Forgotten Realms: The Library

Forgotten Realms chronology, 1200 - 1299

All dates are in Dalereckoning, and year names are given where appropriate.

1200Year of the Buckler
  • The dracolich Chardansearavitriol's physical form crumbles into dust due to the baleful influence of the god Myrkul. Followers of Myrkul travel to the Mere of Dead Men to see this supposed miracle of their god and the Ebondeath Sect slowly forms.
1201Year of the Embers
  • Death of Immurk the Pirate aboard his ship, while fighting a Sembian warship.
  • By this time, the pirate fleet of the Inner Sea is judged to have over 100 ships.
  • Dhalmass (1186 to 1227), King of Cormyr.
  • Major invasion of Aglarond by a Thayan alliance of wizards is narrowly defeated.
1202Year of the Dragon Altar
  • The rare celestial event known as the "Eye of Myrkul" (involving the passage of the new moon through a ring of seven stars otherwise associated with an old symbol of Mystra) appears in the night sky over Faerun.
  • Coram IV (1173 to 1218), 1st legitimate son of Alemander II, King of Tethyr.
  • Death of Eltrym Drauthglas, the infamous "Hullack Hawk".
1203Year of the Gold Sash
1204Year of the Private Tears
  • The pirate Urdogen claims the Dragonisle and rule of the pirates of the Inner Sea. He begins raiding all Inner Sea ports.
  • The Magister Horgyl "Stonebeard" is killed in a spellduel with the mage Haelvar "Grimskull" Ildagh. Haelvar becomes the new Magister (reigns 1204 to 1221).
1205Year of Seven Trinkets
  • The beholder known as The Eye begins operations in Skullport.
1206Year of the Sarune
1207Year of the Bloated Baron
1208Year of the Gamine
1209Year of the Blazing Banners
  • The (naval) Battle of the Fallen: Cormyr, Sembia, Impiltur and the Vilhon Reach powers unite a great fleet to defeat Urdogen and his fleet of 90 ships. In Eleint of this year, Urdogen and nearly all of the Inner Sea pirates perish.
  • The hopes of unifying all the nations along the Inner Sea soon die as each country falls to petty bickering over the spoils of the pirates' holds, or accuses each other of delays that result in the near-total loss of the Sembian war fleet.
c. 1210
  • The traveling merchant Rebrum of Sheirtalar penns the much copied, bawdy narritive Life of Rebrum.
1210Year of the Armarel
1211Year of the Crimson Crag
  • Dhalmass (1186-1227) crowned King of Cormyr.
1212Year of the Ocean's Wrath
  • Unchartered adventurers exploring the Fields of the Dead north of Elturel uncover the Flame of the Spirit from a crypt beneath the Hill of the Headless Dancer.
  • Priamon Rakesk takes the name 'Frostrune'.
  • The independent Calishite, city-state of Sundul (Modern: Teshburl) far to the south, sends a great fleet northward to disrupt trade along the Sword Coast, blaming "barbarian trade" for their own waning economic fortunes. Their ships get as far north as Neverwinter before they are driven back by the fleets of the roused coastal cities of the North. The Calishite fleet is ultimately destroyed by storms on its long voyage home. Neverwinter sends a raiding fleet of its own to Sundul and succeeds in sacking the defenceless settlement.
1213Year of the Night's Peace
1214Year of the Waking Wrath
  • The Key of Faith is found on the Second Level of Undermountain by Walgund's Warriors.
  • A flight of wyverns tears apart the Mielikkian temple of Highluthholt in the High Forest, east of Secomber.
1215Year of Starlight
1216Year of Green Wings
  • Balagos the great red wyrm slays the venerable silver dragon Eacoathildarandus.
1217Year of the Falling Moon
1218Year of the Swimming Cats
  • Kymer "The Shade King" (1167 to 1227), 1/2elf bastard son of Alemander II, Usurper-King of Tethyr.
1219Year of Prideful Tales
  • The School of Wonder, a mages' academy, is built in the hills northwest of Hillfort Ishla by the mages Myrdon and Salasker.
  • King Maeraedryn of Westgate is formally challenged to a duel by his grandson and acknowledged heir, Iliphael, who has grown sick of his grandfather's cruel teasings and sly torments. After dispatching all his viable rivals to the throne, Maeraedryn had selected Iliphael as his heir, knowing that the noble merchant families would never choose the sickly grandson over the grandfather as king. Instead of simply dispatching Iliphael to the dungeon for his temerity, Maeraedryn accepts his challenge, perceiving the ensuing combat as a chance to further humiliate the long-suffering Iliphael. Iliphael, however, has long prepared for his opportunity to seize the throne, and Westgate's next king dispatches his predecessor through the treacherous use of sorcery, having secretly trained in the Art for many years.
