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Forgotten Realms chronology, 900 - 999

All dates are in Dalereckoning, and year names are given where appropriate.

c. 900
  • King Galaghard of Cormyr battles the forces of the Witch Lords at Wheloon, Juniril, and Manticore's Crossing. The final battle between the two forces occurred at the Vast Swamp, with Cormyr winning with help from elven stag cavalry.
  • The mage Shangalar "The Black" lives in northeastern Calimshan.
900Year of the Thirsty Sword
  • Chapter 20 of "Cormyr: A Novel"
  • Widespread war; strong leaders emerge.
  • Beginning of the Rotting War in Chondath. Chondath finds itself embroiled in wars with the city-states that pop up around it. Hlondeth and the Emerald Enclave withstand many of Chondath's attacks. Hlath and Reth declare their independence from Chondath, causing Neveris Bikou, the ruler of Chondath, to send armies north. The armies are defeated by the two city-states when they ally with one another against Chondath.
  • The Vault of the Sages is built in Silverymoon and its initial collection includes at least two tomes of knowledge, history, and magic from each mage of the city. The Harpers bestow the lost collection from the Silver Lady's Library upon the Keeper of the Vault.
  • On the eve of the Feast of the Moon, Favored High Reaver Gostaraj, high priest of Garagos, unleashes a horde of berserkers against his fellow Prince-Templars of Westgate during a meeting of the Holy Council. None of Gostaraj's ever-bickering fellow oligarchs survive the ensuing bloodbath, and the high priest of Garagos is crowned the Reaver King beneath a blood-red moon before dawn breaks the following morn.
  • King Galaghard III of Cormyr battles the forces of the Witch Lords at Wheloon, Juniril, and Manticore's Crossing. The final battle between the two forces occurred at the Vast Swamp, with Cormyr winning with help from elven stag cavalry.
901Year of the August Armathor
902Year of the Queen's Tears
  • "The Whispering Crown" (Realms of the Arcane Story VIII; The Best of the Realms, Book II Story III; month of Kythorn)
  • "The Last Paladin of Ilmater" (Realms of War Story III)
  • The Rotting War in Chondath decimates the country; Chondath renounces claims on Sembian city-states.
  • Sammaster's research into necromancy results in the first successful Cult of the Dragon dracolich, Shargrailar.
  • The Magister Jonsryn Daerathal is killed in a spellduel with the sorceress Taline Telgara, the "Flame of the North" (reigns 902 to 946).
904Year of the Trial
905Year of the Rising Maeran
  • Sammaster finishes his principle work on the Tome of the Dragon, and copies begin to appear across Faerûn as the Cult's philosophy spreads.
906Year of the Plough
  • Azmaer the Drow Lord holds Tower of Ashaba.
  • Drow driven from the Twisted Tower. Shadowdale founded.
907Year of Waiting
  • The upper (aboveground) city of Calimport is reclaimed and resettled by Mameluks who are shut out of the power circles of Manshaka. At the secret urgings of the Twisted Rune, they seek to reclaim the ruined greater city beyond the walls of the port. The Rune's primary agent in this endeavor is Vizar Bollus el Kahdan, a half-elven warrior-mage.
  • The Famine of the Red Plants: A plant rust, affecting most of the farmlands around Phlan, destroys harvests for the next three years and creates famine around the Moonsea.
908Year of the Lone Tribe
909Year of the Ogre
910Year of Deathblows Denied
  • Rhiigard (? to 932), King of Cormyr.
911Year of Ruins Reborn
  • Due to magical fluctuations in the woods and hills around Silverymoon, Tanisell and his fellow mages reassert new enchantments and magics on the walls surrounding the city.
  • At Midsummer, Vizar Bollus el Kahdan proclaims himself syl-pasha of Calimport, and nearly all of the surface ruins of the city are cleared of danger.
  • Rise of the Morkoth Arcanum of Olleth beneath the Inner Sea. The First Arcane Xynakt begins his reign of terror among the morkoth and establishes the Nine Towers.
