Forgotten Realms: The Library

Forgotten Realms chronology, 1300 - 1349

All dates are in Dalereckoning, and year names are given where appropriate.

1300Year of the Starfall
  • "Liar's Game" (Realms of Shadow Story V)
  • Thieves' guild destroyed in Waterdeep. The noble house Bladesimmer (crafters of unique/exotic armor) played a role in its destruction.
  • Joadath of Shadowdale dies. Aumry and Sylune become Lord and Lady of Shadowdale.
  • Lhestyn weds Zelphar Arunsun, a powerful mage from Neverwinter (and acknowledged youngest son of Khelben the Elder).
1301Year of the Trumpet
  • "Gorlist's Dragon" (Realms of the Dragons Story III)
  • First recorded resurgence of the Cult of Tiamat in Unther.
  • By this time, the exiled Shadow Thieves have grown so powerful in Amn that the government is forced to acknowledge their presence and power.
  • Sponsored by merchant interests in Waterdeep and Neverwinter, the mercenary general Gulgathas recruits an army of hireswords in Port Llast, and leads them north to retake Illusk from the orcs of the Bloody Tusks tribe.
1302Year of the Broken Helm
  • Khelben "Ravencloak" Arunsun the Younger born to Lhestyn & Zelphar in Waterdeep.
  • Gharri of Gond is born.
  • Durnan and Mirt the Merciless return from Undermountain and retire as rich men.
  • Illusk is finally retaken from the orcs who are all slain or flee north into the Spine of the World. The isolated duergar of Clan Thuldark living under ruined Illusk retreat into the Underdark. A council of merchants led by Urbaloss of Neverwinter assumes control and undertakes the swift rebuilding of Illusk's walls and port facilities. The rename the city Luskan to dissociate themselves from the city's less than savory past.
1303Year of the Evening Sun
  • Fall of the human kingdom of Thar.
  • The venerable green dragon Claugiyliamatar makes her lair in the Deeping Cave, somewhere in the Kryptgarden Forest.
  • The Shadow Thieves begin construction on the training complex that will come to be known as the Assassin's Run.
1304Year of the Stag
  • In early summer, Maeran Faerlin, a rising merchant of Westgate, employs a trio of mages known as the Hunting Hands, a band of archers, and Alion Narithryn, a minor priest of the Morninglord, to hunt down Aglistralarraghautha, a large female black dragon whose brood of hatchlings had been laying waste to the Reddansyr area and who had destroyed the merchant's warehouse in an isolated compound near Teziir. Of the merchant and his hired adventurers, only Alion survives the battle, but Aglistralarraghautha and five hatchlings are destroyed thanks to the dragonbane prayer found within the Tome of the Morning, a prayer tome of Lathander.
  • The drow, weredragon Nurvureem is first recorded as inhabiting the region between Triboar and the High Forest.
1305Year of the Creeping Fang
  • Laershala of the Emerald Eyes strangles Thilana the Pirate Queen while in port at Tantras, and claims the Dragonisle and leadership of the Inner Sea pirates. As her tactics are more brutal and less planned, Laershala slowly loses control of the pirates.
  • The Cult of the Dragon locates the shadow dracolich Aurgloroasa and approaches her for the first time.
  • The ancient Netherese city of Nhallen is found by adventurers, sunk in the Inner Sea off the coast of the Altumbel.
  • The chitine slaves of Yathchol are emancipated from their drow masters.
  • The last time Durkin, an ancient dwarf guarding the Vale of Lost Voices for the elves, washes.
  • The small realm of Elfrin is attacked and destroyed by the green dragon Claugiyliamatar after its king and namesake dies of fever.
1306Year of Thunder
  • Moonsea War. Mulmaster vanquished by an alliance of the other Moonsea cities.
  • Hulberg is destroyed by Mulmaster. Sulasspryn suffers heavy damage.
  • Vangerdahast of Cormyr founds War Wizards.
  • A dragon invasion, known as the Dragon Run, sweeps out of the Moonsea North. Phlan is destroyed.
  • Durnan establishes the Yawning Portal over the ruins of Halaster's Hold, controlling the access to the dungeons beneath the city.
  • The last heir to the throne of Amn, the self-styled Exile Prince Rohav, dies of poison at the hands of his vizier, Arlen Bormul.