  • King Iliphael's reign is marked by the rapid depletion of Westgate's royal treasury. The sickly, philandering tyrant is obsessed with power and paranoid that he will be replaced in turn. He spends much of Maeraedryn's wealth on procuring or developing personal magic items, including the Jodhpurs of Skydancing, the Stormshower Girdle, and Iliphael's Gauntlet of Wands.
c. 1220
  • The diviner Melegaunt Tanthul arrives on Toril. He spends the next decades studying the world, wandering from Kara-Tur to Chult.
1220Year of the Toppled Tree
  • The Turmish warlord Sjorn Sendreth starts a 20-year campaign against the dwarves of the Alaoreum by attacking Ironfang.
1221Year of the Frozen Flower
  • Tunnels are dug beneath Hellgate Keep to connect with the abandoned deep halls of Ammarindar.
  • The Magister Haelvar "Grimskull" is ambushed and killed by the mage Isilger "The Dark Smile" Mountrant. The Dark Smile becomes the new Magister (reigns 1221 to 1274).
1222Year of the Horn
  • The Cult of the Dragon attacks the Harpers, who have fallen under the sway of the self-styled Harper King, the lich Thavverdasz. The subsquent arrivals of first Szass Tam and then Elminster result in a significant defeat for the Cult.
  • The Harpstar Wars end with the destruction of Rundorl Moonsklan and the lich Thavverdasz, the Harper King.
1223Year of the Trembling Tree
  • The great green wyrm Athauglas is killed by the Company of the Gauntlet.
1224Year of the Swollen Stars
  • Storm Silverhand writes To Harp at Twilight.
  • Birth of Vangerdahast Aeiulvana, Court Wizard of Cormyr (1224 to ?).
  • A branch of the Talonmists, a family of sorcerors, first settles in Westbridge.
1225Year of the Winged Worm
  • Lashilmbrar is king of Impiltur.
  • A Cult of the Dragon cell forms in and around the city of Elversult. Initially led by human Cultists, the cell is later taken over and run by the first dracolich the cell creates, Cypress the Black.
1226Year of the Black Buck
1227Year of the Wall
  • Chapter 26 of "Cormyr: A Novel"
  • Palaghard II (1214 to 1261), King of Cormyr.
  • Palus Frohm, one of Vassa's greatest explorers, begins a twenty-year trek through the Great Glacier, culminating in the writing of Blood and Ice: Survival in the Great Glacier.
  • Haedrak II "The Corsair Prince" (1199 to 1274), 2nd son of Coram IV, King of Tethyr.
1228Year of the Tattered Banners
1229Year of the Carrion Crow
  • Manshoon of the Zhentarim is born.
  • Queen Ulae of Aglarond marries Ilion the forester.
1230Year of the Long Watch
  • Elf-maidens out for a pleasure outing are never seen again. This becomes the basis for the epic poem The Long Watch.
  • High Mage Orjalun retires as ruler of Silverymoon and appoints his apprentice Sepur as his successor. Orjalun mysteriously vanishes after his confirmation of Sepur as High Mage while walking across the Silverymoon Bridge.
1231Year of the Bright Star
1232Year of the Weeping Wives
  • Destruction of Sessrendale by Archendale.
  • High Mage Sepur abandons Silverymoon; Spellsfall sees the death of over two dozen mages vying for power in the city. Silvermayor Theomel Scalson is elected in Eleint.
  • Jander Sunstar is delivered from his curse.
1233Year of Many Monsters
  • King Iliphael of Westgate is slain by his fiancee, Shlanarnla Durovree, whom he has kept in chains in his dungeon since their betrothal four years earlier. Shlanarnla strangles Iliphael with her steel fetters when he approaches too closely and then claims the throne of Westgate in accordance with the city's archaic inheritance laws, as her unmourned betrothed had not yet named an heir. As the first and only ruling queen of Westgate, Shlanarnla's brief reign is marked by a spate of assassination attempts against her, which she narrowly survives time and time again.
1234Year of the Full Flagon
1235Year of the Black Horde
  • The Black Horde: Waterdeep is besieged for nine months by the largest orc horde in recorded history. The city is spared when Ahghairon and his generals introduce griffons as flying steeds for the army, allowing them past the orcs to gain food and aid outside the walls.
  • Warlord Khallos Shieldsunder steals control of the city from the Silvermayor while the city is under siege by the Black Horde. The northern walls are breached for the first time in 604 years.