912Year of the Sudden Journey
  • The first deep fiend-dug tunnels lead north out of Hellgate Keep toward the Nether Mountains.
913Year of the Watching Raven
  • Sembia founded under the Raven banner. The cities of Chondathan and Chancelgaunt become Saerloon and Selgaunt.
914Year of the Book
915Year of Bats
916Year of the Sinhala
  • The Harpers and the priests of Lathander ambush Sammaster and his entourage as they travel to visit two green wyrms in southern Cormanthor. Sammaster and an avatar of the Morninglord do battle. Sammaster's actions wound the avatar slightly before he obliterates Sammaster.
  • Rise of Es'roch/Expansion of As'arem. The shalarin of the fourth Passing and children of other generations found a new kingdom within the lower depths of Easting Reach to expand As'arem to its "manifest destiny" from the Hmur Plateau to the coast.
c. 917 to 940
  • After Sammaster's downfall, Algashon leads the Cult underground for the first time since its creation in the prior century. Algashon's Cult adopts many of the revenue-generating schemes required to finance much of the Cult's operations.
917Year of the Winding Road
918Year of the Palace
919Year of the Chase
  • Hellgate Keep's forces are forced from their deep tunnels for a time by the Morueme clan of dragons.
920Year of Great Riches
  • High Mage Tanisell succumbs to a fever and dies. His successor is his closest advisor and friend, Nunivytt Threskaal, the Keeper of the Vault of the Sages and ranking mage of the Lady's College. High Mage Threskaal's reign is a peaceful, studious one and is still considered one of the golden eras of magical learning for Silverymoon and her pupils.
  • The goddess Waukeen appears on Shieldmeet and establishes the Merchant's Peace at Trademeet.
  • Ahghairon is born on Midsummer's Night, and many legends report Mystra's symbol glowing brightly among the stars of the North.
921Year of the Falling Maeran
922Year of the Spouting Fish
  • Red Wizards under the command of Ythazz Buvaar sack the regional capital of Del-humide.
  • Battle of Thazalhar in Thay. Red Wizards declare Thay independent of Mulhorand.
  • End of the Second Mulhorand Empire.
  • Teresa the Great Queen (893 to 957), 3rd niece, Queen of Tethyr.
  • The black dragon Ebondeath, ruler of the Mere of Dead Men, is transformed into a dracolich by Strongor Bonebag, a priest of Myrkul with ties to the Cult of the Dragon.
  • King Amarkos II of Old Impiltur dies of plague.
923Year of the Bloodied Soldier
  • The demon Eltab is bound under the city of Eltabbar.
924Year of the Cracked Turtle
  • The rulers of Old Impiltur die in a plague. The sole survivor is the Princess Aliia.
925Year of the Enchanted Trail
926Year of the Fearless Peasant
  • Princess Aliia of Impiltur is betrothed to Crown Prince Rhiegard of Cormyr, but her bridal ship is lost at sea after leaving Hlammach.
927Year of the Red Rain
  • "Thornhold" begins.
  • Ahghairon of Waterdeep arrives in Silverymoon and is taught magic by numerous tutors, including High Mage Threskaal.
  • Fed up with the excesses of both the Reaver King and the Prince-Templars who proceeded him, the merchant nobility of Westgate secretly hires another army of mercenaries to over throw Gostaraj in turn. The heads of the various noble houses choose Altarl Campion, the head of a powerful merchant family, as Westgate's next king. As his first official act, King Altarl bans all organized religious activity within the city walls, and all existing temples are torn down, their land seized in the name of the new king. The Templeban Edict extends beyond the city walls as well, permitting only simple shrines within a day's walk of Westgate.
