Forgotten Realms: The Library

The Wilds

The Fanged Crown


Isolated for a hundred years, wild vines knotting over the slopes of ancient volcanoes, the island of Chult allows only the fiercest to survive. The colonists of Tethyr came to conquer the island. And vanished. Now the only chance of recovering the colony lies in the hands of the crew of a small tradeship and its broken-down captain. All they have to do is survive.



The Restless Shore


The Mere-That-Was nurses the nightmare children of the Spellplague. Along the dry lake bed, monsters unlike anything in Toril haunt the landscape. From the depths of the wilds, an eerie hymm draws strange disciples to the lair of one plaguechanged child.

Its hypnotic song urges them to seek the key to completing the lullaby: a new voice.

A trio of strangers must trust each other as they chase the cult of the Choir -- and the girl they've taken -- through the wilds of Akanûl.

But all their fears are coming true.



One hundred years ago, the Akanamere was ravaged by the Spellplague, drying the lake and leaving behind a nightmarish landscape of frozen waves, distorted creatures, and a strange being whose song drives listeners to carry out what they believe are the singer's orders. When a genasi girl is kidnapped by these fanatics, her troubled sister must brave the wilds of the Mere-That-Was to save them both from an gruesome fate.


The Edge of Chaos

The Plaguewrought Land

The touch of the Spellplague lingers in the valleys of the Vilhon Wilds. Roiling with blue fire and strange aberrations, the Plaguewrought Lands outside the city of Ormpetarr lures pilgrims hoping for a spellscar, and its attendant powers, to their deaths.

But an elixir crafted by a clever alchemist might hold the secrets to surviving the trial by fire -- or it may unleash the Spellplague once more. An elixir the Order of Blue Fire is very interested in indeed.

It's time for Ormpetarr to choose sides.

There's chaos in the air.


On the border of a dangerous, magically unstable area called the Plaguewrought Lands, the leader of a cult seeking the spread of this wild magic and an alchemist who wants to control it join forces and create an elixir that allows pilgrims to survive the Plaguewrought Lands. But only one can succeed. A young man with strange powers and a priestess of the god of death will help determine who.


Wrath of the Blue Lady

The Sea of Fallen Stars

Sailors of the Inner Sea know better than to take what lies beneath its rushing waves for granted. Their luck and the gods above are all that keep them safe. Horrifying behemoths. The bloodthirsty sahuagin. Nightmarish krakens patrolling their masters' territory.

And the otherworldly fey sailors call

the Blue Lady.

No one knows where she camefrom. No one knows what she wants. But the blue depths of the Sea of Fallen Stars are her prison -- one she's ready to escape.

The lucky ones drown.


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