  • Alustriel, Storm Silverhand, and an army of elves and Harpers free Silverymoon from orc siege. Alustriel destroys the self-proclaimed High Mage Shaloss Ethenfrost and his apprentices in spellbattle, while Storm and the Harpers are victorious at the Battle of Tumbleskulls.
  • Alustriel is the first High Mage of Silverymoon to ever be unanimously chosen by the people.
  • Amnian armies fighting humanoids this year capture many orcs, bringing them to Purskul where they are forced to work in a series of agricultural and stone-working camps.
  • The Black Horde reaches as far south as Tethyr, causing mass panic in the Plains of Clovis.
1236Year of the Struck Gong
  • Queen Shlanarnla of Westgate disappears in a storm while out hunting with her latest consort. Although widely assumed in Westgate to have been assassinated, Shlanarnla chooses to flee the throne and the grim fate it portends with her newfound love. Her fate is not recorded.
  • As Shlanarnla has no known heirs, the crown of Westgate reverts back to the Lorndessar line, and Verovan, great-grandson of King Blaervaer and third cousin of King Iliphael, assumes the throne. King Verovan's reign is marked by his heavy taxes, fueled in part by the need to rebuild the royal treasury and in part by the new monarch's consuming greed, and his penchant for rowing-races.
  • The Harper stronghold known as Moongleam Tower is built near Everlund by Storm Silverhand and other builders and artisans including the dwarven master stoneworker Gwuildeth Throck.
1237Year of the Grotto
  • Thesk and Aglarond form an alliance around the marriage of Queen Thara of Aglarond to Elthar of Milvarune. Thara and her sister Ulae are granted a title from Milvarn and become the first rulers of Aglarond to assume the title of Mage-Queen.
  • Marriage of Thara of Aglarond to Elthar of Milvarune.
1238Year of the Lone Candle
  • A major trade war occurs between Amnian houses. This dispute over rights to the Zakharan spice trade fuels further conflicts between the Ophal and Ulvax families, and ignites numerous other trade wars in its wake.
  • Khelben the Elder drives Frostrune out of Waterdeep.
1239Year of the Bloodied Sword
c. 1240
  • The master merchant Beindold of Hlintar is slain by dwarves due to bad business acumen.
1240Year of the Bright Sun
1241Year of the Lost Lady
  • Lady Serisa Khiilart, a well-respected Tethyrian noble-woman, is captured and slain by orcs. In her memory, orcs are wiped out throughout the South in a genocidal slaughter. Orcs call this the Year of Pushing Too Far.
  • The dwarves of the Alaoreum collapse a mountain atop their underground city, cutting it off from the surface world.
  • The Pasha of Calimport is assassinated by his rivals.
  • Amnian armies, back from the great war against orcish forces, bring additional orc slaves to the labor camps near Purskul. Many orcs legally gain their freedom in 40 years; they and their half-orc children become Amnian citizens.
  • The great mage Bowgentle dies.
1242Year of the Yellow Rose
  • Monastery of the Yellow Rose founded in Damara.
  • The ruins of Keczulla are cleared of trolls and other monsters. Keczulla is resettled as a caravan stop.
1243Year of the Blue Dragon
  • Rule of the venerable wyrm Anaglathos in Turmish. Until 1247 DR, this is the Time of the Worm in that nation. (Note: 9520 The Vilhon Reach gives this date as 1242).
  • Nandel Greenward enters Undermountain and becomes Halaster's apprentice.
1244Year of the Defiant Keep
  • Mirt the Moneylender sights the Flame of the Spirit in Skullport. Since that date, Tymorans have fruitlessly scoured Undermountain for the missing prayerbook.
  • The human fortress of Illusk holds off an orc horde for most of a year but then falls.
  • After a siege lasting nine years Illusk finally falls to the orcs of the Bloody Tusks tribe. The orcs reside in ruined Illusk, using it as a secure base from which to raid nearby human settlements.
1245Year of Pain
  • Loviatar worship gains great popularity - most of the modern temples in the North are founded at this time.
  • The Talonmist family of Westbridge first comes into conflict with the Harpells of Longsaddle when the arrogant Ordrar Talonmist is slain in a spell duel by Darnthal Harpell. Conflict between the two families begins.
1246Year of Burning Steel
  • First recorded use of bombards by Lantan.
  • Kerrigan the wizard, a hidden Lord of Waterdeep, attempts to usurp Ahghairon's position and set himself up as sole ruler of Waterdeep by killing the other Lords and Ahghairon. After the deaths of three Lords, Ahghairon slays Kerrigan in Southern Ward.
  • The Simbul is apprentice to Ilione of Aglarond.
