperity to both Illusk and Stornanter.
813/Year of Widows
814/Year of the Harper's Apprentice
815/Year of the Heavy Heart
  • Elue Dualen, a white-haired human girl whose magic far outstrips her age, arrives in Silverymoon and becomes fast friends and confidants with the High Lady Amaara and her sister Lynnasha "Lynx" Nharimlur.
816/Year of the Laughing Swan
  • Malek Aldhanek, Court Wizard of Stornanter is assassinated by intriguing nobles. Laeral grieves for Malek, realising her love for him too late.
817/Year of the Deadly Torch
  • The traveling mage Mnethos takes the young Sammaster as an apprentice, noting the boy's fierce intelligence and fascination with magic.
  • Halaster and Arcturia create the vampire's lair on the Lost Level of Undermountain.
818/Year of Broken Locks
  • Mnethos the mage introduces Sammaster to the glory of Our Lady of Mysteries, the worship of whom Sammaster soon adopts.
819/Year of the Mendacious Page
c. 820
  • Wulgreth summons the first baatezu to Ascalhorn.
820/Year of the Roving Tyrant
821/Year of the Firewall
  • In Zakhara, a young man, Jafar al-Samal, becomes the first sha'ir.
  • Elue Dualen makes the first major expansion of the Silver Lady's Library, and she establishes the Lady's College with Lynx. This is the first open school for mages in Silverymoon that does not force students into apprenticeship with the teachers. The college takes payment in the form of service to defend the city with the army for as much time as they study at the Lady's College.
822/Year of the Wizard's Chalice
823/Year of the Floating Petals
  • Mourktar breaks free of Unther.
824/Year of the Copper Coil
c. 825
  • Sammaster leaves the service of his magely tutor, Mnethos, having learned all he can from the itinerant wizard.
825/Year of the Silver Flagon
c. 826
  • The gold wyrm Valamaradace is given the title "Dragon Queen" by the dying red wyrm Mairogra.
826/Year of Wolfpacks
  • The red dragon Mairogra is slain by adventurers near Everlund and confers her title of Dragon Queen to the gold dragon Valamaradace when this wyrm uses spells to ease the dying dragon's pain.
827/Year of the Sacrificed Fortune
828/Year of Alarmed Merchants
  • Nimoar's Hold rises at Waterdeep's current north end fortified by a log palisade. The city walls expand around the Hold and the city's perimeter.
829/Year of the Thessalhydra
830/Year of the Ambitious Proposal
831/Year of the Deceptive Tongue
832/Year of the Slow Herald
  • End of the Strohm Dynasty, beginning of the Mallorhen Dynasty.
  • Tibor (799 to 838), Husband of Strohm V's elder daughter, King of Tethyr.
833/Year of the Flying Serpent
834/Year of the Leaping Lion
  • Castle Greatstead (Grimstead) built on the border of Shadowdale.
c. 835
  • Sammaster achieves the status of an archmage at an age almost unheard of at that time. He wanders Faerûn extensively during this period.
835/Year of the Billowed Sail
  • The Eastern Forest finishes its recession to match its current size (and name) in modern Faerûn.
836/Year of Twelve Bells
  • Aided by Lynnasha Nharimlur, sister of High Lady Amaara of Silverymoon, Tulrun recovers from his madness.
  • The archmage Kartak Spellseer "the All-Seeing" is found guilty of the murders of at least 14 people around the Tejarn Hills. He escapes punishment and flees south into the Iltkazar Range.
  • Tulrun emerges from his madness under the ministrations of Lynnasha Nharimlur, sister to High Lady Amaara of Silverymoon. He spends the next two decades teaching magic at the Lady's College in that fair city.
837/Year of the Darkened Sundial
838/Year of the Unfettered Genie
  • Samyte (818 to 841), 1st son, sole direct heir of Tibor, King of Tethyr. He and his sons are slain by Uthaedeol the Blood-Drenched.
839/Year of Ten Atonements
c. 840
  • Sammaster's researches into the field of metamagic result in many new enchantments.
840/Year of the Fighting Sage
841/Year of the Hunted Elk
  • Baerovis (? to 862), King of Cormyr.
  • Alisande (816 to 847), Strohm V's daughter, Queen of Tethyr.
  • End of the Mallorhen Dynasty; beginning of the Bormul Dynasty (the "Queen's Dynasty")
  • Laeral the Witch-Queen of the North unknowingly comes into conflict with her sister Sylune. The goddess Mystra appears to both of them and offers them the mantle of Chosen. Embracing Mystra's service, both Laeral and Sylune leave Faerun for a time to travel the planes under the guidance of the god Azuth. The departure of Laeral sees the swift collapse of Stornanter as greedy nobles attempt to seize power for themselves.
842/Year of the Maverick
  • Duke Daragos Wolfstar of Stornanter declares himself Lord of Illusk and rules the city.
843/Year of Amber
  • The High Lady Amaara, Elue Dualen, Elenaril, Lynnasha "Lynx" Nharimlur and three other mages casting in concert create the magical Moonbridge of Silverymoon.
844/Year of the Midnight Sun
845/Year of the Ruby Pendant
846/Year of the Steadfast Dwarf
  • Myth Glaurach is attacked by the Bloodfang orc horde but easily repulses this assault.
847/Year of the Unmarked Path
  • Sybille the Great (832 to 885), daughter and sole heir of Alisande, Queen of Tethyr.
848/Year of the Vigilant Familiar
849/Year of the Black Book
850/Year of the Empty Throne
851/Year of the Jasmal Blade
  • Our Lady of Mysteries appears to Sammaster. They dally, and the Goddess of Magic offers to make the archmage one of her Chosen. It seems that Mystra has foreseen the death of a Chosen and Sammaster is to be her replacement.
  • Sammaster meets with the Sage of Shadowdale, Elminster, and learns how to use and control his Chosen powers, including silverfire. He leaves a year later.
  • Rise of Selu'Maraar. Protected from prosecution by distance and the abundance of surface-world fishing boats and ships, Selu'Maraar is founded by sea elves in the Dragon Reach area. Contact is rarely made with either the surface-world or other states of Serôs other than Keryvyr.
852/Year of the False Smile
853/Year of the Hungry Box
854/Year of the Indigo Inferno
c. 855
  • The elven sage Olaurae of Myth Drannor titles Suzail "the brightest jewel of Cormyr's crown".
855/Year of Cornerstones
  • In the spring, Sammaster first meets Zhent slavers. Many die, including innocent prisoners.
  • Sammaster enters an extended period of exhaustive research into the processes of life, death, and undeath, creating several original necromantic enchantments before again taking to traveling Faerûn.
856/Year of Thorns
c. 857
  • Huriot, the greatest Prince of Thieves Skuld has ever known, is captured and convicted of grave robbing.
857/Year of Forgotten Flame
  • Alustriel, using her mother's name of Elué, takes the throne of Silverymoon by the decree of the resigning Amaara; Amaara accompanies Elenaril on her trek to Evermeet.
858/Year of the Saffron Orb
859/Year of the Sea Crossing
860/Year of the Tired Horsemen
861/Year of the Exploding Owl
  • Sammaster meets and begins a relationship with Elué/Alustriel, Chosen of Mystra.
862/Year of the Snow Rose
863/Year of the Wondrous Sea
  • The Chultian city of Mezro disappears.
864/Year of the Broken Branch
  • Castle Grimstead destroyed by drow.
  • Sammaster's relationship with Alustriel ends with disastrous results for Sammaster's emotional and mental well-being.
  • Rysellan the Dark founds the Twisted Rune. One of the Rune's earliest lairs lies deep beneath Calimport in what was once an ancient drow temple.
  • Myth Glaurach is overrun and destroyed by the orcs of the Nethertusk horde.
865/Year of Flamedance
  • Sammaster meets and is befriended by Algashon Nathaire, a mage and priest of Mystra's enemy, Bane, near or in Baldur's Gate.
c. 866 to 874
  • Sammaster and Algashon travel widely, with the duplicitous priest's words turning Sammaster toward bitterness, resentment, and evil.
866/Year of the Blessed Morning
867/Year of the Cryptic Recipie
868/Year of the Endless Scroll
869/Year of the Final Price
c. 870
  • Kobolds become extinct in Tethyr.
870/Year of the Hooded Tracker
  • Adventurers begin to clear the monsters out of the Yuirwood.
  • Cyriana the Great Queen (870 to 922), 1st granddaughter, Queen of Tethyr.
871/Year of the Marching Golem
872/Year of the Moonbar Crest
  • Nimoar the Reaver conquers Bloodhand tribe, and he seizes the docks and harbor buildings.
873/Year of the Opening Flower
874/Year of the Roiling Cauldron
875/Year of the Stricken Star
  • Algashon coerces Sammaster into attacking his former lover, Alustriel of Silverymoon. Alustriel is wounded in Sammaster's initial assault and calls for aid from Khelben Arunsun and Laeral Silverhand, two more Chosen of Mystra. Sammaster is stripped of his Chosen powers by Azuth. Algashon saves Sammaster from death.
  • Sammaster, insane, embraces evil from this point onward.
876/Year of the Toothless Skulls
  • Warlord Lashtor takes control of Silverymoon after the High Lady Elue Dualen leaves her rule and the city abruptly, accompanied by Lynnasha "Lynx" Nharimlur.
877/Year of the Scratching Claw
  • Lashtor is deposed by the mage Tanalanthara "She-Wolf" Mytersaal, who is named High Mage of Silverymoon.
878/Year of the Two-Edged Axe
879/Year of the Winter's Warmth
880/Year of Unfettered Secrets
  • The first tanar'ri are summoned to Ascalhorn late in the year.
881/Year of the Brazen Vizier
c. 882
  • The dwarven realm of Ammarindar falls. Ammarindar's sister realm of Oghrann falls soon thereafter, and the survivors occupy the Far Hills.
882/Year of the Curse
  • Nimoar's Hold rises at Waterdeep's current north end fortified by a log palisade. The city walls expand around the Hold and the city's perimeter.
  • Nimoar drives worshipers of Selune out of the walled confines of the city.
  • Ascalhorn falls, corrupted from within by baatezu, and becomes known as Hellgate Keep. The mage Jaluster dies at the hands of the baatezu, but the bard Maerstar recovers his Orizon.
  • Refugee mages and others from Ascalhorn form a small tent city within the walls of Silverymoon. A starving orc horde nearly overruns Silverymoon, but the city is saved by the sacrifice of High Mage Tanalanthara.
  • The dwarven realm of Ammarindar falls. Ammarindar's sister realm of Oghrann falls soon thereafter, and the survivors occupy the Far Hills.
  • The Night Plague descends on Zhentil Keep, but are destroyed.
  • The elven realm of Eaerlann falls.
  • Moon elves of Eaerlann also come to Ardeep and re-constitute that elven realm. The arrival of the elves brings about a tentative alliance between them, the humans of the Delimbiyr and the dwarves living under Mt. Illefarn as a response to the horrors of Hellgate Keep. This alliance quickly dwindles as the refugee elves of Eaerlann withdraw from the pact due to anti-human sentiment among their number, and this shortlived period is a pale shadow of Phalorm. Sages however, in their confusion, label this alliance as the Fallen Kingdom, a name properly attributable to Phalorm, the Realm of Three Crowns.
  • The battlemage Kalgrathur Daycloaks seizes the Vilhon realm of Maurmurra (which lay between the Nagawater and the River Arran) and launches a series of conquests against his neighbors.
883/Year of the Giant's Oath
  • After a mild winter spent in mourning over the loss of their Lady Wolf, Silverymoon elects the humble Tanisell the Cloaked, a human originally from Ascalhorn, to become High Mage (the "Cloaked Lord of Silverymoon", as a popular ballad called him).
  • Wulgreth of Ascalhorn flees Hellgate Keep to the ruined city of Karse. The Dire Wood is created when he is slain by Jhingleshod whilst attempting to tap the immortal power of the dead god Karsus. Upon his death, Wulgreth of Ascalhorn is transformed into a lich.
884/Year of Singing Arrows
  • The elves destroy a large mercenary force in Sembia.
  • The red wyrm Hoondarrh attacks and kills the wyrm Skadaurak and claims his lair.
  • The dwarves of Citadel Sundbarr come to the aid of a group of human refugees, led by Prince Simberuel Astalme, fleeing the fall of Ascalhorn. The humans are offered a home in the abandoned surface portions of the citadel and over time rebuild and re-found the settlement of Sundabar.
885/Year of the Thistle
  • Galaghard III (? to 910), King of Cormyr.
  • Everlund survives the fall of Ascalhorn and is ruled for a time by Sarvukul's Swords, a human adventuring band from Tethyr.
886/Year of the Fell Firebreak
  • Wards are placed around Hellgate Keep by the Harpers to strip the demons there of their gating abilities.
887/Year of Fell Pearls
  • Pirate raids in force from the South attack tribes in Sword Coast. All attacks on Nimoar's Hold fail.
  • The first "translations" of ancient prophecies by the mad Sammaster are distributed, including his specious work on Maglas' Chronicle of Things to Come.
  • The Magister Kurtal of Sreve is killed in spellbattle with the mage Sharglar "Lord of Beasts" Dulrathran. Sharglar becomes Magister (reigns 887).
  • After a magical mishap, the Magister Sharglar is left trapped with beast-limbs and unable to perform complex spellcasting. He is killed by the battle-mage Kalgrathur Daycloaks, who becomes Magister (reigns 887 to 889).
888/Year of Twelve Teeth
  • Tothur and over 40 Talassan priests perish in the Struggle of Storms, a battle fought for control of the Talassan church. This struggle breaks the back of the Talassan church in Faerûn for the next three centuries. The Chanting Chain disappears during the battle.
  • The Chieftains of Gold, a bandit group led by the brigand Deckon Thar, establish a hold in the Nether Mountains between Silverymoon and Sundabar and begin raiding passing trade caravans.
889/Year of the Shining Shield
  • The Bull Elk tribe of the Dessarin sets Nimoar's Hold afire, but Nimoar's forces defeat them and drive them off. The Hold is rebuilt by year's end.
  • King Zaor of Evermeet ascends to the Elven throne.
  • The Magister Kalgrathur offends Mystra and loses her favor. He is killed by the mage Jonsryn Daerathal, who becomes Magister (reigns 889 to 902).
890/Year of the Burning Tree
  • A new High Mages' Keep and three new towers are constructed in Silverymoon
  • Many of the cellars beneath Hellgate Keep's buildings become connected to the sewers as the fiends attempt their first tunnels under the wards.
  • The virulent Bluebottle Plague brings an end to the Ilistar dynasty of Westgate, with the death of King Thartyrn II and all known royal heirs. In the chaos that follows, the Holy Council of Westgate is established by the city's high priests, who rule oligarchically as the Prince-Templars of Westgate.
  • The Blue Bear Uthgardt tribe is driven forth from the High Forest by the power of their ancestor mound Grandfather Tree.
891/Year of the Leaning Keep
  • With the influx of people from Ascalhorn and record trade years for the cities' merchants, Silverymoon is forced to expand the city's north walls to the locations where they rest today. All the guards' garrisons and some support buildings are demolished and rebuilt across the bridge on the southern shore of the Rauvin, with new high walls surrounding the Warriors' Quarter.
892/Year of the Open Tome (NOTE: This Year is also known as the Year of Howling Winds)
  • "One Last Drink" (Realms of Valor Story III)
  • The elven vampire Jander Sunstar destroys his vampiric master.
  • Sarvakul's Swords leave Everlund to explore the Nether Mountains and are never heard of again. Rule of Everlund passes to a group of wise commanders elected by the townsfolk who form the Council of Elders.
893/Year of the Raised Sword
894/Year of Cold Flame
895/Year of the Spitting Cat
896/Year of the Empty Hand
  • Extensive poverty and famine from here to 900.
  • The red wyrm Hoondarrh demands tribute from the inhabitants of Mintarn.
897/Year of the Calling Shrike
  • In reaction to increased monster activity in the mountains of Amn over the past decade, Citadel Rashturl is built this year as a log fort, replaced by stone in four years.
  • Yril Mytersaal dies of old age and the office of Warlord of Silverymoon is given to his son Laruth by High Mage Tanisell.
898/Year of the Common Corpse
  • The first shafts below the sewers of Hellgate Keep are opened, and the tunneling fiends find some older hidden subterranean crypts that are soon plundered for magic.
899/Year of the Tolling Bell
c. 900
  • King Galaghard of Cormyr battles the forces of the Witch Lords at Wheloon, Juniril, and Manticore's Crossing. The final battle between the two forces occurred at the Vast Swamp, with Cormyr winning with help from elven stag cavalry.
  • The mage Shangalar "The Black" lives in northeastern Calimshan.
900/Year of the Thirsty Sword
  • Chapter 20 of "Cormyr: A Novel"
  • Widespread war; strong leaders emerge.
  • Beginning of the Rotting War in Chondath. Chondath finds itself embroiled in wars with the city-states that pop up around it. Hlondeth and the Emerald Enclave withstand many of Chondath's attacks. Hlath and Reth declare their independence from Chondath, causing Neveris Bikou, the ruler of Chondath, to send armies north. The armies are defeated by the two city-states when they ally with one another against Chondath.
  • The Vault of the Sages is built in Silverymoon and its initial collection includes at least two tomes of knowledge, history, and magic from each mage of the city. The Harpers bestow the lost collection from the Silver Lady's Library upon the Keeper of the Vault.
  • On the eve of the Feast of the Moon, Favored High Reaver Gostaraj, high priest of Garagos, unleashes a horde of berserkers against his fellow Prince-Templars of Westgate during a meeting of the Holy Council. None of Gostaraj's ever-bickering fellow oligarchs survive the ensuing bloodbath, and the high priest of Garagos is crowned the Reaver King beneath a blood-red moon before dawn breaks the following morn.
  • King Galaghard III of Cormyr battles the forces of the Witch Lords at Wheloon, Juniril, and Manticore's Crossing. The final battle between the two forces occurred at the Vast Swamp, with Cormyr winning with help from elven stag cavalry.
901/Year of the August Armathor
902/Year of the Queen's Tears
  • "The Whispering Crown" (Realms of the Arcane Story VIII; month of Kythorn)
  • The Rotting War in Chondath decimates the country; Chondath renounces claims on Sembian city-states.
  • Sammaster's research into necromancy results in the first successful Cult of the Dragon dracolich, Shargrailar.
  • The Magister Jonsryn Daerathal is killed in a spellduel with the sorceress Taline Telgara, the "Flame of the North" (reigns 902 to 946).
904/Year of the Trial
905/Year of the Rising Maeran
  • Sammaster finishes his principle work on the Tome of the Dragon, and copies begin to appear across Faerûn as the Cult's philosophy spreads.
906/Year of the Plough
  • Azmaer the Drow Lord holds Tower of Ashaba.
  • Drow driven from the Twisted Tower. Shadowdale founded.
907/Year of Waiting
  • The upper (aboveground) city of Calimport is reclaimed and resettled by Mameluks who are shut out of the power circles of Manshaka. At the secret urgings of the Twisted Rune, they seek to reclaim the ruined greater city beyond the walls of the port. The Rune's primary agent in this endeavor is Vizar Bollus el Kahdan, a half-elven warrior-mage.
  • The Famine of the Red Plants: A plant rust, affecting most of the farmlands around Phlan, destroys harvests for the next three years and creates famine around the Moonsea.
908/Year of the Lone Tribe
909/Year of the Ogre
910/Year of Deathblows Denied
  • Rhiigard (? to 932), King of Cormyr.
911/Year of Ruins Reborn
  • Due to magical fluctuations in the woods and hills around Silverymoon, Tanisell and his fellow mages reassert new enchantments and magics on the walls surrounding the city.
  • At Midsummer, Vizar Bollus el Kahdan proclaims himself syl-pasha of Calimport, and nearly all of the surface ruins of the city are cleared of danger.
  • Rise of the Morkoth Arcanum of Olleth beneath the Inner Sea. The First Arcane Xynakt begins his reign of terror among the morkoth and establishes the Nine Towers.
912/Year of the Sudden Journey
  • The first deep fiend-dug tunnels lead north out of Hellgate Keep toward the Nether Mountains.
913/Year of the Watching Raven
  • Sembia founded under the Raven banner. The cities of Chondathan and Chancelgaunt become Saerloon and Selgaunt.
914/Year of the Book
915/Year of Bats
916/Year of the Sinhala
  • The Harpers and the priests of Lathander ambush Sammaster and his entourage as they travel to visit two green wyrms in southern Cormanthor. Sammaster and an avatar of the Morninglord do battle. Sammaster's actions wound the avatar slightly before he obliterates Sammaster.
  • Rise of Es'roch/Expansion of As'arem. The shalarin of the fourth Passing and children of other generations found a new kingdom within the lower depths of Easting Reach to expand As'arem to its "manifest destiny" from the Hmur Plateau to the coast.
c. 917 to 940
  • After Sammaster's downfall, Algashon leads the Cult underground for the first time since its creation in the prior century. Algashon's Cult adopts many of the revenue-generating schemes required to finance much of the Cult's operations.
917/Year of the Winding Road
918/Year of the Palace
919/Year of the Chase
  • Hellgate Keep's forces are forced from their deep tunnels for a time by the Morueme clan of dragons.
920/Year of Great Riches
  • High Mage Tanisell succumbs to a fever and dies. His successor is his closest advisor and friend, Nunivytt Threskaal, the Keeper of the Vault of the Sages and ranking mage of the Lady's College. High Mage Threskaal's reign is a peaceful, studious one and is still considered one of the golden eras of magical learning for Silverymoon and her pupils.
  • The goddess Waukeen appears on Shieldmeet and establishes the Merchant's Peace at Trademeet.
  • Ahghairon is born on Midsummer's Night, and many legends report Mystra's symbol glowing brightly among the stars of the North.
921/Year of the Falling Maeran
922/Year of the Spouting Fish
  • Red Wizards under the command of Ythazz Buvaar sack the regional capital of Del-humide.
  • Battle of Thazalhar in Thay. Red Wizards declare Thay independent of Mulhorand.
  • End of the Second Mulhorand Empire.
  • Teresa the Great Queen (893 to 957), 3rd niece, Queen of Tethyr.
  • The black dragon Ebondeath, ruler of the Mere of Dead Men, is transformed into a dracolich by Strongor Bonebag, a priest of Myrkul with ties to the Cult of the Dragon.
  • King Amarkos II of Old Impiltur dies of plague.
923/Year of the Bloodied Soldier
  • The demon Eltab is bound under the city of Eltabbar.
924/Year of the Cracked Turtle
  • The rulers of Old Impiltur die in a plague. The sole survivor is the Princess Aliia.
925/Year of the Enchanted Trail
926/Year of the Fearless Peasant
  • Princess Aliia of Impiltur is betrothed to Crown Prince Rhiegard of Cormyr, but her bridal ship is lost at sea after leaving Hlammach.
927/Year of the Red Rain
  • "Thornhold" begins.
  • Ahghairon of Waterdeep arrives in Silverymoon and is taught magic by numerous tutors, including High Mage Threskaal.
  • Fed up with the excesses of both the Reaver King and the Prince-Templars who proceeded him, the merchant nobility of Westgate secretly hires another army of mercenaries to over throw Gostaraj in turn. The heads of the various noble houses choose Altarl Campion, the head of a powerful merchant family, as Westgate's next king. As his first official act, King Altarl bans all organized religious activity within the city walls, and all existing temples are torn down, their land seized in the name of the new king. The Templeban Edict extends beyond the city walls as well, permitting only simple shrines within a day's walk of Westgate.
  • In the nine decades that follow, hearkening back to an earlier age, no less than seven rings of standing stones are established on a ring of seven hillocks just beyond the last rise west of Westgate. One such site, the Hill of Fangs, is established by worshipers of Moander. The Abomination's hilltop shrine consists of a ring of eight great red stone plinths shaped like fangs curving inwards. The other faiths include Garagos, Ghaunadaur, Jergal, Savras, Silvanus, and one whose name has been forgotten. Unbeknownst to the general populace of Westgate, secret, subterranean temples are established beneath most or all of the seven hillocks, as well as in the catacombs of the city itself, in direct violation of the Templeban Edict.
  • A thieves' guild, forerunners of the Shadowmasters, begins operations in Telflamm.
  • The Blood Plagues: The wrath of the orc god Yutrus falls upon the Sword Mountains causing all manner of plagues to sweep through the region, decimating every species there except the orcs. An orcish shaman named Wund unites the tribes under the leadership of the chieftain Uruth and the orcish realm of Uruth Ukrypt is established.
928/Year of the Hurled Axe
  • The Lord of Calandor attempts to have himself crowned King of Delimbiyran, the Kingdom of Man, but fails due to a lack of support from surrounding human settlements and the active opposition of the now-independent Secomber.
929/Year of Flashing Eyes
  • Chessenta rebels against Unther. Alliance of Chessenta drives Unther back beyond the Riders to the Sky Mountains.
  • Alasklerbanbastos, a blue dragon, competes with Tchazzar for control of western Unther (now Chessenta).
c. 930
  • The emergance of the orc realm of Uruth Ukrypt heralds a collapse of trade along the High Road of the North.
930/Year of the Liberty Crest
931/Year of the Penitent Rogue
  • Travelling north with a merchant caravan hailing from Baldur's Gate, Tyndal, the son of a merchant commoner, slays a group of lizardmen near the site of the old, ruined Morlin Castle.
932/Year of Fireslaughter
  • First Troll War in the North. Forces led by Nimoar of Waterdeep clear the Evermoors of trolls.
  • Thay conquers the independant city of Kensten, renaming it Bezantur (after the high priest of Kossuth in the city).
933/Year of the Five Jugs
  • Laruth Mytersaal is slain by orc raiders and succeeded as Warlord of Silverymoon by his son Rayuth.
934/Year of Fell Wizardry
  • First Thayvian invasion of Rashemen.
  • The Thayvians first demand tribute from Escalant.
  • Mulmaster is established as a trading fortress between the Moonsea and the Dragon Reach.
  • Gnomish settlements in the Sword Mountains and surrounding foothills are all eradicated by the orcs of Uruth Ukrypt. The last to fall is the mansion of the self-styled "Gnome King" Karlus "Goldgoblet" Dlinshoulder, on Mount Araddyn, north of Nimoar's Hold.
935/Year of the Rearing Lion
936/Year of the Sky Riders
  • Heavy orc raids on Nimoar's Hold and outlying farms last the full year. Nimoar dies of old age, and Gharl replaces him as War Lord of the tribe.
