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Forgotten Realms chronology, 800 - 899

All dates are in Dalereckoning, and year names are given where appropriate.

c. 800
  • Sammaster First-Speaker, founder of the Cult of the Dragon, is born, though the location and exact date of his birth are lost to time.
800Year of the Black Fist
  • Rise in the power of Bane in the Realms.
  • Drow influence in the now-Ashaba valley at its height.
  • Thentia is established on the Moonsea by three noble families.
  • Sealing of Myth Nantar. Mysteriously, the shields around the Academy of the Dukars expand slowly over the years since Myth Nantar's fall to sahaugin. Now, all areas where the mythal touches are made impenetrable by all matter and magic save corals, sea stars, and fish. For the next 500 years, folk will swim near Myth Nantar less and less frequently, given the haunting singing that seems to emanate from the mythal when touched. Folklore arises noting that the city is cursed, as are the Dukars, until they perform some penance for all the races of Serôs.
801Year of the Star Rose
  • High Lady Amaara of Silverymoon announces her betrothal to Tilimarin Forestheart, a half- elf guard captain. Three days before the wedding, Tilimarin is murdered by a green dragon in the Moonwoods. Amaara slew the dragon with wrathful magics, and stripes of its emerald hide still adorn the borders of a tapestry that hangs in Alustriel's throne room to the present day. Called the "Weeping Lady", the tapestry depicts High Mage Amaara weeping over her fallen lover.
802Year of the Patchworked Peace
  • Strohm V (787 to 832), 2nd nephew and sole heir of Strohm IV, King of Tethyr.
803Year of the Reaching Hand
  • The paladin Mellethos, the "Old Lion of Tyr", gives the blade Ellendrin to King Nord of Impiltur.
804Year of the Spreading Scourge
805Year of the Unsung Bard
806Year of the Warrior's Rest
  • The realm of Stornanter is established this year and its ruler is Laeral the Witch-Queen of the North. Realising the importance and strategic location of ruined Illusk, Laeral sees to the rebuilding and resettling of this city. After personally exploring the Host Tower of the Arcane and encountering the lich survivors of the Grand Cabal, Laeral erects magical barriers around the structure to bar entry into it.
807Year of the Bearded Maiden
808Year of the Crescent Moon
809Year of the Boastful Noble
810Year of the Dark Mystery
811Year of Many Tears
  • Tulrun returns to Faerun after wandering the planes in beast shape. Driven to despair by the fall of the City of Songs and the loss of many friends, he becomes a marauding beast that wanders the North.
  • The Crown of the Mountain is noted as being in the Nelanther, in the posession of a priest of Talos.
812Year of the Gem Dragons
  • Illusk is largely rebuilt by this year and construction begins on its defensive walls. Trade from the mines of Mirabar soon brings great prosperity to both Illusk and Stornanter.
813Year of Widows
814Year of the Harper's Apprentice
815Year of the Heavy Heart
  • Elue Dualen, a white-haired human girl whose magic far outstrips her age, arrives in Silverymoon and becomes fast friends and confidants with the High Lady Amaara and her sister Lynnasha "Lynx" Nharimlur.
816Year of the Laughing Swan
  • Malek Aldhanek, Court Wizard of Stornanter is assassinated by intriguing nobles. Laeral grieves for Malek, realising her love for him too late.
817Year of the Deadly Torch
  • The traveling mage Mnethos takes the young Sammaster as an apprentice, noting the boy's fierce intelligence and fascination with magic.
  • Halaster and Arcturia create the vampire's lair on the Lost Level of Undermountain.
818Year of Broken Locks
  • Mnethos the mage introduces Sammaster to the glory of Our Lady of Mysteries, the worship of whom Sammaster soon adopts.
819Year of the Mendacious Page
c. 820
  • Wulgreth summons the first baatezu to Ascalhorn.