  • Andaeren Robyth, a thief with a scaled, taloned left arm, is teleported to Westgate, where he begins a short but colorful career.
1247Year of the Purple Basilisk
  • Anaglathos overthrown in Turmish by popular rebellion and slain by adventurers.
  • The Assembly of Stars is created to govern Turmish.
  • Aurgloroasa, the shadow dragon who sank the Winsome Wyrm over a century before, abandons her thoughts of seizing Westgate as her domain after Anaglathos is overthrow in Turmish and slain.
  • The Vault of the Sages is moved into its current location in Silverymoon, and the Heralds buy its former building to create the Map House.
  • The Company of Jade, an all-male band of adventuresome lordlings, stumble into the long- forgotten Auantiver Labyrinth while exploring the ruins of Battlegate Keep near the border of Cormyr and Sembia. They encounter a monstrous purple basilisk that kills all but a handful of the Company.
1248Year of the Cockatrice
  • Verovan, last true king of Westgate, dies during a rowing race with a Thayvian galley when he accidentally employs a whip tipped by cockatrice feathers to lash his crew, a whip placed on his ship by the treacherous Red Wizard he had challenged. As Verovan's death comes as he attempts to stem the growing power of the merchant houses and petty lords of Westgate, many speculate that his own citizens betrayed him.
  • Upon Verovan's death, a troop of tanar'ri in possession of a piece of the late king's soul are dispatched by the Abyssal lord with whom the fallen king had dealt to plunder the royal treasury, hidden in an extradimensional pocket formed out of the Abyss. The tanar'ri and the fragment of Verovan's soul are imprisoned along with the king's treasure through the actions of Gen Thalavar, an adventuring paladin and third cousin of Verovan who happened to be in the city at the time and sensed the danger. The treasury key is secretly fashioned into a brooch, and the green feather becomes the trading badge of House Thalavar.
  • Fed up with the excesses of the monarchy, the noble merchant families of Westgate establish the position of Croamarkh, an elected head-of-state whose term of office lasts four years. House Vhammos occupies the former royal palace shortly thereafter and renames the building Castle Vhammos.
  • A company of adventurers led by Endruth Immister, a paladin of Tyr known as the "Unicorn Knight" of Westgate, retrieves the Leaves of Green, a prayer "tome" of Silvanus, and a huge sword whose blade is a leafy spar of living oak, from the Ghost Holds of Battledale. Endruth delivers both items to the druid Raevarl and his Circle (who dwell in the woods southwest of the city that later vanish under the axes of woodcutters).
  • Known as The Year of the Bounty in Waterdeep, a record harvest and mercantile explosion causes a dramatic increase in population. Due to the expanded trade, the merchants form guilds, and a recognized merchant-gentry emerges in the city.
  • Rehorusteb II becomes Pharaoh of Mulhorand.
1249Year of the Bold Knight
  • Death of Jholnareer of Milvarune brings an end to the country of Milvarn. Khalreer, his second son, becomes King of milvarune and an Oligarch of Thesk.
1250Year of the Riven Skull
  • The Wizard Mhzentul born.
  • Noble villas begin dotting the plateau north of Waterdeep.
  • Ahghairon and other mages of Waterdeep alter the ancient cemetery of the city, eliminating individual graves and creating the tombs of the City of the Dead.
1251Year of the Wandering Winds
1252Year of the Empty Goblet
  • Vine-blight destroys grape crop - no wine!
  • The Wine-Blight Insurrection and the Battle of Broken Vats in the Duchy of Ankramir (Tethyr).
  • After two years of growing skirmishes with undead, the Lords of Waterdeep establish walls around the City of the Dead, and her still-current curfews.
1253Year of Beckoning Death
  • Plague years in Cormyr, Sembia and the Vast.
  • The dracolich Daurgothoth, "the Creeping Doom", claims the abandoned, subterranean city of Dolblunde as his lair.
1254Year of Silent Steel
  • Rising power of thieves' guilds results in many assassinations.
  • In Turmish, the hero Corwin Freas is assassinated.
  • A civil war erupts in Sembia and lasts for three years.
1255Year of the Raging Flame
  • Ambitious priests of Bhaal launch the "Crusade of Slaughter", which sweeps bloodily from eastern Amn along the trade-routes to the very walls of Westgate before being broken in late autumn by hastily hired mercenary armies. Raevarl and the druids of his Circle are slaughtered during the fray, and the Leaves of Green are lost once again.