  • After gathering their strength, the aged Nimoar leads his men into battle and they have neither time to eat or sleep as they smash the orcs in battle after battle over the course of a tenday. Sages call this series of battles the Orcfastings War. Nimoar dies of heartstop after the orcs have been destroyed in the final battle of the war, known as the Horderout. He is succeeded by Gharl as Warlord of Nimoar's Hold.
  • Start of the Eleventh Serôs War. The New Aryselmalyr War begins under the Inner Sea as three sea elf kingdoms unite under the wizard Nyratiis and try to use magic to reconquer Serôs. With the Dukars absent and the morkoth as current enemies, chances seem slim of resisting the elven advances.
937/Year of the Turning Wheel
  • Alliance of the Cities of the Golden Way into the nation of Thesk. Milvarune, former capital of Milvarn, becomes Thesks's "capital". Milvarn is largely dissolved at this time, though it still provides some defense for the fisherfolk south of the river Umber. Lurskas retains the title of High Mage of Milvarune and Mage-King of Milvarn until his death.
  • The Book of Fangs and Talons is found atop Berun's Hill by the Slow Serpent band of adventurers. A local priest of Silvanus examines the book. Several nights later over 40 Malarites descend upon the priest and tear him and his home apart, stealing the book back.
  • Tulrun returns to the North after spending much time wandering the Beastlands in beast shape.
938/Year of the Unhanged Man
939/Year of the Vengeful Halfling
  • Nyratiis creates numerous powerful items for his generals and fellow sea elf rulers, including Arygantor the Coral Net, the Chariot of Nyratiis, the four Unicorn Saddles, the Staff of the Deep, the Helm of the Sea Lion, the Swift-Swimming Anklets of Osura, and Aceal the Commander's Trident.
940/Year of the Cold Claws
  • The name of Waterdeep comes into common usage.
  • Second Troll War in the North. This year sees the start of continual troll raids and strife that last more than a decade. Six War Lords of Waterdeep die in battle against the trolls. Despite the problems, Waterdeep grows in population, as tribes gather within the walls for safety.
  • Ashaba, first Lord of Shadowdale, merges with the river.
  • The Moonsea city of Hulberg is founded as a base for human forces fighting giants and humanoids in Thar.
  • Tulrun hunts the great white wyrm Sneighfanglen and her brood for the greater part of this year in revenge for the dragon's slaying of his comrade, the crystal dragon Krustalanos. Sneighfanglen is slain by the vengeful Tulrun, and her only offspring to survive is the hatchling Arauthator.
  • Palarandusk "the Sun Dragon" frustrates the schemes of King Rauragh of Uruth Ukrypt to bring orc bands through the subterranean ways of the Underdark, assemble them in the Sword Mountains, and from there swoop on Waterdeep. The ancient wyrm destroys this orc horde before it can properly form.
941/Year of Sudden Sorrows
  • With the merest hint of his first beard on his chin, Ahghairon shows some of his coming might by single-handedly destroying a pair of young green dragons intent on attacking Silverymoon. Ahghairon leaves the city soon afterward to learn more of the Realms.
  • Tulrun creates his dwelling, which becomes known as Tulrun's Tent, beneath the boughs of the Coldwood.
942/Year of the Circling Vulture
  • End of the Eleventh Serôs War. This war destroys the central sea elf kingdom of Keryvyr, though the failed High Mage and would-be-Cororal Nyratiis escapes capture. Keryvyn's allies survive. Of the subordinate kingdoms and duchies of Aryselmalyr's golden era, only Naramyr and Selu'Maraar survive.
  • Drow raid up and down the Sword Coast in this year and their raids lead to the death and enslavement of many humans in and around the Delimbiyr. The small realms of Harpshield and Talmost, bordering the Ardeep Forest west of the remnants of the city of Delimbiyran, are ravaged and burned, leading to their inhabitants abandoning their lands and travelling to Waterdeep at the invitation of Warlord Gharl.
943/Year of the Flying Steed
  • Death of Warlord Gharl in battle with trolls. He is succeeded as Warlord of Waterdeep by Amphail the Just.
944/Year of the Animated Armor
  • Kurskos Ironahand of Aumreayum slays Amrok of the dwarves and takes Adjatha the Drinker.
  • Death of Warlord Amphail in troll raids. The settlement of Rowan Hold where he had estates and a tower is renamed Amphail in his memory.
945/Year of the Foolish Bridegroom
  • Tyndal, now a rich merchant, marries the Duke of Calandor's only child and heir, Eleesa, with the popular support of the people of the region who consider him to be a hero.
946/Year of the Blazing Cell
  • The Magister Taline Telgara is accidentally killed when her husband, the weredragon Caldauvur Maerglauthyn, is forced to change shape. Caldauvur becomes Magister (reigns 946 to 949).
947/Year of the Advancing Wind
  • The realm of Calandor is ravaged by the battle between the silver dragon Teskulladar "Manytalons" and the white dragon Cortulorrulagalargath. In his death throes, the great white wyrm falls from the sky onto the remnants of Delimbiyran, destroying them utterly and slaying the Duke of Calandor and his retinue who have taken shelter there whilst out hunting. Tyndal, his son-in-law, is proclaimed Duke by the people and he re-locates the ducal seat to the site of the old Barony of the Steeping Falls, partly to secure the benefits associated with trade passing through the area, and partly to commemorate the feat of his youth. Construction of Castle Daggerford on the ruined remnants of Morlin Castle begins immediately.
948/Year of the Clarion Trumpet
  • The Magister Caldauvur Maerglauthyn establishes a walled manor in the lower Dessarin Valley to train novices into wizards. These novices come to be known as "the Schooled".
949/Year of the Forbidden Tome
  • The Magister Caldauvur is ambushed by a group of evil archmages. He is killed, but not before all but one of the attacking mages are slain. The surviving wizard, the Calishite satrap Ildathchance Orlaer, becomes Magister (reigns 949 to 952).
c. 950
  • Cult of the Dragon cells number near 100 at this time, the height of Cult power across Faerûn since the organization's inception.
950/Year of the Doomguard
951/Year of the Empty Hourglass
  • Phandalin, an important farming center located southwest of Old Owl Well, falls to the orcs of Uruth Ukrypt disrupting most trade routes passing south of the Neverwinter Woods.
952/Year of the Rings Royal
  • Ahghairon rises and is recognized as the premier mage of the Savage North. He becomes the official advisor for the War Lord of Waterdeep.
  • This year marks the end of the Second Trollwar. The trolls remain nearly extinct around Waterdeep for nearly 100 years.
  • The Magister Ildathchance Orlaer is killed in an ambush by the Thayan mage Baerzus Anagathiir. The Red Wizard becomes Magister (reigns 952).
  • The Magister Anagathiir dies under the massed magical might of the Red Wizards. The ensuing magical chaos requires the appearance of Azuth, who fixes the tear in the Weave, and confers the office of Magister upon someone far from Thay; the enchanted gauntlet-maker Bilnur Faerglamer of Tethyr (reigns 952 to 977).
  • Wavecho Cave falls to the orcs of Uruth Ukrypt leading to the collapse of the mining alliance of dwarves and gnomes known as Phandelver's Pact.
953/Year of the Guiding Crow
  • Bryntarth II (? to 968), King of Cormyr.
954/Year of Perilous Halls
955/Year of the Telltale Candle
  • Barbarians attack Waterdeep in the depths of winter. In memory of their bravery, the Waterdhavians bury the barbarian princess at the foot of the peak that later becomes known as Maiden's Tomb Tor.
  • The Great Rising of the Orcgates: A fell power (some say Thayan archmages experimenting with dangerous spells, others insist that the gods of the orcs themselves were responsible) suddenly brought into being scores of dimensional portals that spewed forth orcs from the mountain caverns of the far North to lay waste to half a hundred cities and realms all over Faerun.
  • Uruth Ukrypt establishes its influence over much of the north-south trade along the Dessarin River Valley and the Swordsea Coast, thereby gaining much wealth and power.
956/Year of the Crooked Finger
  • Cathtyr is killed by her daughter Filina. Filina becomes Queen of Dambrath.
957/Year of the Entombed Poet
  • Teremir I (927 to 959), 5th son of Teresa, Queen of Tethyr (slain by Mhoaran).
  • The volcanic isle known as the Ship of the Gods erupts in the Alambar, killing thousands of Untheri settlers.
  • Illusk is attacked by Uthgardt barbarians of the Black Raven tribe in the vicious winter of this year. The barbarians are bloodily repulsed and forced to retreat.
958/Year of the Far-Flung Harp
959/Year of the Haunted Crew
  • End of the Bormul Dynasty; beginning of the "Tethyr" Dynasty (the "Lion's Dynasty").
  • Mhoaran "the Tusk-Bearded" (919 to 974), cousin of Teremir I and son of Cyriana's 3rd sister, King of Tethyr.
c. 960
  • The Book of Fangs and Talons is rumored to be in the area of Secomber. Soon after it is taken to the Daggerford area.
960/Year of the Mageling
961/Year of the Pensive Gibberling
  • Cathakay Queen of Dambrath.
  • Warrior-priests of Chauntea, led by Duke Tyndal of Daggerford, scour the Secomber area and the Delimbiyr Valley upstream for many miles in search of Malarites rumoured to be conducting grisly, evil rituals in the area.
c. 962
  • The Cult reaches farther south than ever before with the creation of the cell in, around, and beneath the city of Hlondeth in the Vilhon Reach.
962/Year of the Shandon Veil
  • The village of Phandalin is conquered by orcs, and the mountain delve Wavecho Cave, home to dwarves and gnomes, is also destroyed by their depredations. The orcs under their chieftain Uruth found the kingdom of Uruth Ukrypt in what is now Kryptgarden Forest. Within a few generations the orcs are wiped out.
963/Year of the Deadly Duo
  • The construction of Castle Waterdeep begins around the site of Nimoar's Hold on the eastern spur of Mount Waterdeep, just north of the city walls.
964/Year of the Pickled Privateer
965/Year of the Runelighting
966/Year of the Squire
  • Wythyndle's Round Book, a holy tome of Milil, vanishes from a temple in the eastern Cloven Mountain during a hard winter.
967/Year of the Tearful Princess
968/Year of the Wandering Gnome
  • Jholnareer becomes High Mage of Milvarune and Mage-King of Milvarn, though he rules only as one of the Oligarchs of Thesk.
  • In Zakhara, a war begins between the genie races.
969/Year of the Bright Standard
c. 970
  • Over the next twenty five years, the Cult of the Dragon refocuses its efforts to expand in the North, creating at least ten new cells in this time period.
970/Year of the Child's Trinket
971/Year of the Children
  • The Cult's further expansion in the south is halted by the church of Tiamat when an underground Cult cell "trespasses" on a similar group worshipping the Dragon Queen in the city of Surkh.
c. 972 to 995
  • The Cult of the Dragon refocuses its efforts to expand in the North, creating at least 10 new cells in this time period. The only known failure of the Cult to infiltrate an area during this time is in Silverymoon.
972/Year of the Cairngorm Crown
  • After the recent defeat in Surkh, dissidents within the Cult of the Dragon begin to openly question Algashon's leadership and the weighty influence the church of Bane has had in Cult operation in the preceding years. The mage Drakewings becomes a particularly outspoken opponent of the God of Tyranny's place in the Cult of the Dragon.
973/Year of the Empited Lair
974/Year of the Haunting Harpy
  • Castle Waterdeep is completed at High Harvestide. The city walls expand (now abutting the wall around Halaster's Hold for defense) and the worn log palisades become new, high stone walls. Lauroun named first female Warlord of Waterdeep.
  • The stronghold of the retired adventurer Sulass Drowsbane grows into the city of Sulasspryn.
  • Sulasspryn on the Moonsea is established as a city.
  • Nearel (951 to 997), 32nd child/17th son of Mhoaran, King of Tethyr (slayer of Teremir I's eldest son).
975/Year of the Bent Coin
  • Telflamm annexes Nyth and Culmaster and establishes itself as a royal city-state.
976/Year of the Slaying Spells
  • Mulhorandi invasion of Thay repelled at the River Thazarim.
  • The Covenant discovers that the Red Wizards of Thay are responsible for the Orcgates Affair and begin to subtly work against these evil mages.
977/Year of Swordforging
  • A circle of talons and blood is found outside of Daggerford. This is linked to the Book of Fangs and Talons, a holy book of Malar. No trace is ever found of the book though.
  • The Magister Bilnur Faerglamer dies of natural causes, never having faced a serious challenge for his office. Azuth picks the Calishite courtier Malune Nalonkrivar (reigns 977 to 983) to succeed Bilnur as Magister.
978/Year of the Hooded Rogue
979/Year of the Marching Forest
980/Year of the Orator
981/Year of the Rebel Uprising
982/Year of the Scythe
  • The red wyrm Thungarbarath Flamegout is killed by the Bold Broadswords adventuring band. The only survivor of the battle, Jorthan Twocastle, retrieves the Flame of the Spirit.
  • Warlord Rayuth of Silverymoon dies of old age and is succeeded by his sadistic and proud son Tulven.
983/Year of the Submerged Country
  • The Magister Malune Nalonkrivar is killed in Tunland by the black dragon Constulgrael. The Water King becomes Magister (reigns 983 to 986), the only true dragon to do so in the history of the office.
984/Year of the Caravan
985/Year of Bright Nights
  • The Plinth of Moon and Stars, a small altar atop the tower of Lunaven Moonstar in Waterdeep (present day: The Plinth), is dedicated to Selune.
  • Fetitia Ledora, rumored to be the daughter of Alustriel Silverhand, and Yhelfanna the Masked, a Rashemaar witch of the Hathran, form the Sorority of the Silver Fire, an adventuring sisterhood of incantatrixes.
986/Year of the Dusken Ride
  • The Dragon Magister is killed in an ambush by the mage Meldryn Jalensifer. Jalensifer, a master of disguise and stealth, becomes the new Magister (reigns 986 to 998).
987/Year of the Flaming Dwarf
988/Year of the Meddling Avatar
989/Year of Dark Stalking
  • Orjalun of Silverymoon is born on Midsummer's night and is marked as a wizard from birth, Mystra's symbol clearly evident in a birthmark over his heart.
  • Dwarven miners from the remote outpost of Thunderholme in the Thunder Peaks break into the shadow dragon Aurgloroasa's lair and wake the dragon from a decades-long sleep; she kills the miners and caves in their tunnels.
  • The ranger Eldrum the Silent observes the Crystrum of Tranquility, a holy book of Eldath, in Hulluck Forest. At the time, the keeper of the Crystrum was the Eldathyn priestess Analauthé Brenewood.
990/Year of the Muster
  • Due to abuses of his power and position, Warlord Tulven of Silverymoon is stripped of his rank and position within the city. High Mage Threskaal proclaims that henceforth the office of Warlord is to be granted only in times of military need and is not to be hereditary.
991/Year of the Breaking Ice
992/Year of the Watching Helm
  • Heralds of Faerûn created. (Note: FOR4 Code o/t Harpers has this date and year as 996 DR).
  • The merchant factions in Turmish are subjugated by Lord Saros. Saros immediately begins shaping Turmish into a major naval power. (Note: The Vilhon Reach gives this date [922 DR] as the Year of Flashing Eyes).
993/Year of the Slain Mountain
994/Year of the Weary Scribe
c. 995 to 1000
  • Factionalism within the Cult of the Dragon increases with most members joining either Algashon's reformational Bane-influenced camp or Drakewing's pragmatic faction.
995/Year of the Charging Mare
996/Year of the Disfiguring Scar (NOTE: FOR4 Code o/t Harpers gives the name of this year as the Year of the Watching Helm)
  • Arangor (? to 1021), King of Cormyr.
997/Year of the Fearful Harper
  • Kortal (968 to 1022), 2nd son, King of Tethyr (slayer of Teremir I's daughter's family).
  • Orjalun learns magic exclusively from High Mage Threskaal of Silverymoon, who senses a greatness in his pupil resembling that of Ahghairon.
  • Kloroth of the Seven Curses gains the Sceptre of Mystra, but loses it due to a curse it bestows on him. It is taken by means of a gate to Skullport by a thief who is slain by an illithid, which flees into the Third Level of Undermountain with the item. The illithid is killed by drow, who are then killed by Halaster. The Sceptre remains in the dungeon.
998/Year of Much Iron
  • Waterdeep's War Lord Laroun establishes a naval guard to protect the city and its trading partners. Construction begins on fortifying the harbor and Deepwatch Isle.
  • A temple and monastery to Lathander breaks ground to the north of Waterdeep (at the present site of the Spires of the Morning).
  • The Magister Meldryn Jalensifer surrenders his office to the mighty archmage Sarndaen "The Opener" Dalabar. Dalabar becomes the new Magister (reigns 998 to 1066).
999/Year of the Gaping Sky
c. 1000
  • "The More Things Change..." (Realms of Infamy Story II) begins.
  • The dwarven realm of Dareth is found to be in shambles. The remaining dwarves fled to Mount Sundabar, where they are shattered by white dragons.
  • The archmage Ultham creates the Magical Chessmen of Ultham-Urre in Chessenta.
1000/Year of the Wailing Winds
  • Riatavin established as a trading post and temple city with the backing of the Spulzeer, Krimmevol, and Coprith families.
  • Construction begun on the Herald's Holdfast by a cabal of sages, loremasters and powerful mages.
1001/Year of the Awakening
  • Many ruins discovered and old magic and undead released.
  • Tuelhalva Drakewings encounters Gargauth trapped in a pit in Peleveran. Gargauth's words inspire Drakewings to plot a break from the Sembian Cult of the Dragon cell.
  • The shadow dragon Aurgloroasa begins to corrupt High Old One Dagan, son of Belgin, blood of Jangarak, by whispering to him in his dreams.
1002/Year of the Heavenly Rock
  • Centuries of long skirmishes between Durpar and Ulgarth come to an uneasy halt as the two nations finally reach a balance of power.
1003/Year of the Labyrinth
  • The Kamaar Slaughters. Below the waves of the Inner Sea, what was a territorial skirmish over one of the lower kelp beds along the coastal slopes of Voalidru and Mount Teakal becomes an infamous lesson in Eadraal's history. Five war parties comprised mainly of Clan Kamaar warriors willfully ignore the Laws of Battle and destroy an entire ixitxachitl city with their ignoble ambush. For their crimes, merfolk King Kosul I exiles the clan to the site of thier crimes among the ixitxachitl reefs west of Eadraal; the exiled merfolk eventurally turn the ixitxachitl cavern town into Thuridru, named after their former home.
1004/Year of the Oracle's Carcass
1005/Year of the Pillaged Crypt
1006/Year of the Second Son
  • Felbarr, the last remnant of Delzoun, is deserted by the dwarves.
1007/Year of the Bold Barbarian
  • The city walls of Waterdeep expand, absorbing the ruins of Halaster's Hold (the walls run along the lines of what are now the northern borders of Dock and Southern Wards). Ahghairon builds his tower out beyond the city walls, and he also places magical barriers around the ruins of Halaster's tower, preventing many dangers from escaping into the city.
1008/Year of the Treacherous Path
1009/Year of the Broken Spear
1010/Year of Three Signs
  • Laborers finish the extensive harbor fortifications at Midsummer, and the Free City of Waterdeep is officially established.
  • Laroun becomes the first Warlord of Waterdeep.
1011/Year of the Defiant Mountain
1012/Year of the Flamboyant Coif
1013/Year of the Hunted Whale
1014/Year of the Grimacing Sage
1015/Year of the Maid Enraged
1016/Year of the Roaring Tempest
  • Cathakay dies in battle against a gold dragon. Her nice Melanith becomes Queen of Dambrath.
1017/Year of the Stone Rose
1018/Year of the Dracorage
  • Chapter 22 of "Cormyr: A Novel"
  • Death(?) of King Tchazzar, unifier of Chessenta, in battle against the sahuagin. His body is never found.
  • Tuelhalva Drakewings frees Gargauth. A horde of abishai baatezu summoned by Gargauth allows Drakewings to take over the realm. Drakewings' faction breaks from the Cult in Sembia and relocates to Peleveran. Less than one month later, Algashon incites a Rage of Dragons and destroys the entire nation of Peleveran. Both Drakewings and Algashon perish.
  • Rage of Dragons in Faerûn and the Heartlands.
    • The cities of Lheshayl and Ormath are heavily damaged, and four dragons are killed in the Shining Plains (including the great wyrm Andraxis).
    • A great flight of dragons assaults Zhentil Keep. The old Keep is destroyed, but the city is saved by its wizards, and priests of Bane. The Cult of the Dragon is widely blamed for the devastation, and the inhabitants of the Keep first take note of the Cult as a recognized enemy (as opposed to a dimly perceived nuisance).
    • The blue dragon Alasklerbanbastos contacts the Cult of the Dragon for additional power in hopes to rival the apparent ascension to godhood of Tchazzar.
    • The wyrm Sapphiraktar the Blue joins in the massive flights of dragons ravaging the Realms. He emerges from his normal Calim desert habitat and destroys much of Calimport and Keltar in Kythorn and Flamerule.
    • Westgate's harborside district is set aflame by a red wyrm of the Thunder Peaks, Thungarbarath Flamegout, and the royal family and much of the populace is slain in the resulting conflagration that engulfs the city, bringing the Campion dynasty to an end. Thungarbarath is eventually slain and the fires extinguished thanks to the heroics and able leadership of Sarvyn Eorn, a mercenary lord visiting the city in search of his next commission.
    • Uruth Ukrypt suffers greatly at the hands of the green dragon Claugiyliamatar and the black dragon Shammagar as both wyrms plunder the orcs' amassed wealth and destroy their food sources.
  • As the surviving inhabitants begin to rebuild their city, Sarvyn Eorn is crowned as King of Westgate by acclamation. King Sarvyn holds his throne for many years, widely recognized for his wisdom, craftiness, and principled nature. The Bane of Thungarbarath forges a strong relationship with the monarchy of the Forest King, and several years after his coronation, Sarvyn marries Lady Ardine Huntsilver of Cormyr, a favored second cousin of King Arangor and a granddaughter of Prince Tanalar, the second son of King Galaghard III.
  • Early in his reign, Sarvyn of Westgate reverses the long-standing royal edict banning temples from the city proper. In the years that follow, numerous temples are constructed in Westgate proper, and the shrines and secret temples west of the city dating back to the Campion Dynasty are abandoned. Over time, the seven hillocks become known as the Shrines of the Seven Lost Gods, even though several of those faiths are still venerated in Westgate. (Curiously, the term 'Seven Lost Gods' has its roots in antiquity. It more properly refers to seven demipowers that bowed down before Bane long ago: Maram of the Great Spear, Haask the Voice of Hargut, Tyranthraxus the Flamed One, Borem of the Lake of Boiling Mud, Camnod the Unseen, and two whose names have been forgotten.)
1019/Year of the Sure Quarrel
  • Assassin wars in the South; many satraps killed by crossbow-wielding thieves.
  • The Dragon's Plague, named for the scaly appearance of those infected, hits the cities of Calimport and Keltar.
1020/Year of Smoldering Spells
  • Thay develops much of its unique fire magic.
  • House Extaminos gains control of Hlondeth.
  • The Harpers destroy the Wearers of the Skull, an elite circle of wizards sponsored by the priesthood of Myrkul, in their tower, south of present-day Yartar.
1021/Year of the Howling Axe
  • Azoun II (? to 1046), King of Cormyr.
  • Thay strikes against the Harpers.
  • Bhaalian liches walk the Heartlands.
  • Elminster and Khelben agree to re-form the Harpers; the Harpers go underground.
1022/Year of the Wandering Wyvern
  • Refounding of the Harpers; Elminster recruits an adventuring group led by Finder Wyvernspur to become the core of the new organization.
  • The half-elven hero Aglauntaras builds the Tower of the Rising Moon in Deepingdale.
  • Haedrak (988 to 1059), 1st cousin on father's side, King of Tethyr.
1023/Year of the Pirates' Trove
  • Durpar and Ulgarth reach an armed peace settlement.
  • An attempt to clear a road through the Quivering Forest leads to the death of the last surviving Great Prince of the Valjevo family of Phlan.
  • Grand Prince Galnorn of Illusk leads an army east to conquer Mirabar, but is unable to take the city. After many months of siege, Galnorn and the warriors of Illusk are forced to retreat ignominiously back to the coast.
1024/Year of Lathander's Light
  • Amid some protest over tradition, though none over the young man's ability, the 35-year-old Orjalun is named Keeper of the Vault of the Sages in Silverymoon.
  • The Cult of the Dragon's cell in western Unther is driven out by the repeated attacks by the faithful of the well-established followers of Tiamat.
  • Uruth Ukrypt whelms the Broken Bone orc horde which emerges from the Sword Mountains bent on destroying the city of Waterdeep. The attacks of Lhammaruntosz, the "Claws of the Coast", substantially weaken the horde allowing the armies of Waterdeep, led by Warlord Lauroun, to destroy it at the Battle of Falling Scales.
1025/Year of Screaming Princesses
1026/Year of Crimson Magics
  • Warlord Laroun dies in a series of massive raids by the Black Claw orc tribes. Raurlor, leader of Waterdeep's army, becomes Warlord.
  • Black Claw orc horde defeated at Stump Bog.
  • Fall of the orc realm of Uruth Ukrypt.
  • Ahghairon creates the magical axe, Azuredge.
  • The elder red wyrm Maerithryvvin slays the reclusive mage Artabranth, and destroys his tower in Eshpurta.
1027/Year of the Tempest
1028/Year of the Wistful Nymph
1029/Year of the Bold Strides
1030/Year of the Warlords
  • Zulkirs established in Thay.
  • Aencar becomes Warlord of Battledale.
  • Raurlor increases the size of Waterdeep's standing army and navy to a size unseen since the Fallen Kingdom. His rulership turns Waterdeep into a garrison and military encampment "to protect Waterdeep from her many, jealous enemies".
1031/Year of the Comforting Hand
  • Internal strife in Thay as the Zulkirs continue to establish their rule until 1074 DR.
0 NR
  • Raurlor announces his plans to establish the Empire of the North. Ahghairon defies him and causes Raurlor's death. The wizard takes the Warlord's seat, declaring himself the first Lord of Waterdeep. He restructures Raurlor's armies and navies into the city guard (army and navy), and the watch (city police), bringing order to Waterdeep.
  • Allussus Korolx and Miliredarr Wardh, two ancient sages and trustworthy comrades of Ahghairon, become two of the first Lords of Waterdeep.
  • Year 0 of Northreckoning.
1033/Year of the Dreamforging
1034/Year of Bane's Blood
  • Bowgentle of Silverymoon is born on the last day of this year to a fisherman and his wife. Guards on the city walls later reported the sighting of exactly 21 shooting stars at the time of his birth.
