Forgotten Realms: The Library

The Citadels


Neversfall was supposed to be Estagund's stronghold in the wilds of monster-ridden Veldorn, an unassailable citadel to protect the southern lands. Then the regiment holding Neversfall disappeared, leaving no hint of what took them. The replacement forces find themselves attacked from both within and without the fortress's walls. Besieged by monsters and men, a mercenary captain and an elite warrior must work together to discover out who their enemy really is.


Obsidian Ridge

This time the castle is the monster!

Obsidian Ridge hasn't been seen in Faerun for hundreds of years. It's a legend, a fairy story--until it appears, silently and without warning over the kingdom of Erlkazar, blotting out the sun. Steered by the madness of a cunning wizard, the citadel and its vast array of shadowy monsters will destroy all of Erlkazar unless the wizard gets what he wants: the princess of Erlkazar as a bride. But he'll have to battle the king's personal assassin, a loyal courtier, a complicated killer, and the princess herself to bring his plan to bear.


The Shield of Weeping Ghosts

Deep in the heart of the City of Weeping Ghosts is a story no one tells.

Over two thousand years ago, mighty Shandaular fell, its people slaughtered or scattered, its fabled Shield overwhelmed with unnatural ice. Only the witches of the Rashemi hold the Shield now, and they know better than to venture out into the cold night.

Yet even the Rashemi, a people of powerful magic and long memories, aren't prepared for the secrets angry Shandaular has been hiding all these years.

The citadel and its ghosts haven't forgotten or forgiven.


The past will come back to haunt them...

A group of warriors from Rashemen escorts an exiled wizard to a ruined citadel in the City of Weeping Ghosts. Once there, the wizard discovers a barbarian tribe is trying to unlock the secrets of the citadel and the weapon that destroyed it two thousand years ago.



The Fortress of Sentinelspire looks down from the canopy of the world, ready to sow the seeds of destruction.

Death flows from the Fortress of the Old Man hidden in the canyons of Sentinelspire, a vast and dormant volcano. The secret paradise of Faerun's most dangerous assassins, the Fortress specializes in high-profile murders that leave no witnesses.

But with the powers of an archdruid at hand, the mad master of the fortress will bring death to more than just the enemies of his patrons -- he will call down doom on all of Faerun

Sentinelspire has been waiting to complete the cycle.


To save the future, he must embrace his past...

A ranger and his apprentice are captured by a group of assassins who demand their help in overthrowing their leader and the ruler of the fortress of Sentinelspire, the Old Man of the Mountain. Although the ranger doesn't want to help, he discovers the Old Man's plans may involve the master druid who gave him a new life -- and the destruction of all he now holds dear.


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