  • In their wake, the Bhaalist crusaders leave the shattered ruins of the royal Amnite city of Torlathan, which lies on the northern bank of the Valashar River some seventy-five miles upstream of its confluence with the River Khalleshyr, fracturing the trade route between Amn and Westgate. Intermittent efforts to rebuild this link falter with the death of Amn's last reigning monarch in 1276, leading to a precipitous decline in Westgate's westbound caravan trade for several decades thereafter.
  • Growth in trade and population forces the walls of Waterdeep to move northward again (to the current paths of Sulmoor and Julthoon Streets).
  • Founding of the Shadow Thieves of Waterdeep.
  • Priamon Frostrune becomes a lich.
1256Year of the Dusty Throne
  • Ahghairon dies, and the Guildmasters begin seizing power in Waterdeep. The Council of Guildmasters soon grows to govern the whole city.
  • Khelben the Elder disappears from Waterdeep, though his tower remains occupied by his apprentices.
  • The demi-goddess Siamorphe arises again in Waterdeep.
  • The new Moonstar villa is built north of Waterdeep's walls, atop the ruins of the High House of Stars. The old Moonstar compound soon becomes the Blushing Mermaid festhall.
  • The village of Evershed (southeast of present-day Calling Horns) is destroyed by an orc horde.
  • An orc horde erupts out of the Evermoors and destroys many settlements bordering the north-western fringes of the High Forest, including Evershed and the famed Selunite temple that stands there.
c. 1257
  • The aarakocra civilization in the Riders to the Sky Mountains is driven to extinction by Chessentan mercenaries hunting for sport.
1257Year of the Killing Wave
  • Deaths of the Gray Sisters. Halacar King of Aglarond.
  • Tidal wave strikes Calimshan.
  • The Chanting Chain, a holy spellbook of Talos, is discovered when a stronghold of Talos-worshippers is sacked. The Talassans prove to be led by a mind flayer.
  • Bowgentle's Book is created at the School of Wonder in Amn.
1258Year of the Wilted Flowers
  • Balagos the great red wyrm slays the old red dragon Hulrundrar.
  • Zhentilar lords Harlshoon (father of Manshoon) and Calkontor destroy each other.
1259Year of the Vigilant Fist
c. 1260
  • Lathander appears to certain of his clergy, commanding them to build a temple in ruined Myth Drannor, and giving them the Dawnstone for their altar. These clergy form a special order, the Seekers of the Dawn, and found the Dawnspire in the ruins.
1260Year of the Broken Blade
  • Many peace treaties are signed this year.
  • Halacar of Aglarond leads a disastrous campaign into Thay. The Battle of Lapendrar.
  • Halacar of Aglarond is poisoned; his sister, Llione, tutor to the Simbul, takes the throne as Queen of Aglarond.
1261Year of Bright Dreams
  • Manshoon founds the Zhentarim.
  • Azoun III (1241 to 1275), King of Cormyr.
  • The religious order of St. Ramedar is founded in Zazesspur.
  • A tavern in Kurrsh is burned to the ground by incensed Talassians from the Vilhon Reach when they discover the Chanting Chain hanging from the wall there. The Chain is recovered and taken by the Talassian to Shamph, where they are attacked and slain by the local militia. This final battle is know as the Slaughter of the Crazed and the Chanting Chain disappears from it.
  • The Ladies of the Blade, a band of female adventurers, is founded by a group of bored noblewomen of Westgate. Four years later, the company recovers the Key of Faith, a sacred prayer "tome" of Oghma the Lorekeeper, amidst the Ghost Holds of Battledale.
1262Year of the Black Wind
  • Killing storm raised by a Calishite mage.
  • The Guildwars and the Misrule of the Lords-Magisters: All but two Guildmasters are slain in Waterdeep during the Guildwars; Lhorar Gilgeggh and Ehlemm Zoar proclaim themselves the Lords Magister.
  • The Shadow Thieves establish their base of operations (the Citadel of the Bloody Hand) inside Mount Waterdeep.
  • The mage Rythtalies, master of the steel dragon Jalanvaloss "Wyrm of Many Spells", disappears.
  • Misrule of the Lords Magister: All but two of the Guildmasters of Waterdeep perish in the "Guildwars" and Lhorar Gildeggh and Ehlemm Zoar proclaim themselves the Two Lords Magister.
1263Year of the Tressym
  • As foretold by Alaundo, these creatures become widespread.
  • Chaos fills the streets when a flock of over 100 tressym fly into Silverymoon and roost on the rooftops for a tenday. Alustriel simply shrugs, pointing to Alaundo's prophesies about the widespread tressym this year. While most of the tressym fly away soon, a number stayed and made the city their home.
  • Fzoul Chembryl becomes High Priest of the Dark Shrine in Zhentil Keep. He renames it the Black Altar.