  • In the nine decades that follow, hearkening back to an earlier age, no less than seven rings of standing stones are established on a ring of seven hillocks just beyond the last rise west of Westgate. One such site, the Hill of Fangs, is established by worshipers of Moander. The Abomination's hilltop shrine consists of a ring of eight great red stone plinths shaped like fangs curving inwards. The other faiths include Garagos, Ghaunadaur, Jergal, Savras, Silvanus, and one whose name has been forgotten. Unbeknownst to the general populace of Westgate, secret, subterranean temples are established beneath most or all of the seven hillocks, as well as in the catacombs of the city itself, in direct violation of the Templeban Edict.
  • A thieves' guild, forerunners of the Shadowmasters, begins operations in Telflamm.
  • The Blood Plagues: The wrath of the orc god Yutrus falls upon the Sword Mountains causing all manner of plagues to sweep through the region, decimating every species there except the orcs. An orcish shaman named Wund unites the tribes under the leadership of the chieftain Uruth and the orcish realm of Uruth Ukrypt is established.
928Year of the Hurled Axe
  • The Lord of Calandor attempts to have himself crowned King of Delimbiyran, the Kingdom of Man, but fails due to a lack of support from surrounding human settlements and the active opposition of the now-independent Secomber.
929Year of Flashing Eyes
  • Chessenta rebels against Unther. Alliance of Chessenta drives Unther back beyond the Riders to the Sky Mountains.
  • Alasklerbanbastos, a blue dragon, competes with Tchazzar for control of western Unther (now Chessenta).
c. 930
  • The emergance of the orc realm of Uruth Ukrypt heralds a collapse of trade along the High Road of the North.
930Year of the Liberty Crest
931Year of the Penitent Rogue
  • Travelling north with a merchant caravan hailing from Baldur's Gate, Tyndal, the son of a merchant commoner, slays a group of lizardmen near the site of the old, ruined Morlin Castle.
932Year of Fireslaughter
  • First Troll War in the North. Forces led by Nimoar of Waterdeep clear the Evermoors of trolls.
  • Thay conquers the independant city of Kensten, renaming it Bezantur (after the high priest of Kossuth in the city).
933Year of the Five Jugs
  • Laruth Mytersaal is slain by orc raiders and succeeded as Warlord of Silverymoon by his son Rayuth.
934Year of Fell Wizardry
  • First Thayvian invasion of Rashemen.
  • The Thayvians first demand tribute from Escalant.
  • Mulmaster is established as a trading fortress between the Moonsea and the Dragon Reach.
  • Gnomish settlements in the Sword Mountains and surrounding foothills are all eradicated by the orcs of Uruth Ukrypt. The last to fall is the mansion of the self-styled "Gnome King" Karlus "Goldgoblet" Dlinshoulder, on Mount Araddyn, north of Nimoar's Hold.
935Year of the Rearing Lion
936Year of the Sky Riders
  • Heavy orc raids on Nimoar's Hold and outlying farms last the full year. Nimoar dies of old age, and Gharl replaces him as War Lord of the tribe.
  • After gathering their strength, the aged Nimoar leads his men into battle and they have neither time to eat or sleep as they smash the orcs in battle after battle over the course of a tenday. Sages call this series of battles the Orcfastings War. Nimoar dies of heartstop after the orcs have been destroyed in the final battle of the war, known as the Horderout. He is succeeded by Gharl as Warlord of Nimoar's Hold.
  • Start of the Eleventh Serôs War. The New Aryselmalyr War begins under the Inner Sea as three sea elf kingdoms unite under the wizard Nyratiis and try to use magic to reconquer Serôs. With the Dukars absent and the morkoth as current enemies, chances seem slim of resisting the elven advances.
937Year of the Turning Wheel
  • Alliance of the Cities of the Golden Way into the nation of Thesk. Milvarune, former capital of Milvarn, becomes Thesks's "capital". Milvarn is largely dissolved at this time, though it still provides some defense for the fisherfolk south of the river Umber. Lurskas retains the title of High Mage of Milvarune and Mage-King of Milvarn until his death.
  • The Book of Fangs and Talons is found atop Berun's Hill by the Slow Serpent band of adventurers. A local priest of Silvanus examines the book. Several nights later over 40 Malarites descend upon the priest and tear him and his home apart, stealing the book back.
