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Songs and Swords


From Cormyr to Waterdeep, Harpers are being murdered. The trail leads to the half-elf Arilyn Moonblade, one of the two best assassins in the Realms. Yet Arilyn herself is tormented by the secrets of her past, torn by her dual heritage, and tantalized by the handsome Danilo Thann, who offers her friendship - and more.

Haunted by strange dreams and stalked by shadows, Arilyn must uncover the ancient secret of her sword's power in order to find and face the assassin who seems bent on destroying the Harpers forever.


This reissue of Elaine Cunningham's first volume in the Songs and Swords series features a new cover design.



A mysterious spell has fallen over the bards of Waterdeep, rewriting the past in their memories and adding dangerous new tales to their repertoires. Khelben Arunsun, archmage of Waterdeep, fears this spell is part of a larger plot. He calls upon Danilo Thann, Harper mage and would-be bard, to confront the green dragon who holds the key to the mystery.

Accompanied by his old enemy Elaith Craulnober, a Gold elf minstrel with strange abilities, and a dwarf maid, Danilo must draw upon all his bardcraft to solve the mystery.


Silver Shadows

A classic Elaine Cunningham novel reissued with a new series design.

In Silver Shadows, Arilyn Moonblade has always feared the elfshadow - the essence of her sword's magic. When she learns the terrible truth, she vows to find a way to escape her seemingly ordained fate. In exchange for aid from the elves of Evermeet, she must fight alongside a band of forest elves.



All is not well in the City of Splendors. A new Zhentarim threat lurks in the shadows of Waterdeep.

Roguish Harper Bronwyn is sent by Archmage Khelben Arunsun on a mission to meet her long-lost father and reclaim her bloodline's dangerous heritage. She uncovers a family secret that threatens to destroy not only Bronwyn, but the Harpers themselves!


A classic Elaine Cunningham novel reissued with a new series design.

In Thornhold, a dark power from the mists of time threatens the very heart of the secret organization known as the Harpers and only Khelben Arunsun can stop it. That is, if his fellow Harpers don't stop him first! Readers will be sure not to miss this incredible conclusion to the longest-running series set in the Forgotten Realms universe.


The Dream Spheres

Welcome to Waterdeep. Here, everything imaginable is for sale. Even dreams can be purchased if one is willing to pay the price.

When the sale of dream spheres threatens the life of his newfound half-sister, Danilo Thann joins forces with Arilyn Moonblade to uncover the source of this deadly trade. Their search leads them into the dark heart of Waterdeep, and to personal secrets that could destroy them both.


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