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Forgotten Realms chronology, 1400 - 1499

All dates are in Dalereckoning, and year names are given where appropriate.

1400Year of Lost Ships
1401Year of the Sheltered Viper
1402Year of the Exorcised Helm
1403Year of the Hidden Harp
1404Year of the Sceptered One
1405Year of the Golden Mask
1406Year of the Blackened Moon
1407Year of the Halls Unhaunted
1408Year of the Solitary Cloister
1409Year of True Omens
1410Year of the Eight-legged Mount
1411Year of the Wrathful Vizier
1412Year of the Dauntless Dwarves
1413Year of Sunken Vessels
1414Year of Sea Lions Roaring
1415Year of Staves Arcane
1416Year of the Enthroned Puppet
1417Year of the Phaerimm's Vengeance
1418Year of the Lords' Coronation
1419Year of the Empty Necropolis
1420Year of the Dark Goddess
1421Year of the Walking Trees
1422Year of the Advancing Shadows
1423Year of Thundering Hosts
1424Year of the Dog-Eared Journal
1425Year of Seven Sisters
1426Year of the Dozen Dwarves
1427Year of the Shalarins Surfacing
1428Year of the Elfqueen's Joy
1429Year of Ten Terrors
1430Year of Stalking Horrors
1431Year of the Lashing Tail
1432Year of Silent Thunder
1433Year of the Silent Departure
1434Year of the Silent Crickets
1435Year of the Silent Bell
1436Year of Silent Shadows
1437Year of the Silent Flute
1438Year of Silent Waterfalls
1439Year of the Silent Tear
1440Year of Azuth's Woe
1441Year of Resurrections Rampant
1442Year of Darkenbeasts Risen
1443Year of Silver Bell Tolling
1444Year of the Seductive Cambion
1445Year of the Malachite Throne
1446Year of the Queen's Honor
1447Year of the Fallen Tower
1448Year of Neomen Swords
1449Year of the Godly Invitation
1450Year of Holy Thunder
1451Year of Knowledge Unearthed
1452Year of the Impatient Son
1453Year of the Strangled Jester
1454Year of the Emerald Sun
1455Year of the King's Repentance
1456Year of the Mithral Hammer
1457Year of the Lightning Strikes
1458Year of the Plotting Priests
1459Year of the Forged Sigil
1460Year of the Malachite Shadows
1461Year of Three Goddesses Blessing
1462Year of the Elves' Weeping
1463Year of the Reborn Hero
1464Year of the Six-Armed Elf
1465Year of the Elven Swords Returned
1466Year of the Mages in Amber
1467Year of the Three Heroes United
1468Year of the First Circle
1469Year of Splendors Burning
1470Year of the Second Circle
1471Year of the Plagued Lords
1472Year of the Third Circle
1473Year of the Heretic's Rampage
1474Year of the Fourth Circle
1475Year of the Final Stand
1476Year of the Fifth Circle
1477Year of the Purloined Statue
1478Year of the Dark Circle
1479Year of the Ageless One
1480Year of Deep Water Drifting
1481Year of the Grinning Halfling
1482Year of the Narthex Murders
1483Year of the Tasked Weasel
1484Year of the Awakened Sleepers
1485Year of the Iron Dwarf's Vengeance
1486Year of the Nether Mountain Scrolls
1487Year of the Rune Lords Triumphant
1488Year of Dwarvenkind Reborn
1489Year of the Warrior Princess
1490Year of the Star Walker's Return
1491Year of the Scarlet Witch
1492Year of Three Ships Sailing
1493Year of the Purple Dragons
1494Year of Twelve Warnings
1495Year of the Tyrant's Pawn
1496Year of the Duplicitous Courtier
1497Year of the Palls Purple
1498Year of the Black Regalia
1499Year of the Desperate Gambit

A. Jason Antokas, George Krashos, Olaf Krusche, Jan Stephan Lundquist

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