  • Tulrun returns to the North after spending much time wandering the Beastlands in beast shape.
938Year of the Unhanged Man
939Year of the Vengeful Halfling
  • Nyratiis creates numerous powerful items for his generals and fellow sea elf rulers, including Arygantor the Coral Net, the Chariot of Nyratiis, the four Unicorn Saddles, the Staff of the Deep, the Helm of the Sea Lion, the Swift-Swimming Anklets of Osura, and Aceal the Commander's Trident.
940Year of the Cold Claws
  • The name of Waterdeep comes into common usage.
  • Second Troll War in the North. This year sees the start of continual troll raids and strife that last more than a decade. Six War Lords of Waterdeep die in battle against the trolls. Despite the problems, Waterdeep grows in population, as tribes gather within the walls for safety.
  • Ashaba, first Lord of Shadowdale, merges with the river.
  • The Moonsea city of Hulberg is founded as a base for human forces fighting giants and humanoids in Thar.
  • Tulrun hunts the great white wyrm Sneighfanglen and her brood for the greater part of this year in revenge for the dragon's slaying of his comrade, the crystal dragon Krustalanos. Sneighfanglen is slain by the vengeful Tulrun, and her only offspring to survive is the hatchling Arauthator.
  • Palarandusk "the Sun Dragon" frustrates the schemes of King Rauragh of Uruth Ukrypt to bring orc bands through the subterranean ways of the Underdark, assemble them in the Sword Mountains, and from there swoop on Waterdeep. The ancient wyrm destroys this orc horde before it can properly form.
941Year of Sudden Sorrows
  • With the merest hint of his first beard on his chin, Ahghairon shows some of his coming might by single-handedly destroying a pair of young green dragons intent on attacking Silverymoon. Ahghairon leaves the city soon afterward to learn more of the Realms.
  • Tulrun creates his dwelling, which becomes known as Tulrun's Tent, beneath the boughs of the Coldwood.
942Year of the Circling Vulture
  • End of the Eleventh Serôs War. This war destroys the central sea elf kingdom of Keryvyr, though the failed High Mage and would-be-Cororal Nyratiis escapes capture. Keryvyn's allies survive. Of the subordinate kingdoms and duchies of Aryselmalyr's golden era, only Naramyr and Selu'Maraar survive.
  • Drow raid up and down the Sword Coast in this year and their raids lead to the death and enslavement of many humans in and around the Delimbiyr. The small realms of Harpshield and Talmost, bordering the Ardeep Forest west of the remnants of the city of Delimbiyran, are ravaged and burned, leading to their inhabitants abandoning their lands and travelling to Waterdeep at the invitation of Warlord Gharl.
943Year of the Flying Steed
  • Death of Warlord Gharl in battle with trolls. He is succeeded as Warlord of Waterdeep by Amphail the Just.
944Year of the Animated Armor
  • Kurskos Ironahand of Aumreayum slays Amrok of the dwarves and takes Adjatha the Drinker.
  • Death of Warlord Amphail in troll raids. The settlement of Rowan Hold where he had estates and a tower is renamed Amphail in his memory.
945Year of the Foolish Bridegroom
  • Tyndal, now a rich merchant, marries the Duke of Calandor's only child and heir, Eleesa, with the popular support of the people of the region who consider him to be a hero.
946Year of the Blazing Cell
  • The Magister Taline Telgara is accidentally killed when her husband, the weredragon Caldauvur Maerglauthyn, is forced to change shape. Caldauvur becomes Magister (reigns 946 to 949).
947Year of the Advancing Wind
  • The realm of Calandor is ravaged by the battle between the silver dragon Teskulladar "Manytalons" and the white dragon Cortulorrulagalargath. In his death throes, the great white wyrm falls from the sky onto the remnants of Delimbiyran, destroying them utterly and slaying the Duke of Calandor and his retinue who have taken shelter there whilst out hunting. Tyndal, his son-in-law, is proclaimed Duke by the people and he re-locates the ducal seat to the site of the old Barony of the Steeping Falls, partly to secure the benefits associated with trade passing through the area, and partly to commemorate the feat of his youth. Construction of Castle Daggerford on the ruined remnants of Morlin Castle begins immediately.