  • High Old One Dagin, a dwarven priest of Dumathion, becomes King of Thunderholme. The death of the old king and his son were caused by the Sibilant Shade, who had corrupted the priest.
1035/Year of Falling Stars
  • Waterdeep grows under Ahghairon's and the Lord's rule, the walls expanding again (to the current area of Waterdeep Way and River Street) to handle the increased population. The system of Wards comes into being, initially creating Castle Ward, Trades Ward, Temple (later Southern) Ward, and Dock Ward.
1036/Year of the Final Test
1037/Year of the Immortals
  • Otherplanar creatures spill out of Undermountain into Waterdeep, but are turned back by Ahghairon and Kherris, a masked Lord wielding Azuredge. Ahghairon refortifies the magical and physical defenses around the ruins.
1038/Year of Spreading Spring
  • Rotational Shift of Toril.
  • Global warming; lands of Narfell, Vaasa, and Damara are fully free of ice. Large-scale immigration begins to these lands.
  • Aencar begins to unify the Dales, taking the title of "Mantled King".
1039/Year of the Haunted Haven
1040/Year of the Lion's Heart
1041/Year of the Mistmarch Soldier
1042/Year of the Reaching Beacon
  • Longsaddle founded by the fiercely independent Shardra Harpell, an escaped Calishite slave turned mage.
1043/Year of the Dark Rider
  • Bowgentle begins to learn magic at the feet of Quintas Uhlawm the Kind, an enchanter and Harper.
1044/Year of Singing Shards
  • Aencar the Mantled King dies; Dales split up into independent, though allied, communities.
  • Mt. Ugruth erupts on the last day of the year, doing little except to blanket Hlondeth in a layer of ash.
  • By this time, Chondath has become little more than a collection of loosely allied city-states.
1045/Year of the Singing Mushrooms
1046/Year of the Twilight Campaign
  • Illusk launches an expedition north into the Ice Lakes region to scour the area clear of kobolds. After initial success, the army is defeated by a series of cunning ambushes and only a handful of the warriors of Illusk return to their homes.
1047/Year of the Vitriolic Sage
1048/Year of the Chevalier
1049/Year of Auril's Absence
c. 1050
  • The noted conjurer Ulcaster founds a short-lived school of wizardry on the future site of Beregost.
1050/Year of the Keening Gale
  • High Mage Threskaal passes away after the longest rule of any High Mage of Silverymoon; Orjalun is named as his successor.
1051/Year of the Dogged Search
  • Ahghairon of Waterdeep visits Longsaddle, forging strong ties with Shardra Harpell and nurturing its growth into a small but stable farming settlement.
1052/Year of the Frozen Kingdoms
1053/Year of Lashing and Torment
  • King Selkarin of Estagund mounts a failed naval invasion of Dambrath.
1054/Year of Tolling Terrors
  • The regent Dagan dedicates the newly completed temple of Dumathoin to Null, the draconic deity of death and undeath. The shadow dragon Aurgloroasa is summoned and soon Thunderholme falls to the dragon's power.
  • High Mage Orjalun of Silverymoon notes Bowgentle's skills in magic and teaches him for a short time.
  • The dwarves of Felbarr abandon this fortress and travel to Citadel Adbar due to dwindling mining activity and numbers. Troops from Silverymoon garrison the citadel.
1055/Year of the Grueling Story
1056/Year of the Laughing Dead
1057/Year of Azure Frost
  • The abandoned dwarf-hold of Felbarr is garrisoned by troops from Silverymoon.
  • Unther sends an army to reclaim Chessenta, but fails miserably.
1058/Year of the Spider's Daughter
  • Bowgentle leaves Silverymoon to embark on a great career matched in scope only by the deeds of Elminster of Shadowdale.
1059/Year of the Broken Pillar
  • Coram (1010 to 1065), 5th son of Haedrak, King of Tethyr.
1060/Year of Fantastic Spectacle
  • Retreat of Great Glacier.
  • Dwarves of the Herlinga clan from Sossal sail across the Great Ice Sea and inhabit the Glittering Spires.
  • Bowgentle of Silverymoon expands the Herald's Holdfast by means of his growing powers of Art.
1061/Year of the Pious Dance
1062/Year of the Shattered Lance
1063/Year of the Deluded Tyrant
  • Ilyykur, one of the Four Founders of the Covenant, is slain in a great spellbattle with the archlich Ruelve, a senior Covenant member gone insane.
1064/Year of the Stranger
  • The city walls of Waterdeep swell (running along the current locations of Selduth Street and the Coffinmarch) to handle increasing numbers of people. A low wall abutting the city walls surrounds the eastern cemetery of the city.
  • Waterdeep's population surpasses 50,000 this year.
  • The wizard Melaeth Ashstaff of Neverwinter travels to Illusk to promote trade between the two communities. He discovers that Grand Prince Galnorn, age-old ruler of Illusk, is in fact a doppleganger and slays him in a wild spell battle that lays waste to Illusk's Royal Palace. Corigan Aveldon, a noble whose family has its origins in the vanished realm of Stornanter, assumes power and rules as Lord of Illusk.
1065/Year of the Watching Wood
  • Battle of Ingdal's Arm, the Yuir half-elves defeat the humans. The founding of Aglarond.
  • Brindor, a half-elf with blood ties to Aubayreer of Milvarn, is elected first king of Aglarond. The nation retains close ties with Milvarn.
  • Coram II (1050 to 1070), 2nd grandson of Coram, King of Tethyr (slain by Teremir II).
  • Harpers in the North find the lair of the dracolich Alglaudyx and manage to destroy the undead creature, seizing its rich hoard for Harper coffers. With this newfound wealth, the Harpers invest in valuable properties and businesses in cities up and down the Sword Coast.
1066/Year of the Lord's Dilemma
  • The Magister Sarndaen "The Opener" dies when he steps through a gate and is instantly crushed in an avalanche. The office of Magister passes to the half-elven sorceress Immue Dathril (reigns 1066 to 1104).
1067/Year of the Minotaur Paladin
1068/Year of the Seer Born
1069/Year of the Thunder's Child
1070/Year of the Spawning
  • Teremir II (1045 to 1071), Teremir I's great-grandson, King of Tethyr (slew Coram II and temporarily restored line).
  • The copper dragon Galadaeros is visited by the Waterdhavian adventuress Ranressa Shiard; the two eventually become friends and found the all-female Galadran Company.
  • The Chieftains of Gold, a long-time bandit plague on trade between Silverymoon and Sundabar, are slain by the orcs of the Nether Mountains.
1071/Year of Lion's Roars
  • Alemander I (1038 to 1145), wizard and brother of Coram, King of Tethyr (slayer of all of Teremir's last heirs).
  • The copper dragon Galadaeros alights on Mount Waterdeep when returning the adventuress Ranressa Shiard to her home city, causing much consternation among Waterdeep's citizens.
1072/Year of the Wandering Elfmaid (NOTE: This Year is also known as the Year of the Shattered Goblet)
  • Chapter 1 of "Vampire of the Mists". 1072-1102: Vampire of the Mist, p 5-16, i.e. 475 Barovia (p 267) up to 1232 DR at the end of the novel.
  • Jander Sunstar enters the Mists and the Demi-Plane of Dread.
1073/Year of the Bottomless Ocean
1074/Year of the Tightening Fist
  • Zulkirs quell rebellions and rule in Thay.
  • By this time, Bezantur is on its way towards becoming the mercantile and religious capital of Thay.
1075/Year of the Bronze Banner
1076/Year of the Defiant Salute
  • Waterdeep is attacked in the winter of this year by the Black Boar tribe of the Dessarin, led by their 'princess' Nalethra of the Winged Spear. Repelled from the city's walls, the princess and her bodyguard slay thrice their number of Waterdhavian fighters before they fall at the foot of present-day Maiden's Tomb Tor.
1077/Year of the Friendly Jackal
1078/Year of the Hierodulic Wolverines
1079/Year of the Lazy Scribe
  • Andilber (? to 1088), King of Cormyr.
1080/Year of the Misguided Archer
1081/Year of the Disastrous Bauble
  • Agannazar of the Covenant is slain by the Red Wizards of Thay in their assault on the School of Wizadry in Neverwinter. By year's end, these two groups are engaged in a titanic wizardwar.
1082/Year of the Prancing Korred
  • Building of the fortress of Emmech, at the mouth of the Umber river.
1083/Year of the Sighted Hand
1084/Year of the Tireless Lute
1085/Year of the Vacant Plain
  • Building of Giant's Wall in Aglarond.
1086/Year of the Seer's Fires
1087/Year of Forgotten Anger
1088/Year of Shambles
1089/Year of Three Faces
1090/Year of Slaughter
  • Followers of Malar led by the fanatical priest Belegoss Wolfwynd mount the Great Hunt. The Hunt permanently smashes the power of the southern Dragonreach cities. Elminster sets the Harpers to slaying every member of the Hunt.
  • The Great Hunt kills Lunaven Moonstar and desecrates Selune's Waterdeep shrine. In response, an army of Selunites falls upon the Hunt, driving the Malarites from the region following a great slaughter.
  • Construction begins on the first true temple of Selune in Waterdeep (completed in 1097).
  • The temple of Arlast Halungh is destroyed in the Battle of Slaughterwyrm. Thalaxas the Tyrant is killed in the confusion and the Black Book of Beshaba was lost for a while.
  • The Imnel Concession: Numerous monsters in the eastern grasslands and financial troubles (including paying the army) forces King Imnel IV of Amn to forge a treaty that returns all lands south of the Tethir Road to Tethyr in exchange for military and monetary support.
  • Battle of the Bones: A horde of 200,000 goblins and orcs arises from the High Moors due to extreme drought and attempted an invasion of the North. The Battle of the Bones marks the spot of the great battle that destroys the horde.
1091/Year of Watery Graves
  • Aurgloroasa, a shadow dragon seen once before from Westgate's docks, sinks the treasure-laden Winsome Wyrm just outside Westgate's harbor, a long-popular tale in the city which is told and retold in the form of the "Ballad of the Shadow Storm"
  • The green dragon Dretchroyaster and the very old black dragon female Naxorlytaalsxar fight an aerial duel over the waters of Lake Sember. The fallout from this battle, which becomes known as the Battle of Falling Fishkill, poisons the lake killing fish by the hundreds and forcing a small colony of aquatic elves to return to their ancestral home in the Sea of Fallen Stars.
1092/Year of the Aimless Mystic
  • The last members of the Great Hunt are slain. Belegoss Wolfwynd is killed.
  • A mages duel between Akham el Qaandan and Haneq el Fustaf sets part of Calimport aflame.
1093/Year of the Bursting Song
1094/Year of the Crested Thrush
1095/Year of the Dawndance
  • Founding of Impiltur. The city-states of Lyrabar, Hlammach, Dilpur, and Sarshel unite under the banner of Imphras to face hobgoblin hordes advancing from the Giantspires.
  • The Skeletal Finger thieves' guild wreaks havoc across Tethyr and Amn from hideouts in the Small Teeth.
1096/Year of the Diverged Path
1097/Year of the Gleaming Crown
  • Founding of Impiltur. The city-states of Lyrabar, Hlammach, Dilpur, and Sarshel unite under the banner of Imphras to face hobgoblin hordes advancing from the Giantspires.
  • Imphras is elected 1st king of Impiltur and wears the Lost Crown of Narfell.
  • The High House of Stars (temple of Selune in Waterdeep) finishes construction.
1098/Year of the Rose
  • Chapter 2 of "Vampire of the Mists"
  • Thay attempts 1st invasion of Mulhorand. Thay is defeated at Sultim and withdraws.
1099/Year of the Restless
  • New trade routes forged. First modern contact with Kara Tur and Zakhara.
  • Lady Alathene Moonstar of Waterdeep founds the Maids of the Midnight Moon, an order of sorceresses dedicated to Selune.
  • By this time, the Moonstar clan has ascended into the ranks of Waterdhavian nobility.
c. 1100
  • Searching for a way to immortalize his songs, Finder Wyvernspur dabbles in magic that brings about the deaths of two of his apprentices. A tribunal of Harper judges decrees that Finder's music and name are to be forgotten. He is exiled to a solitary existence on another plane for almost 300 years.
1100/Year of the Bloodrose
  • The moon elves of Loudwater and its surrounding environs begin a Retreat to Evereska in the face of an increasing human and half-elven presence.
1101/Year of the Maelstrom
  • The Spires of the Morning, the abbey and temple to Lathander, becomes part of Waterdeep as the walls expand to accommodate more settlers. (The perimeter approximates the current paths of Trader's Way and Andamaar's Street.) The plateau north of the city is all irrigated farmland.
  • The city of Treshla is destroyed by the spells of an aroused colony of beholders from the Thornwood.
  • The Covenant leaders Presper and Grimwald resolve to leave Faerûn through a series of portals, drawing as many Red Wizards as possible after them into a series of magical traps and ambushes. The remaining Covenant membership goes underground and the arrogant Red Wizards believe they have shattered this cabal of mages.
1102/Year of the Chaste Maiden
1103/Year of the Consuming Glory
1104/Year of the Dark Dawn
  • Birth of the Zulkir Szass Tam of Thay.
  • The sage Aldiber of Memnon writes the widely quoted chapbook, A Year of Sorcery: Wizardly Doings in the Year of the Dark Dawn.
  • The noted explorer Vanrak Moonstar returns to Waterdeep from a disasterous expedition to the Black Jungles, a pale shadow of his former self.
  • Vanrak Moonstar becomes head of the Moonstar clan in Waterdeep after the mysterious death of his father, Andvarran. Vanrak cuts the House's ties with the High House of Stars.
  • In Silverymoon, warehouses, inns, and some homes are built on the south shore of Rauvin, marking the first nonmilitary buildings placed in this part of the city.
  • The Magister Immue Dathril runs afoul of something in Undermountain, possibly a phaerimm, that leaves her little more than a pain-wracked head and upper torso. The office of Magister soon passes to the mage who gave her a painless death - the drow Nelnfaen Sauntarae (reigns 1104 to 1126).
  • Felbarr is attacked by an orc horde led by the orc chieftain Obould, which defeats the warriors of Silverymoon at the Battle of Many Arrows. The fortress falls into orcish hands and is henceforth known as the Citadel of Many Arrows.
  • The Magister of Mystra, Immue Dathril is slain whilst on a foray into deep caverns connected to Undermountain.
1105/Year of the Guardian
1106/Year of the Solemn Halfling
  • Auril's faith is first introduced to Calimport by Thaulatiiya, First Frostmaiden of the Chill Goddess.
1107/Year of the Skulk
  • Felbarr falls to an orc horde at the Battle of Many Arrows; its garrison is slaughtered and the fortress is re-named the Citadel of Many Arrows.
  • Amnwater, once a tavern and trail stop, becomes a village of local farmers and caravan drovers.
1108/Year of the Open Chest
1109/Year of the Lover's Eyes
1110/Year of the Bloody Fields
  • As prophesied, many battles were fought this year.
  • The city of Hulburg is sacked by giants.
1111/Year of the Old Giant
  • Roadaeron Lorndessar succeeds his long-lived granduncle, Sarvyn Eorn, as King of Westgate and founds the Lorndessar Dynasty.
1112/Year of the Perilous Storm
  • Shalgreth of the Wings bequeths the Crystrum of Tranquility to the rangers' adventuring society known as the Men in Green.
1113/Year of the Outcast Prophet
1114/Year of the Last Enclave
1115/Year of the Haunted Herald
1116/Year of the Empty Scabbard
  • The Heralds break from the Harpers.
1117/Year of the Twelverule
  • Mordulkin defies the King of Cimbar and Chessenta breaks up into squabbling city-states through 1154 DR.
  • Alzurth, Mage Royal of Westgate, seizes King Roadaeron's crown after imprisoning his predecessor and former lord in his own throne room before a host of assembled courtiers. As king, Alzurth imposes his reign of terror on the populace of Westgate through his command of sorcery and his absolute mastery of the Knights of the Silent Skull, a company of twelve armored warriors who stalk Westgate's streets at night in search of opponents of King Alzurth's rule.
  • The Dark Horns temple to Beshaba is destroyed by an orc horde that raids and sacks the Seat of Beshaba. The Black Book of Beshaba is lost in the battle.
1118/Year of the False Bargain
1119/Year of the Sharn Suitors
1120/Year of the Perplexing Sphinx
1121/Year of the Shameful Plea
1122/Year of the Rose Pearls
  • Imbrar is king of Impiltur.
1123/Year of the Shattered Chains
  • A violent series of storms known as the "Teeth of Talos" ravages the coast of Tethyr, smashing fishing fleets and sinking the Dragonstail Peninsula, a low-lying serpentine spit of land stretching out from the Purple Hills.
  • Roadaeron escapes his magical tomb deep beneath the surface of the earth when an archmage in the Gulthmere Woods miscasts a freedom spell. The deposed monarch flees westward before King Alzurth of Westgate discovers his escape.
  • In Irieabor, Roadaeron reunites with Blaervaer, his youngest son and the only other member of the royal line to survive Alzurth's bloody purge. Blaervaer, who had been fostered in the home of a simple shopkeeper, follows his true father into exile in the Rockshaws, the broken country of the northeastern High Moor, after Alzurth's assassins track down the exiled king in Irieabor.
1124/Year of the Shared Sorrows
1125/Year of the Lupine Torque
1126/Year of Azure Blood
  • Azuth appears to the mage Olohmber "Old Thunder" Starnardyn of Arrabar and offers him the office of Magister (reigns 1126 to 1153).
1127/Year of the Luminar Procession
  • Imbrar and his guard are lost in the Giantspires; Ilmara is crowned queen of Impiltur.
  • Rhigaerd (? to 1132), King of Cormyr.
1128/Year of the Peryton
  • Althon is king of Aglarond.
  • The red dragon Gotha is imprisoned under a mountain of ice north of the Endless Waste and the Icerim Mountains. After 237 years, Gotha emerges as a red dracolich.
1129/Year of the Gilded Cormorant
1130/Year of the Howling Moon
  • By this time, House Moonstar of Waterdeep is in open schism. The Lords of Waterdeep attempt to arrest Lord Vanrak Moonstar, the Dark Ranger, but he mysteriously disappears.
  • Lady Alatheene becomes head of House Moonstar.
1131/Year of the Seven Kings Horde
  • The wizard Authrar Harpell, grandson of Shardra, single-handedly destroys an onrushing orc horde with his spells, thereby saving Longsaddle from destruction.
1132/Year of the Talking Spiders
  • Creation of Long Portage.
1133/Year of the Persuasive Voice
1134/Year of the Sylvan Winds
1135/Year of the Petulant Dragon
1136/Year of the Shadowkin Return
1137/Year of the Falling Menhirs
  • Rise of Zhengyi the Witch King in Vassa.
1138/Year of the Sharpened Teeth
1139/Year of Shining Waves
1140/Year of the Knight
1141/Year of Eyes
  • A contingent of evil mages from Vassa constructs a castle of ice at the base of Mt. Okk. They develop much unique cold-based magic that they plan to use to conquer their homeland.
  • The Monocle of Bagthalosis created by Bagthalos Deszhummer, High Priest of Helm, in Zazesspur, Tethyr. In 1142, the Monocle is stolen by the skeletal finger.
1142/Year of the Sword's Oath
  • Redsail the Pirate retires to Aglarond.
  • The Bandit Lord Rivior has a hold built for him north of Eveningstar by the dwarves.
1143/Year of the Talisman
1144/Year of the Giant's Maul
  • The venerable blue dragon Thoklastees is slain over the Shining Sea in an aerial battle against beasts summoned by the Halruaan archmage Ootheraum Deirin. It is said that seeing this struggle and the airship in which Ootheraum sailed the skies inspired the Lantanna to begin their long (and continuing) researches into flying ships.
c. 1145
  • The Book of Bats is first mentioned as being among a satrap's treasures in Calimshan.
1145/Year of the Smiling Flame
  • Coram III (1112 to 1181), 3rd great-grandson of Alemander I, King of Tethyr.
1146/Year of the Tardy Guests
1147/Year of the Glad Tidings
  • Battle of the Ford of Goliad. Zhengyi's forces rout the Damarans. King Virdin of Damara is killed.
1148/Year of the Angry Sea
  • A massive earthquake rocks the Great Glacier, swallowing the ice castle of the Vassan wizards. They are presumed dead.
  • Halaster quits the underground caverns which soon become the pirates-city known as Skullport.
  • Shradin Mulophor establishes Skullport amidst the ruins of the Sargauth Enclave in Undermountain.
  • The first surface-dwelling agents of the Kraken Society begin to operate in the coastal lands of the North.
1149/Year of the Persuasive Trees
c. 1150
  • The drow queen Nathglaryst of Undraeth clashes with the Harpers along the coast of Turmish. The Harpers disrupt the slave trade between Undraeth and the Red Wizards of Thay.
1150/Year of the Scourge
  • Due to Hellgate Keep's forces fouling the waters of the River Rauvin further upstream, a virulent plague strikes Silverymoon, resulting in the death of nearly half its population. Soon after, a resurgence in attendance at the groves sacred to Mielikki, Lurue, Shiallia, and Silvanus also sparks the construction of a number of new temples.
  • Plague throughout the Sword Coast. Worship of Talona and Loviatar soars.
  • Chondath regains control of Hlath.
  • Khelben Arunsun the Elder arrives and settles in Waterdeep, building Arunsun Tower (later known as Blackstaff Tower).
  • The Flame of the Spirit resurfaces in Calimport as a means of murdering a number of satraps and several powerful shaleiras.
  • About this time, Halaster grants Skullport to Shradin Mulophor.
  • Waterdeep is hit hard by the plague throughout the Sword Coast, the situation made worse by attacks by trolls and orc tribes, worship of Talona and Loviatar soars.
  • The calishite Ibun Rensha and a group of family members lead a force of mercenary warriors and take control of the settlement of Loudwater, laying claim to much of the Delimbiyr Vale.
1151/Year of the Molten Man
1152/Year of the Portentous Waters
1153/Year of the Remembering Stones
  • The Magister Olohmber "Old Thunder" is slain in an ambush by the mage Horgyl "Stonebeard" Tusselvarr. Horgyl becomes the new Magister (reigns 1153 to 1204).
1154/Year of the Sun Underground
  • Siege of Cimbar by the Lords of Akanax and Soorenar. The king is unable to get assistance from his allies and is forced to sign a pact imposing harsh limits on his power. Akanax refuses to sign, recognizing its lord as the true king.
c. 1155
  • The Halruuan conjurer Akhlaur is overwhelmed by his experiments, creating the swamp that now bears his name.
1155/Year of the Tyrant's Lament
1156/Year of the Winged Gift
1157/Year of the Wizened Mage
1158/Year of the Blood Tusk Charge
  • The Flame of the Spirit surfaces in Elturel, where it comes into the posession of the mage Helgarth.
1159/Year of the Cloven Stones (NOTE: This Year is also known as the Year of Tattered Banners)
  • Zulkir Szass Tam of Thay becomes a lich after being seriously wounded in a failed invasion of Rashemen.
  • After years of dwelling in his simple cottage in the Rockshaws, Roadaeron chances upon a sword-hilt with an invisible blade, later revealed to be Zeladazar, the Ghost Sword, an event which rekindles the sense of injustice he has long held close to his heart. Over the course of the next three years, faced with the inevitability of his own mortality and a desire to grant Blaervaer his birthright, the exiled king uses the magical weapon as a symbol to rally about him an army to retake the throne of Westgate for his son. Members of Westgate's merchant nobility who chafe under Alzurth's nightmarish reign secretly fund many of Roadaeron's mercenaries. Blaervaer goes along with his father's plans, despite his preference for the quiet life that they had forged in the Rockshaws.
1160/Year of the Swimming Lass
1161/Year of the Quiet Earth
  • Merith Strongbow, eldest of the Knights of Myth Drannor, is born.
  • The Karanak Clan become lords of Luthcheq under suspicious circumstances.
  • Battle of Manyswords: The final defeat of an orc horde led by Krautharr Longfangs.
1162/Year of the Prancing Centaur
  • Death of the bandit lord Rivior.
  • Roadaeron and Blaervaer lead an assault on Westgate, with the father wielding the Ghost Sword. The long-suffering citizens of Westgate rise in revolt as do many of Alzurth's own soldiers, and the invading army quickly overruns the city. King Alzurth is slain by Zeladazar and his phantom image is captured by the blade's magic. As Alzurth's undead status is a closely held secret, the exiled king is left defenseless when the Ghost Sword vanishes immediately after the lich's destruction. The elderly Roadaeron is then slain by Alzurth's elite company of armored knights - later revealed to be skeletal warriors - before Blaervaer can reach his father. In the aftermath of the two kings' deaths and after the posthumous restoration of his father's throne, Blaervaer is crowned as Westgate's next sovereign.
  • The Skeletal Finger guild is slain to the last thief by the venerable blue dragon Iryklathagra, in the guild's own hideaway, after the thieves disturb her rest. The dragon moves into the guild's vacated hold, keeping the Monocle of Bagthalos.
1163/Year of the Shrouded Sky
  • Founding of a pirate base on the Dragonisle.
1164/Year of Long Shadows
  • Palaghard I (? to ?), King of Cormyr.
  • Immurk "the Invincible" raids a merchant-ship of Procampur, capturing the coronation crown of Cormyr's new king, Palaghard I. This marks the rise of piracy in the Inner Sea from their hideouts in the archipelago that become known as the Pirate Isles.
  • The nations of the Inner Sea, including Cormyr, Sembia, Impiltur, and the city-states of Procampur and Starmantle begin building their own warships, seeking to defend their merchant fleets and hunt the pirates in their own lairs. Westgate, still struggling to rebuild its royal treasury and fleet of ships, does not participate. At the urging of his advisors, despite strong personal reservations, King Blaervaer issues a royal edict that defines piracy as a raid against a ship docked in Westgate's harbor. As a result, Westgate becomes a relatively safe port for pirates to visit, and the city's inhabitants need no longer fear pirate raids.
  • Voonlar founded.
  • The Champions Vigilant knightly order is founded in Tethyr.
  • Mithral Hall falls to the great shadow dragon Shimmergloom and his duergar allies of Clan Bukbukken. The dwarves of Clan Battlehammer are scattered and many flee west and north.
1165/Year of the Obsidian Heart
1166/Year of Countless Scribes
1167/Year of the Parchment Heretical
  • Battle of Yonder Fields.
1168/Year of the Leering Orc
  • The Arena Efreetum and surrounding slaves and gladiators barracks are set afire by a mage attempting to escape combat in the Calimport arena.