820Year of the Roving Tyrant
821Year of the Firewall
  • In Zakhara, a young man, Jafar al-Samal, becomes the first sha'ir.
  • Elue Dualen makes the first major expansion of the Silver Lady's Library, and she establishes the Lady's College with Lynx. This is the first open school for mages in Silverymoon that does not force students into apprenticeship with the teachers. The college takes payment in the form of service to defend the city with the army for as much time as they study at the Lady's College.
822Year of the Wizard's Chalice
823Year of the Floating Petals
  • Mourktar breaks free of Unther.
824Year of the Copper Coil
c. 825
  • Sammaster leaves the service of his magely tutor, Mnethos, having learned all he can from the itinerant wizard.
825Year of the Silver Flagon
c. 826
  • The gold wyrm Valamaradace is given the title "Dragon Queen" by the dying red wyrm Mairogra.
826Year of Wolfpacks
  • The red dragon Mairogra is slain by adventurers near Everlund and confers her title of Dragon Queen to the gold dragon Valamaradace when this wyrm uses spells to ease the dying dragon's pain.
827Year of the Sacrificed Fortune
828Year of Alarmed Merchants
  • Nimoar's Hold rises at Waterdeep's current north end fortified by a log palisade. The city walls expand around the Hold and the city's perimeter.
829Year of the Thessalhydra
830Year of the Ambitious Proposal
831Year of the Deceptive Tongue
832Year of the Slow Herald
  • End of the Strohm Dynasty, beginning of the Mallorhen Dynasty.
  • Tibor (799 to 838), Husband of Strohm V's elder daughter, King of Tethyr.
833Year of the Flying Serpent
834Year of the Leaping Lion
  • Castle Greatstead (Grimstead) built on the border of Shadowdale.
c. 835
  • Sammaster achieves the status of an archmage at an age almost unheard of at that time. He wanders Faerûn extensively during this period.
835Year of the Billowed Sail
  • The Eastern Forest finishes its recession to match its current size (and name) in modern Faerûn.
836Year of Twelve Bells
  • Aided by Lynnasha Nharimlur, sister of High Lady Amaara of Silverymoon, Tulrun recovers from his madness.
  • The archmage Kartak Spellseer "the All-Seeing" is found guilty of the murders of at least 14 people around the Tejarn Hills. He escapes punishment and flees south into the Iltkazar Range.
  • Tulrun emerges from his madness under the ministrations of Lynnasha Nharimlur, sister to High Lady Amaara of Silverymoon. He spends the next two decades teaching magic at the Lady's College in that fair city.
837Year of the Darkened Sundial
838Year of the Unfettered Genie
  • Samyte (818 to 841), 1st son, sole direct heir of Tibor, King of Tethyr. He and his sons are slain by Uthaedeol the Blood-Drenched.
839Year of Ten Atonements
c. 840
  • Sammaster's researches into the field of metamagic result in many new enchantments.
840Year of the Fighting Sage
841Year of the Hunted Elk
  • Baerovis (? to 862), King of Cormyr.
  • Alisande (816 to 847), Strohm V's daughter, Queen of Tethyr.
  • End of the Mallorhen Dynasty; beginning of the Bormul Dynasty (the "Queen's Dynasty")
  • Laeral the Witch-Queen of the North unknowingly comes into conflict with her sister Sylune. The goddess Mystra appears to both of them and offers them the mantle of Chosen. Embracing Mystra's service, both Laeral and Sylune leave Faerun for a time to travel the planes under the guidance of the god Azuth. The departure of Laeral sees the swift collapse of Stornanter as greedy nobles attempt to seize power for themselves.
842Year of the Maverick
  • Duke Daragos Wolfstar of Stornanter declares himself Lord of Illusk and rules the city.
843Year of Amber
  • The High Lady Amaara, Elue Dualen, Elenaril, Lynnasha "Lynx" Nharimlur and three other mages casting in concert create the magical Moonbridge of Silverymoon.