948Year of the Clarion Trumpet
  • The Magister Caldauvur Maerglauthyn establishes a walled manor in the lower Dessarin Valley to train novices into wizards. These novices come to be known as "the Schooled".
949Year of the Forbidden Tome
  • The Magister Caldauvur is ambushed by a group of evil archmages. He is killed, but not before all but one of the attacking mages are slain. The surviving wizard, the Calishite satrap Ildathchance Orlaer, becomes Magister (reigns 949 to 952).
c. 950
  • Cult of the Dragon cells number near 100 at this time, the height of Cult power across Faerûn since the organization's inception.
950Year of the Doomguard
951Year of the Empty Hourglass
  • Phandalin, an important farming center located southwest of Old Owl Well, falls to the orcs of Uruth Ukrypt disrupting most trade routes passing south of the Neverwinter Woods.
952Year of the Rings Royal
  • Ahghairon rises and is recognized as the premier mage of the Savage North. He becomes the official advisor for the War Lord of Waterdeep.
  • This year marks the end of the Second Trollwar. The trolls remain nearly extinct around Waterdeep for nearly 100 years.
  • The Magister Ildathchance Orlaer is killed in an ambush by the Thayan mage Baerzus Anagathiir. The Red Wizard becomes Magister (reigns 952).
  • The Magister Anagathiir dies under the massed magical might of the Red Wizards. The ensuing magical chaos requires the appearance of Azuth, who fixes the tear in the Weave, and confers the office of Magister upon someone far from Thay; the enchanted gauntlet-maker Bilnur Faerglamer of Tethyr (reigns 952 to 977).
  • Wavecho Cave falls to the orcs of Uruth Ukrypt leading to the collapse of the mining alliance of dwarves and gnomes known as Phandelver's Pact.
953Year of the Guiding Crow
  • Bryntarth II (? to 968), King of Cormyr.
954Year of Perilous Halls
955Year of the Telltale Candle
  • Barbarians attack Waterdeep in the depths of winter. In memory of their bravery, the Waterdhavians bury the barbarian princess at the foot of the peak that later becomes known as Maiden's Tomb Tor.
  • The Great Rising of the Orcgates: A fell power (some say Thayan archmages experimenting with dangerous spells, others insist that the gods of the orcs themselves were responsible) suddenly brought into being scores of dimensional portals that spewed forth orcs from the mountain caverns of the far North to lay waste to half a hundred cities and realms all over Faerun.
  • Uruth Ukrypt establishes its influence over much of the north-south trade along the Dessarin River Valley and the Swordsea Coast, thereby gaining much wealth and power.
956Year of the Crooked Finger
  • Cathtyr is killed by her daughter Filina. Filina becomes Queen of Dambrath.
957Year of the Entombed Poet
  • Teremir I (927 to 959), 5th son of Teresa, Queen of Tethyr (slain by Mhoaran).
  • The volcanic isle known as the Ship of the Gods erupts in the Alambar, killing thousands of Untheri settlers.
  • Illusk is attacked by Uthgardt barbarians of the Black Raven tribe in the vicious winter of this year. The barbarians are bloodily repulsed and forced to retreat.
958Year of the Far-Flung Harp
959Year of the Haunted Crew
  • End of the Bormul Dynasty; beginning of the "Tethyr" Dynasty (the "Lion's Dynasty").
  • Mhoaran "the Tusk-Bearded" (919 to 974), cousin of Teremir I and son of Cyriana's 3rd sister, King of Tethyr.
c. 960
  • The Book of Fangs and Talons is rumored to be in the area of Secomber. Soon after it is taken to the Daggerford area.
960Year of the Mageling
961Year of the Pensive Gibberling
  • Cathakay Queen of Dambrath.