1264Year of the Shattered Altar
  • Widespread tomb-robbing and sacrilege.
  • The tombs of two Tethyrian monarchs, Strohm IV and Samyte the Martyr, are looted by Bhaal-worshipers.
c. 1265
  • The wizard-king of Halruaa moves the capital from Halagard to Halarahh..
1265Year of Flowers
  • The steel dragon Jalanvaloss comes to the city of Waterdeep and resides there in disguise.
1266Year of the Leaping Frog
  • Tana'ri and power-mad students destroy the School of Wonder, killing nearly every other student and Master within its walls.
  • The Magister Isilger Mountrant gives the secrets of creating blast globes to a mage of the Zhentarim.
1267Year of the Groaning Cart
  • A bountiful harvest year.
  • Colderan Morn rules in Daggerdale. He drives the dwarves of Clan Bladebright from the dale.
1268Year of the Daystars
  • The Flying Plague, a horde of perytons, harpies, and manticores attacks the southern Moonsea region and destroys the city of Lis.
1269Year of the Moat
  • "Darksword" (Realms of Shadow Story IV)
  • The Flame of the Spirit reappears on the body of a brigand in the Rat Hills south of Waterdeep.
  • The sahaugin ambush of a hunting party devastates the undersea realm of Eadraal as the beloved merfolk Prince Aldem and Prince-Consort Kran die to protect Kosul, the king's heir.
  • Thaurog's Keep built on the site of what is now Nesme by the half-orc bandit lord Thaurog.
c. 1270
  • Zelphar Arunsun is born.
1270Year of the Tooth
1271Year of the Shattered Wall
  • On the heels of a hard winter, mages and warriors of the Dragon Cult attack Holyheart House, a temple of Eldath in the Chondalwood. The two dracoliches Goarulskul the Black and Arlauthra Manytalons destroy the temple and kill many Eldathyn.
1272Year of the Shrieker
  • Zhentarim wizards and priests of Bane and Myrkul raise an army of undead, orcs and other creatures to assault Silverymoon but are repelled by Alustriel's Spellguard.
1273Year of the Wagon
  • Baeron and Shilarn revive Ahghairon's system of rule in Waterdeep. Baeron becomes Lord of Waterdeep. The houses of Zoar and Gildeggh are Outcast (exiled from the city). Magisters ("Black Robes") appointed to keep justice in the city and, by the month of Uktar, the Shadow Thieves' ventures are deterred and they, as a group, are outlawed.
  • Waterdeep's population rises, reaching 100,000 by years end.
  • Magisters founded in Waterdeep.
  • Joadath noted as being Lord of Shadowdale.
  • Shamur Karn is born in Selgaunt.
  • The Lords' Rule revives with Baeron and Shilarn Silmaeril, two long-hidden Lords of Waterdeep, who slay the Lords Magister. Baeron becomes Open Lord of Waterdeep and the houses of Zoar and Gildeggh are outcast and the Shadow Thieves are outlawed.
1274Year of the Purple Toad
  • Seven princesses of Tethyr are assassinated in Waterdeep. The killers are drawn and quartered and hung on the gates of Waterdeep. King Haedrak dies after hearing the news. Errilam declared King of Tethyr. Harpers are falsely blamed for this and are not welcome in Tethyr to this day.
  • Errilam (1236 to 1277), 3rd son of Haedrak II, King of Tethyr (dies without issue in 1277).
  • The Magister Ilsilger "The Dark Smile" dies after launching an attack on a dozen archmages that had gathered to overthrow him. Ilsilger and eight of the archmages die in the battle. Thornar Fleetmoor, foremost among the survivors, becomes the new Magister (reigns 1274 to 1278).
1275Year of the Blade
  • Zhentil Keep grants Yulash its independence; Zhentarim control of the city remains, however.
  • Rhigaerd II crowned King of Cormyr (at 6 years of age); his uncle Salember ("The Rebel Prince") reigns as Regent in Cormyr until 1286.
  • Pasha Eiruidin Ondaru of Calimshan is killed by his palace wizard, Ongraunnathan the Blind. The mage uses his spells to make the Pasha seem alive, and rules in his name until 1286DR.
1276Year of the Crumbling Keep
  • The Citadel of the Raven is rebuilt.
  • Shilarn, a Lord of Waterdeep and Baeron's wife, gives birth to a daughter, Lhestyn.
  • The Lords of Waterdeep allow the city's perimeter to expand out to the borders they hold to the current day. North and Sea Wards are added and ward boundaries are adjusted and established as they remain today.