  • The Magister Aralagath Tarsil is accidentally killed by the mage Orten Imdrar. Imdrar becomes the new Magister (reigns 1306 to 1317).
1307Year of the Mace
  • Azoun IV of Cormyr is born.
  • Sulasspryn collapses into a huge sinkhole, destroying the city.
  • Akanax marches on and almost totally destroys Maerduuth.
  • Thamalon Uskevren, of House Uskevren of Sembia, born on Mirtul 4.
  • Algraetha 'the Enchantress' slaughters the resident wyverns of Thaurog's Keep and rebuilds the settlement.
1308Year of the Catacombs
  • "The Fires of Narbondel" (Realms of the Underdarks Story II)
  • Dungeon exploring comes into vogue.
  • Construction begins on Lhestyn's (later Piergeiron's) Palace. It is complete by early winter.
  • Baeron, Open Lord of Waterdeep, dies of fever, and Shilarn, his wife, immolates herself on his funeral pyre. Their daughter Lhestyn becomes Open Lord of Waterdeep and constructs the Palace of Waterdeep (know Piergeiron's Palace).
  • 1309Year of the Sunset Winds
    1310Year of the Storms
    • A vast pirate fleet from the Nelanther attacks and conquers Luskan in this year. The leaders of the pirate fleet, Taerl, Baram, Kurth, Suljack and Rethnor, declare themselves the new rulers of the city and each adopt the title of High Captain.
    • The name Nesme comes into common usage for the former site of Thaurog's Keep after Algraetha bestows it upon her holding in memory of her dead half-elven lover.
    1311Year of the Fist
    • Birth of Filfaeril Selazir, wife of King Azoun of Cormyr (Mirtul 4, 1311 to ?).
    • Zelphar Arunsun dies at the hands of evil sorcery, though the source remains undetermined to this day. Lhestyn secretly names Piergeiron, a paladin and officer of the city guard, a Lord and her eventual successor as Open Lord of Waterdeep.
    • Rezim becomes vizier of Mulhorand and begins to persecute the church of Anhur. Chessentan mercenaries replace Anhur worshippers as guards of Skuld.
    • The mage Arklem Greeth comes to Luskan and bypasses the ancient magical wards placed around the Host Tower of the Arcane by Laeral Silverhand. He forms the Brotherhood of the Arcane in the waning days of this year with the aid of the "Old Ones", powerful liches who are remnants of the legendary Grand Cabal of Illusk. Arklem names himself Archmage Arcane of the Brotherhood.
    • Tanta Hagara, a shapeshifting annis from Hellgate Keep seizes the chieftainship of the Blue Bear Uthgardt tribe.
    1312Year of the Griffon
    • Darkhold seized by the Black Network.
    • The independent city of Teziir is refounded on a high bluff overlooking the Lake of Dragons, located to the west of Westgate its main rival in the merchant trade. Previous cities on this site have been attacked, sacked, and burned more than a few times throughout history.
    • A Chessentan merchant secretly backed by the Lawless, a sect of Shar, offers the Helm of Helm, a prayer "tome" dedicated to the God of Guardians, for sale in Westgate. Each night, battles erupt in the streets of Westgate between the Lawless (backed by someone of great authority in the city), the South Shore Serpents, the Wild Blades Adventurers of Teziir, and agents of Thay.
    • Durnan founds the Red Sashes as his own personal agents in Waterdeep, creating a precaution against such blatant disregards for the watch as grow common in Dock Ward (such as the death of Zelphar Arunsun).
    1313Year of the Shattered Oak
    • The Blue Bear Uthgardt tribe is shattered by internal warring and split in twain. Founding of the Tree Ghost Uthgardt tribe.
    1314Year of the Shadowtop
    • The tree of this name flourishes in this year.
    • Rhigaerd II, king of Cormyr, defeats the border raiders.
    • The Pirate Queen Laershala dies in combat with a Cormyrean Freesail; the pirates of the Inner Sea break up into squabbling factions.
    • Death of Lhestyn. Piergeiron becomes the Unmasked (Open) Lord of Waterdeep.
    c. 1315
    • The Company of the Howling Wolf kills the archmage Iniarv.
    1315Year of Spilled Blood
    • Nanathlor Greysword, a native of Nimbral, becomes the Green Regent and attempts to overthrow the rule of Pasuuk Rensha and free Loudwater. Beginning of the War of the Returned Regent.