  • Warrior-priests of Chauntea, led by Duke Tyndal of Daggerford, scour the Secomber area and the Delimbiyr Valley upstream for many miles in search of Malarites rumoured to be conducting grisly, evil rituals in the area.
c. 962
  • The Cult reaches farther south than ever before with the creation of the cell in, around, and beneath the city of Hlondeth in the Vilhon Reach.
962Year of the Shandon Veil
  • The village of Phandalin is conquered by orcs, and the mountain delve Wavecho Cave, home to dwarves and gnomes, is also destroyed by their depredations. The orcs under their chieftain Uruth found the kingdom of Uruth Ukrypt in what is now Kryptgarden Forest. Within a few generations the orcs are wiped out.
963Year of the Deadly Duo
  • The construction of Castle Waterdeep begins around the site of Nimoar's Hold on the eastern spur of Mount Waterdeep, just north of the city walls.
964Year of the Pickled Privateer
965Year of the Runelighting
966Year of the Squire
  • Wythyndle's Round Book, a holy tome of Milil, vanishes from a temple in the eastern Cloven Mountain during a hard winter.
967Year of the Tearful Princess
968Year of the Wandering Gnome
  • Jholnareer becomes High Mage of Milvarune and Mage-King of Milvarn, though he rules only as one of the Oligarchs of Thesk.
  • In Zakhara, a war begins between the genie races.
969Year of the Bright Standard
c. 970
  • Over the next twenty five years, the Cult of the Dragon refocuses its efforts to expand in the North, creating at least ten new cells in this time period.
970Year of the Child's Trinket
971Year of the Children
  • The Cult's further expansion in the south is halted by the church of Tiamat when an underground Cult cell "trespasses" on a similar group worshipping the Dragon Queen in the city of Surkh.
c. 972 to 995
  • The Cult of the Dragon refocuses its efforts to expand in the North, creating at least 10 new cells in this time period. The only known failure of the Cult to infiltrate an area during this time is in Silverymoon.
972Year of the Cairngorm Crown
  • After the recent defeat in Surkh, dissidents within the Cult of the Dragon begin to openly question Algashon's leadership and the weighty influence the church of Bane has had in Cult operation in the preceding years. The mage Drakewings becomes a particularly outspoken opponent of the God of Tyranny's place in the Cult of the Dragon.
973Year of the Empited Lair
974Year of the Haunting Harpy
  • Castle Waterdeep is completed at High Harvestide. The city walls expand (now abutting the wall around Halaster's Hold for defense) and the worn log palisades become new, high stone walls. Lauroun named first female Warlord of Waterdeep.
  • The stronghold of the retired adventurer Sulass Drowsbane grows into the city of Sulasspryn.
  • Sulasspryn on the Moonsea is established as a city.
  • Nearel (951 to 997), 32nd child/17th son of Mhoaran, King of Tethyr (slayer of Teremir I's eldest son).
975Year of the Bent Coin
  • Telflamm annexes Nyth and Culmaster and establishes itself as a royal city-state.
976Year of the Slaying Spells
  • Mulhorandi invasion of Thay repelled at the River Thazarim.
  • The Covenant discovers that the Red Wizards of Thay are responsible for the Orcgates Affair and begin to subtly work against these evil mages.
977Year of Swordforging
  • A circle of talons and blood is found outside of Daggerford. This is linked to the Book of Fangs and Talons, a holy book of Malar. No trace is ever found of the book though.
  • The Magister Bilnur Faerglamer dies of natural causes, never having faced a serious challenge for his office. Azuth picks the Calishite courtier Malune Nalonkrivar (reigns 977 to 983) to succeed Bilnur as Magister.
978Year of the Hooded Rogue
979Year of the Marching Forest
980Year of the Orator
981Year of the Rebel Uprising
982Year of the Scythe
  • The red wyrm Thungarbarath Flamegout is killed by the Bold Broadswords adventuring band. The only survivor of the battle, Jorthan Twocastle, retrieves the Flame of the Spirit.