844Year of the Midnight Sun
845Year of the Ruby Pendant
846Year of the Steadfast Dwarf
  • Myth Glaurach is attacked by the Bloodfang orc horde but easily repulses this assault.
847Year of the Unmarked Path
  • Sybille the Great (832 to 885), daughter and sole heir of Alisande, Queen of Tethyr.
848Year of the Vigilant Familiar
849Year of the Black Book
850Year of the Empty Throne
851Year of the Jasmal Blade
  • Our Lady of Mysteries appears to Sammaster. They dally, and the Goddess of Magic offers to make the archmage one of her Chosen. It seems that Mystra has foreseen the death of a Chosen and Sammaster is to be her replacement.
  • Sammaster meets with the Sage of Shadowdale, Elminster, and learns how to use and control his Chosen powers, including silverfire. He leaves a year later.
  • Rise of Selu'Maraar. Protected from prosecution by distance and the abundance of surface-world fishing boats and ships, Selu'Maraar is founded by sea elves in the Dragon Reach area. Contact is rarely made with either the surface-world or other states of Serôs other than Keryvyr.
852Year of the False Smile
853Year of the Hungry Box
854Year of the Indigo Inferno
c. 855
  • The elven sage Olaurae of Myth Drannor titles Suzail "the brightest jewel of Cormyr's crown".
855Year of Cornerstones
  • In the spring, Sammaster first meets Zhent slavers. Many die, including innocent prisoners.
  • Sammaster enters an extended period of exhaustive research into the processes of life, death, and undeath, creating several original necromantic enchantments before again taking to traveling Faerûn.
856Year of Thorns
c. 857
  • Huriot, the greatest Prince of Thieves Skuld has ever known, is captured and convicted of grave robbing.
857Year of Forgotten Flame
  • Alustriel, using her mother's name of Elué, takes the throne of Silverymoon by the decree of the resigning Amaara; Amaara accompanies Elenaril on her trek to Evermeet.
858Year of the Saffron Orb
859Year of the Sea Crossing
860Year of the Tired Horsemen
861Year of the Exploding Owl
  • Sammaster meets and begins a relationship with Elué/Alustriel, Chosen of Mystra.
862Year of the Snow Rose
863Year of the Wondrous Sea
  • The Chultian city of Mezro disappears.
864Year of the Broken Branch
  • Castle Grimstead destroyed by drow.
  • Sammaster's relationship with Alustriel ends with disastrous results for Sammaster's emotional and mental well-being.
  • Rysellan the Dark founds the Twisted Rune. One of the Rune's earliest lairs lies deep beneath Calimport in what was once an ancient drow temple.
  • Myth Glaurach is overrun and destroyed by the orcs of the Nethertusk horde.
865Year of Flamedance
  • Sammaster meets and is befriended by Algashon Nathaire, a mage and priest of Mystra's enemy, Bane, near or in Baldur's Gate.
c. 866 to 874
  • Sammaster and Algashon travel widely, with the duplicitous priest's words turning Sammaster toward bitterness, resentment, and evil.
866Year of the Blessed Morning
867Year of the Cryptic Recipie
868Year of the Endless Scroll
869Year of the Final Price
c. 870
  • Kobolds become extinct in Tethyr.
870Year of the Hooded Tracker
  • Adventurers begin to clear the monsters out of the Yuirwood.
  • Cyriana the Great Queen (870 to 922), 1st granddaughter, Queen of Tethyr.
871Year of the Marching Golem
872Year of the Moonbar Crest
  • Nimoar the Reaver conquers Bloodhand tribe, and he seizes the docks and harbor buildings.
873Year of the Opening Flower
874Year of the Roiling Cauldron
875Year of the Stricken Star
  • Algashon coerces Sammaster into attacking his former lover, Alustriel of Silverymoon. Alustriel is wounded in Sammaster's initial assault and calls for aid from Khelben Arunsun and Laeral Silverhand, two more Chosen of Mystra. Sammaster is stripped of his Chosen powers by Azuth. Algashon saves Sammaster from death.