    1316Year of the Gulagoar
    • The Zhentarim take control of Teshendale. Refugees pour into Daggerdale and Dagger Falls including Zhent agents who incite a rebellion against the Morn family and install Malyk, a Zhentarim agent as ruler.
    • The arch-mages Orcrommor the Mighty and Asblan the Bold destroy each other in an aerial battle over the city of Ordulin.
    • The dwindling Spulzeer family establishes the Spulzeer Inn, which later becomes the foundation for the village of Trailstone on the Tethir Road. The family split in late Nightal 1315.
    1317Year of the Wandering Wyrm
    • Great Plague of the Inner Sea (also called the Dragon Plague). Chessenta is decimated, Unther suffers, but Mulhorand is largely unaffected. The Vilhon manages to restrict its spread and is relatively unscathed.
    • Death of the sorcerer-king Nesker. The first High Blade takes power in Mulmaster.
    • Targuth Athkarr becomes Huhrong of Rashemen.
    • The Magister Orten Imdrar dies in spellbattle with the Water Witch, Elminster, and the mage Qilder Yarven. Yarven becomes the new Magister (reigns 1317 to 1318; a month in each year).
    • Nanathlor Greysword becomes ruler of Loudwater after defeating Pasuuk Rensha and his followers at the battle of Tanglefork.
    1318Year of the Tired Treant
    • The Chanting Chain is written of in Ormath where Lalagos Indivvur, a priest of Talos, conducts a holy ritual to pull spells from it.
    • The Magister Qilder Yarven is killed in a spellduel with the mage Maldiglas "The Magnificent" Turntower. Turntower becomes the new Magister (reigns 1318 to 1322).
    1319Year of the Fallen Throne
    • The kingship of Sossal ends in bloodshed.
    • Alemander IV, 1st nephew of Olosar, King of Tethyr (slain in the 10 Black Days of Eleint, 1347). End of the Tethyr Dynasty.
    1320Year of the Watching Cold
    • Plague in the Inner Sea.
    • Ilione of Aglarond dies of the plague; The Simbul becomes Queen of Aglarond.
    • Akonhorus II becomes ruler of Mulhorand. Resurgence of Cult of Set in Mulhorand due to birth of Seti.
    • The Thayvians withdraw from Escalant in the wake of the Great Plague.
    • The indiscretions of the merfolk Prince Vhaemas lead to the illegitimate birth of Vhaemas the Bastard, as he is called by his mother and her clan, Kamaar of Thuridru.
    • The Magister Maldiglas the Magnificent creates a series of magical refuges throughout the North.
    1321Year of Chains
    • The Harpers reorganized. Twilight Hall founded in Berdusk.
    • King Zaor of Evermeet is assassinated. Queen Amlaruil becomes sole ruler of the Elves ("Elfshadow").
    • By this time, the Shadow Thieves have taken control of much of the criminal activity within Amn, and have spread to nearby cities.
    1322Year of Lurking Death
    • Monstrous attacks at a 50-year high.
    • The blue dragon Alasklerbanbostos, now a dracolich called the Great Bone Wyrm, spends the summer terrorizing and raiding Chessentra and Unther.
    • The shadow dragon Aurgloroasa undergoes the transformation to dracolich.
    • Khelben the Elder, disguising himself as Khelben the Younger, "claims" the long-vacant Arunsun Tower as his own, renaming it after his new title of "the Blackstaff".
    • The Magister Maldiglas Turntower devoures his own lifeforce constructing his magical refuges. Azuth offers the office of Magister to the mage Phelarnden Ghemelt of Tharsult (reigns four months, 1322).
    • The Chessentan archmage Maxiladanarr Torstren becomes Magister (reigns 1322 to 1328). He begins a breeding program to create sorcerous families, known as the Incipient Clans.
    1323Year of Dreamwebs
    • Great Plague declared over.
    • Thayvian wizards attempt to control others through dreams; they are discovered and destroyed.
    1324Year of the Grimoire
    • Chapter 30 of "Cormyr: A Novel"
    • Many old magical tomes were discovered in this year sparking a renewed interest in magic.
    • Luthcheq invades Mordulkin, to take advantage of heavy losses in the plague years. Luth-cheq loses the war and the losses are blamed on wizard-spies in the service of Mordulkin. Luthcheq begins its persecution of wizards.