  • Warlord Rayuth of Silverymoon dies of old age and is succeeded by his sadistic and proud son Tulven.
983Year of the Submerged Country
  • The Magister Malune Nalonkrivar is killed in Tunland by the black dragon Constulgrael. The Water King becomes Magister (reigns 983 to 986), the only true dragon to do so in the history of the office.
984Year of the Caravan
985Year of Bright Nights
  • The Plinth of Moon and Stars, a small altar atop the tower of Lunaven Moonstar in Waterdeep (present day: The Plinth), is dedicated to Selune.
  • Fetitia Ledora, rumored to be the daughter of Alustriel Silverhand, and Yhelfanna the Masked, a Rashemaar witch of the Hathran, form the Sorority of the Silver Fire, an adventuring sisterhood of incantatrixes.
986Year of the Dusken Ride
  • The Dragon Magister is killed in an ambush by the mage Meldryn Jalensifer. Jalensifer, a master of disguise and stealth, becomes the new Magister (reigns 986 to 998).
987Year of the Flaming Dwarf
988Year of the Meddling Avatar
989Year of Dark Stalking
  • Orjalun of Silverymoon is born on Midsummer's night and is marked as a wizard from birth, Mystra's symbol clearly evident in a birthmark over his heart.
  • Dwarven miners from the remote outpost of Thunderholme in the Thunder Peaks break into the shadow dragon Aurgloroasa's lair and wake the dragon from a decades-long sleep; she kills the miners and caves in their tunnels.
  • The ranger Eldrum the Silent observes the Crystrum of Tranquility, a holy book of Eldath, in Hulluck Forest. At the time, the keeper of the Crystrum was the Eldathyn priestess Analauthé Brenewood.
990Year of the Muster
  • Due to abuses of his power and position, Warlord Tulven of Silverymoon is stripped of his rank and position within the city. High Mage Threskaal proclaims that henceforth the office of Warlord is to be granted only in times of military need and is not to be hereditary.
991Year of the Breaking Ice
992Year of the Watching Helm
  • Heralds of Faerûn created. (Note: FOR4 Code o/t Harpers has this date and year as 996 DR).
  • The merchant factions in Turmish are subjugated by Lord Saros. Saros immediately begins shaping Turmish into a major naval power. (Note: The Vilhon Reach gives this date [922 DR] as the Year of Flashing Eyes).
993Year of the Slain Mountain
994Year of the Weary Scribe
c. 995 to 1000
  • Factionalism within the Cult of the Dragon increases with most members joining either Algashon's reformational Bane-influenced camp or Drakewing's pragmatic faction.
995Year of the Charging Mare
996Year of the Disfiguring Scar (NOTE: FOR4 Code o/t Harpers gives the name of this year as the Year of the Watching Helm)
  • Arangor (? to 1021), King of Cormyr.
997Year of the Fearful Harper
  • Kortal (968 to 1022), 2nd son, King of Tethyr (slayer of Teremir I's daughter's family).
  • Orjalun learns magic exclusively from High Mage Threskaal of Silverymoon, who senses a greatness in his pupil resembling that of Ahghairon.
  • Kloroth of the Seven Curses gains the Sceptre of Mystra, but loses it due to a curse it bestows on him. It is taken by means of a gate to Skullport by a thief who is slain by an illithid, which flees into the Third Level of Undermountain with the item. The illithid is killed by drow, who are then killed by Halaster. The Sceptre remains in the dungeon.
998Year of Much Iron
  • Waterdeep's War Lord Laroun establishes a naval guard to protect the city and its trading partners. Construction begins on fortifying the harbor and Deepwatch Isle.
  • A temple and monastery to Lathander breaks ground to the north of Waterdeep (at the present site of the Spires of the Morning).
  • The Magister Meldryn Jalensifer surrenders his office to the mighty archmage Sarndaen "The Opener" Dalabar. Dalabar becomes the new Magister (reigns 998 to 1066).
999Year of the Gaping Sky

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