  • Sammaster, insane, embraces evil from this point onward.
876Year of the Toothless Skulls
  • Warlord Lashtor takes control of Silverymoon after the High Lady Elue Dualen leaves her rule and the city abruptly, accompanied by Lynnasha "Lynx" Nharimlur.
877Year of the Scratching Claw
  • Lashtor is deposed by the mage Tanalanthara "She-Wolf" Mytersaal, who is named High Mage of Silverymoon.
878Year of the Two-Edged Axe
879Year of the Winter's Warmth
880Year of Unfettered Secrets
  • The first tanar'ri are summoned to Ascalhorn late in the year.
881Year of the Brazen Vizier
c. 882
  • The dwarven realm of Ammarindar falls. Ammarindar's sister realm of Oghrann falls soon thereafter, and the survivors occupy the Far Hills.
882Year of the Curse
  • Nimoar's Hold rises at Waterdeep's current north end fortified by a log palisade. The city walls expand around the Hold and the city's perimeter.
  • Nimoar drives worshipers of Selune out of the walled confines of the city.
  • Ascalhorn falls, corrupted from within by baatezu, and becomes known as Hellgate Keep. The mage Jaluster dies at the hands of the baatezu, but the bard Maerstar recovers his Orizon.
  • Refugee mages and others from Ascalhorn form a small tent city within the walls of Silverymoon. A starving orc horde nearly overruns Silverymoon, but the city is saved by the sacrifice of High Mage Tanalanthara.
  • The dwarven realm of Ammarindar falls. Ammarindar's sister realm of Oghrann falls soon thereafter, and the survivors occupy the Far Hills.
  • The Night Plague descends on Zhentil Keep, but are destroyed.
  • The elven realm of Eaerlann falls.
  • Moon elves of Eaerlann also come to Ardeep and re-constitute that elven realm. The arrival of the elves brings about a tentative alliance between them, the humans of the Delimbiyr and the dwarves living under Mt. Illefarn as a response to the horrors of Hellgate Keep. This alliance quickly dwindles as the refugee elves of Eaerlann withdraw from the pact due to anti-human sentiment among their number, and this shortlived period is a pale shadow of Phalorm. Sages however, in their confusion, label this alliance as the Fallen Kingdom, a name properly attributable to Phalorm, the Realm of Three Crowns.
  • The battlemage Kalgrathur Daycloaks seizes the Vilhon realm of Maurmurra (which lay between the Nagawater and the River Arran) and launches a series of conquests against his neighbors.
883Year of the Giant's Oath
  • After a mild winter spent in mourning over the loss of their Lady Wolf, Silverymoon elects the humble Tanisell the Cloaked, a human originally from Ascalhorn, to become High Mage (the "Cloaked Lord of Silverymoon", as a popular ballad called him).
  • Wulgreth of Ascalhorn flees Hellgate Keep to the ruined city of Karse. The Dire Wood is created when he is slain by Jhingleshod whilst attempting to tap the immortal power of the dead god Karsus. Upon his death, Wulgreth of Ascalhorn is transformed into a lich.
884Year of Singing Arrows
  • The elves destroy a large mercenary force in Sembia.
  • The red wyrm Hoondarrh attacks and kills the wyrm Skadaurak and claims his lair.
  • The dwarves of Citadel Sundbarr come to the aid of a group of human refugees, led by Prince Simberuel Astalme, fleeing the fall of Ascalhorn. The humans are offered a home in the abandoned surface portions of the citadel and over time rebuild and re-found the settlement of Sundabar.
885Year of the Thistle
  • Galaghard III (? to 910), King of Cormyr.
  • Everlund survives the fall of Ascalhorn and is ruled for a time by Sarvukul's Swords, a human adventuring band from Tethyr.
