Forgotten Realms: The Library

The Moonshae Trilogy

Darkwalker on Moonshae

Enter the land of Forgotten Realms and visit the kingdom of Moonshae, where a bitter struggle is about to ensue. A deep, dark hole is eating away at the spring sunlight, sapping its strength. The portents are not good.

The evil beast is growing stronger by the day, and its followers, the Firbolg, are craving the sight of blood.

To halt the spread of darkness, Prince Tristan must rally the citizens of Moonshae: the Goddess must send her most powerful children - and even then she may not be able to restore peace to the folk of Moonshae...


Black Wizards

Yet again the Moonshae Isles come under the threat of sinister and supernatural forces.

A council of dark sorcerers has usurped the will of the High King. An army of ogres and zombies guided by Bhaal, the super-deity of death and destruction, threatens the gentle Ffolk while the puppet king acquiesces.

Meanwhile the young druid Robyn grapples with her new powers, and Prince Tristan Kendrick struggles to earn his birthright. They must join forces with the children of the Goddess for a showdown with the dreaded Black Wizards that will seal the fate of the Moonshae Isles.



The ultimate struggle of good and evil... At stake, the survival of the Moonshae Isles.

Tristan Kendrick, newly crowned High King of the Ffolk, must forge a lasting alliance between the divergent peoples of the Isles. The druid Robyn must confront an evil that has infested the land itself. And together they must decide if they will face the future as king and queen - or as enemies, forever separated by failure and mistrust.


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