1169/Year of the Earth Shaking
  • Imphras II is king of Impiltur.
1170/Year of the Moonlight Tapestry
1171/Year of the Dark Mask
1172/Year of the Hoary Host
  • Ausitil Queen of Dambrath.
  • The dwarves of Mithril Hall are forced out by the great shadow dragon Shimmergloom.
  • Clan Battlehammer arrives in Icewind Dale.
1173/Year of the Fledglings
1174/Year of the Agate Hammer
1175/Year of the Storm Skeleton
1176/Year of Prowling Naga
1177/Year of the Majesty
1178/Year of the Secret Rider
1179/Year of the Stalking Satyr
  • As a precursor to the Harpstar Wars, a group of Malaugrym attacks Arunsun Tower. They are defeated and banished from Faerûn by Khelben, Elminster, and a number of mages of Waterdeep (including Hamiklar Wands, the father of Maskar).
1180/Year of Sinking Sails
  • Sembia loses fleet in Pirate Isles.
1181/Year of the Shieldtree
  • Alemander II (1150 to 1202), 1st grandson of Coram III, King of Tethyr.
1182/Year of the Tomb
  • Cities of Calimshan recognize the rule of the pasha of Calimport.
  • The Malaugrym appear in Faerûn.
  • The Harpstar Wars.
  • The Cult of the Dragon set several traps and managed to kidnap or slay several Harpers.
  • Talryn, the crown prince of Lyrabar, flees the court of his father and finds sanctuary with Immursk in the Pirate Isles.
  • Trade roads now link Amn and Tethyr to the Sword Coast cities of Baldur's Gate, Dragonspear Castle, and Ahghairon's city of Waterdeep.
  • The High House of Stars, Selune's temple in Waterdeep, is attacked and utterly destroyed by invaders entering from Halaster's Halls. Lady Alathene resigns as head of the Moonstar clan and throws herself into rebuilding the temple.
1183/Year of the Grisly Ghosts
  • Paladins of Osiris clear River of Swords of were-crocodiles and Sebek worshipers. The were-crocodiles re-locate to the Adder River Delta.
1184/Year of the Howling Hourglass
1185/Year of the Immoral Imp
1186/Year of the Mesmer Pool
  • Prince Talryn returns to Lyrabar upon hearing of the death of his father from ships the pirates attack. Talryn and his pirate companions are arrested in the city. The king's death was a ruse, and the young prince executed, his name struck from royal records. Talryn's younger brother, Lashilmbrar, is named as Impiltur's heir.
  • Birth of Dhalmass Obarskyr, the future "Warrior King" of Cormyr (1186-1227DR).
1187/Year of the Arcane Guise
  • Pryntaler (1164 to 1211), King of Cormyr.
  • Birth of Ardagast Falconhand, head of the King's Scouts and ancestor of Florin Falconhand (1187-1246DR).
1188/Year of Soft Fogs (NOTE: Lands of Intrigue gives the name of this year as the Year of Dawn Moons)
  • Chapter 24 of "Cormyr: A Novel"
  • Wyvorlaa, Vizera of King Alemander II of Tethyr, discovered to be consorting with an ancient lich. The king's nobles force her execution.
  • The House of the Moon, a new temple of Selune, is completed in Waterdeep. The temple's founding corresponds with with a rebirth of the Moonmaiden's faith, and the ranks of Her followers swells over the course of the next decade.
  • The clergy of the House of the Moon declares the ruins of the High House of Stars, Selune's old temple, desecrated ground, and forbids any of the Moonmaiden's followers from setting foot on the site.
  • The magical artifact known as the Flame of the Spirit earns the name "Helgarth's Death" when an apprentice of Helgarth, Magathra of Baldur's Gate, thrust the gem into Helgarth's mouth and held it there. With the death of Helgarth, the servitors and other apprentices of the mage attempt to kill Magathra. The Flame of the Spirit is thrown into the streets and recovered by the owner of Amscoth's Ales, a nearby tavern.
  • Settlers travel to and establish the town of Quaervarr near the Moonwood.
1189/Year of the Lynx
  • Elthond, 1st son of Althon, is king of Aglarond.
  • Priamon Rakesk, later known as "Frostrune", born in Waterdeep.
1190/Year of the Poisoned Quill
1191/Year of the Bone Helm
  • Having grown old, King Blaervaer of Westgate steals away from his throne back to the Rockshaws, embittered by the vicious struggles among his four sons for the throne. His sons, having been raised amidst the scheming nobles of Westgate, are nothing like their noble, if somewhat naive, father. In the aftermath of Blaervaer's sudden abdication, his eldest son, Roadaeron II, is enthroned as his successor.
1192/Year of the Guide
  • The Cormyrean king Pryntaler founds the Order of Freesailors (the Freesails).
  • Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun wins the artifact Yrix's ring of fire in a spellduel with a tiefling wizard while traveling the Planes.
  • The Flame of the Spirit is snatched from its place in an Elturian tavern by the dancer Falaera "Manybells" Drachan. She is killed soon thereafter, and the Flame vanishes.
  • King Roadaeron II of Westgate is murdered less than one year after his coronation, along with his queen and three young heirs.
  • Maeraedryn, Blaervaer's second son, is crowned as King of Westgate. Although suspicion of regicide falls on the newly installed monarch immediately, this tirelessly charming, darkly handsome master of intrigue quickly establishes himself as the true power in Westgate. His hidden investments greatly enrich the city, and Westgate flourishes. During King Maeraedryn's twenty-seven year reign, many members of the royal bloodline fall prey to assassins, but the bloodlines of Blaervaer's youngest three sons survive.
1193/Year of the Peltast
1194/Year of the Bloody Wave
  • Battle of the Singing Sands, Thay's first great battle against Aglarond. Aglarond wins, but Elthond dies in the battle.
  • Philaspur, 2nd son of Althon, King of Aglarond.
1195/Year of the Midday Mists
  • Lady Alathene of Waterdeep becomes an arch-lich. She is publicly announced as dead by the family patriarch, Hormuk Moonstar.
  • Blaervaer of Westgate dies of old age in his cottage in the Rockshaws, unmourned and already forgotten by his descendants.
1196/Year of the Shrike
1197/Year of the Sundered Shields
  • Battle of Brokenheads; Aglarond defeats Thay.
  • Philaspur perishes at the fortress of Glarondar during the battle.
  • The twin wizards and Grey Sisters Ulae and Thara become joint queens of Aglarond at the age of sixteen.
1198/Year of the Lean Purse
  • Three orders of Torm, Tyr, and Ilmater come together to form the Knights Kuldar of Barakmordin (Tethyr).
1199/Year of the Baldric
  • In Elesisas, Thornstar's Company finds the Sceptre of Mystra in the lap of a trapped statue somewhere in the Sixth Level of Undermountain. Of that company, only Impaladus Nolorn makes it out of the dungeon alive. He later joins the Watchful Order of Waterdeep.
1200/Year of the Buckler
  • The dracolich Chardansearavitriol's physical form crumbles into dust due to the baleful influence of the god Myrkul. Followers of Myrkul travel to the Mere of Dead Men to see this supposed miracle of their god and the Ebondeath Sect slowly forms.
1201/Year of the Embers
  • Death of Immurk the Pirate aboard his ship, while fighting a Sembian warship.
  • By this time, the pirate fleet of the Inner Sea is judged to have over 100 ships.
  • Dhalmass (1186 to 1227), King of Cormyr.
  • Major invasion of Aglarond by a Thayan alliance of wizards is narrowly defeated.
1202/Year of the Dragon Altar
  • The rare celestial event known as the "Eye of Myrkul" (involving the passage of the new moon through a ring of seven stars otherwise associated with an old symbol of Mystra) appears in the night sky over Faerun.
  • Coram IV (1173 to 1218), 1st legitimate son of Alemander II, King of Tethyr.
  • Death of Eltrym Drauthglas, the infamous "Hullack Hawk".
1203/Year of the Gold Sash
1204/Year of the Private Tears
  • The pirate Urdogen claims the Dragonisle and rule of the pirates of the Inner Sea. He begins raiding all Inner Sea ports.
  • The Magister Horgyl "Stonebeard" is killed in a spellduel with the mage Haelvar "Grimskull" Ildagh. Haelvar becomes the new Magister (reigns 1204 to 1221).
1205/Year of Seven Trinkets
  • The beholder known as The Eye begins operations in Skullport.
1206/Year of the Sarune
1207/Year of the Bloated Baron
1208/Year of the Gamine
1209/Year of the Blazing Banners
  • The (naval) Battle of the Fallen: Cormyr, Sembia, Impiltur and the Vilhon Reach powers unite a great fleet to defeat Urdogen and his fleet of 90 ships. In Eleint of this year, Urdogen and nearly all of the Inner Sea pirates perish.
  • The hopes of unifying all the nations along the Inner Sea soon die as each country falls to petty bickering over the spoils of the pirates' holds, or accuses each other of delays that result in the near-total loss of the Sembian war fleet.
c. 1210
  • The traveling merchant Rebrum of Sheirtalar penns the much copied, bawdy narritive Life of Rebrum.
1210/Year of the Armarel
1211/Year of the Crimson Crag
  • Dhalmass (1186-1227) crowned King of Cormyr.
1212/Year of the Ocean's Wrath
  • Unchartered adventurers exploring the Fields of the Dead north of Elturel uncover the Flame of the Spirit from a crypt beneath the Hill of the Headless Dancer.
  • Priamon Rakesk takes the name 'Frostrune'.
  • The independent Calishite, city-state of Sundul (Modern: Teshburl) far to the south, sends a great fleet northward to disrupt trade along the Sword Coast, blaming "barbarian trade" for their own waning economic fortunes. Their ships get as far north as Neverwinter before they are driven back by the fleets of the roused coastal cities of the North. The Calishite fleet is ultimately destroyed by storms on its long voyage home. Neverwinter sends a raiding fleet of its own to Sundul and succeeds in sacking the defenceless settlement.
1213/Year of the Night's Peace
1214/Year of the Waking Wrath
  • The Key of Faith is found on the Second Level of Undermountain by Walgund's Warriors.
  • A flight of wyverns tears apart the Mielikkian temple of Highluthholt in the High Forest, east of Secomber.
1215/Year of Starlight
1216/Year of Green Wings
  • Balagos the great red wyrm slays the venerable silver dragon Eacoathildarandus.
1217/Year of the Falling Moon
1218/Year of the Swimming Cats
  • Kymer "The Shade King" (1167 to 1227), 1/2elf bastard son of Alemander II, Usurper-King of Tethyr.
1219/Year of Prideful Tales
  • The School of Wonder, a mages' academy, is built in the hills northwest of Hillfort Ishla by the mages Myrdon and Salasker.
  • King Maeraedryn of Westgate is formally challenged to a duel by his grandson and acknowledged heir, Iliphael, who has grown sick of his grandfather's cruel teasings and sly torments. After dispatching all his viable rivals to the throne, Maeraedryn had selected Iliphael as his heir, knowing that the noble merchant families would never choose the sickly grandson over the grandfather as king. Instead of simply dispatching Iliphael to the dungeon for his temerity, Maeraedryn accepts his challenge, perceiving the ensuing combat as a chance to further humiliate the long-suffering Iliphael. Iliphael, however, has long prepared for his opportunity to seize the throne, and Westgate's next king dispatches his predecessor through the treacherous use of sorcery, having secretly trained in the Art for many years.
  • King Iliphael's reign is marked by the rapid depletion of Westgate's royal treasury. The sickly, philandering tyrant is obsessed with power and paranoid that he will be replaced in turn. He spends much of Maeraedryn's wealth on procuring or developing personal magic items, including the Jodhpurs of Skydancing, the Stormshower Girdle, and Iliphael's Gauntlet of Wands.
c. 1220
  • The diviner Melegaunt Tanthul arrives on Toril. He spends the next decades studying the world, wandering from Kara-Tur to Chult.
1220/Year of the Toppled Tree
  • The Turmish warlord Sjorn Sendreth starts a 20-year campaign against the dwarves of the Alaoreum by attacking Ironfang.
1221/Year of the Frozen Flower
  • Tunnels are dug beneath Hellgate Keep to connect with the abandoned deep halls of Ammarindar.
  • The Magister Haelvar "Grimskull" is ambushed and killed by the mage Isilger "The Dark Smile" Mountrant. The Dark Smile becomes the new Magister (reigns 1221 to 1274).
1222/Year of the Horn
  • The Cult of the Dragon attacks the Harpers, who have fallen under the sway of the self-styled Harper King, the lich Thavverdasz. The subsquent arrivals of first Szass Tam and then Elminster result in a significant defeat for the Cult.
  • The Harpstar Wars end with the destruction of Rundorl Moonsklan and the lich Thavverdasz, the Harper King.
1223/Year of the Trembling Tree
  • The great green wyrm Athauglas is killed by the Company of the Gauntlet.
1224/Year of the Swollen Stars
  • Storm Silverhand writes To Harp at Twilight.
  • Birth of Vangerdahast Aeiulvana, Court Wizard of Cormyr (1224 to ?).
  • A branch of the Talonmists, a family of sorcerors, first settles in Westbridge.
1225/Year of the Winged Worm
  • Lashilmbrar is king of Impiltur.
  • A Cult of the Dragon cell forms in and around the city of Elversult. Initially led by human Cultists, the cell is later taken over and run by the first dracolich the cell creates, Cypress the Black.
1226/Year of the Black Buck
1227/Year of the Wall
  • Chapter 26 of "Cormyr: A Novel"
  • Palaghard II (1214 to 1261), King of Cormyr.
  • Palus Frohm, one of Vassa's greatest explorers, begins a twenty-year trek through the Great Glacier, culminating in the writing of Blood and Ice: Survival in the Great Glacier.
  • Haedrak II "The Corsair Prince" (1199 to 1274), 2nd son of Coram IV, King of Tethyr.
1228/Year of the Tattered Banners
1229/Year of the Carrion Crow
  • Manshoon of the Zhentarim is born.
  • Queen Ulae of Aglarond marries Ilion the forester.
1230/Year of the Long Watch
  • Elf-maidens out for a pleasure outing are never seen again. This becomes the basis for the epic poem The Long Watch.
  • High Mage Orjalun retires as ruler of Silverymoon and appoints his apprentice Sepur as his successor. Orjalun mysteriously vanishes after his confirmation of Sepur as High Mage while walking across the Silverymoon Bridge.
1231/Year of the Bright Star
1232/Year of the Weeping Wives
  • Destruction of Sessrendale by Archendale.
  • High Mage Sepur abandons Silverymoon; Spellsfall sees the death of over two dozen mages vying for power in the city. Silvermayor Theomel Scalson is elected in Eleint.
  • Jander Sunstar is delivered from his curse.
1233/Year of Many Monsters
  • King Iliphael of Westgate is slain by his fiancee, Shlanarnla Durovree, whom he has kept in chains in his dungeon since their betrothal four years earlier. Shlanarnla strangles Iliphael with her steel fetters when he approaches too closely and then claims the throne of Westgate in accordance with the city's archaic inheritance laws, as her unmourned betrothed had not yet named an heir. As the first and only ruling queen of Westgate, Shlanarnla's brief reign is marked by a spate of assassination attempts against her, which she narrowly survives time and time again.
1234/Year of the Full Flagon
1235/Year of the Black Horde
  • The Black Horde: Waterdeep is besieged for nine months by the largest orc horde in recorded history. The city is spared when Ahghairon and his generals introduce griffons as flying steeds for the army, allowing them past the orcs to gain food and aid outside the walls.
  • Warlord Khallos Shieldsunder steals control of the city from the Silvermayor while the city is under siege by the Black Horde. The northern walls are breached for the first time in 604 years.
  • Alustriel, Storm Silverhand, and an army of elves and Harpers free Silverymoon from orc siege. Alustriel destroys the self-proclaimed High Mage Shaloss Ethenfrost and his apprentices in spellbattle, while Storm and the Harpers are victorious at the Battle of Tumbleskulls.
  • Alustriel is the first High Mage of Silverymoon to ever be unanimously chosen by the people.
  • Amnian armies fighting humanoids this year capture many orcs, bringing them to Purskul where they are forced to work in a series of agricultural and stone-working camps.
  • The Black Horde reaches as far south as Tethyr, causing mass panic in the Plains of Clovis.
1236/Year of the Struck Gong
  • Queen Shlanarnla of Westgate disappears in a storm while out hunting with her latest consort. Although widely assumed in Westgate to have been assassinated, Shlanarnla chooses to flee the throne and the grim fate it portends with her newfound love. Her fate is not recorded.
  • As Shlanarnla has no known heirs, the crown of Westgate reverts back to the Lorndessar line, and Verovan, great-grandson of King Blaervaer and third cousin of King Iliphael, assumes the throne. King Verovan's reign is marked by his heavy taxes, fueled in part by the need to rebuild the royal treasury and in part by the new monarch's consuming greed, and his penchant for rowing-races.
  • The Harper stronghold known as Moongleam Tower is built near Everlund by Storm Silverhand and other builders and artisans including the dwarven master stoneworker Gwuildeth Throck.
1237/Year of the Grotto
  • Thesk and Aglarond form an alliance around the marriage of Queen Thara of Aglarond to Elthar of Milvarune. Thara and her sister Ulae are granted a title from Milvarn and become the first rulers of Aglarond to assume the title of Mage-Queen.
  • Marriage of Thara of Aglarond to Elthar of Milvarune.
1238/Year of the Lone Candle
  • A major trade war occurs between Amnian houses. This dispute over rights to the Zakharan spice trade fuels further conflicts between the Ophal and Ulvax families, and ignites numerous other trade wars in its wake.
  • Khelben the Elder drives Frostrune out of Waterdeep.
1239/Year of the Bloodied Sword
c. 1240
  • The master merchant Beindold of Hlintar is slain by dwarves due to bad business acumen.
1240/Year of the Bright Sun
1241/Year of the Lost Lady
  • Lady Serisa Khiilart, a well-respected Tethyrian noble-woman, is captured and slain by orcs. In her memory, orcs are wiped out throughout the South in a genocidal slaughter. Orcs call this the Year of Pushing Too Far.
  • The dwarves of the Alaoreum collapse a mountain atop their underground city, cutting it off from the surface world.
  • The Pasha of Calimport is assassinated by his rivals.
  • Amnian armies, back from the great war against orcish forces, bring additional orc slaves to the labor camps near Purskul. Many orcs legally gain their freedom in 40 years; they and their half-orc children become Amnian citizens.
  • The great mage Bowgentle dies.
1242/Year of the Yellow Rose
  • Monastery of the Yellow Rose founded in Damara.
  • The ruins of Keczulla are cleared of trolls and other monsters. Keczulla is resettled as a caravan stop.
1243/Year of the Blue Dragon
  • Rule of the venerable wyrm Anaglathos in Turmish. Until 1247 DR, this is the Time of the Worm in that nation. (Note: 9520 The Vilhon Reach gives this date as 1242).
  • Nandel Greenward enters Undermountain and becomes Halaster's apprentice.
1244/Year of the Defiant Keep
  • Mirt the Moneylender sights the Flame of the Spirit in Skullport. Since that date, Tymorans have fruitlessly scoured Undermountain for the missing prayerbook.
  • The human fortress of Illusk holds off an orc horde for most of a year but then falls.
  • After a siege lasting nine years Illusk finally falls to the orcs of the Bloody Tusks tribe. The orcs reside in ruined Illusk, using it as a secure base from which to raid nearby human settlements.
1245/Year of Pain
  • Loviatar worship gains great popularity - most of the modern temples in the North are founded at this time.
  • The Talonmist family of Westbridge first comes into conflict with the Harpells of Longsaddle when the arrogant Ordrar Talonmist is slain in a spell duel by Darnthal Harpell. Conflict between the two families begins.
1246/Year of Burning Steel
  • First recorded use of bombards by Lantan.
  • Kerrigan the wizard, a hidden Lord of Waterdeep, attempts to usurp Ahghairon's position and set himself up as sole ruler of Waterdeep by killing the other Lords and Ahghairon. After the deaths of three Lords, Ahghairon slays Kerrigan in Southern Ward.
  • The Simbul is apprentice to Ilione of Aglarond.
  • Andaeren Robyth, a thief with a scaled, taloned left arm, is teleported to Westgate, where he begins a short but colorful career.
1247/Year of the Purple Basilisk
  • Anaglathos overthrown in Turmish by popular rebellion and slain by adventurers.
  • The Assembly of Stars is created to govern Turmish.
  • Aurgloroasa, the shadow dragon who sank the Winsome Wyrm over a century before, abandons her thoughts of seizing Westgate as her domain after Anaglathos is overthrow in Turmish and slain.
  • The Vault of the Sages is moved into its current location in Silverymoon, and the Heralds buy its former building to create the Map House.
  • The Company of Jade, an all-male band of adventuresome lordlings, stumble into the long- forgotten Auantiver Labyrinth while exploring the ruins of Battlegate Keep near the border of Cormyr and Sembia. They encounter a monstrous purple basilisk that kills all but a handful of the Company.
1248/Year of the Cockatrice
  • Verovan, last true king of Westgate, dies during a rowing race with a Thayvian galley when he accidentally employs a whip tipped by cockatrice feathers to lash his crew, a whip placed on his ship by the treacherous Red Wizard he had challenged. As Verovan's death comes as he attempts to stem the growing power of the merchant houses and petty lords of Westgate, many speculate that his own citizens betrayed him.
  • Upon Verovan's death, a troop of tanar'ri in possession of a piece of the late king's soul are dispatched by the Abyssal lord with whom the fallen king had dealt to plunder the royal treasury, hidden in an extradimensional pocket formed out of the Abyss. The tanar'ri and the fragment of Verovan's soul are imprisoned along with the king's treasure through the actions of Gen Thalavar, an adventuring paladin and third cousin of Verovan who happened to be in the city at the time and sensed the danger. The treasury key is secretly fashioned into a brooch, and the green feather becomes the trading badge of House Thalavar.
  • Fed up with the excesses of the monarchy, the noble merchant families of Westgate establish the position of Croamarkh, an elected head-of-state whose term of office lasts four years. House Vhammos occupies the former royal palace shortly thereafter and renames the building Castle Vhammos.
  • A company of adventurers led by Endruth Immister, a paladin of Tyr known as the "Unicorn Knight" of Westgate, retrieves the Leaves of Green, a prayer "tome" of Silvanus, and a huge sword whose blade is a leafy spar of living oak, from the Ghost Holds of Battledale. Endruth delivers both items to the druid Raevarl and his Circle (who dwell in the woods southwest of the city that later vanish under the axes of woodcutters).
  • Known as The Year of the Bounty in Waterdeep, a record harvest and mercantile explosion causes a dramatic increase in population. Due to the expanded trade, the merchants form guilds, and a recognized merchant-gentry emerges in the city.
  • Rehorusteb II becomes Pharaoh of Mulhorand.
1249/Year of the Bold Knight
  • Death of Jholnareer of Milvarune brings an end to the country of Milvarn. Khalreer, his second son, becomes King of milvarune and an Oligarch of Thesk.
1250/Year of the Riven Skull
  • The Wizard Mhzentul born.
  • Noble villas begin dotting the plateau north of Waterdeep.
  • Ahghairon and other mages of Waterdeep alter the ancient cemetery of the city, eliminating individual graves and creating the tombs of the City of the Dead.
1251/Year of the Wandering Winds
1252/Year of the Empty Goblet
  • Vine-blight destroys grape crop - no wine!
  • The Wine-Blight Insurrection and the Battle of Broken Vats in the Duchy of Ankramir (Tethyr).
  • After two years of growing skirmishes with undead, the Lords of Waterdeep establish walls around the City of the Dead, and her still-current curfews.
1253/Year of Beckoning Death
  • Plague years in Cormyr, Sembia and the Vast.
  • The dracolich Daurgothoth, "the Creeping Doom", claims the abandoned, subterranean city of Dolblunde as his lair.
1254/Year of Silent Steel
  • Rising power of thieves' guilds results in many assassinations.
  • In Turmish, the hero Corwin Freas is assassinated.
  • A civil war erupts in Sembia and lasts for three years.
1255/Year of the Raging Flame
  • Ambitious priests of Bhaal launch the "Crusade of Slaughter", which sweeps bloodily from eastern Amn along the trade-routes to the very walls of Westgate before being broken in late autumn by hastily hired mercenary armies. Raevarl and the druids of his Circle are slaughtered during the fray, and the Leaves of Green are lost once again.
  • In their wake, the Bhaalist crusaders leave the shattered ruins of the royal Amnite city of Torlathan, which lies on the northern bank of the Valashar River some seventy-five miles upstream of its confluence with the River Khalleshyr, fracturing the trade route between Amn and Westgate. Intermittent efforts to rebuild this link falter with the death of Amn's last reigning monarch in 1276, leading to a precipitous decline in Westgate's westbound caravan trade for several decades thereafter.
  • Growth in trade and population forces the walls of Waterdeep to move northward again (to the current paths of Sulmoor and Julthoon Streets).
  • Founding of the Shadow Thieves of Waterdeep.
  • Priamon Frostrune becomes a lich.
1256/Year of the Dusty Throne
  • Ahghairon dies, and the Guildmasters begin seizing power in Waterdeep. The Council of Guildmasters soon grows to govern the whole city.
  • Khelben the Elder disappears from Waterdeep, though his tower remains occupied by his apprentices.
  • The demi-goddess Siamorphe arises again in Waterdeep.
  • The new Moonstar villa is built north of Waterdeep's walls, atop the ruins of the High House of Stars. The old Moonstar compound soon becomes the Blushing Mermaid festhall.
  • The village of Evershed (southeast of present-day Calling Horns) is destroyed by an orc horde.
  • An orc horde erupts out of the Evermoors and destroys many settlements bordering the north-western fringes of the High Forest, including Evershed and the famed Selunite temple that stands there.
c. 1257
  • The aarakocra civilization in the Riders to the Sky Mountains is driven to extinction by Chessentan mercenaries hunting for sport.
1257/Year of the Killing Wave
  • Deaths of the Gray Sisters. Halacar King of Aglarond.
  • Tidal wave strikes Calimshan.
  • The Chanting Chain, a holy spellbook of Talos, is discovered when a stronghold of Talos-worshippers is sacked. The Talassans prove to be led by a mind flayer.
  • Bowgentle's Book is created at the School of Wonder in Amn.
1258/Year of the Wilted Flowers
  • Balagos the great red wyrm slays the old red dragon Hulrundrar.
  • Zhentilar lords Harlshoon (father of Manshoon) and Calkontor destroy each other.