    • The white dragon Arauthator slays the venerable red dragon Rathalylaug high above the rooftops of Neverwinter.
    • The wizard Tulrun of the Tent falls prey to a curse of Netherese origins during the course of one of his many exploratory expeditions and is transformed into a tiefling.
    c. 1325
    • Harper's Hold is built deep into the slopes of Mt. Waterdeep.
    1325Year of the Great Harvest
    1326Year of the Striking Hawk
    • "Whisper of Waves" begins.
    • The wizard Meltharond Thone, master of the venerable white dragon Arveiaturace, dies.
    1327Year of the Blue Flame
    • The mad wizard Yarash moves into the pyramid on Sorcerer's Isle.
    • Tholaunt, an incarnation of Anhur, is slain by Valerios, the Tharchion of Pyrados.
    • The steel dragon Jalanvaloss destroys the black dragon Nabalnyth, who has taken up residence in the Rat Hills, south of Waterdeep.
    1328Year of the Adder
    • "Homeland" ends.
    • The Magister Maxiladanarr Torstren is killed in an avalanche. Azuth offers the office of Magister to Imrul Athelzedar (reigns 1328 to 1354).
    • The wizard Ulthorn is slain in a spell duel with the Archmage Ahrabose in Waterdeep, but not before ensuring the death of his slayer by bringing the Tower of Yintros down upon them both with a great shout.
    1329Year of the Lost Helm
    • Morkoth agents, at the behest of Great Arcane Aodk, kidnap the merfolk Queen Wylla, Princess Deira and Princess Aeda, and magically change them into monstrous forms that mindlessly attack Voalidru. Their deaths are avenged with the attacks on Olleth later that year and the death of Aodk and his Arcounts.
    • The Calishite mining and refining colony of Berranzo is founded on Gundarlun by a consortium of merchants led by the wizard Hochmiraz.
    1330Year of the Marching Moon
    • Prince Rythan of Tethyr slays Jhaniloth Puiral of the Twisted Rune.
    • The steel dragon Zundaerazylym begins to recruit a shadowy group known as the Soft Claws to gain materials for her alchemical projects, keep watch on orc populations and gather information on the deeds and whereabouts of dragons throughout the Sword Coast North.
    1331Year of the Leaping Dolphin (NOTE: "The Wyvern's Spur" gives this year as Year of Temples)
    • Numerous high-ranking mages among all the Guilds Arcane of Calimport, Almraiven, Volothamp, Memnon, and Keltar mysteriously abandon their homes and positions to depart on some mysterious mission within the Marching Mountains.
    • Birth of Zaranda Star, later Queen of Tethyr.
    1332Year of the Sword and Stars
    • Florin Falconhand is born.
    • The Wyrmstrike of Dunbridges (Border Kingdoms).
    • Azoun IV and his wife, Filfaeril Selzair "The Dragon Queen", have a son. The boy is called Foril.
    • Numerous goblin and hobgoblin tribes are reported on the move among the western Marching Mountains, though reports have numerous mages at the heads of these hordes - the same mages who went missing in Calimshan late last year under some mysterious calling.
    • The Calishites of the mining colony of Berranzo are all found to be either dead or afflicted with madness by local Northmen. The area is thought cursed and avoided by all.
    1333Year of the Striking Falcon
    • "Too Many Princes" (Realms of War Story V)
    • The Great Amnian Trade War. Founding of the Council of Six and the unification of Amn by Thayze Selemchant.
    • Islif Lurelake is born.
    • Myrmeen Lhal is born.
    • Tale of the "Azure Bonds" (Mirtul to Kythorn), "The Wyvern's Spur" (Flamerule to Ches 1334).
    • Lord Iorltar of Zhentil Keep names Manshoon his successor as first lord.
    • Gamalon Idogyr and his family leave Tethyr for the Rock of Bral.
    • The realm of Mulsparkh rises along the northern bank of the River Memnon near the end of this year, founded by Calishite mercinaries and monsters at the secret instigation of the Twisted Rune.
    • The Overwizard Glagorn and other wizards of the Arcane Brotherhood attack the mage Llomnauvel "Firehands" Oloadhin of Port Llast. Llomnauvel ensures his and their destruction when he works a mighty magic that hurls down his abode and burns away the lives of all within it.
    c. 1334
    • Last known appearance of the mage Nchaser.