  • The Lords increase their numbers beyond Ahghairon's self-imposed limits, and establish sixteen Lords of Waterdeep.
  • King Dhanar of the Parhek Dynasty is assassinated, and merchant families squabble over the succession, each with an heir to the throne (legitimate or otherwise) in its control. The merchant families begin a long war over trade and succession.
  • The Men of the Basilisk decide to open their ranks to any promising young noble or merchant lord who can survive the crucible of the extra-dimensional Auantiver Labyrinth and its fearsome basilisk guardian.
  • Lhestyn Silmaeril, daughter of Baeron and Shilarn, is born in Waterdeep.
  • Duergar of Clan Thuldark of Gracklstugh establish an outpost beneath the ruins of Illusk, seeking to probe the underground defences of Mirabar.
1277Year of the Beholder
  • King Errilam of Tethyr is accidentally killed while on a hunting trip with elven friends. This incident, and the rumors that grew out of it, sparks centuries of strife and hatred and many cruelties between the royalty of Tethyr and the elves.
  • Alemander III (1262 to 1288), 1st nephew of Errilam, King of Tethyr (begins persecution of the elves).
  • The mage Uldinus Lawkland steals a copy of the Simbul's spell trigger spell.
1278Year of Many Bones
  • First recorded mention of the Draconomicon.
  • The Magister Thornar Fleetmoor is killed by a rival, the mage Uldinus Lawkland. Lawkland becomes the new Magister (reigns 1278 to 1280).
1279Year of the Snarling Dragon
  • Tulrun leaves Silverymoon and returns to his abode in the Coldwood. Beginning of annual monstrous raids on Tulrun's Tent.
  • A Cult of the Dragon cell near Luskan destroys itself when the dragons and dracolich involved with the cell do battle over treasure hoards.
  • The green dragon Drethroyaster goes on a murderous rampage through Battledale, Featherdale, and Tasseldale. More than 700 lost their lives in these attacks. Some time later, Dretch is attacked and nearly dispatched by the conglomeration of adventuring companies known as the Crossed Swords.
1280Year of the Manticore
  • Thay's second invasion attempt overwhelms Mulhorand. Sultim is besieged and nearly falls before reinforcements arrive. Priests of Anhur are made scapegoats.
  • The Old Skull Inn is built in Shadowdale.
  • The Magister Uldinus Lawkland is killed by the mage Ohland Grethgar, a pupil of the Simbul's. Grethgar becomes the new Magister (reigns 1280 to 1282).
1281Year of the Cold Soul
  • Berethond Halfelven disappears during combat with a great green wyrm in the forest west of Dragonspear Castle. He is assumed dead, and Draconomicon, the Book of Dragons, which he carried, is believed lost with him.
  • Members of a Malar sect lead a "Wild Hunt" through the streets of Elturel. The cultists collected, caged, and then released monsters that they used in their "worship". The Book of Fangs and Talons is associated with this Wild Hunt.
1282Year of Many Mists
  • A lich calling itself Sammaster appears in the Desertmouth Mountains and begins gathering humanoids, undead, and dragons into an army.
  • The Magister Ohland Grethgar is killed in a spell duel in the skies over Orlumbor with the black dragon Starlaurynguldar. The wyrm also died from his wounds, and Azuth offers the office of Magister to the mage Inhil "Hurler-of-Stars" Lauthdryn (reigns 1282 to 1294).
1283Year of the Crawling Clouds
1284Year of the Dying Stars
1285Year of the Blacksnake
  • By this time, Skyships Glade in Tethyr is used exclusively by illithid slavers.
  • An adventuring company of paladins, the Company of Twelve, attacks the lich Sammaster's stronghold. Nine are killed, but the lich's physical form is destroyed. Survivors confirm that this indeed was Sammaster First-Speaker.
1286Year of the Rock
  • Chapter 28 of "Cormyr: A Novel"
  • Rhigaerd II (1269 to 1335), King of Cormyr.
  • Methlas begins building a new pirate-fleet in the Inner Sea.
1287Year of the Smoky Moon
  • A MageFair is held in the Fallen Lands. The Flame of the Spirit appears there in the posession of Udo of Felthaeran.
1288Year of the Roaring Horn
  • Last ogre Tharkul falls.
  • Human kingdom of Thar established.
  • Mulmaster sends an expeditionary force to Ironfang Keep; beginning of numerous gnoll attacks in the area.
  • Princess Shaerglynda of Tethyr is killed in Waterdeep. Her killer escapes with her tiara, rings, and necklace, and is never found.
  • Jaszur (1274 to 1295), 1st son (twin) of Alemander, King of Tethyr (slain in Waterdeep, 1295).