1259/Year of the Vigilant Fist
c. 1260
  • Lathander appears to certain of his clergy, commanding them to build a temple in ruined Myth Drannor, and giving them the Dawnstone for their altar. These clergy form a special order, the Seekers of the Dawn, and found the Dawnspire in the ruins.
1260/Year of the Broken Blade
  • Many peace treaties are signed this year.
  • Halacar of Aglarond leads a disastrous campaign into Thay. The Battle of Lapendrar.
  • Halacar of Aglarond is poisoned; his sister, Llione, tutor to the Simbul, takes the throne as Queen of Aglarond.
1261/Year of Bright Dreams
  • Manshoon founds the Zhentarim.
  • Azoun III (1241 to 1275), King of Cormyr.
  • The religious order of St. Ramedar is founded in Zazesspur.
  • A tavern in Kurrsh is burned to the ground by incensed Talassians from the Vilhon Reach when they discover the Chanting Chain hanging from the wall there. The Chain is recovered and taken by the Talassian to Shamph, where they are attacked and slain by the local militia. This final battle is know as the Slaughter of the Crazed and the Chanting Chain disappears from it.
  • The Ladies of the Blade, a band of female adventurers, is founded by a group of bored noblewomen of Westgate. Four years later, the company recovers the Key of Faith, a sacred prayer "tome" of Oghma the Lorekeeper, amidst the Ghost Holds of Battledale.
1262/Year of the Black Wind
  • Killing storm raised by a Calishite mage.
  • The Guildwars and the Misrule of the Lords-Magisters: All but two Guildmasters are slain in Waterdeep during the Guildwars; Lhorar Gilgeggh and Ehlemm Zoar proclaim themselves the Lords Magister.
  • The Shadow Thieves establish their base of operations (the Citadel of the Bloody Hand) inside Mount Waterdeep.
  • The mage Rythtalies, master of the steel dragon Jalanvaloss "Wyrm of Many Spells", disappears.
  • Misrule of the Lords Magister: All but two of the Guildmasters of Waterdeep perish in the "Guildwars" and Lhorar Gildeggh and Ehlemm Zoar proclaim themselves the Two Lords Magister.
1263/Year of the Tressym
  • As foretold by Alaundo, these creatures become widespread.
  • Chaos fills the streets when a flock of over 100 tressym fly into Silverymoon and roost on the rooftops for a tenday. Alustriel simply shrugs, pointing to Alaundo's prophesies about the widespread tressym this year. While most of the tressym fly away soon, a number stayed and made the city their home.
  • Fzoul Chembryl becomes High Priest of the Dark Shrine in Zhentil Keep. He renames it the Black Altar.
1264/Year of the Shattered Altar
  • Widespread tomb-robbing and sacrilege.
  • The tombs of two Tethyrian monarchs, Strohm IV and Samyte the Martyr, are looted by Bhaal-worshipers.
c. 1265
  • The wizard-king of Halruaa moves the capital from Halagard to Halarahh..
1265/Year of Flowers
  • The steel dragon Jalanvaloss comes to the city of Waterdeep and resides there in disguise.
1266/Year of the Leaping Frog
  • Tana'ri and power-mad students destroy the School of Wonder, killing nearly every other student and Master within its walls.
  • The Magister Isilger Mountrant gives the secrets of creating blast globes to a mage of the Zhentarim.
1267/Year of the Groaning Cart
  • A bountiful harvest year.
  • Colderan Morn rules in Daggerdale. He drives the dwarves of Clan Bladebright from the dale.
1268/Year of the Daystars
  • The Flying Plague, a horde of perytons, harpies, and manticores attacks the southern Moonsea region and destroys the city of Lis.
1269/Year of the Moat
  • "Darksword" (Realms of Shadow Story IV)
  • The Flame of the Spirit reappears on the body of a brigand in the Rat Hills south of Waterdeep.
  • The sahaugin ambush of a hunting party devastates the undersea realm of Eadraal as the beloved merfolk Prince Aldem and Prince-Consort Kran die to protect Kosul, the king's heir.
  • Thaurog's Keep built on the site of what is now Nesme by the half-orc bandit lord Thaurog.
c. 1270
  • Zelphar Arunsun is born.
1270/Year of the Tooth
1271/Year of the Shattered Wall
  • On the heels of a hard winter, mages and warriors of the Dragon Cult attack Holyheart House, a temple of Eldath in the Chondalwood. The two dracoliches Goarulskul the Black and Arlauthra Manytalons destroy the temple and kill many Eldathyn.
1272/Year of the Shrieker
  • Zhentarim wizards and priests of Bane and Myrkul raise an army of undead, orcs and other creatures to assault Silverymoon but are repelled by Alustriel's Spellguard.
1273/Year of the Wagon
  • Baeron and Shilarn revive Ahghairon's system of rule in Waterdeep. Baeron becomes Lord of Waterdeep. The houses of Zoar and Gildeggh are Outcast (exiled from the city). Magisters ("Black Robes") appointed to keep justice in the city and, by the month of Uktar, the Shadow Thieves' ventures are deterred and they, as a group, are outlawed.
  • Waterdeep's population rises, reaching 100,000 by years end.
  • Magisters founded in Waterdeep.
  • Joadath noted as being Lord of Shadowdale.
  • Shamur Karn is born in Selgaunt.
  • The Lords' Rule revives with Baeron and Shilarn Silmaeril, two long-hidden Lords of Waterdeep, who slay the Lords Magister. Baeron becomes Open Lord of Waterdeep and the houses of Zoar and Gildeggh are outcast and the Shadow Thieves are outlawed.
1274/Year of the Purple Toad
  • Seven princesses of Tethyr are assassinated in Waterdeep. The killers are drawn and quartered and hung on the gates of Waterdeep. King Haedrak dies after hearing the news. Errilam declared King of Tethyr. Harpers are falsely blamed for this and are not welcome in Tethyr to this day.
  • Errilam (1236 to 1277), 3rd son of Haedrak II, King of Tethyr (dies without issue in 1277).
  • The Magister Ilsilger "The Dark Smile" dies after launching an attack on a dozen archmages that had gathered to overthrow him. Ilsilger and eight of the archmages die in the battle. Thornar Fleetmoor, foremost among the survivors, becomes the new Magister (reigns 1274 to 1278).
1275/Year of the Blade
  • Zhentil Keep grants Yulash its independence; Zhentarim control of the city remains, however.
  • Rhigaerd II crowned King of Cormyr (at 6 years of age); his uncle Salember ("The Rebel Prince") reigns as Regent in Cormyr until 1286.
  • Pasha Eiruidin Ondaru of Calimshan is killed by his palace wizard, Ongraunnathan the Blind. The mage uses his spells to make the Pasha seem alive, and rules in his name until 1286DR.
1276/Year of the Crumbling Keep
  • The Citadel of the Raven is rebuilt.
  • Shilarn, a Lord of Waterdeep and Baeron's wife, gives birth to a daughter, Lhestyn.
  • The Lords of Waterdeep allow the city's perimeter to expand out to the borders they hold to the current day. North and Sea Wards are added and ward boundaries are adjusted and established as they remain today.
  • The Lords increase their numbers beyond Ahghairon's self-imposed limits, and establish sixteen Lords of Waterdeep.
  • King Dhanar of the Parhek Dynasty is assassinated, and merchant families squabble over the succession, each with an heir to the throne (legitimate or otherwise) in its control. The merchant families begin a long war over trade and succession.
  • The Men of the Basilisk decide to open their ranks to any promising young noble or merchant lord who can survive the crucible of the extra-dimensional Auantiver Labyrinth and its fearsome basilisk guardian.
  • Lhestyn Silmaeril, daughter of Baeron and Shilarn, is born in Waterdeep.
  • Duergar of Clan Thuldark of Gracklstugh establish an outpost beneath the ruins of Illusk, seeking to probe the underground defences of Mirabar.
1277/Year of the Beholder
  • King Errilam of Tethyr is accidentally killed while on a hunting trip with elven friends. This incident, and the rumors that grew out of it, sparks centuries of strife and hatred and many cruelties between the royalty of Tethyr and the elves.
  • Alemander III (1262 to 1288), 1st nephew of Errilam, King of Tethyr (begins persecution of the elves).
  • The mage Uldinus Lawkland steals a copy of the Simbul's spell trigger spell.
1278/Year of Many Bones
  • First recorded mention of the Draconomicon.
  • The Magister Thornar Fleetmoor is killed by a rival, the mage Uldinus Lawkland. Lawkland becomes the new Magister (reigns 1278 to 1280).
1279/Year of the Snarling Dragon
  • Tulrun leaves Silverymoon and returns to his abode in the Coldwood. Beginning of annual monstrous raids on Tulrun's Tent.
  • A Cult of the Dragon cell near Luskan destroys itself when the dragons and dracolich involved with the cell do battle over treasure hoards.
  • The green dragon Drethroyaster goes on a murderous rampage through Battledale, Featherdale, and Tasseldale. More than 700 lost their lives in these attacks. Some time later, Dretch is attacked and nearly dispatched by the conglomeration of adventuring companies known as the Crossed Swords.
1280/Year of the Manticore
  • Thay's second invasion attempt overwhelms Mulhorand. Sultim is besieged and nearly falls before reinforcements arrive. Priests of Anhur are made scapegoats.
  • The Old Skull Inn is built in Shadowdale.
  • The Magister Uldinus Lawkland is killed by the mage Ohland Grethgar, a pupil of the Simbul's. Grethgar becomes the new Magister (reigns 1280 to 1282).
1281/Year of the Cold Soul
  • Berethond Halfelven disappears during combat with a great green wyrm in the forest west of Dragonspear Castle. He is assumed dead, and Draconomicon, the Book of Dragons, which he carried, is believed lost with him.
  • Members of a Malar sect lead a "Wild Hunt" through the streets of Elturel. The cultists collected, caged, and then released monsters that they used in their "worship". The Book of Fangs and Talons is associated with this Wild Hunt.
1282/Year of Many Mists
  • A lich calling itself Sammaster appears in the Desertmouth Mountains and begins gathering humanoids, undead, and dragons into an army.
  • The Magister Ohland Grethgar is killed in a spell duel in the skies over Orlumbor with the black dragon Starlaurynguldar. The wyrm also died from his wounds, and Azuth offers the office of Magister to the mage Inhil "Hurler-of-Stars" Lauthdryn (reigns 1282 to 1294).
1283/Year of the Crawling Clouds
1284/Year of the Dying Stars
1285/Year of the Blacksnake
  • By this time, Skyships Glade in Tethyr is used exclusively by illithid slavers.
  • An adventuring company of paladins, the Company of Twelve, attacks the lich Sammaster's stronghold. Nine are killed, but the lich's physical form is destroyed. Survivors confirm that this indeed was Sammaster First-Speaker.
1286/Year of the Rock
  • Chapter 28 of "Cormyr: A Novel"
  • Rhigaerd II (1269 to 1335), King of Cormyr.
  • Methlas begins building a new pirate-fleet in the Inner Sea.
1287/Year of the Smoky Moon
  • A MageFair is held in the Fallen Lands. The Flame of the Spirit appears there in the posession of Udo of Felthaeran.
1288/Year of the Roaring Horn
  • Last ogre Tharkul falls.
  • Human kingdom of Thar established.
  • Mulmaster sends an expeditionary force to Ironfang Keep; beginning of numerous gnoll attacks in the area.
  • Princess Shaerglynda of Tethyr is killed in Waterdeep. Her killer escapes with her tiara, rings, and necklace, and is never found.
  • Jaszur (1274 to 1295), 1st son (twin) of Alemander, King of Tethyr (slain in Waterdeep, 1295).
  • The gray dwarves of Underspires wage a five-decade-long war with their surface kin.
1289/Year of the Sighing Serpent
  • The annual attacks on Tulrun's Tent cease, as Tulrun journeys to the lair of Arauthator, spawn of Sneighfanglen and source of the attacks, and proposes a truce.
  • Tulrun of the Tent discovers that the attacks upon him have been orchestrated by the revenge-seeking white dragon Arauthator. He confronts the wyrm and establishes a truce between them.
c. 1290s
  • "Editorial" & "Song of Chaos" ("Halls of Stormweather" Editorial & Story II) begins.
  • The archmage Archveult "Tattercloak" vanishes in a midair explosion over Raven Bluff's harbor. First appearance of the Tears of the Dragon.
  • The Magister, Lauthdryn "Hurler-of-Stars", is killed by Muaralygrym the Dark. Aralagath Tarsil of Elturel becomes the new Magister.
1290/Year of the Whelm
  • Dragonspear Castle falls.
  • The famed warrior Elfrin builds and fortifies a small keep along the High Road west of present-day Kheldell and proclaims himself ruler and 'king' of all lands within a days ride of his holding.
1291/Year of the Hooded Falcon
1292/Year of the Wandering Waves
1293/Year of the Talking Skull
1294/Year of the Deep Moon
  • Rilimbrar is king of Impiltur.
  • Methlas, a Cormyrean merchant-turned-pirate, amasses a fleet of ships in the Inner Sea. He is assassinated by his lieutenant, Thevren.
  • Thevren masses a fleet of forty pirate ships and sacks the cities of Selgaunt and Saerloon, but dies shortly after his victory, poisoned by Thilana, his mistress and former lover of Methlas. Thilana successfully leads the pirates of the Inner Sea for years, reviving Immurk's spy networks and sticking to the careful, conservative plans of Methlas.
  • The Magister Inhil Lauthdryn disappears in the wilderlands of the Vast. Azuth offers the office of Magister to Aralagath Tarsil of Arabel (reigned 1294 to 1306).
  • The Mistmaster builds the Citadel of the Mists in the High Forest atop the foundations of an ancient elven fortress.
  • Throgh, son of Thaurog, is slain by human adventurers out of Waterdeep. They are assailed in turn by wyverns who lair thereafter in Thaurog's Keep.
1295/Year of the Ormserpent
  • Olosar (1274 to 1319), 2nd son (twin) of Alemander III, King of Tethyr.
  • Shyressa, a vampiress, joins the Twisted Rune and begins her ascent to the rank of Senior Runemaster.
  • King Jaszur of Tethyr and his retinue are waylaid and slain by bandits near Sarcrag. The bandits are in turn slain by Waterdhavian armsmen who arrive too late to secure the king.
1296/Year of the Black Hound
  • Adventurers stumble onto a hidden temple of Malar in the settlement of Easting. The adventurers discover the Book of Fangs and Talons. However, when the adventurers try to carry the book off they are attacked by a great horde of beasts summoned by the priest of Malar whose temple it was. The book was taken back, and its holder slain and devoured by the monsters.
  • The priesthood of Milil recovers Wythyndle's Round Book in a bazaar in Calimport, and take it on a tour of Sorlyn temples amidst great rejoicing.
1297/Year of the Singing Skull
  • "Homeland" begins. First recorded mention of Drizzt Do'Urden.
  • Massacre on Watcher's Knoll of Tyrists by Joadath.
  • The dwarves of Ironfang in the Alaoreum Mountains of Turmish re-emerge into the surface world.
  • Yenandra "The Pirate Queen" begins her reign in Dambrath.
  • The nobles of Yulash begin a bitter quarrel for the lordship of the city.
1298/Year of the Pointed Bone
  • Lhestyn, as the "Masked Lady", infiltrates Shadow Thieves Guild of Waterdeep and exposes it. Within the span of a bloody week, the Shadow Thieves are either dead or fled from the city due to the Watch and the Lord's agents (like Lhestyn).
  • Priests of Malar hold an open enclave to plan their dispositions in the lands of the Sword Coast. The enclave lasts for a tenday where the Book of Fangs and Talons is featured in many rituals.
1299/Year of the Claw
  • Shadow Thieves settle in Athkatla after their ejection from Waterdeep in the previous year.
  • The shadow dragon Aurgloroasa clashes with and kills the adult black dragon Arngalor, whose lair was in the Heart of the Mine at the headwaters of the River Arkhen. Aurgloroasa was disguised as a blue dragon so she has never been linked to the deed.
1300/Year of the Starfall
  • "Liar's Game" (Realms of Shadow Story V)
  • Thieves' guild destroyed in Waterdeep. The noble house Bladesimmer (crafters of unique/exotic armor) played a role in its destruction.
  • Joadath of Shadowdale dies. Aumry and Sylune become Lord and Lady of Shadowdale.
  • Lhestyn weds Zelphar Arunsun, a powerful mage from Neverwinter (and acknowledged youngest son of Khelben the Elder).
1301/Year of the Trumpet
  • First recorded resurgence of the Cult of Tiamat in Unther.
  • By this time, the exiled Shadow Thieves have grown so powerful in Amn that the government is forced to acknowledge their presence and power.
  • Sponsored by merchant interests in Waterdeep and Neverwinter, the mercenary general Gulgathas recruits an army of hireswords in Port Llast, and leads them north to retake Illusk from the orcs of the Bloody Tusks tribe.
1302/Year of the Broken Helm
  • Khelben "Ravencloak" Arunsun the Younger born to Lhestyn & Zelphar in Waterdeep.
  • Gharri of Gond is born.
  • Durnan and Mirt the Merciless return from Undermountain and retire as rich men.
  • Illusk is finally retaken from the orcs who are all slain or flee north into the Spine of the World. The isolated duergar of Clan Thuldark living under ruined Illusk retreat into the Underdark. A council of merchants led by Urbaloss of Neverwinter assumes control and undertakes the swift rebuilding of Illusk's walls and port facilities. The rename the city Luskan to dissociate themselves from the city's less than savory past.
1303/Year of the Evening Sun
  • Fall of the human kingdom of Thar.
  • The venerable green dragon Claugiyliamatar makes her lair in the Deeping Cave, somewhere in the Kryptgarden Forest.
  • The Shadow Thieves begin construction on the training complex that will come to be known as the Assassin's Run.
1304/Year of the Stag
  • In early summer, Maeran Faerlin, a rising merchant of Westgate, employs a trio of mages known as the Hunting Hands, a band of archers, and Alion Narithryn, a minor priest of the Morninglord, to hunt down Aglistralarraghautha, a large female black dragon whose brood of hatchlings had been laying waste to the Reddansyr area and who had destroyed the merchant's warehouse in an isolated compound near Teziir. Of the merchant and his hired adventurers, only Alion survives the battle, but Aglistralarraghautha and five hatchlings are destroyed thanks to the dragonbane prayer found within the Tome of the Morning, a prayer tome of Lathander.
  • The drow, weredragon Nurvureem is first recorded as inhabiting the region between Triboar and the High Forest.
1305/Year of the Creeping Fang
  • Laershala of the Emerald Eyes strangles Thilana the Pirate Queen while in port at Tantras, and claims the Dragonisle and leadership of the Inner Sea pirates. As her tactics are more brutal and less planned, Laershala slowly loses control of the pirates.
  • The Cult of the Dragon locates the shadow dracolich Aurgloroasa and approaches her for the first time.
  • The ancient Netherese city of Nhallen is found by adventurers, sunk in the Inner Sea off the coast of the Altumbel.
  • The chitine slaves of Yathchol are emancipated from their drow masters.
  • The last time Durkin, an ancient dwarf guarding the Vale of Lost Voices for the elves, washes.
  • The small realm of Elfrin is attacked and destroyed by the green dragon Claugiyliamatar after its king and namesake dies of fever.
1306/Year of Thunder
  • Moonsea War. Mulmaster vanquished by an alliance of the other Moonsea cities.
  • Hulberg is destroyed by Mulmaster. Sulasspryn suffers heavy damage.
  • Vangerdahast of Cormyr founds War Wizards.
  • A dragon invasion, known as the Dragon Run, sweeps out of the Moonsea North. Phlan is destroyed.
  • Durnan establishes the Yawning Portal over the ruins of Halaster's Hold, controlling the access to the dungeons beneath the city.
  • The last heir to the throne of Amn, the self-styled Exile Prince Rohav, dies of poison at the hands of his vizier, Arlen Bormul.
  • The Magister Aralagath Tarsil is accidentally killed by the mage Orten Imdrar. Imdrar becomes the new Magister (reigns 1306 to 1317).
1307/Year of the Mace
  • Azoun IV of Cormyr is born.
  • Sulasspryn collapses into a huge sinkhole, destroying the city.
  • Akanax marches on and almost totally destroys Maerduuth.
  • Thamalon Uskevren, of House Uskevren of Sembia, born on Mirtul 4.
  • Algraetha 'the Enchantress' slaughters the resident wyverns of Thaurog's Keep and rebuilds the settlement.
1308/Year of the Catacombs
  • Dungeon exploring comes into vogue.
  • Construction begins on Lhestyn's (later Piergeiron's) Palace. It is complete by early winter.
  • Baeron, Open Lord of Waterdeep, dies of fever, and Shilarn, his wife, immolates herself on his funeral pyre. Their daughter Lhestyn becomes Open Lord of Waterdeep and constructs the Palace of Waterdeep (know Piergeiron's Palace).
1309/Year of the Sunset Winds
1310/Year of the Storms
  • A vast pirate fleet from the Nelanther attacks and conquers Luskan in this year. The leaders of the pirate fleet, Taerl, Baram, Kurth, Suljack and Rethnor, declare themselves the new rulers of the city and each adopt the title of High Captain.
  • The name Nesme comes into common usage for the former site of Thaurog's Keep after Algraetha bestows it upon her holding in memory of her dead half-elven lover.
1311/Year of the Fist
  • Birth of Filfaeril Selazir, wife of King Azoun of Cormyr (Mirtul 4, 1311 to ?).
  • Zelphar Arunsun dies at the hands of evil sorcery, though the source remains undetermined to this day. Lhestyn secretly names Piergeiron, a paladin and officer of the city guard, a Lord and her eventual successor as Open Lord of Waterdeep.
  • Rezim becomes vizier of Mulhorand and begins to persecute the church of Anhur. Chessentan mercenaries replace Anhur worshippers as guards of Skuld.
  • The mage Arklem Greeth comes to Luskan and bypasses the ancient magical wards placed around the Host Tower of the Arcane by Laeral Silverhand. He forms the Brotherhood of the Arcane in the waning days of this year with the aid of the "Old Ones", powerful liches who are remnants of the legendary Grand Cabal of Illusk. Arklem names himself Archmage Arcane of the Brotherhood.
  • Tanta Hagara, a shapeshifting annis from Hellgate Keep seizes the chieftainship of the Blue Bear Uthgardt tribe.
1312/Year of the Griffon
  • Darkhold seized by the Black Network.
  • The independent city of Teziir is refounded on a high bluff overlooking the Lake of Dragons, located to the west of Westgate its main rival in the merchant trade. Previous cities on this site have been attacked, sacked, and burned more than a few times throughout history.
  • A Chessentan merchant secretly backed by the Lawless, a sect of Shar, offers the Helm of Helm, a prayer "tome" dedicated to the God of Guardians, for sale in Westgate. Each night, battles erupt in the streets of Westgate between the Lawless (backed by someone of great authority in the city), the South Shore Serpents, the Wild Blades Adventurers of Teziir, and agents of Thay.
  • Durnan founds the Red Sashes as his own personal agents in Waterdeep, creating a precaution against such blatant disregards for the watch as grow common in Dock Ward (such as the death of Zelphar Arunsun).
1313/Year of the Shattered Oak
  • The Blue Bear Uthgardt tribe is shattered by internal warring and split in twain. Founding of the Tree Ghost Uthgardt tribe.
1314/Year of the Shadowtop
  • The tree of this name flourishes in this year.
  • Rhigaerd II, king of Cormyr, defeats the border raiders.
  • The Pirate Queen Laershala dies in combat with a Cormyrean Freesail; the pirates of the Inner Sea break up into squabbling factions.
  • Death of Lhestyn. Piergeiron becomes the Unmasked (Open) Lord of Waterdeep.
c. 1315
  • The Company of the Howling Wolf kills the archmage Iniarv.
1315/Year of Spilled Blood
  • Nanathlor Greysword, a native of Nimbral, becomes the Green Regent and attempts to overthrow the rule of Pasuuk Rensha and free Loudwater. Beginning of the War of the Returned Regent.
1316/Year of the Gulagoar
  • The Zhentarim take control of Teshendale. Refugees pour into Daggerdale and Dagger Falls including Zhent agents who incite a rebellion against the Morn family and install Malyk, a Zhentarim agent as ruler.
  • The arch-mages Orcrommor the Mighty and Asblan the Bold destroy each other in an aerial battle over the city of Ordulin.
  • The dwindling Spulzeer family establishes the Spulzeer Inn, which later becomes the foundation for the village of Trailstone on the Tethir Road. The family split in late Nightal 1315.
1317/Year of the Wandering Wyrm
  • Great Plague of the Inner Sea (also called the Dragon Plague). Chessenta is decimated, Unther suffers, but Mulhorand is largely unaffected. The Vilhon manages to restrict its spread and is relatively unscathed.
  • Death of the sorcerer-king Nesker. The first High Blade takes power in Mulmaster.
  • Targuth Athkarr becomes Huhrong of Rashemen.
  • The Magister Orten Imdrar dies in spellbattle with the Water Witch, Elminster, and the mage Qilder Yarven. Yarven becomes the new Magister (reigns 1317 to 1318; a month in each year).
  • Nanathlor Greysword becomes ruler of Loudwater after defeating Pasuuk Rensha and his followers at the battle of Tanglefork.
1318/Year of the Tired Treant
  • The Chanting Chain is written of in Ormath where Lalagos Indivvur, a priest of Talos, conducts a holy ritual to pull spells from it.
  • The Magister Qilder Yarven is killed in a spellduel with the mage Maldiglas "The Magnificent" Turntower. Turntower becomes the new Magister (reigns 1318 to 1322).
1319/Year of the Fallen Throne
  • The kingship of Sossal ends in bloodshed.
  • Alemander IV, 1st nephew of Olosar, King of Tethyr (slain in the 10 Black Days of Eleint, 1347). End of the Tethyr Dynasty.
1320/Year of the Watching Cold
  • Plague in the Inner Sea.
  • Ilione of Aglarond dies of the plague; The Simbul becomes Queen of Aglarond.
  • Akonhorus II becomes ruler of Mulhorand. Resurgence of Cult of Set in Mulhorand due to birth of Seti.
  • The Thayvians withdraw from Escalant in the wake of the Great Plague.
  • The indiscretions of the merfolk Prince Vhaemas lead to the illegitimate birth of Vhaemas the Bastard, as he is called by his mother and her clan, Kamaar of Thuridru.
  • The Magister Maldiglas the Magnificent creates a series of magical refuges throughout the North.
1321/Year of Chains
  • The Harpers reorganized. Twilight Hall founded in Berdusk.
  • King Zaor of Evermeet is assassinated. Queen Amlaruil becomes sole ruler of the Elves ("Elfshadow").