886Year of the Fell Firebreak
  • Wards are placed around Hellgate Keep by the Harpers to strip the demons there of their gating abilities.
887Year of Fell Pearls
  • Pirate raids in force from the South attack tribes in Sword Coast. All attacks on Nimoar's Hold fail.
  • The first "translations" of ancient prophecies by the mad Sammaster are distributed, including his specious work on Maglas' Chronicle of Things to Come.
  • The Magister Kurtal of Sreve is killed in spellbattle with the mage Sharglar "Lord of Beasts" Dulrathran. Sharglar becomes Magister (reigns 887).
  • After a magical mishap, the Magister Sharglar is left trapped with beast-limbs and unable to perform complex spellcasting. He is killed by the battle-mage Kalgrathur Daycloaks, who becomes Magister (reigns 887 to 889).
888Year of Twelve Teeth
  • Tothur and over 40 Talassan priests perish in the Struggle of Storms, a battle fought for control of the Talassan church. This struggle breaks the back of the Talassan church in Faerûn for the next three centuries. The Chanting Chain disappears during the battle.
  • The Chieftains of Gold, a bandit group led by the brigand Deckon Thar, establish a hold in the Nether Mountains between Silverymoon and Sundabar and begin raiding passing trade caravans.
889Year of the Shining Shield
  • The Bull Elk tribe of the Dessarin sets Nimoar's Hold afire, but Nimoar's forces defeat them and drive them off. The Hold is rebuilt by year's end.
  • King Zaor of Evermeet ascends to the Elven throne.
  • The Magister Kalgrathur offends Mystra and loses her favor. He is killed by the mage Jonsryn Daerathal, who becomes Magister (reigns 889 to 902).
890Year of the Burning Tree
  • A new High Mages' Keep and three new towers are constructed in Silverymoon
  • Many of the cellars beneath Hellgate Keep's buildings become connected to the sewers as the fiends attempt their first tunnels under the wards.
  • The virulent Bluebottle Plague brings an end to the Ilistar dynasty of Westgate, with the death of King Thartyrn II and all known royal heirs. In the chaos that follows, the Holy Council of Westgate is established by the city's high priests, who rule oligarchically as the Prince-Templars of Westgate.
  • The Blue Bear Uthgardt tribe is driven forth from the High Forest by the power of their ancestor mound Grandfather Tree.
891Year of the Leaning Keep
  • With the influx of people from Ascalhorn and record trade years for the cities' merchants, Silverymoon is forced to expand the city's north walls to the locations where they rest today. All the guards' garrisons and some support buildings are demolished and rebuilt across the bridge on the southern shore of the Rauvin, with new high walls surrounding the Warriors' Quarter.
892Year of the Open Tome (NOTE: This Year is also known as the Year of Howling Winds)
  • "One Last Drink" (Realms of Valor Story III)
  • The elven vampire Jander Sunstar destroys his vampiric master.
  • Sarvakul's Swords leave Everlund to explore the Nether Mountains and are never heard of again. Rule of Everlund passes to a group of wise commanders elected by the townsfolk who form the Council of Elders.
893Year of the Raised Sword
894Year of Cold Flame
895Year of the Spitting Cat
896Year of the Empty Hand
  • Extensive poverty and famine from here to 900.
  • The red wyrm Hoondarrh demands tribute from the inhabitants of Mintarn.
897Year of the Calling Shrike
  • In reaction to increased monster activity in the mountains of Amn over the past decade, Citadel Rashturl is built this year as a log fort, replaced by stone in four years.
  • Yril Mytersaal dies of old age and the office of Warlord of Silverymoon is given to his son Laruth by High Mage Tanisell.
898Year of the Common Corpse
  • The first shafts below the sewers of Hellgate Keep are opened, and the tunneling fiends find some older hidden subterranean crypts that are soon plundered for magic.
899Year of the Tolling Bell

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