    • Prince Foril, infant son of Azoun and Filfaeril of Cormyr (Mirtul 1, 1332 to Uktar 11, 1334), assassinated.
    1334Year of the Blazing Brand
    • "So High a Price" (Realms of Infamy Story I; The Best of the Realms, Book II Story IV; Mirtul)
    • Hyarmon Hussilthar becomes Huhrong of Rashemen.
    • Tethyrian mounted troops including Crown Prince Rythan, brother of King Alemander IV, are defeated at the Battle of Nightflames by the army of Mulsparkh; the realm of Mulsparkh is swiftly crushed soon after by the Calishite legions. The Sword of Starlight, a Tethyrian sword of state and a powerful magical item, is secreted away by Yuzas Nur yn Yusuf el Tiagar, a military officer with greater ambitions than abilities.
    • Foril, son of Azoun IV, dies at two years old.
    • Tanalesta, daughter of Azoun IV and Filfaeril, born.
    • Manshoon and Fzoul, with the help of their beholder allies, become the new lords of Zhentil Keep.
    • The faithful of Loviatar undertake an extensive search in Westgate for the Lash of Loviatar, following rumors of its sighting in the city. Their efforts succeed in making the Church of Pain many enemies, but no trace of the prayer "tome" is ever found.
    • The wizard Nchaser serves as advisor to the High Captains of Luskan as they attempt to combat the growing power and influence of the Arcane Brotherhood.
    1335Year of the Snow Winds (NOTE: The Waterdeep Boxed Set gives the name of this year as Year of the Shaking Serpent)
    • "The Family Business" (Realms of Valor Story VIII)
    • Alusair Nacacia, second daughter of Azoun IV, is born.
    • Prince Haedrak Errilam Alemander Olosar Lhorik (Lhaeo) is born in a room atop the High Palace of Silverymoon.
    • The Evereska Charter claims the Greycloak Hills for the elves.
    • Rhigaerd II, king of Cormyr, dies in the waning days of this year.
    • A spell-duel in Ordulin between Thindol of the Zhentarim and the awakened lich Bhalgustrin ends with the death of Thindol.
    • The "Bleak Winter" in the North.
    • Erevis Cale is born, probably in Westgate.
    1336Year of the Highmantle (Note: "Realms of Valor" [in "Elminster at the Magefair"] gives the name of this year as Year of the Dark Dragon)
    • Azoun IV takes the throne of Cormyr, 29 winters old.
    • The Fastness of Green Shadows, a temple of Eldath, is destroyed in a vicious raid by ambitious wizards of the Brotherhood of the Arcane.
    • Blackturrets is torn down and construction of Stormweather Towers is completed.
    • Algraetha "the Enchantress" is slain by a group of adventurers out of Luskan leaving Nesme a temporarily lawless frontier hold.
    1337Year of the Wandering Maiden
    • Charles Oliver O'Kane becomes mayor of Raven's Bluff.
    • The nobles of Yulash abolish the lordship and instead rule by council.
    • The adventuring band known as The Nine led by Laeral Silverhand, acquire the Crown of Horns. Laeral dons the headpiece and descends into madness. The band fragments into three warring factions and their lair, known as the Stronghold of the Nine and located along the banks of the Unicorn Run, becomes a battleground.
    1338Year of the Wanderer
    • "Exile" begins.
    • The Wandering Wyvern built in Sevenecho.
    • Queen Sambryl takes the throne of Impiltur.
    • The gnoll invasions of Mulmaster end.
    • The Murann Spice War occurs between Ophal and Ulvax holdings and is suppressed.
    • An insane doppleganger who has assumed the identity of Abadda Moonglamaer, a Prince of Phalorm, is challenged and slain by Distyl of Nesme at the court of High Lady Alustriel in Silverymoon.
    1339Year of the Weeping Moon
    • "The Keeper of Secrets" (Realms of the Dragons Story IV)
    • "One Comes, Unheralded, to Zirta" (The Best of the Realms, Book II Story V; 4 Elesias)
    • Aumry slain; Jyordhan becomes Lord of Shadowdale.
    • Sharra Frohm, the great-great-great granddaughter of Palus Frohm, decides to continue her grandfather's work. Traveling alone, she enters the Great Glacier and is never heard from again.
    • The Sell-Sword Rebellion: Rival groups of mercenaries battle each other in the streets of Port Ghaast. The ensuing destruction leads to the mercenaries being quartered outside the city walls.