  • By this time, the Shadow Thieves have taken control of much of the criminal activity within Amn, and have spread to nearby cities.
1322/Year of Lurking Death
  • Monstrous attacks at a 50-year high.
  • The blue dragon Alasklerbanbostos, now a dracolich called the Great Bone Wyrm, spends the summer terrorizing and raiding Chessentra and Unther.
  • The shadow dragon Aurgloroasa undergoes the transformation to dracolich.
  • Khelben the Elder, disguising himself as Khelben the Younger, "claims" the long-vacant Arunsun Tower as his own, renaming it after his new title of "the Blackstaff".
  • The Magister Maldiglas Turntower devoures his own lifeforce constructing his magical refuges. Azuth offers the office of Magister to the mage Phelarnden Ghemelt of Tharsult (reigns four months, 1322).
  • The Chessentan archmage Maxiladanarr Torstren becomes Magister (reigns 1322 to 1328). He begins a breeding program to create sorcerous families, known as the Incipient Clans.
1323/Year of Dreamwebs
  • Great Plague declared over.
  • Thayvian wizards attempt to control others through dreams; they are discovered and destroyed.
1324/Year of the Grimoire
  • Chapter 30 of "Cormyr: A Novel"
  • Many old magical tomes were discovered in this year sparking a renewed interest in magic.
  • Luthcheq invades Mordulkin, to take advantage of heavy losses in the plague years. Luth-cheq loses the war and the losses are blamed on wizard-spies in the service of Mordulkin. Luthcheq begins its persecution of wizards.
  • The white dragon Arauthator slays the venerable red dragon Rathalylaug high above the rooftops of Neverwinter.
  • The wizard Tulrun of the Tent falls prey to a curse of Netherese origins during the course of one of his many exploratory expeditions and is transformed into a tiefling.
c. 1325
  • Harper's Hold is built deep into the slopes of Mt. Waterdeep.
1325/Year of the Great Harvest
1326/Year of the Striking Hawk
  • The wizard Meltharond Thone, master of the venerable white dragon Arveiaturace, dies.
1327/Year of the Blue Flame
  • The mad wizard Yarash moves into the pyramid on Sorcerer's Isle.
  • Tholaunt, an incarnation of Anhur, is slain by Valerios, the Tharchion of Pyrados.
  • The steel dragon Jalanvaloss destroys the black dragon Nabalnyth, who has taken up residence in the Rat Hills, south of Waterdeep.
1328/Year of the Adder
  • "Homeland" ends.
  • The Magister Maxiladanarr Torstren is killed in an avalanche. Azuth offers the office of Magister to Imrul Athelzedar (reigns 1328 to 1354).
  • The wizard Ulthorn is slain in a spell duel with the Archmage Ahrabose in Waterdeep, but not before ensuring the death of his slayer by bringing the Tower of Yintros down upon them both with a great shout.
1329/Year of the Lost Helm
  • Morkoth agents, at the behest of Great Arcane Aodk, kidnap the merfolk Queen Wylla, Princess Deira and Princess Aeda, and magically change them into monstrous forms that mindlessly attack Voalidru. Their deaths are avenged with the attacks on Olleth later that year and the death of Aodk and his Arcounts.
  • The Calishite mining and refining colony of Berranzo is founded on Gundarlun by a consortium of merchants led by the wizard Hochmiraz.
1330/Year of the Marching Moon
  • Prince Rythan of Tethyr slays Jhaniloth Puiral of the Twisted Rune.
  • The steel dragon Zundaerazylym begins to recruit a shadowy group known as the Soft Claws to gain materials for her alchemical projects, keep watch on orc populations and gather information on the deeds and whereabouts of dragons throughout the Sword Coast North.
1331/Year of the Leaping Dolphin (NOTE: "The Wyvern's Spur" gives this year as Year of Temples)
  • Numerous high-ranking mages among all the Guilds Arcane of Calimport, Almraiven, Volothamp, Memnon, and Keltar mysteriously abandon their homes and positions to depart on some mysterious mission within the Marching Mountains.
  • Birth of Zaranda Star, later Queen of Tethyr.
1332/Year of the Sword and Stars
  • Florin Falconhand is born.
  • The Wyrmstrike of Dunbridges (Border Kingdoms).
  • Azoun IV and his wife, Filfaeril Selzair "The Dragon Queen", have a son. The boy is called Foril.
  • Numerous goblin and hobgoblin tribes are reported on the move among the western Marching Mountains, though reports have numerous mages at the heads of these hordes - the same mages who went missing in Calimshan late last year under some mysterious calling.
  • The Calishites of the mining colony of Berranzo are all found to be either dead or afflicted with madness by local Northmen. The area is thought cursed and avoided by all.
1333/Year of the Striking Falcon
  • The Great Amnian Trade War. Founding of the Council of Six and the unification of Amn by Thayze Selemchant.
  • Islif Lurelake is born.
  • Myrmeen Lhal is born.
  • Tale of the "Azure Bonds" (Mirtul to Kythorn), "The Wyvern's Spur" (Flamerule to Ches 1334).
  • Lord Iorltar of Zhentil Keep names Manshoon his successor as first lord.
  • Gamalon Idogyr and his family leave Tethyr for the Rock of Bral.
  • The realm of Mulsparkh rises along the northern bank of the River Memnon near the end of this year, founded by Calishite mercinaries and monsters at the secret instigation of the Twisted Rune.
  • The Overwizard Glagorn and other wizards of the Arcane Brotherhood attack the mage Llomnauvel "Firehands" Oloadhin of Port Llast. Llomnauvel ensures his and their destruction when he works a mighty magic that hurls down his abode and burns away the lives of all within it.
c. 1334
  • Last known appearance of the mage Nchaser.
  • Prince Foril, infant son of Azoun and Filfaeril of Cormyr (Mirtul 1, 1332 to Uktar 11, 1334), assassinated.
1334/Year of the Blazing Brand
  • "So High a Price" (Realms of Infamy Story I; Mirtul)
  • Hyarmon Hussilthar becomes Huhrong of Rashemen.
  • Tethyrian mounted troops including Crown Prince Rythan, brother of King Alemander IV, are defeated at the Battle of Nightflames by the army of Mulsparkh; the realm of Mulsparkh is swiftly crushed soon after by the Calishite legions. The Sword of Starlight, a Tethyrian sword of state and a powerful magical item, is secreted away by Yuzas Nur yn Yusuf el Tiagar, a military officer with greater ambitions than abilities.
  • Foril, son of Azoun IV, dies at two years old.
  • Tanalesta, daughter of Azoun IV and Filfaeril, born.
  • Manshoon and Fzoul, with the help of their beholder allies, become the new lords of Zhentil Keep.
  • The faithful of Loviatar undertake an extensive search in Westgate for the Lash of Loviatar, following rumors of its sighting in the city. Their efforts succeed in making the Church of Pain many enemies, but no trace of the prayer "tome" is ever found.
  • The wizard Nchaser serves as advisor to the High Captains of Luskan as they attempt to combat the growing power and influence of the Arcane Brotherhood.
1335/Year of the Snow Winds (NOTE: The Waterdeep Boxed Set gives the name of this year as Year of the Shaking Serpent)
  • "The Family Business" (Realms of Valor Story VIII)
  • Alusair Nacacia, second daughter of Azoun IV, is born.
  • Prince Haedrak Errilam Alemander Olosar Lhorik (Lhaeo) is born in a room atop the High Palace of Silverymoon.
  • The Evereska Charter claims the Greycloak Hills for the elves.
  • Rhigaerd II, king of Cormyr, dies in the waning days of this year.
  • A spell-duel in Ordulin between Thindol of the Zhentarim and the awakened lich Bhalgustrin ends with the death of Thindol.
  • The "Bleak Winter" in the North.
  • Erevis Cale is born, probably in Westgate.
1336/Year of the Highmantle (Note: "Realms of Valor" [in "Elminster at the Magefair"] gives the name of this year as Year of the Dark Dragon)
  • Azoun IV takes the throne of Cormyr, 29 winters old.
  • The Fastness of Green Shadows, a temple of Eldath, is destroyed in a vicious raid by ambitious wizards of the Brotherhood of the Arcane.
  • Blackturrets is torn down and construction of Stormweather Towers is completed.
  • Algraetha "the Enchantress" is slain by a group of adventurers out of Luskan leaving Nesme a temporarily lawless frontier hold.
1337/Year of the Wandering Maiden
  • Charles Oliver O'Kane becomes mayor of Raven's Bluff.
  • The nobles of Yulash abolish the lordship and instead rule by council.
  • The adventuring band known as The Nine led by Laeral Silverhand, acquire the Crown of Horns. Laeral dons the headpiece and descends into madness. The band fragments into three warring factions and their lair, known as the Stronghold of the Nine and located along the banks of the Unicorn Run, becomes a battleground.
1338/Year of the Wanderer
  • "Exile" begins.
  • The Wandering Wyvern built in Sevenecho.
  • Queen Sambryl takes the throne of Impiltur.
  • The gnoll invasions of Mulmaster end.
  • The Murann Spice War occurs between Ophal and Ulvax holdings and is suppressed.
  • An insane doppleganger who has assumed the identity of Abadda Moonglamaer, a Prince of Phalorm, is challenged and slain by Distyl of Nesme at the court of High Lady Alustriel in Silverymoon.
1339/Year of the Weeping Moon
  • Aumry slain; Jyordhan becomes Lord of Shadowdale.
  • Sharra Frohm, the great-great-great granddaughter of Palus Frohm, decides to continue her grandfather's work. Traveling alone, she enters the Great Glacier and is never heard from again.
  • The Sell-Sword Rebellion: Rival groups of mercenaries battle each other in the streets of Port Ghaast. The ensuing destruction leads to the mercenaries being quartered outside the city walls.
  • Sundeth Gossyl, cleric of Tymora, is killed in combat with a Wyvern on the battlements of the Citadel of the Raven. She is later entombed in a tower in the keep called "Sundeth's Tower".
  • Volludan, a former priest of Mask, is named guildmaster of the Shadowmasters of Telflamm.
1340/Year of the Lion
  • "Exile" ends.
  • "Pool of Radiance": A band of adventurers destroys the Pool of Radiance in Phlan and frees the ruins from the monster curse.
  • "Sojourn" begins.
  • Battle of the River Rising in Featherdale between Sembian and Cult of the Dragon forces; death of the wizard Mhzentul.
  • The shadow dracolich Aurgloroasa takes Mhzentul's library and arcane researches for her own use.
  • Danilo Thann is born to Cassandra and Rhammas Thann.
1341/Year of the Gate
  • Illistyl Elventree is born.
  • The undersea realm of Sylkiir celebrates as the High Mages Taranath Reefglamor and Yrlimn Tidark announce the first acceptance of students for High Magic study in over 200 years. Their current student Pharom Ildacer of Naramyr becomes a tutor and a High Mage.
  • By this time, the Shadow Thieves have their hands in half the organized crime in the Sword Coast, from the High Moor to Athkatla.
  • The Moonlight Men mercenary band instigates a daring daylight raid on the treasure-vaults of the High Captains of Luskan, escaping by sea in several stolen sailing ships.
1342/Year of the Behir
  • Marune, a chief agent of the Shadow Thieves, sells his house and holdings in Luskan and Mirabar, and disappears.
  • Three Red Wizards of Thay attempted to infiltrate the Cult of the Dragons attendants to the dracolich Khalahmongre. Attempts to control Khalahmongre result in the deaths of the three Red Wizards as well as most of the Cultists. Khalahmongre emerges from the conflict unscathed.
  • The blade Ellendrin identified by the sage Othiiyr Velthrann of Tsurlagol. The blade and its owner, the thief Gort of Tsurlagol, disappear shortly thereafter.
  • The wizard Irritym Wonderstar of Waterdeep is slain by thieves seeking to plunder his house of magic. His apprentice Baelam hunts down and slays his tutor's murderers and then spends the next several months learning what he can of his master's Art before leaving Waterdeep to wander the Sword Coast lands. Over the next decade he returns often to Waterdeep where he claims Irritym's tower as his own.
1343/Year of the Boot
  • Silverymoon and Everlund are saved from an orc horde by the Moonlight Men mercenaries. The Moonlight Men slew over 4,000 orcs at Turnstone Pass before they fell. Only the famed bard Mintipur Moonsilver and five of his comrades survive.
  • Chondathian and Sespechian logging sorties are repelled by a combined force of elves and druids.
  • Shamur reappears in Selgaunt.
1344/Year of Moonfall
  • Retreat of the elves from Cormanthor begins.
  • Chondathian and Sespechian logging sorties in the Chondathwood are repelled by a combined force of elves and druids.
  • The last King of Emmerock, Belder the Sly, perishes of a bloating plague while visiting the port cities of the Lake of Steam.
  • The Flame of the Spirit is seen in Skullport by Mirt the Moneylender, but its posessor evades his grasp.
  • Thamalon Uskevren and Shamur Karn are married in Selgaunt.
  • The last moon elves of Ardeep abandon their forest home as they heed the call of the Retreat.
1345/Year of the Saddle
  • "Darkwalker on Moonshae"
  • Plague in Amn.
  • Jyordhan is slain by Khelben Arunsun of Waterdeep.
  • Time of No Lords (until 1348 DR) in Shadowdale.
  • A mysterious explosion levels the temple of Waukeen in Thentia.
  • Later known as "The Night of the Templefall", fires consume the Spires of the Morning (Waterdeep's oldest temple) and the House of Heroes in early winter. Both temples are rebuilt within the next year.
  • Also during the night of the Templefall, worshipers of Shar lead an aborted arson attempt against Selune's temple. The Selunites respond by destroying a temple of Shar located beneath Shadows Alley.
  • The Coast Plague infests Murann, Athkatla, Purskul, and Crimmor, killing 20% of the people. The plague spreads by caravan, infecting folk in Beregost and Zazesspur.
  • Thamalon Uskevren II (also known as Tamlin) is born in Selgaunt.
1346/Year of the Bloodbird
  • "Black Wizards", "Darkwell"
  • There is a great frost early in this year.
  • Cult of Tiamat summons the Dark Lady.
  • Bhaal banished from the Moonshae Islands; Tristan Kendrick becomes High King of the Moonshaes.
  • The Friendly Arm is built.
  • The Naval Battle of Lisen Sands.
  • Selfaril becomes High Blade of Mulmaster.
  • The Knights of Myth Drannor receive their first charter from King Azoun of Cormyr.
  • Jaulothan Marlyx and two beholders appear in the center of the city of Arrabar and blast most of the city into ruins before the mage is torn apart by a tanar'ri summoned by deseperate local mages. Jaulothan had the Black Book of Beshaba during this time but it was lost in the confusion after this incident.
  • Rumors of The Book of Fangs and Talons being carried through the forests of the North by chanting Malarites surface.
  • Rumors of some 80,000 drow living in the Forest of Mir leads to panic in Calimport, although most sensibly laugh at the unfounded rumor and at the panic it causes Tethyr and many Calishite holdings.
  • Of seven students chosen by the High Mages of Selu'Maraar, three are marked for great destinies. The youths Keryth Adofaer, Talor Vurtalis, and Jhanta Merlistar excel at the basics of High Magic. They privately learn more about High magic in an unorthodox manner - Taranath unveils three selu'kiira and places then upon their brows, sending the students into comas while the gems force feed the knowledge of millennia into their brains. All High Mages and students remain behind closed doors on their estate on the outskirts of Sylkiir.
1347/Year of the Bright Blade
  • "Sojourn" ends, Drizzt Do'Urden comes to Icewind Dale.
  • Zhengyi the Witch-King rises in Vaasa.
  • Alemander IV dies in Tethyr.
  • "Ten Black Days of Eleint" - Tethyrian civil war begins. The population of Tethyr at this time is given at 4,200,000.
  • Tyranthraxus takes up residence in Valjevo Castle, Phlan.
  • Zhentil Keep forces, allied with an orc horde, destroy Hulberg for the final time.
  • Mysterious fires destroy the old temple in Everdusk Hall. Not even magic can stop the destruction. (The North)
  • Soorenar attacks and destroys Akanax.
  • Maxan Maxer, companion of Storm Silverhand, is killed.
  • Strange spellstorms wrack southern Thay and the North Coast.
  • The twins Larajin and Leifander are born in the Tangled Trees.
  • The riots of the Five Fires Rising are quelled by the city authorities of Neverwinter, as agitators from Luskan seek to destabilize the city.
1348/Year of the Spur
  • "Rite of Blood" (Realms of the Underdarks Story IV; Liriel story)
  • Zazessovertan is fully re-garrisoned by Tethyr.
  • Khelben gives the Pendant of Ashaba to the Knights of Myth Drannor.
  • Doust Sulwood is chosen to be Lord of Shadowdale.
  • The Halruaan necromancer Random spreads the spell Read Southern Magic across Halruaa.
  • Selfaril becomes High Blade of Mulmaster, by killing his predecessor.
  • The Battle of Six Smoking Shields: The forces of Dunbridges repel an attack by the army of Thuntar (Border Kingdoms).
  • Lord Chardath Spulzeer awakens his ancestor, the lich-lord Kartak Spellseer.
  • Fall of the Kingdom of Tethyr.
  • Erevis Cale is recruited by the Night Masks.
  • Kalahar Twohands becomes the Green Regent and defeats a Talosian cult that has unleashed a storm tempest on Orlbar and Llorkh, devastating both settlements.
1349/Year of the Bridle
  • Thazienne Uskevren is born in Selgaunt.
  • The temple-farm of Goldenfields is established by Tolgar Anuvien and the priesthood of Chauntea.
  • The Unseen are formed in the subterranean city of Ch'Chitl and begin to infiltrate Waterdeep and the surrounding region.
1350/Year of the Morningstar
  • "Pools of Darkness": Phlan disappears from the shores of the Moonsea, but is returned by the same adventurers who destroyed the Pool of Radiance ten years earlier.
  • Cult of Set gains control of Sampranasz; Seti forms the Fangs of Set.
  • The treasury and armory of King Osbrun of Chessagol are looted, apparently by magic.
  • Elminster retires to Shadowdale.
  • The Knights of Myth Drannor destroy a Zhentarim stronghold, the Flaming Tower. Manshoon forms alliance with Beholders (Ruins of ZK)
  • Manshoon forms an alliance with beholders.
  • The Knights of Myth Drannor slay the beholder Xantriph in the Temple in the Sky. Xantriph was an important ally to the Zhentarim.
  • The mage Detho, son of Navro, disappears, most likely into the depths of Undermountain.
  • Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun slays the two remaining wizards of the mage cabal known as the Brothers Six, after they attempt to extert control over trade entering and leaving the harbors of Waterdeep and Baldur's Gate.
1351/Year of the Crown
  • "The Crystal Shard" begins. Regis steals Pasha Pook's magical ruby, flees Calimport to Ten Towns. Akar Kessel begins working with the Silver Shard on Kelvin's Cairn.
  • Larloch's (Warlock's) Crypt discovered.
  • Plague in Baldur's Gate.
  • The green dragon Dretchroyaster is nearly killed by the Merry Marauders adventuring company.
  • A Cult of the Dragon cell, led by the mage Larkonlan, approaches Dretchroyaster and offers to make him a dracolich, ensuring the green dragon of immortality.
  • The Company of Eight, a band of Tethyrian adventurers, bring down the despot Duke Nivedann Illehhune.
  • Talbot Uskevren is born in Selgaunt.
  • A group of thieves gathers secretly in Waterdeep to attack and slay the wizard Baelam "the Bold". He slays them all for their troubles and then quits the city to roam the Realms after giving the last of his master Irritym's magic to Khelben Arunsun.
1352/Year of the Dragon
  • Prologue of "Ironhelm"
  • Chapter 32 of "Cormyr: A Novel"
  • Gondegal the Lost King of Arabel attempts to build his own kingdom.
  • Barbarians of the Ride destroy a huge Zhentarim force en route to Glister.
  • The Tethyrian fortress of Zazessovertan is officially dedicated and renamed to the Cloister of St. Ramedar.
  • Pasha Balik begins his rule in Zazzesspur with the hidden aid if the Knights of the Shield.
  • The green dragon Dretchroyaster moves his lair from tunnels south of Myth Drannor to a crystalline plant near the ruined City of Song.
  • The Magister Imrul Athelzedar approaches Noumea Drathchuld, a librarian in Silverymoon's Vault of Sages, and takes her as his apprentice (and future sucessor).
  • The daring thief Asilther Graelor steals almost the entire hoard of the black dragon Shammagar from his lair in the mountains north of Waterdeep. After fruitlessly searching for Asilther for the better part of a season, Shammagar relocates his lair and remaining treasure to an unnamed island in the Trackless Sea.
1353/Year of the Arch
  • "A Virtue by Reflection" ("Realms of Valor" Story VI)
  • "The Nether Scroll" begins.
  • Randal Morn kills the Zhent ruler Malyk, and frees much of Daggerdale (but not Dagger Falls) from the Zhents.
  • Doust Sulwood retires to Arabel
  • Mourngrym Amcathra becomes Lord of Shadowdale.
  • The main buildings of Helm's Stead are fortified; the monastery is renamed Helm's Hold.
  • The Company of Eight begins to fight against the schemes of Ernest Gallowglass and his predatory son in Tethyr.
  • The Carrion Count of Tannar, Lantan of Pelmarin, is slain by the bard Tamshan.
  • Volludan, guildmaster of the Shadowmasters of Telflamm, is killed and the stolen Red Book of War is lost as the ship he was travelling on sinks north of Cape Dragonfang.
  • The Night Masks, a band of thieves, assassins and enforcers who operate largely by night, are established in Westgate by a doppleganger mage known as "the Faceless" and a handful of merchants, who take to calling themselves the Night Masters. The guild, whose symbol is a domino mask, quickly comes to control most of the illegal doings in town, although the Shore Patrol, a loose confederation of street gangs, thieves, thugs, and outcasts of all sorts, resists assimilation.
  • The Faceless and the Night Masters of Westgate are protected from scrying by a device stolen from the temple of Leira. It consists of a tree rack and twelve white porcelain masks painted with black domino masks about the eye slits that, once recharged on the tree rack, protect anyone wearing them for at least an hour for up to four days from magical detection and divination.
  • The settlement of Llorkh in the Delimbyr Vale comes under the sway of the Zhentarim after Geildarr Ithym is installed as leader following the untimely demise of the previous lord, Phintarn Redblade.
1354/Year of the Bow
  • Prologue of "Rising Tide": The malenti priestess Laaqueel frees Iakhovas from his prison under the Shining Sea.
  • Prosperous harvest in the Realms.
  • Mulmaster's "New Fleet" destroyed in battle with the navy of Zhentil Keep.
  • Maalthiir becomes ruler of Hillsfar.
  • House of the Lady (Tymora) established in Shadowdale.
  • Dunkelzhan of Candlekeep writes The Origin Myths -- A Treatise.
  • The Night of Fire: The Four Mages of Felshroun defend the Free Barony against a Red Wizard attack (Border Kingdoms).
  • Balagos the great red wyrm attacks and devours the sage Thoravus of Athkatla.
  • The Company of Eight, a Tethyrian adventuring company, saves the gold dragon Garlokantha. The dragon and the adventurers become firm allies.
  • The Magister Imrul Athelzedar is attacked and killed by Eron Imgrym of Shiertalar. Imrul's apprentice Noumea becomes Magister (reigns 1354 to 1370).
  • The High Captains of Luskan come fully under the sway of the Arcane Brotherhood, cementing its secret rule over the city.
1355/Year of the Harp
  • "Elminster at the Magefair" ("Realms of Valor" Story II)
  • Zhentil Keep takes control of the Citadel of the Raven due to a clever act of treachery.
  • Retreat of the elves from Cormanthor reaches its peak.
  • Yulash falls in civil war
  • The Red Plumes of Hillsfar and Zhentil Keep move troops to Yulash. Both parties want outright control of the city.
  • Shaerl Rowanmantle sent by Vangerdahast to Shadowdale.
  • Shaerl and Mourngrym wed.
  • Great fires rage across the Shining Plains.
  • The Knights of Myth Drannor and their allies repulse a Zhentarim attack against Shadowdale.
  • The mage Whisper is slain by Doust Sulwood and his companions beneath the Haunted Halls of Eveningstar.
  • Doust Sulwood comes from the west to Shadowdale with the Pendant of Ashaba, and claims the high seat.
  • Eilistraee's faithful establish the Promenade of the Dark Maiden, a temple complex in Undermountain.
  • Helm "Dwarf-friend" becomes ruler of Sundabar.
  • Amril Zoar, scion of the exiled Waterdhavian family of the same name, slays two secret Lords of Waterdeep, Lady Tamaeril Bladesemmer and Resengar the Whitebeard, and badly wounds Open Lord Peirgeiron. After being apprehended, he is spared execution by the intercession of Storm Silverhand of the Harpers.
1356/Year of the Worm
  • "The Crystal Shard" ends Drizzt Do'Urden and Wulfgar kill Icingdeath (Eleasias). Battle of Icewind Dale (Eleasias).
  • "Streams of Silver"
  • "The Halfling's Gem" begins
  • "The Lord of Lowhill" ("Realms of Valor" Story I)
  • Siege of Dragonspear Castle.
  • Selfaril of Mulmaster and the Tharchioness of the Tarch of Eltabbar in Thay, known as the First Princess of Thay outside the Thay, exchange betrothal gifts.
  • Lashan of Scardale proclaims himself king of the dales in Flamerule, and set a full scale invasion against the other dales in motion. But his empire is short-lived and his army is destroyed late the same year by the combined forces of Cormyr, Sembia, Zhentil Keep and the Dales. Scardale now houses garrisons from all forces, working to keep the peace.
  • Cormyr seizes Tilverton.
  • Founding of the Iron Throne.
  • The Statues That Walk begin animating in Mulhorand.
  • Lyran the Pretender attacks Shadowdale.
  • The temple of Bane in Voonlar is sacked by Shadowdale forces. 400 prisoners, including drow and Zhentarim, are taken (Ruins of ZK, FR7 Hall of Heroes).
  • The most recent flight of dragons occurs, causing much havoc across Faerûn. Though the Cult of the Dragon claims responsibility, the true cause of such events remains a mystery.
  • As part of the Flight of Dragons that afflicts the Moonsea and eastern Heartlands, Westgate is attacked by a young adult male black dragon named Xuntlarmerphyn, the last surviving hatchling of Aglistralarraghautha. Many ships in Westgate's harbor are sunk before the wyrm is slain by the concerted attacks of the city's wizards, priests, and warriors.
  • The ghost dragon Ghaulantatra, a white dragon in life, finally slays the eye tyrant that murdered her.