  • The gray dwarves of Underspires wage a five-decade-long war with their surface kin.
1289Year of the Sighing Serpent
  • The annual attacks on Tulrun's Tent cease, as Tulrun journeys to the lair of Arauthator, spawn of Sneighfanglen and source of the attacks, and proposes a truce.
  • Tulrun of the Tent discovers that the attacks upon him have been orchestrated by the revenge-seeking white dragon Arauthator. He confronts the wyrm and establishes a truce between them.
c. 1290s
  • "Editorial" & "Song of Chaos" ("Halls of Stormweather" Editorial & Story II) begins.
  • The archmage Archveult "Tattercloak" vanishes in a midair explosion over Raven Bluff's harbor. First appearance of the Tears of the Dragon.
  • The Magister, Lauthdryn "Hurler-of-Stars", is killed by Muaralygrym the Dark. Aralagath Tarsil of Elturel becomes the new Magister.
1290Year of the Whelm
  • "Song of Chaos" (Halls of Stormweather Story II) begins.
  • Dragonspear Castle falls.
  • The famed warrior Elfrin builds and fortifies a small keep along the High Road west of present-day Kheldell and proclaims himself ruler and 'king' of all lands within a days ride of his holding.
1291Year of the Hooded Falcon
1292Year of the Wandering Waves
1293Year of the Talking Skull
1294Year of the Deep Moon
  • Rilimbrar is king of Impiltur.
  • Methlas, a Cormyrean merchant-turned-pirate, amasses a fleet of ships in the Inner Sea. He is assassinated by his lieutenant, Thevren.
  • Thevren masses a fleet of forty pirate ships and sacks the cities of Selgaunt and Saerloon, but dies shortly after his victory, poisoned by Thilana, his mistress and former lover of Methlas. Thilana successfully leads the pirates of the Inner Sea for years, reviving Immurk's spy networks and sticking to the careful, conservative plans of Methlas.
  • The Magister Inhil Lauthdryn disappears in the wilderlands of the Vast. Azuth offers the office of Magister to Aralagath Tarsil of Arabel (reigned 1294 to 1306).
  • The Mistmaster builds the Citadel of the Mists in the High Forest atop the foundations of an ancient elven fortress.
  • Throgh, son of Thaurog, is slain by human adventurers out of Waterdeep. They are assailed in turn by wyverns who lair thereafter in Thaurog's Keep.
1295Year of the Ormserpent
  • Olosar (1274 to 1319), 2nd son (twin) of Alemander III, King of Tethyr.
  • Shyressa, a vampiress, joins the Twisted Rune and begins her ascent to the rank of Senior Runemaster.
  • King Jaszur of Tethyr and his retinue are waylaid and slain by bandits near Sarcrag. The bandits are in turn slain by Waterdhavian armsmen who arrive too late to secure the king.
1296Year of the Black Hound
  • Adventurers stumble onto a hidden temple of Malar in the settlement of Easting. The adventurers discover the Book of Fangs and Talons. However, when the adventurers try to carry the book off they are attacked by a great horde of beasts summoned by the priest of Malar whose temple it was. The book was taken back, and its holder slain and devoured by the monsters.
  • The priesthood of Milil recovers Wythyndle's Round Book in a bazaar in Calimport, and take it on a tour of Sorlyn temples amidst great rejoicing.
1297Year of the Singing Skull
  • "Homeland" begins. First recorded mention of Drizzt Do'Urden.
  • Massacre on Watcher's Knoll of Tyrists by Joadath.
  • The dwarves of Ironfang in the Alaoreum Mountains of Turmish re-emerge into the surface world.
  • Yenandra "The Pirate Queen" begins her reign in Dambrath.
  • The nobles of Yulash begin a bitter quarrel for the lordship of the city.
1298Year of the Pointed Bone
  • Lhestyn, as the "Masked Lady", infiltrates Shadow Thieves Guild of Waterdeep and exposes it. Within the span of a bloody week, the Shadow Thieves are either dead or fled from the city due to the Watch and the Lord's agents (like Lhestyn).
  • Priests of Malar hold an open enclave to plan their dispositions in the lands of the Sword Coast. The enclave lasts for a tenday where the Book of Fangs and Talons is featured in many rituals.
1299Year of the Claw
  • Shadow Thieves settle in Athkatla after their ejection from Waterdeep in the previous year.
  • The shadow dragon Aurgloroasa clashes with and kills the adult black dragon Arngalor, whose lair was in the Heart of the Mine at the headwaters of the River Arkhen. Aurgloroasa was disguised as a blue dragon so she has never been linked to the deed.

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