    • Sundeth Gossyl, cleric of Tymora, is killed in combat with a Wyvern on the battlements of the Citadel of the Raven. She is later entombed in a tower in the keep called "Sundeth's Tower".
    • Volludan, a former priest of Mask, is named guildmaster of the Shadowmasters of Telflamm.
    1340Year of the Lion
    • "Exile" ends.
    • "Pool of Radiance": A band of adventurers destroys the Pool of Radiance in Phlan and frees the ruins from the monster curse.
    • "Sojourn" begins.
    • "Bladesinger" begins.
    • Battle of the River Rising in Featherdale between Sembian and Cult of the Dragon forces; death of the wizard Mhzentul.
    • The shadow dracolich Aurgloroasa takes Mhzentul's library and arcane researches for her own use.
    • Danilo Thann is born to Cassandra and Rhammas Thann.
    1341Year of the Gate
    • Illistyl Elventree is born.
    • The undersea realm of Sylkiir celebrates as the High Mages Taranath Reefglamor and Yrlimn Tidark announce the first acceptance of students for High Magic study in over 200 years. Their current student Pharom Ildacer of Naramyr becomes a tutor and a High Mage.
    • By this time, the Shadow Thieves have their hands in half the organized crime in the Sword Coast, from the High Moor to Athkatla.
    • The Moonlight Men mercenary band instigates a daring daylight raid on the treasure-vaults of the High Captains of Luskan, escaping by sea in several stolen sailing ships.
    1342Year of the Behir
    • "Necessary Sacrifices" begins (Realms of the Elves Story III)
    • Marune, a chief agent of the Shadow Thieves, sells his house and holdings in Luskan and Mirabar, and disappears.
    • Three Red Wizards of Thay attempted to infiltrate the Cult of the Dragons attendants to the dracolich Khalahmongre. Attempts to control Khalahmongre result in the deaths of the three Red Wizards as well as most of the Cultists. Khalahmongre emerges from the conflict unscathed.
    • The blade Ellendrin identified by the sage Othiiyr Velthrann of Tsurlagol. The blade and its owner, the thief Gort of Tsurlagol, disappear shortly thereafter.
    • The wizard Irritym Wonderstar of Waterdeep is slain by thieves seeking to plunder his house of magic. His apprentice Baelam hunts down and slays his tutor's murderers and then spends the next several months learning what he can of his master's Art before leaving Waterdeep to wander the Sword Coast lands. Over the next decade he returns often to Waterdeep where he claims Irritym's tower as his own.
    1343Year of the Boot
    • Silverymoon and Everlund are saved from an orc horde by the Moonlight Men mercenaries. The Moonlight Men slew over 4,000 orcs at Turnstone Pass before they fell. Only the famed bard Mintipur Moonsilver and five of his comrades survive.
    • Chondathian and Sespechian logging sorties are repelled by a combined force of elves and druids.
    • Shamur reappears in Selgaunt.
    1344Year of Moonfall
    • "The Rage" begins.
    • "Necessary Sacrifices" ends (Realms of the Elves Story III)
    • Retreat of the elves from Cormanthor begins.
    • Chondathian and Sespechian logging sorties in the Chondathwood are repelled by a combined force of elves and druids.
    • The last King of Emmerock, Belder the Sly, perishes of a bloating plague while visiting the port cities of the Lake of Steam.
    • The Flame of the Spirit is seen in Skullport by Mirt the Moneylender, but its posessor evades his grasp.
    • Thamalon Uskevren and Shamur Karn are married in Selgaunt.
    • The last moon elves of Ardeep abandon their forest home as they heed the call of the Retreat.
    1345Year of the Saddle
    • "Darkwalker on Moonshae"
    • Plague in Amn.
    • Jyordhan is slain by Khelben Arunsun of Waterdeep.
    • Time of No Lords (until 1348 DR) in Shadowdale.
    • A mysterious explosion levels the temple of Waukeen in Thentia.
    • Later known as "The Night of the Templefall", fires consume the Spires of the Morning (Waterdeep's oldest temple) and the House of Heroes in early winter. Both temples are rebuilt within the next year.
    • Also during the night of the Templefall, worshipers of Shar lead an aborted arson attempt against Selune's temple. The Selunites respond by destroying a temple of Shar located beneath Shadows Alley.