  • Sembia bans the elven races from Sembian soil.
  • In Eleasias, king Azoun IV's daughter Alusair Nacacia runs away. Her reason is unknown but she is spotted in Tilverton but not found.
  • Death of Sylune of Shadowdale.
  • An attacking wave of dragons is diverted from Silverymoon, but the city has an official ride in mourning anyway, because the sister of Lady Alustriel, Sylune, died in combat with a dragon in Shadowdale.
  • Two known Red Wizards are crushed while standing on the docks in Alaghon. The druids of the Enclave are suspected.
  • Dabron Sashenstar charts a passage through the Novularond Peaks to Sossal. He also discovers the tower of the long-dead mage Caddelyn.
  • The deep tunnels under Hellgate Keep now connect with the Nameless Dungeon to the southwest under the High Forest.
  • The High Captain Suljack of Luskan addresses the Merchant's League in Baldur's Gate.
  • The Knights of Myth Drannor close the underground passage to the Drow realm under the Tower of Ashaba. Thus ending the trade between Zhentil Keep and the dark elves.
  • Hordes of adventuring bands start expeditions to the fables ruins of Myth Drannor.
  • The Palace of Skulls reappears in Llyrath Forest (Moonshaes)
  • Gharri of Gond, out of Tilverton, is killed in a magical battle with Zhentarim wizards near Serpentsbridge in Daggerdale.
  • Fiends out of Dragonspear Castle and a strange magical mist that blankets the region around it, cause chaos throughout the trade routes of the Sword Coast North until the devils are finally defeated by the combined forces of Waterdeep and Baldur's Gate.
  • Akar Kessel and his army are defeated by the combined forces of the Ten Towns, the dwarves of Clan Battlehammer and the barbarians of the Icewind Dale led by Wulfgar, son of Beornegar.
  • Bruenor Battlehammer and the Company of the Hall re-discover Mithral Hall and slay the shadow dragon known as Shimmergloom.
1357/Year of the Prince
  • "The Halfling's Gem" ends.
  • "Crypt of the Shadowking": The Harpers Caledan Caledorian and Mari Al'Maren destroy the Shadow King in the crypts beneath Irieabor, after the Shadow King kills the Zhentarim ruler Ravendas. The Zhentarim lose control of the City of a Thousand Spires.
  • "Crown of Fire"
  • "Dark Mirror" ("Realms of Valor" Story XI)
  • "The Legacy"
  • "Starless Night"
  • "Azure Bonds": On the 6th of Kythorn, the avatar of Moander, the Jawed God, appears over the city of Westgate battling Mistinarperadnacles Hai Draco, a female red dragon allied with Alias of the Magic Arm, a saurial paladin named Dragonbait, a halfling bard named Olive Ruskettle, and a mage from Turmish named Akabar Bel Akash. Both Moander and the red wyrm are destroyed in a great conflagration over the city, and their shattered forms rain down over the northwestern end of the city, destroying parts of the city wall, the Dhostar warehouses, and the slum area known as the Shore. Two days later, an earthquake centered on the Hill of Fangs west of the city rocks Westgate shortly after dawn. The tremor is the result of a great battle between Alias and her friends on one hand and those who had created the swordswoman with the magic arm on the other hand, including a guild of assassins known as the Fire Knives, the sorceress Cassana of Westgate, and the lich Zrie Prakis, all of whom are destroyed.
  • "Spellfire": Shandril Shessair kills a dracolich of the Dragon Cult and does heavy damage to Zhentil Keep and the Citadel of the Raven with Spellfire.
  • During the months of Flamerule, Eleasias, and Eleint, the Night Masks battle the Shore Patrol for control of Westgate's criminal underworld. Adventurers, hired by the city's merchant nobility as bounty hunters, deliver a sharp check to the ambitions of the Night Masks. Their efforts thwart a plot by the ruling Pentad of Night Masters to transform Westgate into a theocracy of Mask, the Shadowlord.
  • Lady Alustriel forges an alliance with Bruenor Battlehammer of Mithril Hall and helps defend the dwarf halls against the Baenre drow clan.
  • Aumark Lithyl unifies Ruathym.
  • King Virdin of Damara killed in battle with Zhengyi the Witch-King.
  • Manshoon and Fzoul Chembryl are taken ill but are healed.
  • The Pharoah Akonhorus of Mulhorand is assassinated by the Cult of Set, leaving Horustep III (age 11) on the throne of Mulhorand.
  • Slave riots in Messemprar.
  • Gauntylgrym is re-discovered by the Company of the Gryphon.
  • Zhentil Keep wins a naval battle against Mulmaser and Melvaunt. (Ruins of ZK)
  • Civil War in Melvaunt.
  • The bard Ivryn Olindarr writes the comedic play Three Black Horses.
  • Malarkin Norlbertusz of Ordulin writes the play Much Ado in Sembia.
  • The Salamander War: The Tharchion of Lapendrar, allied with the Zulkirs of Enchantment and Conjuration, open a Gate to the Elemental Plane of Fire, and begin a campaign against the North Coast Cities.
  • A second Thayan army of zombies invades Rashemen but is turned back.
  • Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun travels to the stronghold of the band known as The Nine in the High Forest and frees the leader - Laerel Silverhand, one of the 7 Sisters - from the Crown of Horns and its curse and therefore also from Myrkuls influence. Laeral returns with him to Waterdeep for more healing, and after that, they are inseparable and she is referred to as Lady Arunsun (City of Splendors).
  • A tribe of kobolds takes up residence in the Maiden's Tomb Tor, unnoticed by Waterdeep.
  • The dwarves of the Ironeater Clan reclaim the ruined halls of Illefarn.
  • Geildarr becomes lord of Llorkh after the murder of Phintarn 'Redblade', the previous lord. Dwarves start disappearing in Llorkh.
  • The Tome of the Unicorn is stolen from Ruathym's Green Rooms royal library.
  • Shairksah, an evil merchant and mage, is banished from Amn for threatening to kill other merchants with magical creatures he controls or conjures from his home in Murann.
  • During the Festival of the Assumption, Gilgeam destroys a giant dragon turtle in Unthalass Harbor.
  • Haverstrom Lhal, husband of Myrmeen Lhal of Arabel, dies.
  • Cormyrean troops invade Tilverton, under some protests from the citizens.
  • The forces of Luskan attack Ruathym, successfully plundering much of the island and sinking that realm's ships. They establish a presence there and subjugate the local population and shipping.
  • The thief Asilther Graelor seizes a Luskan ship heavily-laden with treasure from Ruathym and pilots it to the abode of the black dragon Shammagar on an unnamed island in the Trackless Sea, thereby in part repaying her debt to him.
  • Bruenor Battlehammer and dwarves of Clan Battlehammer reclaim Mithral Hall from the duergar of Clan Bukbukken with the aid of dwarves from Citadel Adbar. Bruenor Battlehammer is crowned Eighth King of Mithral Hall.
  • A tribe of kobolds led by their chieftain Kuthil takes up residence in the caverns beneath Maiden's Tomb Tor.
1333 CR
326 NR
0 PR/Year of Shadows
  • "Shadows of the Avatar Trilogy" ("Shadows of Doom", "Cloak of Shadows", "All Shadows Fled")
  • The Time of Troubles; gods walk the Realms. - The "Avatar Trilogy" ("Shadowdale", "Tantras" and "Waterdeep"). (Months : Kythorn through Marpenoth). Destruction of Bane, Bhaal, Myrkul, Waukeen, and perhaps other gods (Leira). Ascendancy of Cyric and Midnight.
    • Dead magic and wild magic areas appear in the Realms.
    • Anhur claims the portfolio of Ramman, after the latter is killed by Hoar. He also battles the avatar of Sekolah in the Alambar, in the "Battle of Summer Storms".
    • Auril stalks the Great Glacier.
    • Azuth is present at the Pool of Yeven, on the River Ashaba.
    • Bane travels to Zhentil Keep, Castle Kilgrave, Scardale, and Tantras (where he is killed).
    • Beshaba fights with Tymora in the North.
    • Bhaal is present at the Haunted Halls of Eveningstar, and Boarskyr Bridge (where he is killed).
    • Clangeddin Silverbeard appeared on the isle of Ruathym.
    • Deep Duerra's avatar appears to duergar under the mountains of Turmish and leads them on a campaign of conquest.
    • Deneir graces Twilight Hall in Berdusk with his presence.
    • Eldath appears in the Misty Forest.
    • Garagos rampages through Westgate's harbor before wading out into the Sea of Fallen Stars, leaving a blood-red harbor in his wake. In the aftermath of the Reaver's rampage, trade in Westgate is sharply impacted by the magical chaos that accompanies the Fall of the Gods.
    • Geb leads his followers to the Ship of the Gods, where they build a temple to him.
    • Gond Wonderbringer falls to Lantan in the form of a gnome. He gives the Lantanese the secrets of smoke powder and guns.
    • Gwaeron Windstrom pursues Malar throughout the North.
    • Helm spends the Troubles guarding the Nexus of the Planes.
    • Hoar possessed King Hippartes of Akanax and attacked Unther. He was driven from the field by Anhur.
    • Ilmater roams the Bloodstone Lands.
    • Labelas Enorath appeared on the isle of Ruathym.
    • Lliira appears in both Shadowdale and Cormanthor.
    • Lolth appeared to her faithful in Menzoberranzan.
    • Malar stalks the Gulthmere and is challenged by Nobanion. He is driven north and west towards the Sword Coast.
    • Mielikki stays in her stronghold, the Tall Trees, within the High Forest.
    • Milil appears in Athkatla.
    • Myrkul dies in Waterdeep.
    • Mystra is known to have visited Castle Kilgrave.
    • Oghma calls on his patriarch in Procampur.
    • Ramman is killed by Hoar, but passes his portfolio on the Anhur.
    • The Red Knight is rumored to have slaughtered a huge host of monsters in the Forest of Tethir.
    • Selune is in Waterdeep, foiling Shar's plots.
    • Selvetarm rampages through the drow city of Eryndlyn, attacking the faithful of Ghaunadar and Vhaeraun.
    • Shar spends the Troubles in Waterdeep, pretending to be Selune (hoping to draw her out in order to kill her).
    • Sharess was in Calimport, where she was saved from Shar by Sune.
    • Shiallia spent the Troubles repairing much of the damages caused by Malar's northern rampages.
    • Siamorphe manifests in Waterdeep and protected North and Sea Wards from much of the damages caused by Myrkul's Legions.
    • Silvanus is rumored to have roamed the Winterwood and the Chondalwood, and to have visited Ilighon.
    • Ssethh kills Vaerae and absorbs his portfolio; the snake-god also appears in Chult.
    • Sune is known to have been in Teziir, in the avatar of a beautiful woman with silky scarlet hair and fiery red-brown eyes.
    • Talona meets with the wizard Aballister and leads him to Castle Trinity, in the northern Snowflake Mountains.
    • Talos was in Tsurlagol.
    • Tempus appears on battlefields in Battledale and Mistledale.
    • Torm was in Tantras, where he punished an unfaithful cleric and killed Bane.
    • Tymora held worship in her church in Arabel.
    • Ulutiu spent the Troubles slumbering under the Great Glacier.
    • Umberlee was active in the Sea of Fallen Stars and around the Pirate Isles, causing havoc and driving away many pirate worshippers.
    • Xvim spent the Troubles imprisoned beneath Zhentil Keep.
  • Ao's voice is heard by many in Waterdeep, and his temple is established on the ruins in the market.
  • Rise of the mortals Cyric and Midnight to godhood.
  • Mulhorand launches a fleet of ships to capture the Alaor from Thay; more than half the fleet sinks from storms and sahuagin attacks. Mulhorand spends the rest of the year defending its port cities against sea devil attacks.
  • The Summer Storms War claims the lives of many sahaugin of the Alamber as well as over thirty ships and 2,000 people of Mulhorand as the god-king's forces clash with the sea devils. The visitations of Sekolah, Anhur, Umberlee, and other lesser water powers cause many disruptions. The mythal barrier around Myth Nantar crackles and surges but holds against attempts to break the barrier.
  • The demi-power Malyk appears in the Underdark following Mystra's destruction.
  • Following the Godswar, the priesthood of Waukeen loses its' hold over the city of Nesme.
  • Shortly after the Time of Troubles, the temple of Leira in Westgate is looted and burned. A magical mesh chain helm of disguise covered with platinum coins struck with the glyph of the Lady of Mists goes missing, stolen by the Night Masks.
  • The Shadow Thieves of Amn lose the entire membership of the Shade Council and two-thirds of their assassin members thanks to the machinations of the gods. In response, they undergo a sweeping reorganization.
  • "Wyvern's Spur" (Ches; pre-Time o Troubles): Flattery Wyvernspur is hunted and destroyed.
  • "Song of the Saurials": Moander returns to the Forgotten Vale and takes control of the settlement of Saurials, but is driven back into the Planes by Alias, Dragonbait, and others along with the "Nameless Bard" Finder Wyvernspur. Finder destroys Moander and becomes a demi-power himself.
  • The Luskanite presence in Ruathym is forced out by the combined diplomatic and military pressure brought to bear by the Lords' Alliance.
  • Mourngrym and Shaerl have a son, Scotti.
  • Gilgeam kills Tiamat. Tiamat's deific essence is split into three pieces, one of which inhabits the red dragon Tchazzar.
  • "Siege of Darkness": The drow of Menzoberranzan raid Mithril Hall.
  • Arvoreen's Marchers forms in Tethyr to patrol and protect the Purple Marches.
  • The Wandering Seed of the Goddess Wilaundaun Braer, Patriarch of Chauntea, disappears somewhere in the Fallen Lands or south of Weathercote Wood. The Glarathra vanishes with him.
  • The beholder crime-lord Xanathar is slain by adventurers, at the command of the Lords of Waterdeep. The Eye of Undermountain seems to have had a hand in this.
  • The Calishite mage Shond Tharovin unleashes the demilich Shoon VII on Zallanora Argentresses, a young female elf mage, and the spirits of the undead Qysar and the young elf switch bodies.
  • "A Slow Day in Skullport" (Realms of the Underdark Story III; month of Eleasias)
  • Collapse of the Ebondeath Sect in the Mere of Dead Men due to the destruction of Myrkul.
  • High Lady Alustriel cements an alliance with King Bruenor Battlehammer of Mithral Hall by aiding the dwarves in their war against the drow of Menzoberranzan.
  • The city of Luskan and its various affiliated island realms of the Trackless Sea form the Captain's Confederation.
1359/Year of the Serpent
  • "Horselords"
  • "Dragonwall" begins.
  • "The Night Parade"
  • Zhengyi (The Witch King) is destroyed.
  • Damara united by Gareth Dragonsbane.
  • Tuigan horde united beneath its Khahan. Yamun Khahan invades Kara-Tur.
  • Hubadai (son of Yamun) invades Semphar. The Caliph flees to Iliphanar. After a short siege the city falls, and the Caliph, the Emir of Iliphanar, and their advisors are burned alive inside the palace.
  • Battle of Shar's Pass: On Uktar 15, the Tuigans under Batu Min Ho battle the Red Wizards to a standstill. The Griffon Legion is almost completely destroyed.
  • A new type of dragon, the "cinnamon dragon", is discovered in Turmish.
  • The Risen Cult of Bane surfaces in the Moonshaes.
  • The dwarves of Tethyamar are said to have returned to the mountains to reclaim their lands.
  • The Men of the Red Kestrel find dwarves frozen into the Great Glacier.
  • The Order of the Silver Chalice, the only fighting order dedicated to the goddess Siamorphe, is founded in Tethyr.
  • Trails are broken for a new route linking Esmeltaran with the now-prosperous city of Keczulla.
  • Mt. Ugruth in Turmish rumbles threateningly for several months before subsiding.
  • Rumors of The Book of Fangs and Talons being carried through the forests of the North by chanting Malarites surface.
  • Fleeing the rebellion in Unther after Gilgeam's death, priests of the fallen god-king re-occupy the Citadel of Black Ash
  • The Eye of Undermountain becomes the second Xanathar, assuming the identity of its now- dead rival.
  • Ixitxachitl temporarily conquer some areas of northeastern Hmur Plateau (beneath the Fangrocks), but are ousted from their redoubts within the year.
  • A War King of the duergar, Olorn Ridaugar, appears to be massing the dark dwarves under Turmish.
  • The long-lost Throne of Shanatar is said to have been found in a lagoon on an island in the Race.
  • Erevis Cale arrives in Selgaunt from Westgate.
  • Mirt the Moneylender of Waterdeep takes to the seas and hunts down and destroys a ship of Luskan, The Black Basilisk, crewed by ambitious younger mages and apprentices of the Arcane Brotherhood. This vessel has been hunting down pirates and transforming them into servile undead, forming an ever-growing "Dead Fleet". With the defeat of The Black Basilisk, the "Dead Fleet" is scattered and safety returns to the waters off the Sword Coast.
1360/Year of the Turret
  • "Curse of the Shadowmage"
  • "King's Tear" ("Realms of Valor" Story VII)
  • "Crusade"
  • "The Parched Sea": Through the efforts of a Harper hero named Lander (who is killed) and the witch Ruha, the Harpers manage to put a good dent into Zhentarim caravan operations in the Anauroch desert.
  • "The Curse of Tegea" ("Realms of Valor" Story X)
  • Tuigan horde invades Faerûn. Citadel Rashemar in Rashemen is destroyed. (Spellbound)
  • Crusade of The Alliance against the Tuigan. King Azoun IV kills Yamun Khahan in the 2nd Battle of the Golden Way in Thesk.
  • Many mercinaries depart Tethyr to participate in the Crusade against the Tuigan.
  • Elminster addresses the Lord's Alliance.
  • The famed bard Mintipur Moonsilver writes the Ballad of a Tyrant.
  • The long-lost Wyrmskull Throne of Shanatar is discovered by pirates in the Bay of Skulls in the sheltering lee of Hook Isle.
  • The Calishite mage Ondeeme razes the realm of Phaeradur in the Border Kingdoms, establishing his own self-titled holding.
  • The red wyrm Klauth is ambushed by two white dragons, Aerihykloarara and Ruuthundrarar, and the blue wyrm Irdrithkryn. He slays all three of his assailants in a spectacular aerial battle which rages from the Iceflow to the Fell Pass.
1361/Year of the Maidens
  • "Elfshadow": The Harper Assassin plagues the North. Danilo Thann and Arilyn Moonblade discover that the assassin is really the gold elf Kymil Nimesin.
  • "Daughter of the Drow"
  • "The Direct Approach" (Realms of Magic Story XVIV; 4 days between Liriel Book I & II)
  • "Tangled Webs"
  • The "Cleric Quintet" ("Canticle", "In Sylvan Shadows", "Night Masks", "Fallen Fortress", "The Chaos Curse") begins
  • The Revelation of the True World of Maztica. The "Maztica Trilogy" ("Ironhelm", "Viperhand", "Feathered Dragon") begins.
  • Danilo Thann becomes a Harper.
  • The Edificant Library is destroyed during the Trinity Conflicts.
  • A group of vampire-hunting adventurers, the Foes of the Fang, forms in Waterdeep.
  • The Banedeath - holy war in Zhentil Keep. Orthodox Banite worship driven underground in that city.
  • The Black Lord's Cloak in Mourktar is swelled with refugee Baneites.
  • Thydrim Yvarrg becomes Huhrong of Rashemen.
  • Four Cult of the Dragon archmages arrive outside of Silverymoon and unleash spells to draw Alustriel out. She and Taern "Thunderspell" Hornblades dispatch two of them easily, but Taern and the other Spellguard members are soon kept busy with a dracolich unleashed on the southern walls of the city. Alustriel defeats another Cult mage, but only the timely arrival of Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun and Laeral Silverhand saved Alustriel's life against the final archmage.
  • The forces of Waterdeep attack the kobolds of Maiden's Tomb Tor and drive them deep within the mountain.
  • The Drow of the Underdark find a new passage to the surface in the eastern Dragonspine Mountains, after being locked out of Shadowdale in 1356 DR. They begin trading with Zhentil Keep again.
  • Word reaches Tethyr and Calimshan of the Amnite discovery of the western lands of Maztica.
  • The pirate-captain Teldar rises to take Immurk's Seat as king of the Inner Sea pirates.
  • Victor Dhostar, son Croamarkh Luer Dhostar and one of the Night Masters of Westgate, becomes "the Faceless" after secretly killing his predecessor and seizing the helm of disguise previously looted from the temple of Leira. Victor begins rebuilding the Night Masks, eventually subsuming the Shore Patrol confederation into his organization.
  • Zhentarim infiltrate Anauroch.
  • Thamalon Uskevren hires Erevis Cale as his butler.
  • The plotting of the Kraken Society sees Ruathym pitted against the sea elves of the surrounding region and Luskan. Pressure from the Lord's Alliance sees Luskan give up its conquest while the Society's plot is foiled by Liriel Baenre and her companion Fyodor.
  • Rumors of the Harper Assassin travel throughout Waterdeep and pilgrims and soldiers of the Church of Helm announce the discovery of Maztica.
  • The dragon Lhammaruntosz forms the Scaly Eye merchant shipping line which operates along the coastal regions of the Sword Coast and the North.
  • The kobolds beneath Maiden's Tomb Tor are discovered and then attacked by the Waterdeep Guard and various mercenary groups, causing them to flee into deeper caverns which are then sealed.
1362/Year of the Helm
  • The "Cleric Quintet" ends
  • The "Maztica Trilogy" ends
  • "The Sapphire Crescent" starts.
  • "The Ring of Winter": The Harper Artus Cimber finds and wins the long-lost Ring of Winter in the Jungles of Chult and returns to the mainland with it.
  • "The Bargain" ("Realms of Valor" IV)
  • "Patronage" ("Realms of Valor" Story V)
  • "Grandfather's Toys" ("Realms of Valor" Story IX)
  • "Red Magic"
  • The Knights of the Black Gauntlet seize power in the city-state of Mintar on the Lake of Steam.
  • King Bruenor Battlehammer abdicates his throne in favor of Gandalug Battlehammer, First King of Mithral Hall, saved from the clutches of House Baenre of Menzoberranzan four years previously. Gandalug is now both First and Ninth King of Mithral Hall.
1363/Year of the Wyvern
  • The Way Inn destroyed by hordes from Dragonspear Castle (The North, FRQ2 Hordes of Dragonspear). The Battle of Daggerford.
  • The Battle of Daggerford.
  • The Council Schism of Amn results in the deaths of the Meisarch, Namarch, and Pommarch of the Council of Six, who are soon replaced.
  • Vurgrom the "Mighty" challenges Teldar, drives him into exile in Thesk, then takes control of the pirates, claiming Immurk's seat as king of the Inner Sea pirates.
  • Tazi meets Steorf.
c. 1364
  • The Sembian Cult of the Dragon steps up its activities against the Zhentarim, attacking caravans and attempting to usurp control of various trade routes.
1364/Year of the Wave
  • "Passage to Dawn"
  • "Elfsong"
  • "The Veiled Dragon"
  • "Silver Shadows"
  • "The Silent Blade"
  • The Shieldmeet festival falls on this year.
  • The Way Inn is rebuilt.
  • Baron Thuragar Foesmasher becomes ruler of newly-independent Sespech.
  • Droughts, increased monster activity, and political unrest plague Waterdeep for months leading up to Midsummer. A green dragon and an apparently mad bard disrupt the Shieldmeet ceremonies at the Field of Triumph, nearly upsetting the Lord's Rule.
  • Danilo Thann becomes a Lord of Waterdeep.
  • Alzegund the Trader, a Red Wizard agent, is found murdered. He is replaced by the wizardess Naglatha.
  • The Flaming Fist, a mercenary company out of Baldur's Gate, establishes Fort Flame just off the Bay of Balduran on the continent of Maztica. A second Amnian colony, Qoral, is established farther inland.
  • The green dragon Dretchroyaster undergoes the Cult of the Dragon's transformation and becomes a dracolich.
  • Iltharagh, a topaz dragon, undergoes the process to become a dracolich.
  • The vampiress Shyressa is driven from Castle Nethmarch, and her slave vampires are either flushed out or destroyed by a trio of vampire hunters. Shortly thereafter, their employer, Nails of the Lady Dlatha Faenar, a priestess of Beshaba, takes residence and renames the keep the Spires Against the Stars.
  • An agent of the Knights of the Shield assassinates Pasha Balik of Zazzesspur in his bed.
  • A green dragon, Grimnoshtdrano "the Riddling Dragon", and the bard and ex-Harper Iriador "Garnet" Wintermist disrupt Shieldmeet in Waterdeep, nearly upsetting the Lords' Rule.
  • The topaz dragon Iltharagh, who lairs near the mouth of the Iceflow north of Luskan, becomes a dracolich.
  • The venerable steel dragon Zundaerazylym tears apart Aerlenden "Shadowtalons" Mardilaer, a wizard of the Arcane Brotherhood over the Sea of Swords off the coast of Neverwinter.
1365/Year of the Sword
  • "Stormlight"
  • "The Druidhome Trilogy" ("Prophet of Moonshae", "The Coral Kingdom", "The Druid Queen").
  • "The Spine of the World" begins
  • Alicia Kendrick becomes High Queen of the Moonshaes. Piergeiron of Waterdeep attends the coronation, and rumors that the Paladinson is taken with Alicia, but not she with him, spread furiously through Waterdeep.
  • Limited trade is established between Waterdeep and the lands of Maztica and Zakhara. The high-risk ventures (as many as 60% of the ships are lost at sea) are jointly managed by the priesthood of Helm and various noble families.
  • New Waterdeep is established on the Gulf of Kultaka, Maztica.
  • The Sembian Cult of the Dragon cell convinces Malygris, a blue dragon of Anauroch, to become a dracolich. This dracolich then attacks, kills, and replaces the ruler of the Great Desert's loose society of blue dragons.
  • The blue dracolich Alasklerbanbastos controls a large cell of the Cult of the Dragon in Chessenta along with a flight of chromatic dragons.
  • Death of Grintharke and many of the greater tanar'ri of Hellgate Keep. Beginning of the rule of the Triumvirate over the Keep.
  • The red dracolich Gotha, created by Talos and sent to the Moonshae Isles to serve the God of Destruction purposes, is killed by the Princess Alicia Kendrick, who was briefly the earthly avatar of the goddess the Earthmother.
  • Arklem Greeth hands day to day authority over the Arcane Brotherhood to his chief assistant Queltar Thaeloon, the "Wizard of Green Fire".