    • The Coast Plague infests Murann, Athkatla, Purskul, and Crimmor, killing 20% of the people. The plague spreads by caravan, infecting folk in Beregost and Zazesspur.
    • Thamalon Uskevren II (also known as Tamlin) is born in Selgaunt.
    1346Year of the Bloodbird
    • "Black Wizards", "Darkwell"
    • There is a great frost early in this year.
    • Cult of Tiamat summons the Dark Lady.
    • Bhaal banished from the Moonshae Islands; Tristan Kendrick becomes High King of the Moonshaes.
    • The Friendly Arm is built.
    • The Naval Battle of Lisen Sands.
    • Selfaril becomes High Blade of Mulmaster.
    • The Knights of Myth Drannor receive their first charter from King Azoun of Cormyr.
    • Jaulothan Marlyx and two beholders appear in the center of the city of Arrabar and blast most of the city into ruins before the mage is torn apart by a tanar'ri summoned by deseperate local mages. Jaulothan had the Black Book of Beshaba during this time but it was lost in the confusion after this incident.
    • Rumors of The Book of Fangs and Talons being carried through the forests of the North by chanting Malarites surface.
    • Rumors of some 80,000 drow living in the Forest of Mir leads to panic in Calimport, although most sensibly laugh at the unfounded rumor and at the panic it causes Tethyr and many Calishite holdings.
    • Of seven students chosen by the High Mages of Selu'Maraar, three are marked for great destinies. The youths Keryth Adofaer, Talor Vurtalis, and Jhanta Merlistar excel at the basics of High Magic. They privately learn more about High magic in an unorthodox manner - Taranath unveils three selu'kiira and places then upon their brows, sending the students into comas while the gems force feed the knowledge of millennia into their brains. All High Mages and students remain behind closed doors on their estate on the outskirts of Sylkiir.
    1347Year of the Bright Blade
    • "Sojourn" ends, Drizzt Do'Urden comes to Icewind Dale.
    • Zhengyi the Witch-King rises in Vaasa.
    • Alemander IV dies in Tethyr.
    • "Ten Black Days of Eleint" - Tethyrian civil war begins. The population of Tethyr at this time is given at 4,200,000.
    • Tyranthraxus takes up residence in Valjevo Castle, Phlan.
    • Zhentil Keep forces, allied with an orc horde, destroy Hulberg for the final time.
    • Mysterious fires destroy the old temple in Everdusk Hall. Not even magic can stop the destruction. (The North)
    • Soorenar attacks and destroys Akanax.
    • Maxan Maxer, companion of Storm Silverhand, is killed.
    • Strange spellstorms wrack southern Thay and the North Coast.
    • The twins Larajin and Leifander are born in the Tangled Trees.
    • The riots of the Five Fires Rising are quelled by the city authorities of Neverwinter, as agitators from Luskan seek to destabilize the city.
    1348Year of the Spur
    • The Knights of Myth Drannor ("Swords of Eveningstar", "Swords of Dragonfire", "The Sword never sleeps")
    • "Rite of Blood" (Realms of the Underdarks Story IV; Liriel story)
    • Zazessovertan is fully re-garrisoned by Tethyr.
    • Khelben gives the Pendant of Ashaba to the Knights of Myth Drannor.
    • Doust Sulwood is chosen to be Lord of Shadowdale.
    • The Halruaan necromancer Random spreads the spell Read Southern Magic across Halruaa.
    • Selfaril becomes High Blade of Mulmaster, by killing his predecessor.
    • The Battle of Six Smoking Shields: The forces of Dunbridges repel an attack by the army of Thuntar (Border Kingdoms).
    • Lord Chardath Spulzeer awakens his ancestor, the lich-lord Kartak Spellseer.
    • Fall of the Kingdom of Tethyr.
    • Erevis Cale is recruited by the Night Masks.
    • Kalahar Twohands becomes the Green Regent and defeats a Talosian cult that has unleashed a storm tempest on Orlbar and Llorkh, devastating both settlements.
    1349Year of the Bridle
    • Thazienne Uskevren is born in Selgaunt.
    • The temple-farm of Goldenfields is established by Tolgar Anuvien and the priesthood of Chauntea.
    • The Unseen are formed in the subterranean city of Ch'Chitl and begin to infiltrate Waterdeep and the surrounding region.

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