1366/Year of the Staff
  • "King Pinch"
  • "The Soldiers of Ice"
  • "War in Tethyr, Pt. I"
  • "The Spine of the World" ends
  • "Servant of the Shard"
  • "The Twilight Giants Trilogy" ("The Ogre's Pact", "The Giant Among Us", "The Titan of Twilight")
  • First Princess of Thay marries Selfaril of Mulmaster.
  • The famed Knights of the Sword Coast retire in Waterdeep.
  • Lord Chess becomes ruler of Zhentil Keep.
  • Fall of Amassyra the Tricoil; rule of Hellgate Keep now falls to Ssaam of the Five Hands and Mulvassyss the Sceptered.
  • A Red Wizard in Turmish dies when his residence is repeatedly struck by lightning bolts during a freak summer storm. The druids of the Emerald Enclave are suspected in the attack.
  • Zaranda Star purchases County Morninggold from the Order of the Silver Chalice.
  • Sponsored primarily by the Council of Six and Lord Pulth Tanislove of Keczulla, the Gem Road between Keczulla and Esmelatarn is completed.
  • Enrathman Hokump, Lord High Commander of the Citadel of Black Ash in Unther, converts to the worship of Set.
  • Manshoon relocates the resources of the Zhentarim to the Citadel of the Raven.
  • A quartet of illithids openly slay Baron Alahar Khaumfros of Yartar, the Kraken Society's leading agent in the Dessarin Valley.
1367/Year of the Shield
  • "The Shadow Stone": Aeron Morieth becomes the Stormwalker of the Maerchwood.
  • "War in Tethyr, Pt. II" [This period runs from Mirtul 1367 to Tarsakh 1368.]
  • "Prologue" & "Epilogue" (Realms of Magic Story I & Frame Story)
  • "Murder in Cormyr"
  • "At the Publishing House" & "Back at the Publishing House" (Realms of the Underdark Story I & Frame story)
  • "Murder in Halruaa"
  • "Once Around the Realms"
  • "Thieves' Reward" (Realms of Magic Story XIII)
  • "Thieves' Honor" (Realms of Infamy Story XIV)
  • "That Curious Sword" (Realms of Shadow Story VI)
  • In Mirabar, an enterprising wizardess named Shoundra manages to set herself up as Sceptrana (ruler) of the city.
  • Trolltide turns deadly in Waterdeep as people begin polymorphing into trolls.
  • After strange events in the Rat Hills send a cloud of smoke over Waterdeep, many Waterdhavians contract a mild plague.
  • Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun reveals himself publicly as a Lord of Waterdeep, then resigns and presents his masked successor (Danilo Thann).
  • Garrik Oakspear flees from the Xanathar deep into Undermountain, where Muiral delivers him to Halaster.
  • A major earthquake destroys much of Eltabbar.
  • The Harpell family of Longsaddle completes construction of its magic road from Longsaddle to Nesme.
  • The orc horde of King Greniere marches on the Citadel of Many Arrows. Greniere's orcs war with the orc horde of King Obould. Both sides are routed by the dwarven forces of King Emerus Warcrown and his Silverymoon allies. The dwarves take over the citadel and restore its ancient name of Citadel Felbarr.
  • Two nights of emerald green snow in Nightal fall upon Silverymoon and the area within two days' ride of the city. The snow disappears quickly, but leads to fantastic plant growth and fruit production.
  • The Time of the Beast. Some wise men prophecy that the beasts who once ruled the land will soon return to claim it.
  • Radoc and his mongrelman army attack Hellgate Keep and both sides suffer grave losses. Ssaarn the marilith is slain by her co-leader, giving Mulvassyss the Many-Sceptered sole control over Hellgate Keep.
  • The Days of Terror in Zazesspur.
  • A plague strikes the city of Procampur.
  • Bold Faerûnian pirates descend beneath the waves of the Inner Sea to the Hmur Plateau, seeking treasure. Plunderering a dragon turtle's cave amid the plateau cliffs, they pay for their invasion with their lives, although some pirates do escape with magical treasures.
  • A mongrelman army led by Radoc attacks Hellgate Keep out of the High Forest and both sides suffer grave losses. Ssaarn the marilith is slain and Mulvassyss rules Hellgate Keep.
  • A great conflagration in the Rat Hills, south of Waterdeep, causes the Unseen to move its base wholly within the City of Splendors.
  • The Eye conquers the Xanathar Thieves Guild in Waterdeep.
  • The wizard Shoundra establishes herself as Sceptrana of Mirabar, and rules the city in union with the Council of Sparkling Stones and Marchion Elastul Raurym.
1368/Year of the Banner
  • "The Grinning Ghost of Taverton Hall" (Realms of Mystery Story XIV; month of Eleasias)
  • "The Mage in the Iron Mask"
  • "Masquerades": Alias of Westgate and Dragonbait return to Westgate in the month of Mirtul on a visit to Mintassan the Sage and are hired by the Croamarkh to curtail the activities of the Night Masks. Victor Dhostar, son of Croamarkh Luer Dhostar and head of the Night Masks, secretly murders his father, framing him as "the Faceless", and then unleashes iron golems on the merchant nobility at the annual Regatta Masquerade ball. Victor is then elected Interim Croamarkh by the newly elevated heads of the heads of the merchant houses, who are unaware of his perfidy. The two adventurers and a handful of Harper allies eventually unmask the Faceless and severely disrupt the operations of the Night Masks. Victor is slain shortly after proclaiming himself king of Westgate, and the late King Verovan's treasure is briefly found before being lost for good. Durgar the Just of Tyr, a priest, judge, and head of the city watch of Westgate, is elected interim Croamarkh.
  • "Baldur's Gate": Sarevok, spawn of the dead god Bhaal, plots with the Iron Throne to start a war between Amn and Baldur's Gate. Scar of the Flaming Fists and Grand Duke Eltan of Baldur's Gate are slain. Another spawn of Bhaal, Abdel Adrian, confronts Sarevok and slays him.
  • "Thornhold" ends.
  • "The Simbul's Gift"
  • "Finder's Bane"
  • "Tymora's Luck"
  • "Faces of Deception"
  • "The Nether Scroll"
  • "The Prince of Lies"
  • "Dream Spheres"
  • "Speaking with the Dead" (Realms of Mystery Story I)
  • "A Walk in the Snow" (Realms of Mystery Story II)
  • "The Rose Window" (Realms of Mystery Story III)
  • "The Club Rules" (Realms of Mystery Story IV)
  • "Thieves' Justice" (Realms of Mystery Story V)
  • "Ekhar Lorrent: Gnome Detective" (Realms of Mystery Story VI)
  • "The Devil and Tertius Wands" (Realms of Mystery Story VII)
  • "H" (Realms of Mystery Story VIII)
  • "Strange Bedfellows" (Realms of Mystery Story IX)
  • "Whence the Song of Steel" (Realms of Mystery Story X)
  • "An Unusual Suspect" (Realms of Mystery Story XI)
  • "Darkly, Through a Glass of Ale" (Realms of Mystery Story XII)
  • "Lynaelle" (Realms of Mystery Story XIII)
  • "The Lost Library of Cormanthyr" ends: Baylee Arnvold discovers the Lost Library of Cormanthyr.
  • A Shieldmeet falls on this year.
  • The Second Banedeath: Cyric unleashes his Inquisition on Zhentil Keep, Yulash, Darkhold, Teshwave, and the Citadel of the Raven to cleanse all Zhent holdings of non-Cyricist priests. Only in Darkhold does this prove wholly effective, since pockets of Xvimlar survive throughout all other Zhentish strongholds.
  • Death of Lord Chess in Waterdeep.
  • Cyric kills Leira and takes her portfolio. Kelemvor deposes Cyric as Lord of the Dead.
  • Destruction of Zhentil Keep by an army of dragons, giants, and ogres.
  • Something begins driving the trolls out of the Evermoors.
  • The Font of Knowledge (Temple of Oghma) finishes construction in Waterdeep.
  • Zhentarim-sponsored adventurers kill Elrem, shaman leader of the Great Worm Uthgardt tribe, stealing much of his treasure.
  • The Blue Bear Uthgardt tribe, led by the annis Tanta Hagara, conquers Hellgate Keep. Hagara becomes the new ruler of the Keep.
  • The Grandfather Tree is rediscovered near the Lost Peaks of the High Forest.
  • The Elemental Gods (Akadi, Grumbar, Istishia, Kossuth, and Shaundakul) draw followers in Faerun.
  • Garagos the Reaver appears in Chondath to crush the marilith Glackzana and re-establish his worship.
  • Velsharoon becomes a demi-power with the sponsorship of Talos.
  • Trolls flee in numbers from the Evermoors causing chaos along the trade roads near Nesme.
  • The Tree Ghost Uthgardt tribe re-discover the site of their ancient ancestor mound Grandfather Tree.
  • The settlement of Orlbar in the Delimbyr Vale comes under the sway of the Zhentarim.
1369/Year of the Gauntlet
  • "Star of Cursrah" ends.
  • "The Shadow Stone" ends.
  • "Cormyr: A Novel" ends.
  • "Rising Tide": The "Threat From the Sea" plagues the Sword Coast, resulting in attacks on Waterdeep, Baldur's Gate, Calimport, and other random ports on the Trackless Sea. Sahuagin raids on Inner Sea cities are limited to the latter half of the year, and are minor, with only Bezantur being as viciously harassed as the Sword Coast cities.
  • "Under Fallen Stars"
  • "The Sea Devil's Eye" begins
  • "Silverfall: Stories of the Seven Sisters"
  • "The Glass Prison"
  • "Crucible: Trial of Cyric the Mad"
  • "Hard Choices" (Realms of the Deep Story I)
  • "Fire is Fire" (Realms of the Deep Story II)
  • "Messenger to Serôs" (Realms of the Deep Story III)
  • "The Place Where Guards Snore at their Posts" (Realms of the Deep Story IV)
  • "Lost Cause" (Realms of the Deep Story V)
  • "Forged in Fire" (Realms of the Deep Story VI)
  • "One who Swims with Sekolah" (Realms of the Deep Story VII)
  • "The Crystal Reef" (Realms of the Deep Story VIII)
  • "The Patrol" (Realms of the Deep Story IX)
  • "The Star of Tethyr" (Realms of the Deep Story X)
  • "Persana's Blade" (Realms of the Deep Story XI)
  • "And the Dark Tide Rises" (Realms of the Deep Story XII)
  • For almost a year, trade between the Sword Coast and Maztica comes to a virtual standstill.
  • Iyachtu Xvim rises as a demi-power and then a lesser power. Fzoul Chembryl founds Xvim's new church and leads it as High Tyrannar from an underground temple beneath Zhentil Keep.
  • Khelben Blackstaff and Fzoul meet in secret in Voonlar, where Khelben provides information about Lord Orgauth of Zhentil Keep and Fzoul vows to limit Xvimlar activity to the east of the Thunder Peaks for the next 10,000 days.
  • Fzoul and the beholder Manxam assault their rivals in Mulmaster. The High Imperceptor of Cyric is killed along with a number of faithful, and the long-hidden High Imperceptor of Bane is captured and brought back to the Keep for torture.
  • Tanta Hagara sends raiding parties out of Hellgate Keep.
  • Alustriel of Silverymoon and the Mistmaster of the Citadel of Mists attack Hellgate Keep with heavy magic.
  • Led by the Mistmaster, the Harpers destroy Hellgate Keep through use of an artifact known as the Gatekeeper's Crystal. Tanta Hagara and the Blue Bear Uthgardt tribe are also destroyed.
  • Two Harpers on a suicide mission carry a piece of the Gatekeeper's Crystal artifact into Hellgate Keep. The Mistmaster causes the artifact to destroy the Keep and its' denizens.
  • Turlang and his treants herd trees from the High Forest to the ruins of the Keep and to Hellgate Pass, blocking the Pass and keeping Hellgate Keep from being used again.
  • People in the Nesme area discover that a black dragon and fog and cloud giants are among the creatures driving the trolls from the Evermoors. Strangely, some giants are friendly, others hostile. (North)
  • The Harpell family completes the magic bridge over the River Surbrin at Nesme.
  • The northern nation of Luruar is founded by the dwarves and men of Citadel Adbar, Citadel Felbarr, Deadsnows, Everlund, Jalanthar, Mithril Hall, Quaervarr, Silverymoon, and Sundabar.
  • Taern "Thunderspell" Hornblade becomes ruler of Silverymoon.
  • Randal Morn and his riders reconquer Dagger Falls from the Zhentarim.
  • Errilam Krimmevor, his father, uncle, and two cousins are imprisoned in the Cloister of St. Ramedar.
  • The Storm Seige of Myratma. The Jhannivvar Pretender is killed, ending the war for Tethyr.
  • Zaranda (1331 to ?), Wife of Haedrak III, Queen of Tethyr (peoples choice as monarch).
  • The Interregnum Tribunals are convened in Mosstone at the Archdruid's Grove.
  • The Loyal Order of Innocents is formed by the royal decree of Queen Zaranda of Tethyr at Harvestcourt.
  • Seven ships of the Vemmil clan of Amn return from a mission to Zakhara, but four are attacked and looted by the Sea Reavers in late Eleint. The remainder arrive at Murann amid much ceremony. On Highharvestide, a huge, manlike juggernaut created from ship parts is Gated into the Sea of Swords at highsun and attacks the pirates' port of Skaug.
  • Some Tethyrian exiles and former Amnian families return to Amn, accused of war crimes or continued malfeasance against the regime in Tethyr.
  • Rakesk and the alhoon Ralayan the Ocultacle kidnap Halaster Blackcloak from his seat of power in Undermountain. Halaster's Highharvestide results in the destruction of the village of Geniste and other chaos across Faerun, until his rescue by a group of adventurers.
  • Arcturia, one of Halaster's apprentices, is slain in Undermountain by giants in the Room of the Grim Statue.
  • The arch-mage Shradin is shouted to death by the Skulls of Skullport.
  • Drow expand into the Third Level of Undermountain.
  • Piergeiron Paladinson destroys the dracolich Kistarianth the Red on the slopes of Mount Waterdeep during Halastar's Harvestide. The transformed red dragon was slain in life by Piergeiron's father, Athar the Shining Knight.
  • During Halaster's Harvestide, a crimson death mist and a trio of vampiric mists enter the House of the Moon (Selune's temple in Waterdeep) through the Sojourner's Portal. The gate is re-directed into the Temple of Old Night in Calimport, but not before the vampiric mist escapes into the sewers.
  • Duke Bhereu of Cormyr is killed during a hunting party by a poison-breathing automaton.
  • An attempted assassination of King Azoun IV of Cormyr is foiled, and many treacherous nobles are exiled from Cormyr. Some disgraced members of House Bleth and House Cormaeril emigrate to Westgate, quickly establishing themselves as important members of Westgate's merchant nobility thanks to the disarray amongst the city's older houses stemming from the events of the year before. House Cormaeril claims the holdings of the Dhostar family, as a niece of the recently deceased family patriarch had married into that Cormyrean family. House Bleth begins constructing its own castle west of town, in keeping with the relatively recent construction of Castle Dhostar (renamed Castle Cormaeril) west of the city walls.
  • Many fishing boats based along the Dragon Coast come under attack by devil rays, suggesting that something is stirring things up beneath the waves.
  • Fire engulfs the Emerald Ward and Grand Ward of Calimport.
  • The Ship of the Gods volcano in the Alambar erupts, and priests of Geb in the Golden Forge temple within fail to prevent the eruption but mitigate the damage to Mulhorand by venting lava across the sea bed. This causes a tidal wave that swamps the Alaor and Bezantur, and stirs up the sahuagin of the Alambar.
  • Soon after the Ship of the Gods erupts, a great subsea explosion shakes rooftops in Airspur and Delthuntle, and the resulting waves cause some damage to their ports.
  • Mulhorand invades and occupies the wrecked shipyards and ports of the Alaor.
  • Vague reports begin to filter into ports around the Inner Sea of mass suicides by the inhabitants of the Whamite Isles. Ships sent to investigate fail to return.
  • In Uktar, a great whirlpool pulls many ships in the Inner Sea down into the depths. This anomalous current destroys more than a third of the pirate fleets.
  • The Hand of Bane is found and destroyed.
  • Six adventurers set their minds upon the Grand reunifaction of the old elven kingdom that is home to the dalesmen. Their plan is first to set up a base of operation, with a town formed around it. Next is to help Randal Morn in anyway possible, such that he will be indebted to them. Only three of the orginal 6 remains, but the survivors find new people willing to help them in their goal. The goals also means eliminating the remaining Zhentil forces in the area and Zhentil Keep itself. The three remaining founders are now with titles; the half-elf King Lastat, the dwarf Archduke Bierock of the Tethyamar and the surrounding mountains and the elf Baron Lathane of Teshwave.
  • The goddess Mielikki orders a radical reorganization of her priesthood.
  • Demons from Hellgate keep assault Silverymoon, Sundabar and the Citadel of the Mists.
  • Waterdeep is assailed from the depths of the harbor and surrounding sea by a host of sea creatures led by the monstrous wereshark Iakhovas which invades the City of Splendors. Waterdeep's defenders beat back the attack, but at the cost of many lives and much destruction in Dock and Sea Wards.
  • Alustriel steps down as High Lady of Silverymoon appointing Taern "Thunderspell" Hornblade as High Mage of the city. Alustriel begins her efforts to form an alliance of northern settlements which is initially labelled Luruar.
  • Halaster's Harvestide: The wizard Halaster is kidnapped for a time by the Twisted Rune and much of the North and the Realms endure great disruption as farflung portals go awry.
  • The dwarves of Mirabar destroy the Kreeth goblin tribe in the Crags with the unlooked for aid of the crystal dragon Saryndalaghlothtor. They form the House of the Axe in alliance with this wyrm.
  • Loudwater is assailed by a Malarite-led lycanthrope army which is beaten back with much loss and the death of the Green Regent Galaer Grasswave.
1370/Year of the Tankard
  • "The Magehound"
  • "The Sea Devil's Eye" ends
  • "City of Ravens"
  • "Beyond the High Road"
  • Riatavin and Trailstone secede from Amn to Tethyr.
  • The Knights of the Black Gauntlet of Mintar attack and capture the Tethyrian city of Kzelter.
  • The Harpers discover Khelben's dealings with Fzoul. A Tribunal is called and, on Tarsakh 22, Khelben renounces his allegiance to the Harpers, turning in his pin.
  • The Tel'Teukiira (The Moonstars) are founded by Khelben to further his goals. Many high-ranking ex-Harpers join, including Laeral Silverhand, Mintipur Moonsilver, and Myrmeen Lhal.
  • Fzoul shatters the Scepter of the Sorcerer Kings in combat with the banelich Faram Khaldan, scattering its five pieces across the planes.
  • The Manshoon Wars begin. Fzoul and Orgauth strike at Manshoon and Sememmon. Manshoon is killed and Sememmon flees to Darkhold, severing the gates that link it with Zhentil Keep. Several of Manshoon's clones activate, destroying each other and much of the Citadel of the Raven. Fzoul and Orgauth take control of the Citadel.
  • A long-lost stasis clone of Manshoon awakens in the catacombs of Westgate as the Manshoon Wars begin. Prior to his awakening, this Manshoon clone had been abducted and drained by the Night King, a powerful vampire. As a vampire, the Manshoon clone hunts down and kills his creator, becoming the next Night King in turn. The Manshoon clone then sets about rebuilding the Night Masks to serve his ends, leading to rumors in Westgate that "the Faceless" has returned.
  • Almost all humanoids inhabiting the western lowlands of Tethyr are driven out or killed.
  • Queen Zaranda and King Haedrak III of Tethyr have triplets; Sybille, Coram, and Cyriana.
  • Waterdeep's Font of Knowledge (Oghma temple) and the New Olamn Bards College gain popularity.
  • The treants of Tall Trees led by Turlang the Thoughtful seal off Hellgate Keep from Silverymoon and begin reforesting the upper Delimbiyr.
  • The Company of the Jaded Heart disappears into the ruins of Hellgate Keep.
  • By the Feast of the Moon, the new outer walls and High Palace of Silverymoon are completed.
  • The ogre magi-led forces of the Sythillisian Empire emerge from the Small Teeth. They attack eastern Amn, overrunning Imnescar and Trademeet, and reach all the way to the coast. The city of Murann is besieged by the humanoids.
  • The Cult of the Dragon finally locates the shadowy dracolich known as the Dire Dragon. Though the Dire Dragon is not affiliated with the Cult in any way, the dracolich does allow the Cultists to leave after they gifted him with rather generous offerings.
  • In Kythorn, numerous crypts and graves throughout Calimport are found desecrated or destroyed.
  • The High Captains of Luskan arrive in Calimport for a month-long series of meetings (topics unknown) with the syl-pasha and his aides.
  • Waukeen is freed from her imprisonment by the Abyssal Lord Graz'zt and is restored to the Faerûnian pantheon.
  • The crystal dragon Saryndalaghlothtor "Lady Gemcloak" battles with and drives off an unknown red wyrm in the skies over Mirabar.
  • In Unther, the the folk of Shussel mysteriously vanish, leaving the former fishing and mining city a ghost town.
  • Trade between the sea folk of the Sea of Fallen Stars and ports along the Inner Sea increases sharply in the aftermath of the great undersea war. The merchants of Westgate quickly realize that the long-standing presence of koalinth tribes in the waters offshore put their city at a severe trading disadvantage in comparison with Starmantle.
  • On the twenty-third day of Marpenoth, Azuth declares the office of Magister vacant. On the twenty-fourth, the wizardess Talatha Vaerovree of Innarlith accepts the office (reigns 1370 to ?).
  • Mintar attacks and captures the Tethyrian city of Kzelter.
  • The Sythillisian Empire attacks eastern Amn and reaches all the way to the coast. The city of Murann is besieged by the humanoids.
  • The month of Nightal -- the "now" of The Halls of Stormweather, and the Sembia novel series begins.
  • The lich known as "Pox" and her dracolich steed Saurglyce arrive from parts north and settle in the hills around Yartar.
  • The crystal dragon Saryndalaghlothtor destroys an unknown red dragon that emerges from a great, fiery portal above the rooftops of Mirabar.
  • Gandalug Battlehammer, the First and Ninth King of Mithral Hall dies of old age in the waning days of this year. Emissaries are despatched to Icewind Dale to inform Bruenor Battlehammer.
1371/Year of the Unstrung Harp
  • "Evermeet": Evermeet, Island of Elves, is assaulted. The twin spires of the Towers of the Sun and Moon are destroyed. Elvish High Magic is lost. The Tree of Souls is planted, and a new elven homeland is born.
  • "Death of the Dragon"
  • "Night School" (Halls of Stormweather Story III)
  • "The Price" (Halls of Stormweather Story IV)
  • "Thirty Days" (Halls of Stormweather Story V)
  • "Resurrection" (Halls of Stormweather Story VI)
  • "Skin Deep" (Halls of Stormweather Story VII)
  • "Shadow's Witness"
  • "The Summoning" starts.
  • "Black Wolf" starts in the month Hammer.
  • The frontier town of Tilverton is formally absorbed into the nation of Cormyr.
  • The Confederacy of Luruar, also known as The Silver Marches, is declared a new country.
  • A titanic red dragon leads an army of orcs and goblins and despoils much of Cormyr. The dragon and King Azoun IV slay each other in battle.
  • The infant Azoun V, son of Princess Tanalasta, becomes King of Cormyr, with his aunt Alusair acting as Regent.
  • Bruenor Battlehammer is informed of the death of Gandalug and begins the long trek to Mithral Hall to reclaim his throne.
  • The alliance known as the League of the Silver Marches is established and Alustriel Silverhand is named as its leader.
  • The orc chieftain Obould "Many Arrows" joins with a group of frost giants led by Gerti Orelsdottr to bring war to the fledgling Silver Marches, beginning with the destruction of the small settlement of Shallows, north of the Fell Pass.
  • The wizards Eldeluc and Valkebar slay the "Wizard of Green Fire" and usurp Arklem Greeth's position as leader of the Arcane Brotherhood. He is forced to flee to Mirabar.
  • The settlement of Newfort is established by ex-Zhent soldiers.
  • A group led by Melegaunt of Shade succeed in destroying the demi-lich Wulgreth of Netheril and vanquishing the lich Wulgreth of Ascalhorn. They steal the Karsestone from Karse and flee that dark, ruined city.
1372/Year of Wild Magic
  • "Pool of Twilight": Kern Desanea, son of Tarn and Shal (Heroes of Phlan), recovers the Warhammer of Tyr. For assisting with Kern's quest, the legendary undead Paladin Miltiades is restored to life by Tyr.
  • "The Summoning" ends: The city of Shade appears over the Anauroch desert, as the archwizards of Netheril return to Faerun.
  • "The Siege"
  • "The Sorcerer"
  • "The Shattered Mask"
  • "Black Wolf" ends in the month Myrtul.
  • "Heirs of Prophecy" starts in the month Kythorn.
  • "Sands of the Soul" starts in the month Marpenoth.
  • "A Little Knowledge" (Realms of Shadow Story VII)
  • "Astride the Wind" (Realms of Shadow Story VIII)
  • "The Fallen Lands" (Realms of Shadow Story IX)
  • "When Shadows come seeking a Thron" (Realms of Shadow Story X)
  • "King Shadow" (Realms of Shadow Story XI)
  • "The Shifting Sands" (Realms of Shadow Story XII)
  • On Midwinter night, the god Bane returns to Faerun, bursting forth from the skin of his son, Iyachtu Xvim. With his divinity restored Bane quickly gains the portfolio of fear, restoring him to a Greater Power.
  • Tilverton suffers an attack of unknown origin in Mirtul. All that is left of the town is a dark, concave space filled with shadows and flitting regions of deeper darkness.
  • Arklem Greeth attains lichdom and regains the leadership of the Arcane Brotherhood with the aid of the erinyes Nyphithys.
  • The Lady's Hand Monastery, dedicated to Loviatar and located in the Nether Mountains, is attacked and sacked by blue dragons of the Morueme clan and their hobgoblin servitors.
  • The return of the city of Shade above the sands of Anauroch leads to widespread climatic changes throughout the North.
  • Waterdeep send military aid to embattled Evereska which is under threat from the phaerimm and their thrall armies.
1373/Year of Rogue Dragons
1374/Year of Lightning Storms
1375/Year of Risen Elfkin
  • Warcrown Hall is slated to be completed in dwarven Felbarr.
1376/Year of the Bent Blade
1377/Year of the Haunting
  • "Double Diamond Triangle Saga" ("The Abduction", "The Paladins", "The Mercenaries", "Errand of Mercy", "An Opportunity for Profit", "Conspiracy", "Uneasy Alliances", "Easy Betrayals", "The Diamond").
c. 1390

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